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I admit I did not follow the Michael Dunn/Jordan Davis trial closely.  After months on the Zimmerman Trial and documenting many similar incidents with Police killings of unarmed men from Kendrick McDade to Oscar Grant and Jonathan Ferrell, I was probably I little burnt on it all.

Doesn't it ever STOP?

I've been sensitive to this issue since the police killing of Ron Settles via choke-hold which was covered up to a make it Look Like Suicide, and that was in 1981 the year I graduated from High School.

Yesterday, I heard the verdict. 3 Counts of Attempted 2nd Decree Murder and a Mistrial on the Final Count of 1st Degree Murder.  It seems to me that at one of the attempted Murders, was successful - but the standards for First Degree are different from Second Degree.  It has to be premeditated, and I suppose that Jury had a hard time believing that Dunn would simply pull his weapon completely out of the blue with a planned murderous intent to kill - or something.  I'm sure we'll get post-verdict exit interviews that will drive cyber space batty with puffed up "I Told You So's" going back and forth..

But then again, here's something I found on Crooks and Liars, a video taken by Jordan Davis' attorney with a former neighbor of Dunn's Charles Hendrix - which I strongly suspect the Defense would consider hearsay and inadmissible at trial [or not relevant as "character" testimony without the defense first "opening the door"] - that paints a chilling portrait of a man who was quite literally a ticking time-bomb set at 0:05!

Whether you were indifferent about the Davis shooting, or if you were incensed by it and the verdict - this video will quite literally Blow your Hair back.

Hendrix on Dunn, who he describes as an abusive, arrogant, bullying, selfish, drug-addled (Marijuana & Cocaine) raging, bigoted Ass-Hole!

I lived next door to him for 8 years.  He had a really arrogant attitude about him, like he was smarter than everybody else.  He knew about computers, but not a lot about interpersonal relationships.  He had an aire, where he was light and friendly and he laughed, but uh, if you disagreed with him he would get boisterous, and try to intimidate people with his size or his voice.  Very arrogant. There wasn't much he wouldn't do to get his way.

Much of what I know about Michael comes from his wives. [He describes two of them] A different times these women had come to my house crying, claiming that they were scared to death [of Michael], that he had put a gun to their head and threatened them. Threatened to have them deported [both were foreign nationals], and take their kids away from them.


I had seen swollen lips and a bruised face on [first wife he knew] Sarah. She had come to me one day crying, saying they'd had a real bad fight about drugs and he'd threatened to blow her brains out. So I asked where he kept the gun, so I went over and took it.  And I told her to let me know when she felt safe and I'd take it back. After a couple weeks she said she was afraid he would find it was gone and asked me to put it back, so I did. I regret that I did that now. The second wife told me the same thing, that he'd put a gun to her head, threatened to have her deported if she didn't do what he told her to do.  

One of the incidents she relayed to my wife and myself was that he had forced her to go to this sex club in Ft. Lauderdale and do things [she didn't want to do] She was so afraid of this guy, she did whatever she could to protect her son.

But as it turns out it wasn't just his family and wives that Michael Dunn had a tendency to threaten.  Hendrix goes on to describe a conversation he had with Dunn regarding a person, Greg Walker, who was in a legal dispute with Dunn's software company.
[Dunn] approached me, in front of another guy, and said "This guy Walker has go to go". Hendrix said "What do you want, him beat up?" Dunn responded "No, I want him Dead!"
Hendrix then admits his own violent past, and how he had been in several bar fights and figured that Dunn had heard of this somehow.
I guess he figured I was a friend of his, and would take care of this for him - but I wasn't interested.
And if this sounds far-fetched to you, well maybe it is - but Hendrix claims he didn't just sit idly by when this happened, which he later describes was around 1999-2000.
I notified the Port St. Lucy Police Dept. that I had been solicited do do a "Hit" on somebody from Vero Beach, and they were completely disinterested.
So at the very least, there should be a police record of this, if this claim has any validity.

He then goes on to describes a case of insurance fraud perpetrated by Dunn.

He laughed about that, he thought it was really funny that he had screwed the insurance company for $30,000
And then he talks about another case where Dunn had bragged about collecting rebates checks for computer equipment he was purchasing for a vendor.  In other words he was collecting a kickback.  At the same time he was doing a double-deal with his parents paying him $1000/week even after he had left to begin his own business, and not share any of his earnings from the rebate checks either with his client or his parents.
That's the kind of person Michael Dunn is. I think he learned from his father.  He didn't care who he screwed over, if he could make a buck.
And just how far would he go if he thought somebody was "Messing With Him?"
Did i ever hear him say he wanted to shoot somebody? Not directly.  But several times he did make comments like "I can't wait for somebody to try something  with me when I have my gun!" I'm the type of person that that's the last thing that I would be contemplating. I don't want to have a confrontation with anybody when I have a gun, anybody that does is predisposed, in my opinion, to kill somebody.  If you're looking for confrontations just because you have a gun? There's no question in my mind that people that are looking for confrontations when they have a gun, Someday, they're going to find it.  When I heard about this situation with Michael Dunn I was like "There you go, I KNEW it. Sooner or later he was gonna kill somebody." I had said that to my wife, I had said it to my daughter. "Sooner of later this guy is gonna kill somebody".  He thinks that a gun makes him safe, makes him all powerful.  That was the attitude that he had, it was like his best friend, he could overcome the world with his freaking 9mm
Hendrix then finally talks about the shooting incident in context of the Michael Dunn that he knew and had grown to become cautious and wary of.
My instant reaction was [that] he had told somebody what to do and they didn't comply.  Because that's the kind of personality he had. "By God, you're gonna do what i tell you to do!" I could see this scenario playing down where somebody had said "No, I'm not gonna do what you tell me to do". And him first getting loud, and then trying to exhibit his physical presence by getting out of the car and showing people "how big I am". And then when that didn't work I could see him pulling out a gun and shooting somebody just because they had defied him. That was his personality "You're gonna do what I tell you, or I'm gonna make you miserable".

I don't think he called the police because he knew he was wrong.

...I believe that when he left he thought he was gonna get away with it. If somebody hadn't gotten the description of the vehicle and the license number, there's no question he wouldn't have come forward.

So lastly, was there any racial intent to it? Well...
Michael Dunn believed, in my opinion, he believed that "Black people and Hispanics were beneath White People."  That "This country is being taken over by minorities". "White people needed to stand up". Those are his words, not mine.
Ok well, that just about wraps this guy up in a nice tidy White Sheet.

After the 21:00 mark in the video they began interviewing a woman, which my best guess is Mr. Hendrix wife, and she goes on to confirm just about everything that Charles says, with specifics.

When my husband told me, I said "[Michael] always wanted to kill somebody".  I once asked him "Don't you believe in God?". And he said "That was for suckers, once you're gone your gone, there are no consequences".
She also confirms his racism.
He used the N-word a couple times, but I told him we don't have that in our house.  He didn't say it anymore after that.
Yeah, ok, sure he's got some semblance of manners, but I'm sure he was still thinking it really loudly.

Hopefully the prosecution decides to re-file on the Murder charges and include 2nd Degree as a lesser charge so this guy doesn't slip through the "pre-meditation" net. [Ed. They have refiled and both 2nd Degree and Manslaughter were included as lesser charges]

The media and the Right-Wing tell us that we need to be afraid of teenagers with loud Rap music like Jordan Davis.  That they're being indoctrinated in a "Thug" lifestyle, but it seems to me that loud, arrogant gun-crazed white guys with a persecution complex and an ichy trigger finger are a much bigger threat not just to black kids, but other White People than many of us like to talk about. Particularly Women.  

During the course of the interview Mr. Hendrix makes the argument that considering Dunn's history of violence with his various wives, and his attempt to solicit murder there really should be some type of psych evaluation, background check or other test to prevent someone like this - who had repeatedly said to multiple witnesses that he just couldn't wait to use his gun on somebody that crossed him - from purchasing and retaining a firearm.

He is exactly the kind person who shouldn't have a gun handy for the next time he flies right off the handle.

But of course, there is no such evaluation process and there isn't likely to be one - is there?

One also wonders what the odds are of this guy being in either a) The Republican Party, The NRA or b) the Tea Party - because he certainly acts and sounds just like they do doesn't he?

Tomorrow I intend to examine not just the disparity of Black on White vs White on Black murders but also how there is a second skew among them, that most Black on Black murders are Male vs Male which might in most instances better fit the term "self defense", while an amazingly high percentage of White on White murders are Male against Female which doesn't always fit that scenario.


11:18 AM PT: Bills are coming due, and my clients are slow to pay their acounts - i'm thinking of doing something along the lines of "Will Blog For Food" on my CMS generating Site except that idea is already very taken, several times...

Originally posted to Vyan on Sun Feb 16, 2014 at 08:37 AM PST.

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