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We just received an early Christmas present.  Many here have worked tirelessly to expose the Koch Cabal dark money being used in our states.  Well, I am thrilled to introduce the tool we have been looking for.  Click on your state to find out the name(s) or organizations funded by the Koch Cabal to undermine your rights.

Click on "Where's it going?"

Then click on your state.


The site design is graphic and easy to read and interpret.

Thank you to A Project of ProgressNow and the Center for Media and Democracy for putting together this artsy and information one-stop-shop we can use to uncover the Koch Cabal $$ used for the subversion of democracy in our states.

ALSO, JUST FOUND ANOTHER NEW TOOL.  We can actually find out WHO funded our stink tanks.  Go to this diary for easy instructions that pull the curtain back and expose who is funding which stink tanks.

Want to Know WHO Spent $35 Million to Fund NYState's Manhattan Institute

SPN is the acronym for the Koch Cabal's non-profit State Policy Network.

Here is a Muckety chart showing the State Policy Network Koch Cabal connections.  Click here for an interactive version:

State Policy Network - Koch Funded

Donors Capital is directly connected to the Koch Brothers seen in the Muckety map at the end of this article.

How Does SPN Push Its Agenda?

While SPN members call themselves “think tanks,” they rarely act as such. SPN groups often engage in extensive lobbying activities, even though nonprofits are limited in the amount of lobbying activity they may participate in by the IRS. SPN “think tanks” release “research” and policy reports, and there are numerous instances of SPN think tanks being accused of skewing facts and using faulty research to reach their policy goals. Many SPN think tanks also collaborate with the right-wing Franklin Center to launch agenda-driven “news” outlets, hawking right-wing talking points from behind a mask of journalism.
For more about the $12million private "news organization" spread across the USA, read 2009 The KOCH Cabal Launched Nationwide non-profit News Bureau: Franklin Center

You will find a compilation of Koch Cabal reports here:

Koch Cabal Exposé Bonanza: You've Got to See This New Tax Return! Follow the $$

With enough sunlight, perhaps there is hope that at least open-minded independent voters will be repulsed by the anti-democratic tactics of the pro-business, screw Main Street Koch Cabal.

I believe this is THE scandal to reverse the historic trend of off year elections and provide enough votes for Democrats so we can regain the House of Representative from the extreme right wing factions.

This Muckety shows many of the Koch Cabal state level non-profits mentioned by

Koch Cabal - Major Players

Also, if you are the BOYCOTT type, here are the 10 companies that helped fund the creation of ALEC

ALEC - 10 Corporate Donors

Some other great resources for those tracking the dark money in specific states, etc.

I always start with Muckety Maps when I begin digging.  Often, there will be connections that don't show up elsewhere and, quite frankly, the visual presentation is very appealing.

OpenSecrets is also doing a great job.  Click on this interactive link and dig into non-profit and PAC money in politics.

Political Nonprofits & Affiliates: Top Donors

These are the top donor organizations to politically active 501(c) nonprofits and their affiliates -- or, rather, these are the donors theCenter for Responsive Politics has been able to identify. Groups on the receiving end aren't required to publicly reveal who their contributors are. However, 501(c) groups must disclose the names of organizations to which they make donations. By sifting through hundreds of 990 tax forms, where the disclosure occurs, we have come up with this list.

Other donors -- such as individuals and corporations -- aren't required to publicly report such gifts, so the sources of much of the money flowing to politically active tax-exempt groups remain unknown.

Sunlight Foundation is following the Koch Cabal as well.

And SourceWatch which might have launched stinktanks.

You will probably never get to chat with David Koch, so thought you might like to hear him.  Listen to his answers to some important questions.

About Congress and the Tea Party

About Climate Change

About Citizens United - David Koch acts like he has NEVER heard of Citizens United.  He is either acting or genuinely confused.  If the latter.......?

"Normal people like us" Mr. Koch claims about the Tea Party.  

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Originally posted to War on Error on Wed Nov 13, 2013 at 11:02 AM PST.

Also republished by American Legislative Transparency Project.

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