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In this diary  I outlined a method for finding vulnerable Republican representatives.

Now, it's time for more research. Twitter handles. Positions. Dumbass statements. A start on this is below the fold; since this involves a lot of work and a lot of text, I'm dividing it up by state.  Previously California and Colorado and Florida; Iowa and Illinois. Michigan. .  Minnesota and Nebraska. Nevada and New JerseyNew YorkOhio

Today: Pennsylvania!

Oh, and if YOU have information on these people, PLEASE share it.  

This list will be targeted by me on Twitter (I am @peterflom) with the hashtag #StopGOP. You can help by spreading the word, using the hashtag and exposing these Republicans!

In PA-06 Obama got 48.1% while Jim Gerlach  got 57.1%. PA-06 is a bizarrely shaped district stretching from the NW suburbs of Philadelphia north and  then west

Gerlach was first elected in 2002.  He has been endorsed by the NRA and the Chamber of Commerce. He tweets as @JimGerlach.

In 2012 Gerlach's biggest donors were the insurance, health professionals and pharmaceutical industries. He out-raised Manan Trivedi by $2.2 million to $1.3 million. I know of no opponents in 2014.

In PA-07 Obama got   48.5% while  Pat Meehan got 59.4%. PA-07 is in the southeastern part of PA, running south from Pottstown almost to the border with MD.

Meehan was first elected in 2010. He has been endorsed by the NRA and the Chamber of Commerce. He tweets as @RepMeehan.

In 2012 his biggest donors were law firms and the real estate and insurance industries. He outraised his opponent, George Badey, $2.6 million to $550,000. I know of no opponents in 2014.


In PA-15   Obama got  47.9% while  Charlie Dent got 56.8%. PA-15 is more or less rectangular, in the northeast it includes Allentown and in the southwest it includes Hershey.

Dent was first elected in 2004. He has been endorsed by the NRA and the Chamber of Commerce.  The only twitter account I found for him is @DentForCongress.

In 2012 Dent's biggest contributors were the retirement and health professionals industries. He outraised his opponent, Rick Daughtery by $1.7 million to essentially 0.  I know of no opponents in 2014.

and in PA-16    Obama got  46.4% while  while Joe   Pitts got 54.8%.  PA-16 is also in southeastern PA, centering on Lancaster and including the MD border.

Pitts was first elected in 1996. He has been endorsed by the NRA and the Chamber of Commerce. He tweets as @RepJoePitts.

In 2012, Pitts biggest donors were the health professionals and pharma industries. He outraised his opponent, Aryanna Strader, $2 million to essentially nothing. I know of no opponents in 2014.
Chabot had no really large donors in 2012, probably because he also had no Democratic opposition. Although Chabot had no opposition in 2012, this seat has been competitive.  I do not know of any opponent.

Wikipedia, DKE, Open Secrets, Twitter, Organizing for America, Vote Smart, CREW, Ballotopedia, Act Blue

Here is a map of Ohio.

Still to come:

VA-02         Rigell, Scott                     50.1
VA-04         Forbes, Randy                  48.8
VA-05         Hurt, Robert                    45.9
VA-10         Wolf, Frank                      48.8

WA-03        Herrera Beutler, Jaime        47.9

WI-01         Ryan, Paul                       47.4
WI-06         Petri, Tom                      45.8
WI-07         Duffy, Sean                     47.8
WI-08         Ribble, Reid                      47.6

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  •  If folks want change (0+ / 0-)

    they need to get some liberals elected in these districts.  That is the most effective way to move the party leftward.

    Question is, would these districts elect an unabashed liberal?  I don't know, but there's only one way to find out, and that's to actually try.  Next year's as good a year as any.

    "Those who have wrought great changes in the world never succeeded by gaining over chiefs; but always by exciting the multitude." - Martin Van Buren

    by puakev on Mon Jun 24, 2013 at 10:47:19 AM PDT

    •  I disagree (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      I think we gain by electing moderate Democrats to replace Republicans, and liberal Democrats to replace moderates where the district will do it.

      After I finish this series on vulnerable Republicans maybe I will do one on Dems to primary.

      But every Democrat in the House is better than every Republican. This is true by ratings at VoteView, for instance, or at ProgressivePunch

  •  None of these are that vulnerable (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    Dent is completely entrenched and only became safer when the Lehigh Valley was split in redistricting.  Pitts' district has a low ceiling for Dems since except for the city of Lancaster most of that territory is extremely red.  Meehan and Gerlach also got shored up significantly in redistricting; the 7th might be a pickup opportunity in an open seat race with a well-funded moderate Dem.  Unless Joe Sestak drops out of the Senate race and runs for PA-07 instead, Meehan is staying put.

    The only two districts I see as possible pickups are the 8th (Fitzpatrick) and the 12th (Rothfus). The 8th was the closest in the nation in terms of Obama/Romney numbers, although many of the top-tier challengers are sitting out until 2016 when Fitzpatrick is supposedly retiring under a term limits pledge.  The 12th is ancestrally Dem and Rothfus is a freshman; it could possibly be taken back by the right Blue Dog although all 2014 challengers right now are Some Dudes.  

  •  The 12th is the most competitive (0+ / 0-)

    With Obama not headlining the ticket, Critz would 100% provide the best pickup opportunity for Dems in PA. I think it, KY-06 and FL-02 are all conservadem seats we have a really good shot at picking up.

    We need these types of seats for a House majority, as there aren't enough Obama districts.

    23, Male, LA-02, TX-08 (originally), SSP: sschmi4

    by Stephen Schmitz on Mon Jul 01, 2013 at 04:08:19 PM PDT

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