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2/20/14 Case heard, awaiting Federal Appeals Court Judges Decision.

Update 8/20/14-Still no news of Courts Decision. I check all the time. Spectra Showdown Facebook

Just Say No, to spectra engergy's New Jersey/New York City natural gas transportation pipeline!

The first media news of this case being heard; that I saw, was on Monday.
I know. I check every day, because I've been waiting for the case to come up.

I have all the facts right here Spectra Gas Pipeline Case To Be Heard In DC Appellate Court

Oral arguments in Spectra pipeline case to be heard Thursday by Terrence T McDonald/The Jersey Journal February 10 2014 article has great photos, but a definite defeatist tone.

I still say, this is a winnable case for Jersey City; other groups and opponents, to defeat spectra and the monster, that they call a gas pipeline. Why else, would there even be an appeals process?  

spectra is culpable
, they continued to build even though they knew the pipeline was being challenged in Appellate Court.

Continuing to build, was an erroneous business decision on spectra's part.

spectra doesn't lose, it's a tax write off for them. Leaving it in the ground won't do any harm. Maybe someday if spectra improves their safety procedures it can be used for something like heating or diesel oil. Meanwhile just let it sit there.

The lives of millions of people in NJ and NYC are worth more than any amount it would cost to get rid of spectra. Buy them off if necessary. The State of New Jersey Can Afford it.

This is no ordinary pipeline, like the kind that brings gas to homes. It's a transportation pipeline, that is expected to pump 800 million cubic feet of gas a day!

Besides everything else, this is a total rip off. We've been robbed!

Endangering the lives of millions of people, for a measly $2.27 million dollars!

Actually only $1.24 million profit. The other $1.3 million is a bond in case of an environmental disaster caused by the pipeline.

Just give spectra back their $2.27 million dollars, lease and bond money. That is a nothing amount, to the State of NJ.

spectra has filed a request with DEP to lease these six lots for 20 years. Additional state-owned land would be needed during the pipeline’s construction phase as well. spectra will pay New Jersey $862,721, total, in rent; $65,809 for temporary work space during the construction phase of the project; and $1.3 million to offset any “permanent ecological, environmental, and recreational [impacts]” of the pipeline to the area. The company has also agreed to compensate the state for “tree mitigation,” the amount of which has yet to be determined. Hudson Reporter 2012

Jersey City's Mayor Healy says; the spectra pipeline is a big danger to the New Jersey, New York City area and shouldn't be allowed to operate.

The Blast Radius/Check Out This Shocking Map!  Pipeline Goes Right Through Jersey City And Hoboken!

The Proposed Route

The spectra gas pipeline is definitely a big danger!

I've been documenting and researching the spectra pipeline since I first saw Mayor Healy fighting it several years ago.

How can Jersey City lose, when there are laws? For starters, no one can override, or even compromise the Historic Preservation laws (ie spectra cannot even get into Jersey City from Bayonne, without crossing the Morris Canal, a Federally designated Historical Landmark).

Even if they do try and challenge the environmental ones. They really can't do that either.

I mean; these judges could go with spectra; but when all the fish disappear from here to Delaware and further, when all the fishermen are chasing them, they won't be so popular? Just an observation.  

Natural gas pipelines are prone to high risk of leaks that are released as fine mists of toxic spray.

We've got a big mess environmentally here in America and it's time for our Courts to stand up and say; NO, to big energy!

spectra energy compressor station offline while engineers investigate Searsmont Maine gas release

spectra energy experienced a pipeline rupture in St John British Columbia just five days after a previous incident

This Stop spectra gas pipeline Series; Dedicated To, Doctor Of Sociology, Theodore Adams
My old Sociology Professor; who told my Mother the day I graduated College, that, "I was the best student he ever had, in all his years of teaching." Thank You. I'm still trying to live up to your confidence in me Dr Adams

And thank you; to all the Professors and many other people too *a very long list, (Kossacks included), who always helped me, and taught me so much.

And Also For My Grandfather Michael Murphy, who worked on the Central Railroad In Jersey City over 100 years ago. Unloading boxcars with a big hook. He and his fellow workers sweltered in the summer and froze in the winter.

I'm a Fireman's daughter.

My Father and the Bayonne Fire Dept put out a huge standard oil fire that almost engulfed Bayonne New Jersey. Back in the late 1930's or 40's. I had a link, lost and can't find it since, you know that was hushed up.

The Fire Chief told my Mother that the fire was so hot, his and all the Fireman's gear (coats, helmets, etc) got melted.

Bayonne is one mile long and three miles wide. Although most of them have been gone for years, we used to have standard oil storage tanks running the length of the east side of town.

So many lies from spectra gas co. They say they're putting the pipeline in industrial areas.

Not true! Before this pipeline gets to Bayonne's industrial east side; it runs west to east, all along residential 1st Street. Then on the east side, up past more homes, schools, churches etc.

It also runs right through the middle of Jersey City, Hoboken and Manhattan's West Village. Check out the blast radius link I have in this diary.

New Jersey's First Lady 125th Anniversary Of The Statue Of Liberty

The Statue Of Liberty Thanks You All For Your Activism

Originally posted to rebel ga on Wed Feb 12, 2014 at 03:41 PM PST.

Also republished by Subversive Agitation Team Action Network, Protest Music, EcoJustice, Team DFH, DK GreenRoots, Climate Hawks, Itzl Alert Network, and DKOMA.

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