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According to Congressman Lacy Clay, the St Louis County Police Force will no longer be responsible or involved in policing the city of Ferguson.

Updates as I get them.  This is turning into a bit of a liveblog covering a lot of local media reports, Anonymous and Federal responses.  Chime in with anything you got from the ground!

Lacy Clay represents Ferguson and has been actively calling for Attorney General Holder to widen the FBI inquiry into a full-scale investigation into the incident of Michael Brown's death.

He has released this information but has not supplied details about who will now assume the role of law enforcement.  This may be a preamble to a call-up of the National Guard.

7:55 AM PT: This is coming from Governor Nixon.  Official spokespeople are saying Gov Nixon is presently enroute to St. Louis to officially declare that the Ferguson Police are relieved of the duty to respond to the incidents in Ferguson.  It was NOT stated whether they would be replaced by State Police, National Guard or a federal (FBI) force.  We will have to wait for the Governor's announcement.

8:01 AM PT: Sidenote Update:  St. Louis County Police are saying Bryan Willman (Anonymous' named shooter) does not work for them.  Anonymous is openly skeptical and has said they will provide their own "verification".  ...we'll see that that means.  Not sure if this denial counts as a "response" though since we are 1 minute past their deadline of when they would release Mr. Willman's picture.

8:04 AM PT: Lacy Clay has also released the formal letter he sent to AG Eric Holder requesting action from DOJ

8:09 AM PT: Apparently Anonymous is not satisfied with the PD"s denial response.  Bryan Willmans picture has been published at 10:00 CT as stated.  Their next deadline is 12:00 CT when they will publish his home address.

8:17 AM PT: FYI for those that followed the drama last night.  Antonio French's wife has confirmed he was released early this morning.  (French is the Alderman that was reportedly pulled from his car and arrested for "not listening")

8:26 AM PT: President Obama will address the Nation re: Ferguson at 12:15 ET

8:33 AM PT: Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson (not St Louis County Police) will be holding two press conference today.  The first between 12:00 and 1:00 CT, the second at 6:00 PM CT.

8:38 AM PT: MO AG releases details on nine people charged with felonies related to looting.  3 of them are under 20 years old... perhaps they are lucky they are only being "charged" and not "gunned down in the street".

8:56 AM PT: The "MIssouri Citizen's Militia" has mobilized to Ferguson.  These are the Bundy Ranch folks.  From their "leader" Aaron Penerbathy: "If peaceful protesters get fired upon, it is my duty to uphold the constitution"

8:58 AM PT: Twitter just suspended the account of "TheAnonMessage" that Anonymous was using to publish their statements on this.  Those tweets are no longer accessible.

9:07 AM PT: Anonymous' #OpFerguson group is now saying that Bryan Willman is NOT the name that was given to them by a source inside the Police Department.  They claim to have a different name and full information including address, phone number, picture, girlfriend's name, tax records, etc.  They are not releasing yet in hopes that the Police will start releasing information instead.

Operation Ferguson @OpFerguson  ·  8m

But we confirm what CNN & the police have stated, the name released does not match the name that was leaked to us by a source. | #OpFerguson

Operation Ferguson @OpFerguson  ·  6m

The simple truth is, we'ld prefer NOT to have to release the name of Mike Brown's shooter. We would prefer the police do that. | #OpFerguson

9:13 AM PT: I generally LOATHE petitions and don't see the appeal in signing up for spam and donation requests.  But for anyone that feels different there is a petition for "Mike Brown's Law" on the Whitehouse page requiring police wear cameras.

9:24 AM PT: Obama Address forthcoming (on his own schedule as always)  Some say "momentarily", MSNBC reporting "sometime this hour".  The address can be watched here.

9:42 AM PT: Rand Paul publishes Op-Ed: WE MUST DEMILITARIZE THE POLICE.

9:50 AM PT: Obama Speaking - First update on the Yazidi rescue operation... Fergsuson will be next.

10:01 AM PT: Obama presser over - no federalizing the Missouri National Guard.  DOJ and FBI investigating the situation.  

Ferguson Police Chief Press Conference set to start any minute.  Will post a link once its up.

10:07 AM PT: Local Radio playing a homegrown mashup of Sam Cooke's song "A Change is Gonna Come" with clips of the Police Scanner from the day Mike Brown was killed.  If anyone has a link to this audio, please post it in comments.

10:14 AM PT: Ferguson Police Chief - 9/11 Call Audio to be released "shortly" and clarification that the "request" to hold protests during the daytime was merely that "a request".   ....not sure how you hold the line on that categorization when the "request" was enforced with the authority and firepower of an Infantry battalion.

10:20 AM PT: Ferguson Police Chief - City will set up an area for protesting as long as they want.  Only restriction is to not block traffic.  They will give all sidewalks to the protestors and set up cones for traffic control and provide port-a-potties.  "Last night is not what any of us wanted"  ..really?  It looked EXACTLY what the GI JOE Sniper-Cop on the back of a armored truck wanted.

10:25 AM PT: Police Chief is getting srsly pushed on "Why are you preemptively responding to peaceful protests with military equipment?  It was NOT a response, the military equipment was out there FIRST!"

10:38 AM PT: Cato Institute Spox makes salient point on MSNBC - the 1033 program was to transfer surplus equipment to local police force.  But since Sept 11th the Dept of Homeland Security has been giving grants for local police departments to go out and purchase BRAND NEW equipment, thus creating a new market (with the protective lobbying that comes with it) for the MIC.

10:40 AM PT: DOJ formally advises local Ferguson police to demilitarize the response to protestors.  The true test, obviously, will be when the sun goes down tonight.  Almanac lists 7:56 PM as the official time of sunset for Ferguson, MO.

11:39 AM PT: Taking the "BREAKING" tag off this.  I had that up when all the news about the police being called off was swirling.   The news is slowing down here as both sides get ready to see what happens tonight.

Governor Nixon has announced a press conference at 4:00 CT.  and the Ferguson Police Chief has a 2nd conference schedule for today at 6:00 CT.

Originally posted to Wisper on Thu Aug 14, 2014 at 07:46 AM PDT.

Also republished by Black Kos community and Barriers and Bridges.

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