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Do you have mind-altering experiences you'd be willing to share?

When I say mind altering I don't mean having a couple of beers or spinning around in a circle until you're dizzy. I'm talking about experiences with mind expansion-type stuff.
I'm writing this diary because of the fact pot became legal in Colorado yesterday. I'm proud of that! And that got me to thinking about my years growing up there. Here comes an interesting experience I had.

Because I grew up in Denver, I was fortunate to be in the right place at the right time when I was 16 years old. A very interesting thing occurred there in 1967 and for some reason, I found myself right in the middle of it. (This kind of stuff happens to me all the time. Why? I'm not sure, but I have always been keenly aware it's just the way it goes.)

LSD became illegal in California on October 6, 1966. Owsley Stanley and Tim Scully who were the LSD makers extraordinaire therefore decided to set up a new lab in Denver. The new lab was set up in the basement of a house across the street from the Denver zoo in early 1967. I was 10 years old then. But Denver had become the place where all this pure, amazing LSD was being produced by the bucket load.

When I was 16 I hung out at Washington Park in the south part of Denver which was where all the hippies hung out. Hippies in 1967 were the real deal, and that hadn't changed at all by 1973 when I was 16. I purchased a hit of LSD. It cost $1.50. I liked it ----> a lot! After my initial experience I bought 50 more doses of LSD. "Orange barrels" is what they were called. They were very tiny orange cylinders containing one dose each.

I then did all 50 hits during the three month's summer vacation between 11th and 12th grades. I'm not kidding. I was doing it basically every other day for that entire summer. I was never the least bit interested in "getting off." I was totally into the mind expansion experience of altered states of consciousness. For some reason it was natural for me. I never had a bad trip and gained more and more understanding with each experience.

OK, here's my true, funny story. After I graduated from 12th grade I went to the University of Colorado. The year was 1975 when I started college and LSD was still very prevalent. At that time there were still three communes in Boulder, just to give you an idea of the times.

After completing the first year of college, we were allowed to live off campus (the first year you had to live in the dorms). I rented an apartment with a couple other guys in the summer right after my freshman year. One of these guys I'll call Warren...because his name was Warren. We'd go to all the parties all around Boulder during the summer. They were everywhere. One night we decide to take some LSD I bought.

It was window pane and was supposed to be "singles." That means each little square of the stuff was one dose. We took it and started walking around Boulder to go to various parties. After we came on, it became apparent to me this wasn't single-hit window pane. It was "4-way," which means each little square was actually 4 doses. Oh boy, here we go. There is no getting off this ride and it was going to be a long ride. I knew that because I was really quite experienced with LSD. Warren not so much. He started behaving a bit strangely. So I decided we needed to walk back to our apartment to be by ourselves. We made it back.

Of course everything I looked at melted and breathed. Then that "reality" simply vanished altogether and became simply indescribable. Warren wasn't doing so well. He was starting to fall apart. Of course that's the whole point of taking LSD, but if you aren't really experienced...and you can't simply let your ego "die" and let go, you'll have a bad trip.

More of this experience after the orange New Day cloud

We were sitting on the couch. I got up to take a leak. When I came back Warren was on the telephone (wtf?). Our third roommate was visiting his mom back in Denver. Warren was having so much trouble coping with his experience he'd gotten the bright idea to call our roommate at his mom's home because he thought that talking to him would somehow help him become more centered. Oy vey!

I come back into the living room area to hear Warren saying, "Lugnum sowry gwambum singyrvprp," or something like that. He wasn't speaking English. I walked over to him just as he fell straight down. I broke his fall and took the phone. Then I started talking to our roommates' mom (I could still speak English). She was quite concerned because Warren wasn't making any sense...or speaking in any known language.

I talked with her some and told her, "Everything is just fine." Then I hung up. Whew! Close call. I got Warren up off the floor and got him to the couch. I turned on the TV and told him to watch it. He wasn't really able to. I talked to him trying to anchor him to me, since it was obvious that was the only thing to do because he wasn't able to actually see the TV anymore let alone what was showing on it. That worked. Everything seemed cool. I knew it would be 12 hours+ until this trip was over.

After a short while I heard sirens...lots of sirens. I listened closely. They were getting closer and closer. I thought some horrible accident must have happened for so many sirens to be screaming. They came closer and closer still. I thought the accident must have happened right near where we lived.


I opened the door to our apartment. What I saw was two cops, two paramedics and a number of fire fighters all right there at my door. I looked up and down the street and all I could see in both directions were cop cars, and firetrucks with their lights flashing. I said, "Good God!!!". Then I looked right into one cop's eyes and said, "all we need is a cop and paramedics." The cop said, "OK." And with that he told all the others they could leave. He alone came into our apartment along with two paramedics.

Inside the apartment now, I said to the cop (who just happened to be black), "I guess I'm really screwed now." He responded, "All I need is your name and date of birth." I gave it to him. Warren was sitting on the couch looking at...I suppose he was on Jupiter, I have no idea what he was seeing. He really wasn't there at all.

The paramedics (both had long hair) started laughing. It was beyond obvious Warren and I were tripping our minds out on LSD. And it was obvious as hell I was able to actually handle it while Warren was...well he was two galaxies away by now. On our coffee table we had a bong and dope and rolling papers. The paramedics then began fucking with me...laughing their asses off.

One rolled two joints and stuck one in my mouth and another in Warren's mouth. Then he lit them up and told us to inhale. He said, "Can you feel that in your lungs?" I was mortified because I knew he was fucking with me. Warren was in a Star Trek episode by now in a galaxy far, far away. He took a hit but didn't say a word. I told the guy, "Yes I can feel that." He took our vital signs then assured us, "Your bodies are still here, man, waiting for you to come back." Then he looked at me and said, "In India they call this Maya." Then he just cracked the fuck up. I was embarrassed as hell tripping my brains out with this long-haired paramedic making me smoke a joint he'd rolled up with our dope and laughing his ass off.

I looked over at the cop and said, "I guess I'll be going away for a while." He said, "Don't worry. Just stay inside here tonight." Then the cop and two paramedics all laughed their asses off and left. Ten minutes later I wondered to myself "did that really happen." I honestly didn't know. It could easily have been just part of the festivities going on in my experience that night. Believe me, when you're on 4-way you honestly have no idea if anything is of this earth or not.

A week later I walk past the Fire Station where the paramedics hang out. I looked into the bay of the place. Sure enough the two paramedics were there. They saw me and both started cracking up. We all just laughed our asses off and I felt embarrassed all over again. That's when I knew what I'd experienced really happened.

I never heard anything about it...nothing. It was the summer of 1976 and just a typical Boulder, Colorado thing. I didn't receive anything in the mail or have any legal ramifications. It is as though it never even happened. DID IT? :)

Do you have any interesting stories about taking mind-altering substances?

Let's build communities!

Every region needs a meatspace community like SFKossacks.
We take care of each other in real life.
I urge YOU to take the lead and organize one in your region.
Please tell us about it if you do and we're here for advice.


:: Regions Organizing ::
Send a Kosmail to the organizers and ask for an invitation to the group.
Northern Indiana Area: Kosmail Tim Delaney

Long Island: Kosmail grannycarol

Northern Michigan: Kosmail JillS

Nebraska: Kosmail Nebraska68847Dem

Westburbia Chicago Kossacks: Kosmail Majordomo

Caprock Kossacks (Panhandle/Caprock/Lubbock/Amarillo area) : Kosmail shesaid

West Texas Kossacks (including Big Bend Region and El Paso) : Kosmail Yo Bubba

Las Vegas Kossacks: Kosmail miracle11

Vermont Kossacks: Kosmail 4Freedom

Note to the above new leaders: Feel free to leave a comment any day reminding readers about your new group. Also, tell us about your progress in gathering members. Kosmail me when you've chosen a good name for your group and have created a the group. Then I'll move you to the NEW GROUPS LIST. When you've planned a date for your first event I'll make a banner for you to highlight your event in our diaries and your diaries.
These are the groups that have started since * NEW DAY * began. Please Kosmail navajo if you have started a group before that.

California Central Valley Kossacks - Formed: Jul 29, 2012, Organizer: tgypsy

New England Kossacks - Formed: Aug 6, 2012, Organizers:
Clytemnestra for Lower New England (Conneticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island)
nhox42 for Upper New England (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont)

Houston Area Kossacks - Formed: Aug 7, 2012, Organizer: Chrislove

Kossacks in India - Formed: Aug 14, 2012, Organizer: chandu

CenTex Kossacks - Formed: Sep 9, 2012, Organizer: papa monzano

Central Ohio Kossacks - Formed: Sep 26, 2012, Organizer: VetGrl

Kansas City Kossacks - Formed Oct 15, 2012, Organizer: [Founder stepped down]

Phoenix Kossacks - Formed Oct 16, 2012, Organizer: arizonablue

Chicago Kossacks - Formed: Oct 31, 2012, Organizer: figbash

Koscadia the Pacific Northwest coast from Northern California to Alaska  
- Formed Oct 17, 2012, Oganizer: Horace Boothroyd III based in Portland, OR

Boston Kossacks - Formed: Nov 7, 2012, Organizer: GreyHawk

Motor City Kossacks South East Michigan (Detroit) Area - Formed: Nov 10, 2012, Organizer:  peregrine kate

Pittsburgh Area Kossacks - Formed: Nov 12, 2012, Organizer: dweb8231

Salt Lake City Kossacks - Formed: Nov 17, 2012, Organizer: War on Error

Twin Cities Kossacks - Formed: Nov 17, 2012, Organizer: imonlylurking

Dallas Kossacks North Texas - Formed: Nov 21, 2012, Admins: Catte Nappe and dalfireplug. Please contact them to join the group. An Event Organizer needed.

The Southern California Inland Empire Kossacks - Formed: Dec 3, 2012, Organizer: SoCaliana

Los Angeles Kossacks - Formed: Dec 17, 2012, Organizer: Dave in Northridge  

Northeast Ohio Kossacks - Formed: Jan 16, 2013,  Organizer: GenXangster

Kansas & Missouri Kossacks - Formed: Jan 17, 2013, Organizer: tmservo433

I-77 Carolina Kossacks who live from Columbia, SC to north of Winston-Salem, NC. - Formed: Jan 30, 2013, Organizers: gulfgal98 and eeff

Indianapolis Kossacks - Formed: Feb 6, 2013, Organizer: CityLightsLover

Southwest Ohio Kossacks - Formed: May 10, 2013, Organizer: Dr Erich Bloodaxe RN

Northern Arizona Kossacks - Formed:  Jul 5, 2013, Organizer: Sam Sara

Mexican Kossacks - Formed: Apr 14, 2013, Organizer: roberb7

New York Hudson Valley Kossacks - Formed: Oct 27, 2012, Organizer: boran2

North Carolina Triangle Kosmopolitans - Formed: Aug 2, 2013, Organizer: highacidity

Silicon Valley Kossacks - Formed: Oct 31, 2013, Organizer: Glen The Plumber

Seattle and Puget Sound Kossacks - Formed: Dec 17, 2013, Organizer: EagleOfFreedom

ESTABLISHED GROUPS LIST: (List will grow as we discover them)

SFKossacks Founded by navajo, Formed: May 2, 2005

Maryland Kos Founded by timmyc, Formed: Feb 23, 2011. Contact: JamieG from Md for a group invite.

New York City Founded by Eddie C - Contact the group organizer for meet-up events: sidnora

Baja Arizona Kossacks, Event Organizer: Azazello

Three Star Kossacks Tennessee, Founded by maryKK, Formed: Apr 8, 2011

Nashville KosKats, Founded by ZenTrainer Formed: Jan 30, 2012

Virginia Kos Founded by JamieG from Md, Formed: May 3, 2011

Kos Georgia Founded by pat208, Formed: Feb 13, 2011

Colorado COmmunity Founded by Leftcandid, Formed: Feb 13, 2011

New Mexico Kossaks Founded by claude

Philly Kos Founded by mconvente Formed: Aug 29, 2011

DKos Florida Founded by ThirstyGator, Formed: Feb 14, 2011, Currently organizing: Kosmail Vetwife to be included in next event.

Oklahoma Roundup Founded by BigOkie, Formed: Feb 13, 2011, Currently organizing: Kosmail peacearena to be included.

DKos Asheville Founded by davehouck, Formed: Feb 13, 2011 - Organizing Assist by: randallt

San Diego Kossacks Founded by La Gitane, Formed: Nov 18, 2011

Massachusetts Kosmopolitans Founded by mem from somerville, Formed: Feb 13, 2011

:: Events Currently on the Books for Kossacks  ::
Motor City Kossacks Banner
 photo Screenshot2013-12-28at112017AM_zpsb25e1d00.png
Saturday, January 4th

Motor City Kossacks Meet-up

TIME: Noon
LOCATION: Sweetwater Tavern
400 East Congress Street • Detroit

ORGANIZER: Send peregrine kate a kosmail to attend.

1. peregrine kate
2. Brainwrap
3. BFSkinner
4. sydneyluv
Latest diary: Motor City Kossacks! TWO Meetups Planned: Sa 1/4, lunch, Detroit; Th 1/9, dinner, Ann Arbor
Motor City Kossacks Banner
Thursday, January 9th

Motor City Kossacks Meet with NN14 Staff: Raven Brooks, Mary Rickles and Nolan Treadway

TIME: 6:30 PM
[Address] • Detroit

ORGANIZER: Send peregrine kate a kosmail to attend.

1. peregrine kate
Latest diary: Motor City Kossacks! TWO Meetups Planned: Sa 1/4, lunch, Detroit; Th 1/9, dinner, Ann Arbor
Houston Area Kossacks banner
 photo l_zpsc0126213.jpg
Saturday, January 11th

Houston Kossacks Meet-up

TIME: 1:00 PM
LOCATION: Barry's Pizza
6003 Richmond Avenue • Houston

ORGANIZER: Send Chrislove a kosmail to attend.

1. Chrislove
2. nomandates
3. Bree Davis
4. cosette
5. mister mustardhead
6. TDDVandy
7. Mary
8. Alan
Mr. cosette
Libby Shaw
Latest diary: [Waiting for linked diary]
Sunday, January 12th
NYC Kossacks Meet-up

TIME: Noon
LOCATION:  Spitzer's Corner
101 Rivington Street (Ludlow) • NYC
Meet in the back room. This venue is wheelchair accessible.

ORGANIZER: Send sidnora a kosmail to attend.

1. sidnora
2. blue jersey mom
3. rubyr
4. kathny
5. joanbrooker
6. oxfdblue
7. mattc129
8. Bethesda1921
9. No Exit
Ian Reifowitz
Laura Clawson
isabelle hayes
Latest diary: Coming In From The Cold: January 12, A NYC Meetup!
Dkos Asheville
 photo the-cantina-biltmore_zps9107bc71.jpg
Saturday, January 25th

Asheville Kossacks Meet-up with City Councilman Gordon Smith Speaking

TIME: 1:00 PM
LOCATION: The Cantina
10 Biltmore Plaza • Asheville

ORGANIZER: Send randallt a kosmail to attend.

1. randallt
2. davehouck
3. Gordon20024
Latest diary: DKos Asheville - Weekly Open Thread & January Meetup Planned
Golden Gate Bridge at sunrise with SFKossacks banner treatment
 photo GrizzlyIsland_zps294e19df.jpg
Sunday, January 26th

SFKossacks Welcome matching mole to San Francisco!

TIME: TBD, daytime car trip to the Delta for birding with lineatus
LOCATION: Grizzly Island Wildlife Area
2548 Grizzly Island Road • Suisun City
lineatus will have a spotting scope and a few spare pairs of binoculars, so novices can have something to use.

ORGANIZER: Send lineatus a kosmail to attend.

1. lineatus
2. matching mole
3. navajo
4. tgypsy
5. kimoconnor

TIME: TBD, evening event for city folk and to celebrate dharmasyd's and kimoconnor's birthdays!
[Address] • [City]

ORGANIZER: Send lineatus a kosmail to attend.

1. lineatus
2. matching mole
3. navajo
4. dharmasyd
5. side pocket
6. norm
7. kimoconnor
8. Glen The Plumber
9. remembrance
10. TLO
Latest diary: Dawn Chorus: Preview of Coming Attractions
 photo ConnecticutKossacksBannerTEXT_zps914ab0e5.jpg
 photo 1304544117_440x315_zps3766f143.jpg
Date Moving to January 2014

Connecticut Kossacks Meet-up!

LOCATION: The Shamrock Pub & Grill
210 Meadow St. • Waterbury

The Shamrock is a short walk from the MTA Metro North Station. If anyone wants to take Amtrak, thankgodforairamerica can pick you up in Meriden and drive you to the event.

ORGANIZER: Send thankgodforairamerica a kosmail to attend.

1. thankgodforairamerica
2. gchaucer2

Latest diary: [Waiting for linked diary]

Send navajo a kosmail if you post a diary about an event so we can update our round-up.

Okay. Floor's open.
Tell us what you are doing on this NEW DAY?

Originally posted to Connect! Unite! Act! on Thu Jan 02, 2014 at 07:30 AM PST.

Also republished by SFKossacks.

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