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It's been a brutal week.  Bad news from everywhere.  Extremist Republicans, an even worse Supreme Court, and the BS meter flashing red all the time.  It's time for a laugh.  The comedy relief we all need.  Unfortunately the Daily Show and Colbert Report are on reruns when he need a laugh the most.

Follow me below the cheese curd for a few doses of the best medicine in the world.

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Please come in. You're invited to make yourself at home! Join us beneath the doodle...

People aren't the only creatures who laugh.  Non humans like dogs and members of the great apes also have something like laughter.  But WHY do we laugh:

Here's one that's more "sciency"

When we think an anecdote is heading in one direction, then heads in another, it's funny.  Laughter diffuses tense situations and increases social bonding.  It also releases powerful chemicals in our brains, elevating our mood.  Better yet, it's contagious.  All of us laugh when we see someone else laughing.

Now for the laughs we all need from 2 of my favorites:

Robin Williams in 2012 (yes, some of the material is dated, but it's a full performance and he's the master). Watching Robin Williams is intense.  Everything comes rapid-fire, the humor is non-stop, your brain whirls, and your face and sides hurt after so much laughter.  Yes, it's a good thing.

George Carlin was different.  He told stories and expanded on the satire inside of them.  See this collection spanning his career. His "lists" were famous.  The brutal truth was at the center of his humor.

Speaking about funny brutal truth, it's the basis of the incredible comedy which is central to The Daily Show, Colbert Report, and John Olivers Last Week Tonight.  A news report is soon forgotten, but mix comedy inside of it and it's memorable.  It's the best way to poke fun at the RWNJs and their pile of crazy.

We won't soon forget John Olivers reality based climate change debate:

Consider how "interesting" Net Neutrality becomes when laced with a dash of John Oliver:

Not only memorable, but it mobilized viewers who subsequently crashed the FCC web site trying to file comments against the proposed rule change.

The RW can buy all the media they want, blow propaganda all over the country with massive volumes of hot air, wordsmith and focus group to their hearts content, but they'll never be funny.  There is no RW comedy (it's never, ever funny when they try it).  There's no humor in racism, corporate control, guns, flag worship, taking away voting rights, or the War on Women.  Tribalism, intolerance, fear and hatred may have fans and supporters, but we can make fun of it at their expense.

They fear the comedic hits that expose their level of crazy.  All they are left with are the crazy uncle rants from Rush, Beck, and the Faux Newz clown show.

Unfortunately, The Daily Show and Colbert Report are on a break and showing re-runs at a time when we need them to inject some sarcasm into a week of bad news.  Real Time with Bill Maher is on vacation, too.  I can't wait for them to return.

Remember, comedy is on our side.  Enjoy the comic relief and keep making fun of the nutbags.  We need it.

For additional comic relief, check out the Twitter for #DrHobbyLobby and the #HobbyLobbyLove that the RWNJs created to celebrate their big win (and has subsequently blown up in their faces big time).

July 3, 2014

Thanks to tonight's Top Comments contributors! Let us hear from YOU
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We had quite a bumper crop of Top Comments today!  Thanks for sending them in.  Don't be shy!  Keep sending those top comments in!

From white blitz:

This is an awesomely creative protest against the HobbyLobby decision by Cali Scribe from I like sex by nancyjones.
From duhban:
I'm completely moved by bkamr's great comment in Onomastic's most excellent diary Dear Conservative Supremes, GOP, and Theocratic Nut Jobs by Onomastic.
From Weezilgirl:
G2geek reminds us to appreciate the small victories when we get the chance.  From [Video] Watch out Chick-fil-A fans, Burger King just chose the winning side of this culture war by Christian Bentzen.
From belinda ridgewood:
In Hunter's diary about the #HobbyLobbyLove hashtag, La Feminista suggests moar goatz are in order. When art ah zen asks what hobby supplies a goat might need, c u stageguy is right there with an answer.
From cai:
Submitting this funny comment by art ah zen also from #HobbyLobbyLove is a thing, but it's not going well by Hunter.
Also from cai:
A serious comment by rugbymom on real religious freedom.  From George Takei's blistering response to #HobbyLobby: Could a Muslim Corp impose Sharia Law? by Vyan.
From Angie in WA State:
Submitting this comment by iopele because I haz a sad.  I plan to use my sad to get MORE WOMEN to Vote.  From Supreme Court splits on gender lines in first post-Hobby Lobby case on contraception by Joan McCarter.
Flagged by Matt Z:
This comment by Mikey on the changing role and tone of the religious right.  From Hobby Lobby isn't a conservative victory, it's a rear-guard action by kos.
Flagged by Eagles92 :
Vita Brevis embedded her own awesome Tweet in a comment suggesting HobbyLobby hold a Create Your Own IUD Class.  From #HobbyLobbyLove is a thing, but it's not going well by Hunter.
(the entire comment thread of that diary is a hoot)

From your laughing diarist:

I liked this comment by laughingRabbit about the importance of feminism for men.  From George Takei's blistering response to #HobbyLobby: Could a Muslim Corp impose Sharia Law? by Vyan.

July 3, 2014

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Got mik!

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  3) What I liked about this story by Mopshell — 220
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  5) Sounds like a Jeopardy catagory by JML9999 — 158
  6) Needs a bit more... by Hatrax — 143
  7) but people here keep saying "no they're not coming by terrypinder — 111
  8) Time for women, along with progressives, to do a by Wendys Wink — 108
  9) What about the militia shopping in aisle 2 by LaFeminista — 107
10) I am a bit older than you, grew up well before by snackdoodle — 107
11) Re: Republicans changing lightbulbs by niemann — 105
12) I've been pissed off since King Reagan, followed by Wendys Wink — 95
13) Or for $3 trillion, Alex. Can't forget how much by Leslie Salzillo — 87
14) I never get tired of that scene. by ontheleftcoast — 87
15) Also as you would expect, they declined to use by Eileen B — 83
16) Not rec'ing this for the Obama love but by GoGoGoEverton — 83
17) how to break the old paradigm: by G2geek — 79
18) So, the wingnutters who have excoriated by jan4insight — 78
19) Sigh... by RoIn — 77
20) Thanks for posting this by Denise Oliver Velez — 77
21) Nice rant and I completely agree! by koosah — 77
22) Full story is worth reading by davidkc — 73
23) I say this over and over but ... by anastasia p — 71
24) Because $20 Has an Obvious and Clear Basis by Gooserock — 71
25) Yes they are, and more cases are sure to follow by LaFeminista — 71
26) i'm hoping this will blow up ugly in their faces by terrypinder — 70
27) As Charles Pierce points out by Demi Moaned — 68
28) One more time, Jonah, slowly: by Tara the Antisocial Social Worker — 67
29) Remember When the Confederacy Began Stealing by Gooserock — 67
30) words like "extreme" "radical" and "failed" by WinSmith — 67
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Top Pictures for yesterday.  Click any image to be taken to the full comment. Thank you jotter for the awesome image magic!  

(Note:  2 images removed because they borked).

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