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I rarely write diaries, so when I do, you can bet there's a damn good reason - plus they tend to be well-received, so....

We're in the first full weekend of the godforsaken Sunday morning shows analyzing the opening of the Clinton campaign's message and the Republican attacks back. I'm not a huge Hill supporter, much more Warren-type. But, because Hill will very likely be our nominee against a sure to be complete fking insane Republican candidate, I have a strong interest in seeing the Clinton campaign come out strong and compelling.

Please follow me over the orange lump of oatmeal messaging while I try to give the campaign a little push.

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Mon Nov 24, 2014 at 08:44 PM PST

They Support Wilson

by 4CasandChlo

It didn't occur to me until just now, watching the anger rise on the streets of Ferguson.

Throughout the day, when I heard the announcement would take place at 9:00 eastern time and 8:00 local time, I guess I thought that they believed releasing the news as late in the day as possible would likely limit the chance of rioting. I gave the question no more thought than that.

How could I be so stupid? I don't think as quickly as the media manipulators in MO do. I don't "get it." I don't think about "fixing" things. I don't support Wilson.

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No one here needs to be told just how toxic the relationship between the competing political sides have become. It is frustrating to engage conservatives in political talk. I swear to God and Dog that many of them find great joy in equating being conservative with being a jackass like Rushbo - but we shouldn't let them do it unchallenged.

I love this community. Love it. I learn a ton, have changed my mind often, get kept up to date better than any news organization and laugh. I will keep dropping by several times a day, no matter what.

But, I have been spreading my wings, gotten out of the comfy confines of the nest and brave the world where conservatives shoot doves with their treasured guns because that is what a conservative does. I'm commenting on news stories appearing in my local paper. Our population for the area is about 400,000 and it is nearly 50/50 party wise. It's hard b/c my skin is oh so thin and I have a debilitating case of needing to be liked. But, I have learned some things to share to make it less sucky, more constructive and enjoyable at times. Follow me out of the orange nest and I can share some ideas as to how.

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Most of us have precious little time to do the things we need to do. Still, whether waiting in an airport, a doctor's appointment or just needing a fifteen minute break, we all need to find something to pass the time occasionally.

I think that I have found one of the most interesting and new ways to do so that would have left our previous generations breathless at the ability.

Without further ado; Go to Google Maps (linking problems today but I suspect you can all find it.)

Make sure it is on the satellite feature, not the simple map feature. Find an area of the world, one that you are interested in but will never visit and keep closing in on it until it changes into the "street view."

And see the world like you are driving through it..

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I wrote what I consider to be a key to success in a comment and a very nice Kossack said they were putting on their refrigerator.

It concerned the twitter craze with "Good-Bye GOP" and my general lack of enthusiasm toward twitter. This is an approximation:

though I generally have low expectations of twitter, I admit that nothing is less predictable than the impact of social media. It can work. It is a tough slog to go against corporate American and their media and nearly impossible to know exactly how to do it, one has to be willing to try hundreds of ideas. . and fail, in order to find the one or two that work.

I wish I could take credit for this wonderful insight but I can't. The lesson hit home in one of the least likely settings and I think people here will appreciate it.

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Our fearless leader, has rightly encouraged us to use more humor in order to increase page views. Given that he is concerned with page views, so should we who love this community.

So, as noted about, this diary will give the community an opportunity to offer Jones a service and alert him to things he really should be worried about. He should be worried about everything we concern ourselves with but there are plenty of "insightful" things not covered in serious diaries.

So, let's have it, keep things tasteful but gut wrenchingly funny. I have all the faith in the world we can do it. Or not. There is no penalty for writing useless diaries, I do it all the time!

Please follow me through the orange looking glass to a world where Alex is in surrounded by truly ridiculous things more real than his world.

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The last week has seen a needed increase in diaries focused upon the big picture agenda of our government elite. The agenda has no end point, no "goal" beyond increasing its own pace. Does anyone believe that there will come a point where Boehner, Cantor, Rove, Limbaugh and all will stand down and say "enough, these are the conditions we have sought."  Hell, even if they do there is always an up and coming Cheney.

President Obama was elected on the premise that he, and his voters, would provide the hope required to change this agenda. He hasn't. Perhaps no one could succeed against this corporate controlled country, but damn, he hasn't even tried!. Nothing else has worked, he should start trying. His voice motivated millions six years ago to bring about what some thought impossible. He ought to try again, there is little to lose. He is running out of time.

Is a presidential address required to stop the current agenda? No, it is always possible that a modern day Martin Luther King could come forward. But, in the two hundred and some years since this nation was founded, it has produced exactly one King. Obama is no King, but he doesn't need to be, he is the president.

I am no speechwriter. I am sure the people in the white house are capable of writing more powerfully (and succinctly:>)) than I can. But, I can offer the "type" of speech an effort begins with, the type of action he really ought to try. And so, Mr. President, as we say in basketball, "if you're gonna go - go strong". You are also the nation's quarterback and a full blitz is on, you may as well go long, something like this.

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Note: My left click is broken and I can't afford a new computer. Thus I am unable to link or provide the graphics that make diaries so compelling. Recognizing that weakness, I feel strongly enough about the subject to push forward anyway.

There has been a tireless effort by Kossacks to document the drum beat of policies trending toward heavily favoring the rich. Understandably, we focus upon predicting the specific ways the poor or middle class will suffer.

The focus of this diary is more big picture. By definition, it is somewhat vague and imprecise. Too often I find myself focused upon the trees and not fully absorbing the forest of the philosophical trends pushing it.

Considered broadly, the picture is daunting and depressing. If unaddressed, it is also inevitable. Therefore, the doom we might feel is worth facing


We will. . .

26%80 votes
10%31 votes
53%164 votes
5%18 votes
4%13 votes

| 306 votes | Vote | Results

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Whisky is for drinkin' but water, water is for fightin'
                     Old Western Water Adage

Through shameless flattery, I have been persuaded by some people - who for the purposes of this diary we'll call "Kossacks" - to write a diary that explains some of the uttely inexplicable tenets of the tragic comedy that is water law in the western US.

Why me?  Great question, dunno, but in addition to sleeping at lots of Holiday Inns in my life, I also have a law degree from Cal - Hastings, clerked for a water court, practiced water law in Idaho and taught water law and am a proud citizen of dkos, so I guess I can give it a shot.  I apologize up front for not having a browser that will link or put in cool graphs and sh*t - I shall use liberal spacing and  attempts at ruthless wit in an attempt to keep things interesting and understandable.

Disclaimer! (Always a lawyer) There will be lots of smart people, some who know a lot of water law, that will read this and state that I am wrong about "this" or "that" and they are right!  But, so am I.  Who is more right?  Lets compare war chests.

And that, my fellow Kossacks, is a frustrating truth water law - completely divergent opinions and "facts" can both be right, ultimately money will likely decide who is "righter".  So, if you are comfortable in a world where water flows uphill, where the "first" to use it is "first" - - except for the very very first people, where idly watching a beautiful mountain stream flow untrammeled is legally considered a "waste" of water, a world in which Lewis F'n Carrol would proudly claim Mayorship. . . well then follow me through the orange looking glass . . . my - we are late already.


Water law sucks

14%11 votes
25%19 votes
37%28 votes
21%16 votes

| 74 votes | Vote | Results

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This entire diary is based upon a show on the Science Channel and therefore will be "link bereft" but the ideas, the facts and the reasons why it can never happen here will be explored.

We already know about the high speed train service blistering through France and to London at 300 Kilometers per hour (about 200 mph give or take).  And, we already know the simple "way too good an idea" which precludes a similar system in the NE cooridor.  Yes, we do have some "express" trains that go fast, but fast relative to a coal train or regular Amtrack.

But the Euros aren't done yet; no - the system has worked WAY to well to leave enough alone.  Follow me over the genetically altered orange potato and read their stupidendously common sense plan.


HIgh Speed Rail will come to the US

25%9 votes
5%2 votes
22%8 votes
47%17 votes

| 36 votes | Vote | Results

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MSNBC this morning, another anchor talking with nauseatingly manufactored sympathy to an unemployed person, dripping with condescension as he says "good luck to you and your family" - - the man being interviewed looking like he would like to leap through the screan and yell at the self-assured anchor "lets hope things get better for you real soon".

Real soon.  To those of us that have been unemployed at times, "real soon" would be by noon, anytime after that it is agonizingly too late, "real soon" to the anchor probably means in the next couple of months, a tortuously long time for someone with a family.

That is not why I wrote this diary; the reason this diary is here is b/c of what preceded that interview, an interview of a "placement" Executive, follow me over the jump to see what he had to say.

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Fri Jan 28, 2011 at 09:31 PM PST

I just saw a man shot to death.

by 4CasandChlo

Yes, right from my couch, I saw a man, one I never knew but now have huge feelings for, shot dead.  He was unarmed.  He was angry, probably hungry, armed only with his sense of decency.

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