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Scott Walker, Pinnochio
Even PolitiFact knows
The hits just keep on coming.

After spending Thursday gobsmacked and spouting word salad when reporters caught up to him, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R-It'sNeverMyFault) reported for RW media duty on Friday armed with talking points, lies, and whining.  

Reality invaded today.


PolitiFact took down his "this is old news and it's over" talking point.  Rating it FALSE.  Now, this is Scott Walker we're talking about.  If this was a Democrat, he'd get the flaming pants rating.  But, I should be happy they didn't try to weasel him out, as usual, with a "mostly false" or "half true".  I'll take false.

There goes his "it's over, old news, just move along" meme.


After a day of listening to Scott Walker lying, Francis Schmitz, a REPUBLICAN and the special prosecutor appointed to lead the second John Doe Probe, spoke up:

"Mr. Schmitz spent over forty years serving his nation as an Army officer and as a federal prosecutor in the United States Department of Justice," Schmitz's attorney, Randall Crocker, said in an email to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. "As a prosecutor, he represented the United States in both criminal cases and on counterterrorism task forces. He was a finalist for the position of U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Wisconsin during the administration of George W. Bush."
Good resume.  He's a Republican.
Walker's campaign on Friday said "the accusation of any wrongdoing written in the complaint by the office of a partisan Democrat District Attorney by me or by my campaign is categorically false. In fact two judges, in both state and federal courts, have ruled that no laws were broken."

That "Democrat District Attorney" is John Chisholm, the Milwaukee County DA, whose office initiated the investigation before it expanded to four southern Wisconsin counties. Along with Chisholm, the DAs in those counties — two Republicans and two Democrats — said they sought an independent prosecutor to avoid partisan concerns. Schmitz was appointed by a judge in the John Doe case

"Mr. Schmitz swore an oath when he accepted his appointment to lead the John Doe investigations in accordance with the law and on behalf of the State of Wisconsin. He has kept that oath," Crocker's statement on behalf of Schmitz said.

Another whiz bang that Schmitz, who heads the investigation, is a Republican.  

And he's not finished:

"Mr. Schmitz also believes in upholding the purpose of Wisconsin's campaign finance laws — as set out in Wisconsin Statute 11.001 — that 'our democratic system of government can be maintained only if the electorate is informed.' Wisconsin has a compelling interest in a campaign finance system that "must make readily available to the voters complete information as to who is supporting or opposing which candidate or cause."
That's right.  Laws don't have any political bias.

Boom goes the "partisan politics" and "witch hunt" meme.

Schmitz added:

In the statement on behalf of Schmitz, Crocker said: "Because a secrecy order governs the John Doe investigations, Mr. Schmitz had no reason to believe this brief would be released to the public when it was drafted."
This is an important one.  When they compiled and submitted what is known as Exhibit C, where they lay out their case so far, prosecutors assumed that document would remain secret.  They were still investigating and serving subpoenas for documents and testimony.  

The multiple lawsuits by previously unnamed parties with secret filings have resulted in the John Doe Probe being halted pending a ruling of the Appeals Court.


The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, usually a big supporter of Scott Walker, took him to task in an editorial.

It's over, Gov. Scott Walker is arguing: The John Doe case looking into whether his campaign illegally coordinated with supposedly independent groups is done. Kaput. Finished.

Well, sorry, governor, but that simply isn't true.

We think Randa should have not shut down a duly commissioned state investigation into the campaigns. The prosecutors, with affinities for both parties, were simply doing their jobs: State law limits what outside groups such as the Wisconsin Club for Growth can do. Such groups are supposed to remain independent of campaigns; they cannot strategize with candidates.
Those who like the idea of Walker being able to coordinate unlimited campaign fund-raising and advertising spending with business lobbies and billionaire conservatives who do business with the government might not be as comfortable with the idea of Democratic candidates coordinating unlimited fund-raising and advertising with unions and billionaire liberals who do business with the government. Or with any politicians coordinating their fund-raising and advertising strategies with billionaires and business interests from foreign countries.

Walker and his allies should be careful what they wish for as this case progresses through the courts.

That's going to leave a mark.

They included their astonishment about Judge Rudolph Randas overreach in his judicial decision, the one currently being considered by the Appeals Court.  Additionally, they warn of elections ruled by dark money if existing laws and regulations aren't enforced.  Then they chide Congress for doing nothing as the US Supreme Court dismantles what little regulation exists on campaign financing and electioneering.

Yes, Scott Walker is having a bad day (again).  After giving so many bad days to the folks of Wisconsin, it's sweet.  

UPDATE:  I Guess I've Become Scary Edition

Christian Schneider, well-known RW apologist and "columnist" for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel tossed out another editorial today where he both propped up Walker, but went after us, as well.

Immediately, national news outlets and liberal activists ran with the story, nearly breaking the Internet in the process. "Prosecutors: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Part Of 'Criminal Scheme'" read the Huffington Post. Politico ran with a similar story, adding that "Walker has denied wrongdoing, and no charges have been filed." Undeterred by facts, Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas tweeted, "As feds close in on Scott Walker, just note: none of this would be happening without the recall elections. #DeferredVictory"
(bolding is mine)

Of course, Schneider (none too bright) got the source of the post he named WRONG.  It wasn't from HuffPo, but from Daily Kos.  He pushes the Walker meme that "no charges were filed" while not even mentioning that the investigation was not finished and multiple lawsuits by anonymous plaintiffs were trying to stop the investigation.  

Before I get asked in the comments, yes, this is the same schmuck who used Twitter to go after me on Thursday.  Frankly, I'm honored that this guy felt so worried about my post to literally go after a mosquito with his cannon.

Here's his Tweet:

Bwahahahaha!  Boo!

UPDATE 2:  Scott Walker is Still Shoveling Out the BS Edition

You know how these guys are.  If nobody is buying the crap you're selling, just yell louder.

Serving up scrambled eggs to hungry citizens at a farm breakfast in Sheboygan Falls and dishing out criticism to persistent prosecutors, Gov. Scott Walker hit the campaign trail Saturday in a bid to get back on political track after the release of previously sealed documents in a secret John Doe probe.
"The reality is that argument became public the other day on Thursday," Walker said. "But the headline should have been, the losing argument is now revealed."
Nice try, but the investigation wasn't over.  You and the dark money groups ran from court to court to shut the investigation down.  

He also hauled out the "judges on his side" baloney.  No sale on that either, considering the fact the Appeals Court is reviewing Judge Randas ideological decision to halt the John Doe and destroy the evidence.

He continued to say he and his campaign and top political allies had done nothing wrong.
Hmmmm, I have read the email you sent to Karl Rove and it looks like you're up to your eyeballs in this.
"The bottom line is that what we've done is completely legitimate and right and what people would expect us to do," Walker said.
No.  Looks like you're broken not only state law, but federal law, as well.  But, yes, I and others who know what you've done in the past DID expect you to continue to get up to no good.

Keep trying to catapult your lies and propaganda.  You've already got a "false" from Politico today and I'm sure they've got plenty of Pants on Fire awards to hand out.

Originally posted to Puddytat on Sat Jun 21, 2014 at 01:02 PM PDT.

Also republished by Badger State Progressive and PostHuffPost: Connection-Conversation-Community .

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