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The rope a dope is coming - I can see it.

The government shuts down and Pres. O. comes to the podium for a statement.

"The Republican party just shut down the government in an attempt to prevent millions of Americans from getting affordable health insurance.

This whole episode is pointless because even though government workers aren't getting paid today, members of the armed forces aren't being paid today, and social security checks will be going out late because of this temper tantrum... the health insurance exchanges still open today and the benefits of the affordable care act are there for everyone to see.

No more lies. No more hyperbole. Just go to and see how much money you can save for your family each month.

Sally Smith from Kentucky is saving over $200 per month.

Bob Jones from CO is saving $600 per month for his family of 4.

Wendy Wright is able to get affordable health insurance for the first time in 10 years.

All because of the Affordable Care Act. All because of Obamacare.

That's $600 more dollars per month that they can use to buy things they need for their family. $600 more dollars per month of breathing room.

Go to see for yourself.

See who has been working for you... and who has been working against you.

The truth is out there just for you to see.

It's what the Republicans in congress don't want you to see. They don't want you to have access to affordable health insurance.

They don't care about the middle class. The don't care about you.

I do.

7:42 PM PT: *
Wow.... I'm gone most of the day and it goes to the top of the rec list!

Glad you liked it. It was mainly a stream of consciousness inspired by the MD speech this week. That speech contained a lot of these elements - just better worded - and it will be all the more poignant and immediate on the 1st.

His line about checking will be much more powerful.

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