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Teddy Bear-Gate: Are You Implicated?

The scandal reaches not only the highest levels of DKOS, but also reflects poorly on the office of the presidency itself. High quality investigative work done by Ox News has firmly established a link between the denials of DKOS leadership and the executive branch.

It all began when the photo below was accidentally posted last week as part of an attempt to get folks to lose their DKOS meet-up virginity.

The start of the scandal
The response was telling. Now several key people implicated are feigning lack of recall. Most notably-
Well, at least I did not, as far as I recall...(23+ / 0-)
...lose my virginity to a teddy bear.

by Meteor Blades on Sat May 18, 2013 at 08:56:20 AM PDT

"As far as I recall." No, that will not do. Pretty shameless excuse, huh? Worse still, 23 DKOS users rec'ced that comment (despite all site rules to the contrary). You'll see shortly why they've become known as "the gang of 23."
Recommended by: kimoconnor, side pocket, Darryl House, BlueJessamine, Azazello, GreyHawk, commonmass, arizonablue, paradise50, catilinus, nomandates, gizmo59, Lusty, The Marti, jakedog42, figbash, smileycreek, Phil S 33, Dr Erich Bloodaxe RN, Vetwife, 4Freedom, dharmasyd, loggersbrat
Of those 23 who rec'ced that epitome of denialism, is it any coincidence that each & every one of them has been known to have slept with a teddy bear in the past (or to have personally known someone who did)?
Kos biking the teddy bear trail
Although absent from that list of reccers, many posters have nonetheless sworn that navajo did orginally rec that denial (& then apparently withdrew her rec in order to protect herself from future incrimination). In that light her recent claim takes on an ominous meaning. "Teddy Bear? No, I meant I slept wearing a teddy once, & it was pretty bare. That is, it was a relatively bare teddy & certainly not a teddy bear. I meant I was wearing a teddy!" Whatever.

Kos could not be reached for comment (GTP claims to have caught an image on his cell phone of Kos biking along the teddy bear trail). In Kos' absence long-time kossack Bear Johnson has assumed certain bearatorial powers. "This helps," he replied when asked why he was hugging a teddy bear.

President "Teddy" & the Obama connection
Now that the connection of Kos, MB, & navajo to the scandal has been beared for all to see, the connection to the presidency should be obvious. Or can we really believe that once having had a "President Teddy" we could ever have turned back? Now we have a president with known family members who were seen with teddy bears. Can we honestly say the executive branch is somehow free of this mess? Leaked photos seem to imply we can't.

MORE, MORE, MORE of this sordid account below.

Latest Updates on Kossack Regional Meet-Up News Below the New Day sunrise cloud

Caught bear-handed.
Well, at least I did not, as far as I recall...(23+ / 0-)
 ...lose my virginity to a teddy bear.

by Meteor Blades on Sat May 18, 2013 at 08:56:20 AM PDT

Everyone will remember how the pushback against this denialism began almost immediately with a shocking claim from gizmo59 (notice what happens if you switch the "z" for a "t").
The teddy bear(15+ / 0-)
has another version of that story...

by gizmo59 on Sat May 18, 2013 at 09:23:24 AM PDT

That response was initially ridiculed as CT until the strange photo below mysteriously appeared in several diaries at once across the site.
Hacked from a DKOS office computer
DKOS authorities then publicly announced an investigation would be launched. Kos himself talked to a number of teddy bears personally. He promised them a full investigation, and to show his goodwill, offered them work as interns doing simple administrative tasks. It was planned to depose ("dispose" criticis claim) them all. Unfortunately, a strange series of accidents shortly thereafter occurred before eye witnesses could testify. Two Kos teddy bear office interns met with work-related "accidents."
First TB intern "work accident."
2nd TB intern "work accident."
Another teddy bear intern doing field research was found along the teddy bear trail. The bike treads are clearly visible in the photo. While Kos is known to bike that trail, his current location is unknown.
3rd intern found on the TB trail.
Oh, if only the denials had stopped at the top, but they reached to the very bottom as well. Already last week it was revealed how certain kossacks claimed to have lost their DKOS meet-up viriginity-
Meteor Blades might've lost it at Markos' house in '09. smileycreek definitely lost it in Las Vegas (& it didn't stay there) in '10 with pNut & LaughingPlanet. BlueJessamine claims she lost it to me when I lured her with Mexican candy. I think belinda ridgewood lost it at Netroots Nation last year. sidnora lost it way back in '04 to Markos (when "he was a mere child"). JamieG from Md lost it someplace in Maryland, DC, or Virginia. CSPAN Junkie lost it in L.A. at an Irish pub. Dr Erich Bloodaxe RN hopes to lose it in Southwest Ohio soon. We're rooting for you Erich! I know I certainlly needed a bit of coaxing my first time (though contrary to rumors, no alcohol was needed or used).
And now, this week, new horrors are revealed.

One Pissed Off Liberal lost it in Chi-Town, '07 with Lithium Cola, Trashablanca, claude, vigilant meerkat, Land of Enchantment, Ben Masel, Dallas Doc, Occam's Hatchet, D-Day, clammyc, Major Danby and others. His poor son saw the whole shocking event.

side pocket in "American Cake."
How side pocket lost it may be more shocking than initially reported. He still claims though that he lost it in Sallycat's home. Glen The Plumber, it turns out, also lost it to a "sweaty palm" in the side pocket. joedemocrat accidentally lost it in a "bear" hug with Denise and NLinStPaul at NN 11.

Phil S 33 lost it to Yasauragi, Rubyr, Hester, DawnN, & 7 others at a Gulf Watchers meet-up up in CT. kimoconnor is still pretending she can't recall when she lost it. commonmass got potluck & lost it in '09 in Boston with tnichlsn. nomandates lsot it to navajo ("before they began speaking") at NN12 in Providence. mimi tried to lose it to JamieG. Jen Hayden lost it in Virginia at Yearly Kos.

Darryl House lost it in sushi with Steve, Mrs House, smileycreek, paradise50, chantedor & Shawn. eeff lost it with OPOL & 30 others at Union Station DC in 2010. Eeff claims being railroaded into it. lineatus also lost it to SallyCat. arizonablue lost it with Azazello and his beautiful spousal unit in November of 2011 "when they stopped by on their way to Phoenix for an ALEC protest." Azazello lost it in coffee with DaNang65. dharmasydlost it at Occupy Oakland with too many of us (kimoconnor, navajo, etc) to name. buddabelly lost it in the front yard to the "brutes" DaNang65 & Azazello. belinda ridgewood lost it in gchaucer2's homemade biscotti. loggersbrat lost it in Portland to Street Prophets Sara R and winglion by '07.

asterkitty lost it with ridemybike (was that an accident?) with others in Philly. Claims it was a "lofty" event in '10 or '11. glescagal lost it with aitchdee. broths lost it at the first Chicago meetup last November. TrueBlueMajority lost it at NN12, & it was better than expected. cooper888 also lost with the sidepocket and Mrs. sidepocket in Sacramento at a rally supporting Wisconsin. SteelerGrrl tried to lose it at the DNC last fall, but was prevented by stormus interruptus (finally consumated on 4/20/13 in Asheville). jakedog42 lost it last July at the Calif. Maritime Academy with too many to list (though Steven is primarily responsible). Vetwife lost it at a Fort in Inverness.

ZenTrainer lost it in Nashville with a visitor. After heavy phone petting in Texas, angelajean lost it in Portland with llbear, horaceboothroydIII, sara, cedwyn, & many others (she was too shy to pull out her camera). gizmo59 lost it at NN09 in Pittsburgh. Dave in Northridge lost it in a "big way" Oct. 12 in SF with navajo, kimoconnor, norm, enhydra lutis, FogCityJohn, lorikeeet, side pocket, Glen the Plumber, remembrance, dharmasyd, jpmassar and others. MrJayTee may or may not lose it in a doughnut with "a strictly I/P meetup." Damnit Janet lost her "Round Up cherry in Berkeley." A Lusty soul lost it in kimoconnor's "garden" re: a SF Streets event on Valencia (kimoconnor replied, Loved the pie!). Navajo and Side Pocket were also involved. doingbusinessas lost it at ExMearden's Memorial get together. peregrine kate & her husband lost it with alliedoc. timethief lost it in SF in '07.

No one knows where this madness will all end. How can we even bear to speculate on who next might be implicated. Time to choose sides. You'll either bear this outrage or you won't.

Status: Bearjo
(Note from admins: catilinus was warned repeatedly to stay off this topic. It is pure BT, & BT is a bannable offense. Bearjo awaits those who travel down this path)


New Event TODAY

Today at 3:45PM...the Paradise Kossacks will be meeting up for Star Trek in 3D at the Paradise Cinema 7!

by paradise50 on Sat May 25, 2013 at 12:43:30 PM PDT


New Diary up on VA/DC/MD meet-up

JamieG from Md has a diary up soliciting input for a Kossack VA/DC/MD Area Meet-up


TB-Gate Update

1. Aji claims, "Oh, and just FTR:  I can say unequivocally that I did NOT lose my virginity to a teddy bear." Aji is always straight-up & truthful. So, sadly we must take her statement at face value...despite the overwhelming ( = next to zero) evidence to the contrary.

2. For his many sins (including his re-make of an infamous scene in "American Pie" documented in a photo earlier in this diary, Side Poctket has been re-branded by Kos as Emptypockets

Let's build communities!

Every region needs a meatspace community like SFKossacks.
We take care of each other in real life.
I urge YOU to take the lead and organize one in your region.
Please tell us about it if you do and we're here for advice.


Click >>>HERE to see a list of all the regional Kossack groups that have organized for social and activism events. There are handy links to contact each organizer to join.


:: Events Currently on the Books for ALL Kossacks ::
Saturday, May 25th

Koscadia Kossacks Meet-up for Ojibwa

TIME: Noon
LOCATION: Sara R's house
Address to be given to RSVP'ers • Portland, OR

ORGANIZER: Send Sara R a kosmail to attend.

1. Ojibwa
2. state of confusion
3. Sara R
4. winglion
5. Horace Boothroyd III
6. llbear
7. loggersbrat
8. Liz
9. also mom of 5
10. watercarrier4diogenes
Blue Jessamine
Latest diary: Portland, OR Meetup - Sat. May 25
Saturday, June 1st

Baja Arizona Kossacks 3rd Annual Picnic

TIME: 4:00 PM
LOCATION: ItsaMathJoke's home
out in the desert near Vail • Vail, AZ

ORGANIZER: Send Azazello a kosmail to attend.

1. Azazello
2. Mrs. Z
3. ItsaMathJoke
4. rasbobbo
5. cosmic debris
6. DaNang65
7. drnatrl
8. sneakers563 et fam
9. Bisbonian
10. AZ Sphinx Moth
Latest diary: Baja Arizona Kossacks Open Thread: Picnic Edition
Peach State Kossacks regional banner for meet-ups in Georgia
 photo mn1_000493_zpscc5772cd.jpg
Saturday, June 1st

Atlanta Area Kossacks Kick-off Meet-up

TIME: 2:30 PM
LOCATION: Manuel's Tavern
602 N Highland Avenue Northeast • Atlanta

ORGANIZER: Send racheltracks a kosmail to attend.

1. One Pissed Off Liberal
2. racheltracks
3. annrose
4. nawlinscate
5. Burned
6. treesrock
7. Grapes
8. jobird
9. prose and thorn
xxdr zombiexx
Lily O Lady
Latest diary: Atlanta Meet-Up

Netroots Nation Header
June 20th - 23rd  •  REGISTER HERE  •  BOOK YOUR HOTEL!


These tables have been organized for our groups to connect during NN13 in the plenary sessions. This is where the opening and closing keynotes take place along with many noon-time-speaking events. Box lunches are sometimes provided and it's great to have a place reserved with familiar faces. If you're attending you're invited to start a table or sit at any of the established ones. Just let me know in the comments or send me a Kosmail. Please note: This is not assigned seating. You may sit at any of the reserved tables at any time. I plan to move around and mingle. There will be over 2500 people there so being able to find each other is nice.

Netroots Nation 2013 in San Jose: Plenary Session Table Reservations

1. side pocket √
2. mrs. side pocket √
3. kimoconnor √
4. citisven
5. lineatus √
6. Cali Scribe
7. Glen the Plumber √
8. remembrance √
9. jotter √
10. aha aha √
1. Lusty √
2. RainyDay √
3. norm √
4. catilinus √
5. Lorikeet √
6. madhaus
7. boatsie
8. maggiejean √
9. paradise50 √
10. smileycreek √
1. Kamakhya √
2. dharmasyd √
3. Ebby
4. Bustergirl
5. BeninSC (Honorary)
6. sfbaytransplant
7. Senor Unoball
8. paradox
9. slouching √
10. shanikka
1. edrie √
2. Jeff in CA
3. Mrs. Jeff in CA
4. mber √
5. Susie Raye √
6. vcmvo2 (Honorary)
7. N in Seattle (Honorary) √
8. dangoch √
9. timethief
10. ceebee7 √
1. Malacandra
2. Cedwyn √
Central Valley Kossacks:
1. tgypsy
2. Kestrel √
3. Caddis Fly √
4. Sychotic1
5. peregrine kate (honorary)
6. ProvokingMeaning (honorary)
7. mrsgoo √ (mrgoo √)
8. ToKnowWhy √
9. MaKettle √
Texas Kossacks:
1. nomandates √
2. texasmom √
3. texasdad √
4. doraphasia
5. krwheaton
6. TexMex √
7. cosette
8. mr. cosette
9. cosette jr.
Los Angeles Kossacks:
1. Shockwave
2. jakedog42 √
3. susans √
4. murphy
5. gmats
6. Susan
NYC and beyond:
1. sidnora √
2. belinda ridgewood √
3. hayden
4. Todd Beeton
5. theroaringgirl
6. thankgodforairamerica √
7. devtob √
8. LuLu √
9. chicklet √
Community Quilt Project:
1. Sara R
2. winglion
3. loggersbrat √
4. ramara (Arizona) √
5. Horace Boothroyd III
6. linkage √
Military Community Members:
1. DaNang65
2. drnatrl
3. angelajean (Maybe)
4. exlrrp (Maybe)
5. ccasas
6. llbear (Maybe)
Cheers & Jeers Readers:
1. vicki √
2. Sharoney √
3. Spousal Unit √
4. brillig √
5. mik √
6. K1 √
7. cskendrick
8. Arenosa √
9. SanDiegoDem
10. PerfectStormer √

Gay Men of ANY Certain Age:
1. gizmo59
2. gizmo59's partner?
3. Dave in Northridge √
4. Steveningen
5. scaboni?
6. cooper888 √
7. gotmooned √
8. FogCityJohn √
9. slksfca
10. sfbob √ (Plus TrapperSF √, dinner only)
Native American Netroots:
1. navajo √
2. Meteor Blades
3. 4Freedom √
4. no way lack of brain
5. translatorpro √
6. Kitsap River √
7. Charles Curtis Stanley √
8. TheFatLadySings
9. TFLS's guest
10. TFLS's guest
raines √

Those with the √ have RSVP'd for the dinner below, you can join us also.
Just say in the comments or Kosmail me.

 photo the_brit_zpsea4335b0.jpg
Wednesday, June 19th

Cheers & Jeers - * New Day * Dinner

TIME: 5:30 PM
LOCATION: The Brit (Britannia Arms)
173 W. Santa Clara St. (walking distance from Conv. Center) • Downtown San Jose

Every year since 2007, Common Sense Mainer has organized a dinner for the readers of Cheers & Jeers who attend Netroots Nation. It has grown every year. Last year we had over 100 Kossacks attend. CSM always chooses a restaurant willing to handle a large crowd WITH SEPARATE CHECKS. (!?!) Yes, I know, hard to believe but it's worked the last several years. This year CSM has negotiated with The Brit for a special menu and separate checks are secured. If you'd like to join us please leave a comment in this diary and you'll be put on the RSVP list below. This year * New Day * and SFKossacks are co-hosting. All regional groups are invited to attend in addition to the loyal C&J following that Bill and Michael have.

ORGANIZER: Send navajo a kosmail to attend or leave a comment.

And the above event is followed by the official opening event featuring Howard Dean:


 photo nn13courageparty-300x257_zps4110d8be.jpg
Wednesday, June 19th

Liquid Courage party to open NN13

Our friends at the Courage Campaign have announced that they’re throwing a party to open Netroots Nation 2013. Gov. Howard Dean will be there!

TIME: 7:30 - 9:30 PM
LOCATION: The Tech Museum

201 South Market St. (walking distance from Conv. Center) • Downtown San Jose
Arrive early on Wednesday to pick up your credentials at the Convention Center which will get you into the Liquid Courage event. You can let them know you're coming on their facebook page.

 photo badd02_zps928705f7.gif

Do You Need a Power Scooter or Chair at NN13?

TheFatLadySings is working with Eric at Netroots Nation to try to assemble a fleet of power scooters and power chairs that can be reserved and rented by those who need them at a discount. We need to assess how many people will make use of this service. Please Kosmail TheFatLadySings with your needs for NN13.

American Indian Caucus
DATE: Thursday, June 20th
TIME: 10:30 AM - 11:45 AM
You can let us know you're attending at our facebook event page.
linkage has volunteered to video record this event and we'll be able to provide it in our caucus recap.

Our speakers this year include:


Actor Michael Horse and Pennie Opal Plant: Michael was at Wounded Knee and participates heavily in the national American Indian Community. Pennie addressed the huge crowd at a climate change event in San Francisco this spring. Her activism focuses on protesting the Keystone XL pipeline.
 photo corrina3_zpsc29b1f4c.jpg

Corrina Gould: A member of the Ohlone tribe that inhabited the East Bay before the European invaders. Corrina fights to protect Glen Cove (Sogorea Te), a sacred shellmound burial ground and village site on the Carquinez Strait in Vallejo, CA from development.

Native Vote:
Why Winning Indian Country Matters to You

DATE: Thursday, June 20th
TIME: 3:00 PM - 4:15 PM

This panel of Native Vote organizers and strategists will engage participants on why winning Indian country is vital to all people, not just one demographic. How do the political and public policy interests of Native Vote intersect with larger voting blocs? How can progressives ensure that Native issues and the Native community are addressed and well-represented?

Moderator: Prairie Rose Seminole
Panelists: Peggy Flanagan, Kevin Killer and Meteor Blades


Community Quilt Project

Community Quilt Project NN13 Flash Mob Photo

smileycreek is organizing and asking all Community Quilt recipients to bring their quilts to NN13. We'll assemble at a pre-designated location and time for a group photo with one of the NN13 professional photographers. It will be a group hug celebrating one of the most beloved community building projects we have here at Daily Kos with Sara R and winglion at the center of it. navajo and Glen the Plumber are going to scout out and select a location in advance for all to meet with their quilts for a memorable photo opportunity. Stay tuned.
Date: TBD Time: TBD
linkage has volunteered to video record this event and we'll be able to provide it in our caucus recap. He'll be doing interviews of the quilt owners.
1. paradise50
2. Dave in Northridge
3. remembrance
4. BeninSC
5. mimi
6. cskendrick
7. DaNang65
8. llbear (not attending, quilt only)
9. Patriot Daily News Clearinghouse (may not attend)
10. Smoh (not attending, quilt only)
11. slksfca
12. belinda ridgewood
13. Ebby
14. Bustergirl
15. Kitsap River
16. Charles Curtis Stanley
17. Dr. Lori (not attending, quilt only)
18. MsSpentYouth
 photo glogo_birds_zps68aab11c.png

Sunday, June 23rd

Post NN13 Birding Event


ORGANIZER: Send lineatus a kosmail to attend.

1. lineatus
2. Senor Unoball
3. peregrine kate
Latest diary:

Okay, let's plan to wander around Sunday after the convention is over.  This can be the official wandering.  We will meet up at the convention center and have a nice half-day trip in the area.  Out-of-area birders will probably get to see a few new things; I'll figure out someplace that will be of interest to non-birders or casual birders as well (i.e., someplace cool to wander around in general).

Additionally, I'm probably going to do some short trip (for my own happiness) early morning or at lunch, just to take advantage of being in the South Bay with all of its wonderful spots nearby.   Anyone who wants to join in, kosmail me.  What I might do is send emails or texts to say where to meet up for an impromptu short trip.


Glacier National Park
June 27- June 30th

Glacier National Park Kossack EPIC Meetup!

TIME: 24/7
LOCATION: Glacier National Park
402 9th St W • Columbia Falls, Montana

ORGANIZER: Send arizonablue a kosmail to attend.

1. BlueJessamine
2. arizonablue
3. Mr.arizonablue
4. Truman
5. Ojibwa - arriving for the weekend
6. MTmofo
7. figbash!
8. spottedbear
9. jakedog42
10. Oke
11. cooltraveler
12. Mr.cooltraveler
13. state of confusion
14. Lute the Norwegian
15. Josh Blue
16. Thinking Fella
17. Blu Gal in DE
18. NormAl1792
19. winifred3

Joan McCarter
Ed in Montana
BoiseBlue GF
Dave in Northridge

Latest diary: Glacier National Park Check In! Glacier National Park Meetup - Part II w/ lodging and campground info!

New York Hudson Valley Kossacks

Saturday, July 13th

NY Hudson Valley Kossacks' First Meet-up

LOCATION: Hudson House
2 Main Street • Cold Spring, NY

ORGANIZER: Send boran2 a kosmail to attend.

1. boran2
2. thankgodforairamerica
3. betson08
Latest diary: [Coming soon!]
 photo Phoenix-Kossacks-BannerTEST.jpg
Thursday, July 18th

Phoenix Kossacks Meet-up for navajo

[Address] • Mesa

ORGANIZER: Send arizonablue a kosmail to attend.

navajo's in town one day, even though it's a Thursday we hope you can make it.

1. arizonablue
2. Mr. arizonablue
3. navajo
4. Azazello
5. Mrs. Z
Latest diary: [Waiting for linked diary]
Dkos Asheville
Saturday, July 20th

Dkos Asheville, North Carolina Kossacks Meet-up

TIME: 1:00 PM
LOCATION: The Bywater
796 Riverside Dr. • Asheville

ORGANIZER: Send randallt a kosmail to attend.

1. Randallt
2. Otteray Scribe
3. davehouck
4. Joieau
5. SteelerGrrl
6. SteelerGuy
7. Captain Sham
8. Smiley7
9. Burns Lass
10. DawnN
Phil S 33
Latest diary: DKos Asheville Open Thread 5/18/13: Frogs and tomatoes and snakes, oh my!

Send navajo a kosmail if you post a diary about an event so we can update our round-up.
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Tell us what you are doing on this NEW DAY?

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