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You hate America.

Gay people are American.

Black people are American.

Muslims are American.

Women are American.

Bi and trans-sexual people are American.

Poor people are American.

And yes, immigrants are American.

Therefore, you hate America.

You can't hate the diversity of American AND love America. It doesn't work that way.

Yes, you are white, that's why you are a Republican.

Yes, you are a cult.

And yes, you are fucking psychotic.

Racism is not over.

Voting fraud doesn't exist outside of the Texas State Senate.

Corporations are not people.

A fetus should NOT have more rights than a fully formed woman

A corporation should not have more access to our ballot box than a fully formed black man.

Republicans ARE racist, they've been racist since before Reagan, when southerners left the democratic party for the GOP because they hated the civil rights acts and the end of segregation. But YESTERDAY makes that unimportant, whatever claims the GOP had to the myth that Dems are the real racists died YESTERDAY. Making it harder for black people to vote YESTERDAY makes you the racist party, dear Republicans. I'm tired of pretending the rural white guy who snored through Bush's 8yr scandalrama is really mad at Obama cause he cares about deficits, if he did he would have become a Democrat back in 2004.

I'm tired of pretending for the sake of politeness that the gerrymandered districts and empty states Republican dominate haven't been hostile to black people since President Jackson.

I'm tired of pretending the GOP isn't pushing corporate fascism, or that the corporations running the GOP/Fox idiot manufacturing complex aren't gladly promoting racism, sexism, bigotry and false arithmetic in order to keep their record profits while the rest of us can't even get a raise in the minimum wage.

EVERYTHING that is wrong with America starts with the Republican party, who have been strip-mining the middle class and blaming it on black people since Lee Atwater.

And as your cult of die hard FoxNews consumers gets smaller and smaller, cause let's face it God ain't making any more racist white people in America, as the walls shrink around you and the Republican party dies off, I want you to know that America is a LIBERAL country and YOU made it that way with your extremism, Democrats have won 5 of the last 6 popular votes in the Presidential election and in 2014, 2016, 2018, 2020, every next two years America will keep getting younger, browner, and more open to women's rights, worker's rights, human rights, rights for people, because America isn't here for you to masturbate over your Fox News funhouse version of GOPJesus in the public square. A party that demands less health care, less food for the hungry, more hate, more racism and discrimination, that isn't the party of Jesus, it's the party for a Corporate Anti-Christ, and that is what your cruel and bizarre cult of know-nothing dittoheads has devolved into, and there is nothing the Supreme Court can do to reverse the fact that you the GOP has become a psychotic cult of white people who can't cope with Obama's America.

More rant below the fold

Over a year ago I published a similar piece titled: An Open Letter to the People who Hate Obama more than They Love America. In that piece I stated that I did not hate the GOP. Things have changed. Since then those Republicans got their asses kicked when their golden boy Mitt Rmoney failed to unskew the polls after lying to America that the Black President gave free welfare with no work requirement to black people, and since that defeat the GOP has learned NOTHING, nor did they learn from McCain/Palin's defeat or the smoking wreckage that was the Cheney/Bush Administration, and they have responded to those losses the only way they know how, by making it harder for brown people to vote. And because the GOP can't learn anything outside of the FoxNewsiverse we are all doomed to repeat history. Because the weaponized ignorance of the gaggle of slack jawed yokels who vote Republican makes it easier to rob Republicans, and thus we all get robbed because they are too fucking stupid to defend themselves. The odious, billionaire led pack of simpletons who mouth Luntz talking points as if they are better than black people because they think they are part of the 47% of us who are moochers based on their skin pigmentation can all go fuck themselves. Yes, I hate the Republican party because the Republican party hates me, they hate my friends, they hate my ability to vote against them, they don't want me to earn a decent wage or have health care for my children and they want to take more cops off the street and put more George Zimmerman's on the street, and they hate my country because it doesn't look like the funhouse version of America Glenn Beck drew on his blackboard. As far as I am concerned the Republican Party is a corporate fascist cult based on racism, white privilege and sexual frustration who all suffer from the gum disease known as GIN-GI-VITIS. The only thing difference between the Confederacy and the GOP is that Robert E. Lee didn't have as many twitter followers as Sarah Palin.

To the Republicans who hate women, gays, black people, blah people, immigrants, muslims, basically everyone who doesn't look like or sound like Glenn Beck, to those Republicans who hate everything about America that isn't themselves, let me be frank, the feeling is mutual. As far as I am concerned the entire Republican party can go straight to hell.

Because terrorists could NEVER make it harder for Americans vote, Osama bin Laden could NEVER make it harder for Americans to get access to health care, only the Republican party can do that.

So, from the guy in the Union Army Kepi and on behalf of everyone the Republican Party hates, let me say, the feeling is mutual, and the faster your backwards party dies of old age the better it will be for America.

In short, fuck all of you and the Australian Billionaire you rode in on.

((((Drops the mic, and walks offstage)))



11:11 AM PT: Apologies, I have to go, I have a job interview in about an hour. Wish me luck. I will be back to reply to comments later tonight.


Originally posted to MinistryOfTruth on Wed Jun 26, 2013 at 10:09 AM PDT.

Also republished by Hellraisers Journal and DFH Local No 420.

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