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Tell me again how these people are not terrorists?  

I wrote about this several days ago and went poking around some teahadists sites and saw this rhetoric but RW watch is reporting in more detail.   It will be interesting to see how the Homeland Security responds.  

These people are wanting a Ruby Ridge or Waco type confrontation and it is not going to work out well.  They came armed this time.

Some news from RW Watch

Operation American Spring, the far-right, militia-aligned group that’s planning a pro-coup rally next month to force President Obama out of office by shutting down Washington D.C., got a shout-out this week from Tea Party Nation.

TPN head Judson Phillips emailed members a column — “Declaring War on Americans” — by Alan Caruba, in which he applauds the militias defending the Cliven Bundy ranch and plugs Operation American Spring, while hinting that the demonstration may provoke a violent response from the government

The Occupy Movement was peaceful but these hayseeds get to make threats against our lawfully elected President and We the People?
Gen. Paul Vallely of Stand Up America US, who is also helping to spearhead "Operation American Spring" beginning May 16th in DC, has suggested that to counter Obama's imperious overreaching that Congress should tender a vote of "no-confidence" against him.

It is past ime to round these folks up and declare them what HArry Reid has already said they were, " Domestic Terrorists".

Going forward, the most compelling remedial grassroots action we should all get solidly behind is, of course, "Operation American Spring" which will be launched in earnest on May 16th. I urge readers to check it out on the Patriots for America site. You have the option of participating in the protracted occupation or volunteering your services and talents in support of the operation.

Finally and very importantly, if all of these peaceful remedies fail to achieve our constitutional goals, then ALL other remedies sanctioned by our Founders and "natural law" must necessarily be relied upon by the American people. Let the Founders ALWAYS be our guide.

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Organizations:Tea Party Nation, Operation American Spring

Sun Apr 20, 2014 at  9:40 AM PT: An unamed Kossack sent me this link I find useful to this diary and explains these folks.  WOW.   The unamed Kossack provided the link that happens to know how other countries are taking this development.

We should have known Fox News was also behind this along with Conspiracy Theory and Apocopoltic roots.   Yes.. The American Taliban has taken root on a ranch in Nevada.

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