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This week marked the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington—when more than 250,000 people descended on the National Mall in support of civil rights, and Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his iconic "I Have a Dream" speech.

As much of a visionary as Dr. King was, it is unlikely that even he could've imagined just how far we'd come in the time since.

The Republican party, which for decades had denounced him as a radical leftist, has now taken to embracing Dr. King as one of their own.

They have also adopted his strategy of non-violent resistance in the struggle against President Obama's efforts to enslave us with health care.

And in what is perhaps the greatest sign of progress in Obama's America, white people are now just as likely to be the victims of discrimination as black people.

Bottom line: Today we are all n*****s. Or something.

Morning lineup:

Meet the Press: Secretary of State John Kerry; Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY); Roundtable: Bill Kristol (Weekly Standard), Gwen Ifill (PBS), Former White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs and Katty Kay (BBC America).

Face the Nation: Secretary of State John Kerry; Sen. John McCain (R-AZ); Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA); Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-GA); Anthony Cordesman (Center for Strategic and International Studies).

This Week: Secretary of State John Kerry; Former Joint Chiefs of Staff Vice Chair Gen. James Cartwright; Vali Nasr (Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies); Roundtable: Democratic Strategist James Carville, Republican Strategist Mary Matalin, Peggy Noonan (Wall Street Journal) and Radio Host Tavis Smiley.

Fox News Sunday: Secretary of State John Kerry; Roundtable: Retired Gen. Jack Keane, Former Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT), Jennifer Rubin (Washington Post) and Charles Lane (Washington Post).

State of the Union: Secretary of State John Kerry; Rep. (D-NY); Rep. Scott Rigell (R-VA); Former Centcom Commander Gen. Anthony Zinni; Middle East Analyst Robin Wright; Former Chief of Staff to Leon Panetta Jeremy Bash; Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT); Roundtable: Democratic Strategist Donna Brazille, David Frum (Daily Beast), Democratic Strategist Cornel Belcher and Ross Douthat (New York Times).

Evening lineup:
60 Minutes will feature: a report on the latest developments in the Costa Concordia salvage operation (preview); an interview with Twitter founder Jack Dorsey (preview); and, a report on educational website "Khan Academy," which teaches millions of students across the world each month (preview).

On Comedy Central...

"The Daily Show" and "The Colbert Report" were in reruns this week, so once again there are no new videos to share.

Instead, here's Jon Stewart's coverage of Glenn Beck's 2010 rally in honor of MLK.

The Daily Show

Monday: Pre-empted

Tuesday: TBA

Wednesday: TBA

Thursday: Actor Michael C. Hall

And Stephen Colbert's 2012 interview with civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis.

The Colbert Report

Monday: Pre-empted

Tuesday: Meteorologist Gary England

Wednesday: Author Piper Kerman

Thursday: Singer/Songwriter John Prine


Donald Trump theorized about what's behind the NY Attorney General's $40 million lawsuit against his scam "university."

Trump said the lawsuit was filed Saturday after Schneiderman met with President Barack Obama on Thursday evening.

"They meet on Thursday evening. I get sued by this A.G. Schneiderman, I get sued on Saturday at 1 o'clock. Think of it. What government agency in the history of this country has ever brought a suit on a Saturday? I never heard of such a thing," Trump said.

Trump called the lawsuit, "incompetent" and "terribly drawn" and suggested this could be another scandal for the administration.

"They obviously did it very quickly, but probably Obama — maybe this is a mini IRS. Maybe we have to get the tea party after these people because this could very well be a mini IRS," Trump said.


Ted Nugent's wife was arrested for trying to bring a gun on an airplane.

Nugent's attorney, David Finn, said that taking the gun to the airport was an "honest mistake." Finn said Nugent has a concealed handgun license.

Finn said Nugent had worked late and got up early Thursday for the airport, and either "completely forgot or never knew the weapon was in her bag."

"She is very embarrassed. She's never been in this situation before," said Finn. "She has expressed remorse for any inconvenience for any public safety officials."

And, in other legal news...

Amazingly enough, it turns out there were no jars of urine and/or feces brought into the Texas Capitol during the abortion bill debate.

Documents released Monday by the Texas Department of Public Safety's provided no new evidence that officers found one jar of urine and 18 containers of feces at the Capitol before a July 12 debate on a controversial abortion bill.

DPS released a press statement the day of the debate that said officers had discovered one jar suspected of containing urine and 18 jars suspected to contain feces. After initially resisting requests for additional information about the reported discoveries, DPS on Monday released 144 pages of documents about the alleged incident. But the documents contain no official reports of the findings, and several DPS officers said they had not seen any of the suspected items. [...]

DPS director Steve McCraw indicated he was frustrated about media reporting on the incident, and in a July 14 email he asked DPS officers to give the media photos of the suspected items.

"I'm tired of reading that we made this stuff up," Steven McCraw wrote in an email. "Let's get the photos we have to members and the media. Does anyone realistically believe we would fabricate evidence to support a political agenda. Amazing."

Color me shocked.

- Trix

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