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BTW this title was totally stollen from an excellent piece by Xaxnar.

I am sure it's been floating around, but I am quite surprised not to see it covered here at the Kos. That would be Samantha B.'s coverage of Federally Funded Penis Pumps.

Warning, Snark Below along with some other things.

Yes, you read correctly, Federally Funded Penis Pumps. I just want to push this because I am so tired of the Slut Brigade from the RWNJ side of the aisle wringing their claws over their fears of female promiscuity while attacking women's individual sovereignty and unalienable rights in this country.

819 Million dollars are spent on Viagra

782 Million dollars are spent on Cialis

172 Million Medicare Dollars are spent on Penis Pumps.

I didn't want you to just hear this from the video, I wanted you to read it. Here it is, quotable quotes.

And what I want to know is, if most of these men are over the age of 50, then why would their boners be medically necessary, since more than likely their wives (if they are having sex with a spouse) are probably well beyond the age of child bearing as well?

This is a serious question that blows holes in the entire anti-woman philosophy of the RWNJ movement.

If Sex is only for procreation, and most women (statistically speaking) go through menopause at about the age of 53, then these pills and pumps are for what? Recreational Sex?

Isn't Recreational Sex, meaning sex not intended to create a child, a sin? And isn't this the whole premise used to attack women's access to the following:

Birth Control medications and devices
Sex Education
Affordable Safe Abortions

Basically these guys are of an age that unless they are Daddy Warbucks married to a 19 yr old "actress" then the partners they have are too old to bear children safely, even if they could get pregnant, or are not their lawfully wedded spouses (which is a sin) or are hookers (a bigger sin) or are male partners (RUN FORREST RUN!)

And because we know that male sperm degrades with age, and can raise the chances for developmentally disabled children, doesn't that beg the question as to why we would give a man a pill in his sunset years that might make him engender a child with serious developmental disabilities?

The Religious Reich are very dismissive about the importance of say birth control pills and their relationship to certain female problems like endometriosis, as if it's an excuse. But I am here to tell you from first hand experience. Endometriosis left untreated significantly raises a woman's risk for reproductive cancers, including Ovarian Cancer, because of it's affects on the fallopian tubes during ovulation.

Scary I know, throwing science around like that, at the woman-hating-troglodytes, but what can I do?  

Over and Over again these people attacking women's rights, have made it clear that the following outcomes are considered punishment for women having sex:

1. Cervical Cancer (HPV vaccine)
2. Endometrial Cancer (BC Pills, Tubal Ligation, salpingectomy)
3. Ovarian Cancer (BC Pills Tubal Ligation or Salpingectomy)
4. Peritoneal Cancer (BC Pills, Tubal Ligation, Saplingectomy, endometrial ablation)
5. Pregnancy (denial of BC pills, condoms, IUDs, Education)
6. Death (complications due to pregnancy or reproductive diseases)
7. Separation of mother from child (Adoption Pressures, no social support)
8. Social stigma (slut shaming, harassment at clinics, home and work)
9. Poverty (no social support for mothers or families in need)
10. Rape (slut shaming in the extreme, corrective action to prevent future sex acts)

That about cover it? And remember, you don't get to just suffer one of these outcomes, but instead may contend with several throughout your adult lifetime. And this isn't even all of it. Just a quick assessment.

Meanwhile lets keep spending 172 Million Medicare Dollars on Penis Pumps, because some of those could be Veteran Penises. Because no veteran was ever a woman before Vietnam and even then (note snark) we don't owe such a deviant anything near the support we should be giving our male vets. (and if you believe that we had no women vets before Vietnam, I have a bridge in California to sell you)

So if this pisses you off, if you believe this to be unfair, messed up, archaic, medieval and just plain wrong, then don't vote Republican. Because this is all they have in store for women. We are nothing but hosts for fetuses and when we aren't doing that, we are nothing but sex toys for guys on boner pills and when we aren't doing that, we are nothing but scape goats to blame for the GOPs own sexual and social deviance.

I, for one--have had enough of this bullshit.

Churches that seek to control female citizens, who especially are not members, should be taxed. I believe it is high time to start calling as a group, for certain "religious" organizations, that are clearly political, to lose their tax exemption. Let them protest our clinics and pills. But lets stop paying for their bus and plane tickets, and lobbyists with tax breaks.

I am not kidding. It would be very easy to amass plenty of evidence going back decades including using the IRS's own records of fines, to push this point home.

America is not a theocracy and I don't go to church, nor do I have to pretend otherwise. No woman, no citizen should be forced to adhere to another's religious beliefs in this country ever. And these groups are NOT looking to act on their American freedoms, but instead deprive other citizens (like women and GLBTs) of our civil rights and personal sovereignty and that includes our bodily integrity.

12:17 PM PT: Some have contended that the Catholic Church doesn't attack recreational sex between married partners. I disagree.

"The Catholic clergy opposes abortion even in cases of rape and incest, stem cell research and all artificial contraception and sterilization methods, including birth control pills and condoms."

Artificial Birth Control, and Sterilization methods are also used for the treatment of cancerous and precancerous conditions in women who are sexually active or not. End of story. Eventually stem cell research could also be applied to discussion. And condoms help prevent infections in women and men that can lead to reproductive infections that are directly tied to various forms of cancer.

Beyond the fact that my sex life and yours is none of their damn business, be they Catholic Clergy or some errant street preacher, their policies that are based on ignorance, fear and hate are hurting people, causing infertility, and in some cases killing patients with preventable conditions.

9:10 PM PT: A humble thanks to SLUTS, and This Week in the War on Women, and for being recommended.

Women's Rights are Human Rights.

Originally posted to GreenMother on Mon Mar 17, 2014 at 09:32 AM PDT.

Also republished by Sluts and This Week in the War on Women.

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