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Reposted from Mannie by Lisa Lockwood

'Hacktivist' group Anonymous says it will avenge Charlie Hebdo attacks

Hacker group Anonymous have released a video and a statement via Twitter condemning the attacks on Charlie Hebdo, in which 12 people, including eight journalists, were murdered.

The video description says that it is "a message for al-Qaeda, the Islamic State and other terrorists", and was uploaded to the group's Belgian account.

In the clip, a figure wearing the group's symbolic Guy Fawkes mask is seated in front of a desk with the hashtag #OpCharlieHebdo - which stands for Operation Charlie Hebdo - featured on screen.

The figure, whose voice is obscured says: "We are declaring war against you, the terrorists."

I, for one hope that they follow through on this. I am of the belief that Anonymous owing allegiance to no country is perfect for this task as it can't be pinned on anyone specifically for retaliation.

Sorry for just a short diary, but thought this was of interest to the community to get this out there


Reposted from Leslie Salzillo by Leslie Salzillo
The Belgium 'branch' of activist group, Anonymous, has released a press release video on YouTube, declaring war on Al-Qaeda and ISIS, in retaliation for the Charlie Hebdo/Paris Massacre, where at least 20 people were killed (including three suspects) and at least 21 people injured.

There is a statement that goes along with the video. You can read it, here.

In a Guy Fawkes mask, and speaking in an electronically distorted voice, here is one reported translation via The Mirror:

This is a press release by anonymous.

In the case of the terror attack against Charlie Hebdo, as we had previously told you, we plan on shedding light on all these events and give homage to those innocent killed.

The anonymous of all the planet have decided to declare war on you terrorists. We will track you down to the last one and will *kill (destroy) you. You allowed yourselves to kill innocent people. We will therefor avenge their deaths.

We will track all of your activities online. We will close your accounts on social networks. You will not impose your Sharia in our democracies. We will not let your stupidity kill our liberties, and our freedom of expression.

We have warned you. Expect your destruction. We will track you everywhere on the planet. Nowhere will you be safe.

We are anonymous.
We are legion.
We do not forget.
We do not forgive.
Be afraid of us, Islamic Sate and Al Quaida. You will get our vengeance.


Here is the non-translated video (in French) from the YouTube Anonymous poster: anonymous belgique
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... and wouldn't let go until a short time ago.

Anonymous had been in control of the Klan's main Twitter account @KuKluxKlanUSA since 9 this morning, posting its own pictures on the racists' account and using the hashtags, #OpKKK #Ferguson and #lulz.

Anonymous issued this video explaining its actions. Anonymous took action after the Klan threatened protesters in Ferguson with lethal force.

The Klan is "very upset."

The Klan also threatened a a reporter who taped the call and posted the threats: "We'll be watching you." etc.

Meanwhile the Klan set up a second account, @YourKKKcentral where it issued threats "to call the FBI!" Anonymous quickly toook controls of that account too.

Anonymous declared cyber war after the Klan threatened Ferguson protesters with physical violence. Using the hashtags #OpKKK, and #HoodsOff members of Anon have been pulling the#HoodsOff Klan members in the St.Louis and Ferguson area, showing their faces and other identifying information all day long. They also mentioned two Klan members who are Florida police officers. Anonymous unhooded one Indiana Klansman, Chad Burris, who displays an image of a klan man lounging on the connected bodies of two lynched black people. Anonymous mentioned the activities of the Charleston, West Virginia police lieutenant suspended last month for Klan activities.

There's a massive show of support in favor of the actions Anonymous took today. Here it is by the numbers.

Here are snippets from Anon's Twitter stream.

ZDNet has a wrap.
"KKK Twitter accounts insulted and mocked Anonymous on the microblogging site until Sunday evening when Anonymous declared a victory in the form of snatching the account of @KuKluxKlanUSA."

UPDATE Tuesday morning
#OpKKK is tied directly to the murder of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri and to the long sorry history of racism in the United States.

"Raise your hand if you're having trouble signing on to your Twitter account?"

In reply to the Klan request "can we have our account back?"

Anonymous replied:

“As many of you already know, this past week Anonymous has launched an attack on America’s homegrown terrorist group known as the Ku Klux Klan. Anonymous took action after Klan members promised to use ‘lethal force’ against peaceful protesters in Ferguson, Missouri.”

“#OpKKK (#HoodsOff) was then launched. Members of our group revealed identities of Klan members and Klan websites have been DDoSed,” it continued, referencing Distributed Denial of Service attacks that are used to interrupt service of web sites and other avenues of communication by overloading the server. “Anonymous then took to Twitter. With warning, Anonymous took control of what was believed as the official Ku Klux Klan Twitter account (@KuKluxKlanUSA).”

“Before going any further, we’d like to address our idea of freedom. After exposing Klan members and seizing the Klan’s web sites and Twitter accounts, Anonymous members faced much criticism regarding freedom. Anonymous stands for freedom, so why would we strip someone of his or her freedom of speech? The Ku Klux Klan is a terrorist group. The blood of thousands of human beings are on the hands of Klansmen. In most Anonymous’ members eyes, the KKK no longer has the right to express their racist, bigoted opinions.”

“Moving on to the main topic, the Klan’s Twitter account. Based on the Direct Messages sent and received to @KuKluxKlanUSA, we can confirm an official member of the Loyal White Knights of the KKK operated the account. Through the Klan’s Twitter account, we have obtained large amounts of information of multiple white supremacists, along with the operator of the account. The members of Anonymous who seized the account are continuing to debate if the identities of the people associated with the Klan’s Twitter should be released to the public.”

“The debate has risen as we are not completely sure how much of a connection many of the people have to the KKK. We want to ensure we are ousting the right people. It would be against everything Anonymous does if we publicly released information of the innocent. As for the account itself, we will leave it untouched as it could lead to more information that could contribute to #OpKKK. Once the operation is considered a complete success, we will remove the account from Twitter.”

“What was accomplished on 16 NOV 2014 is just the beginning of #OpKKK. Anonymous has plenty more work to do. To the men and women representing Anonymous in Ferguson, make us proud. Show the world why Anonymous is the most united legion on this planet.”


Fri Dec 12, 2014 at 10:00 PM PST

The People have Spoken

by Horace Boothroyd III

Reposted from Police Accountability Group by thenekkidtruth
"The time will come when that sheet will be tipped off. If the federal government doesn't take it off, we'll take it off."

And that is exactly what Anonymous did. Not the NSA with their budget in the billions and access to every connected digital platform there is. They did nothing while the KKK can organize and plot the genocide of their neighbors to their hearts content. But they certainly are on top of things if there is a sit in at BofA. Obviously our government has failed us when the job of those chartered to protect don't bother to even go after KKK members with facebook pages frothing with hate. I wonder how many from the Middle East got a knock on their door for having a green border on their webpage? I watched them harass professors after 9/11 yet the same treatment is not used on those with actual intent to harm others openly declared.

The people of this Nation are tired of Racists having a megaphone unhindered.

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In Oakland an Undercover CHP Officer pulled his gun on Protestors, he claims it was because his partner was attacked, they say something completely different.

In Berkeley and Oakland, protests Wednesday night came to an abrupt halt when two undercover officers say they were forced to begin making arrests. Protesters, however, say that before being unmasked, the officers were banging on windows and trying to get protesters to riot and loot.


The details as told by those in the protests, though, are disturbing. According to them, as the marches proceeded through Berkeley and Oakland, the two masked officers banged on windows and attempted to devolve protests into looting and rioting. Privacy SOS says that, according to protesters’ stories, some became suspicious and pulled one man’s mask off. The officer then pulled out his baton, and the other officer was punched in the face.

NBC shares the story from the officers’ side, and there’s little difference in the facts as stated, except that the story begins when protesters attack the officer, rather than with a tale of why they attacked.

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Sat Nov 15, 2014 at 03:05 PM PST

The Day Has Come: OpKKK

by Horace Boothroyd III

It is obvious to all by now, excepting the deliriously obtuse, that our Federal Government has decided that doing things like bringing out the National Guard so children can go to school without being injured for their skin color and shutting down an economic system based on kidnapping are no longer ways to promote the general welfare.

I have always been dismayed that a blatant terrorist organization like the KKK could be allowed to flourish. But as I got older and learned not only more about the racism hidden beneath the surface, but the level of corruption it has attained. So I now know there is no way the enforcement arm of the DOJ will ever go after the KKK, they can't.

But again here is Anonymous to the rescue:

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Reposted from For the Sake of Argument by Horace Boothroyd III

(Please note: I am not part of this project I am just posting the story and request for help)

We're Compiling Every Police-Involved Shooting In America. Help Us.

 The United States has no database of police shootings. There is no standardized process by which officers log when they've discharged their weapons and why. There is no central infrastructure for handling that information and making it public. Researchers, confronted with the reality that there are over 17,000 law enforcement agencies in the country, aren't even sure how you'd go about setting one up. No one is keeping track of how many American citizens are shot by their police. This is crazy. This is governmental malpractice on a national scale. We'd like your help in changing this.

Here, we're going to take a cue from Jim Fisher, who as far as we can tell has compiled the most comprehensive set of data on police shootings in 2011. Fisher's method was simple: He searched for any police-involved shooting every day for an entire year. By our lights, this is the best way to scrape this information—any time a police officer shoots and hits a citizen, it will almost certainly make a local news report, at least. However, this is a time-intensive process, and our manpower is limited. Having gathered some of the data, we can say it will take the few of us here a very long time to do this on our own. So, we're setting up a public submission form and asking for help with this project.

Follow this link for access to the submission guidelines.

Reposted from WFBMM by Horace Boothroyd III

Well, that didn't take long.

Anonymous has put the Ferguson PD and the state government on notice. Their demands (and threats) are very specific, including a promise to release private information about every officer on the force, as well as taking every "web based asset" the department and state government has offline.

Forgive the shortness of this diary. The video speaks for itself.

WARNING: This video contains disturbing images. Viewer discretion is advised.

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Reposted from Dallas Kossacks by Lisa Lockwood
The U.S. attorney’s office filed a motion Wednesday to dismiss the bulk of its criminal case against a Dallas man who has claimed to be the spokesman for the hacking group Anonymous.

Prosecutors are asking a federal judge to dismiss all but one of the 12 charges against Barrett Brown in a case accusing him of trafficking in data,

His defense had recently submitted a lengthy motion
“The activities prohibited include those of everyday members of the public desiring to conduct research on the Internet, cyber security researchers who wish to analyze and prevent cyber-attacks and journalists who wish to perform routine press activities such as newsgathering and verification of sources,” said defense attorney Ahmed Ghappour in the motion.

For background on the arrest, as well as Brown's history, see my diary from 2012

There was also a lengthy profile on him, and his case, in Rolling Stone last September

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Reposted from Ray Pensador by Lisa Lockwood

Progressive bloggers, the first thing you have to understand is that you are a target, and not just any target, but one of the principal targets of the corporate state.  And the reason for that is because you insist on speaking truth to power, in discovering and exposing wrongdoing and corruption, and in demanding that government institutions serve the public interest instead of the interests of the corporate state.

Being a progressive means that you understand the intricacies of what Chris Hedges calls "Our Sinister Dual State," or what Mike Lofgren calls "The Deep State," in an exclusive essay for Moyers & Company (as diaried by bobswern earlier today).

Getting back to the sinister dual state, as a progressive, you are fully cognizant of this:

We live in what the German political scientist Ernst Fraenkel called “the dual state.” Totalitarian states are always dual states. In the dual state civil liberties are abolished in the name of national security. The political sphere becomes a vacuum “as far as the law is concerned,” Fraenkel wrote. There is no legal check on power. Official bodies operate with impunity outside the law. In the dual state the government can convict citizens on secret evidence in secret courts. It can strip citizens of due process and detain, torture or assassinate them, serving as judge, jury and executioner. It rules according to its own arbitrary whims and prerogatives. The outward forms of democratic participation—voting, competing political parties, judicial oversight and legislation—are hollow, political stagecraft. Fraenkel called those who wield this unchecked power over the citizenry “the prerogative state.”

The masses in a totalitarian structure live in what Fraenkel termed “the normative state.” The normative state, he said, is defenseless against the abuses of the prerogative state. Citizens are subjected to draconian laws and regulations, as well as arbitrary searches and arrests. The police and internal security are omnipotent. The internal workings of power are secret. Free expression and opposition political activity are pushed to the fringes of society or shut down. Those who challenge the abuses of power by the prerogative state, those who, like Snowden, expose the crimes carried out by government, are made into criminals. Totalitarian states always invert the moral order. It is the wicked who rule. It is the just who are damned.

[The emphasis is mine]

Let me focus on that last sentence: "It is the wicked who rule. It is the just who are damned."  I argue that the reason we've gotten into a situation where it is the wicked who rules is because one of the enforcement mechanisms for their rule is an elaborate mass communications system designed to spread lies, false narratives and propaganda.

Therefore, the "Deep State" spends an overwhelming amount of resources specifically earmarked to mute your progressive voice, since exposing State lies and propaganda is one of the principal things you focus on.

How far are these folks willing to go in that effort?  Let's revisit a couple of recent revelations.

"According to an embedded MS Word document found in one of the HBGary emails, it involves creating an army of sockpuppets, with sophisticated "persona management" software that allows a small team of only a few people to appear to be many, while keeping the personas from accidentally cross-contaminating each other. Then, to top it off, the team can actually automate some functions so one persona can appear to be an entire Brooks Brothers riot online.

- ''Persona management entails not just the deconfliction of persona artifacts such as names, email addresses, landing pages, and associated content.  It also requires providing the human actors technology that takes the decision process out of the loop when using a specific persona.  For this purpose we custom developed either virtual machines or thumb drives for each persona.  This allowed the human actor to open a virtual machine or thumb drive with an associated persona and have all the appropriate email accounts, associations, web pages, social media accounts, etc. pre-established and configured with visual cues to remind the actor which persona he/she is using so as not to accidentally cross-contaminate personas during use''.

And all of this is for the purposes of infiltration, data mining, and (here's the one that really worries me) ganging up on bloggers, commenters  and otherwise "real" people to smear enemies and distort the truth.

-- From leaked HBGary documents by Anonymous in 2011

[The emphasis is mine]

Here's more, from a paper written by Cass R. Sunstein, a Harvard Law School professor who served in the Obama White House and is married to Samantha Power, the ambassador to the United Nations:
He also proposes that the Government make secret payments to so-called “independent” credible voices to bolster the Government’s messaging (on the ground that those who don’t believe government sources will be more inclined to listen to those who appear independent while secretly acting on behalf of the Government).   This program would target those advocating false “conspiracy theories,” which they define to mean: “an attempt to explain an event or practice by reference to the machinations of powerful people, who have also managed to conceal their role.”

"Government agents (and their allies) might enter chat rooms, online social networks, or even real-space groups and attempt to undermine percolating conspiracy theories by raising doubts about their factual premises, causal logic or implications for political action."

There are many other examples that show the lengths to which the corporate state and their trolls will go to in order to silence your voice.  A Stratfor leaked training document instructs trolls on how to deal with what they call "radicals": "Radicals, who see the system as corrupt and needing transformation, need to be isolated and discredited, using false charges to assassinate their character is a common tactic."  Emphasis added.

There are also recent revelations of Bank of America hiring trolls to monitor activists, and vast corporate spy networks hiring C.I.A., FBI, and other law enforcement agents (both active and retired) to illegally spy on activist groups.

Corporations are increasingly spying on nonprofit groups they view as potential threats with little fear of retribution, according to a new report by a corporate watchdog group.

The large companies employ former Central Intelligence Agency, National Security Agency, FBI, military and police officers to monitor and in some cases infiltrate groups that have been critical of them, according to the report by Essential Information, which was founded by Ralph Nader in the 1980s.

"Many different types of nonprofits have been targeted with espionage, including environmental, anti-war, public interest, consumer, food safety, pesticide reform, nursing-home reform, gun control, social justice, animal rights and arms control groups," the report said.

[The emphasis is mine]

There are many other reports, but I'll stop with these hoping to illustrate the type of vast resources the corporate state spends in targeting you (progressive social justice activists and bloggers).

Now, let me get to my main point:  Progressive bloggers (and social justice activists in general) need to understand that they are engaged in a propaganda war, and that the corporate state resources assigned to that war are very vast indeed.  In furtherance of that war, the power elite has developed the most advanced and sophisticated mass control psychological tools the world has ever seen, and they are applying those tools as weapons against the people, on a 24/7 basis.

Therefore, I argue that progressives need to steel themselves (psychologically) to fully engage in that war, with counter-propaganda (i.e., a planned, strategic, tactical, and systematic approach to countering the corporate state lies).

Understanding this is very important because there is a marked difference between the mindset of engaging in debate with a good-faith opponent on the one hand, and engaging in a counter-propaganda campaign in a systematic and disciplined manner, on the other.  The two approaches are totally different.

Always remember this: The corporate state trolls' main objective is truth suppression (because they don't want the population at large to become aware of the "Deep State"), and disruption, in order to prevent people from engaging in the type intellectual pursuit needed to connect the dots that lead to the "discovery of the 'dual state.'"

And so their job it is much more simpler than yours.  All they have to do is to systematically and methodically engage in disruption tactics, some of which are the use of ad-hominems and logical fallacies.

In a blog setting it is extremely easy for bad-faith actors to do their thing because many of the commenters have no idea that the online space has been cognitively infiltrated.  And so the good-faith commenter argues from what he or she believe to be logical and reasonable stands (even if sometimes they can be wrong), while the cognitive infiltrator is just systematically and methodically pushing buttons (as it were) meant to make people angry (thus distracting from careful examination of the issues).  Or they introduce carefully-drafted talking points (which many times come straight out of corporate/political PR outfits).

In this scenario, what often ends up happening is that in the face of logical intransigence from bad-faith commenters, "innocent" debaters many times are driven to anger, lose their temper, and a pie fight ensues... And there is nothing these impostors love more than virulent pie fights, especially around certain topics which take direct aim at the establishment.

Here's the first thing progressive bloggers should understand when it comes to pie fights:  The troll wants to bring you down to the (rhetorical) gutter; if he insults you, he wants you to reply in kind, to get into an angry volly of back-and-forth insults.  Once you engage at that level, you already lost.

You have to operate from a different framework altogether.  For example, when my assigned trolls insult me (usually alluding to mental deficiencies, paranoia, CT, or a number of other colorful insults), I recognize what they are doing as (potentially) a disruption (or thread-hijack) tactic; the pushing emotional buttons tactics by engaging in highly personal insults.

At that point I either decide not to engage, or reply from a higher plane (not getting into the gutter with the troll).  

And here's the thing... I'm not saying that every time someone is curt, or offensive, or  disingenuous (by employing logical fallacies), it means that they are paid gov't/corporate/political trolls.  Some people just don't have the skills to engage in intelligent debate.  What I'm saying is that the treasonous hacks (paid trolls) always use disruptive tactics, sometimes with subtly, or sometimes brashly.

From the research I'm conducting for a book I'm writing, here's what I've been able to determine so far (pending more corroboration and research):

There are tens of thousands of paid trolls who have cognitively infiltrated mass communication media around the country (and that includes blogs).  Many of them are professionally-trained disinformation (propaganda) artists, and they use very advanced psychological techniques against their targets.

In every setting, it only takes very few disinfo pros to disrupt discussions.  What I mean by that is that disinfo pros can easily manipulate low-information (or highly impressionable) participants into engaging in disruption tactics (without them knowing they are being used).

Bottom line?  It all comes down to the old adage: Don't feed the trolls.  But most importantly, if one decides to engage with a (suspected) troll, never ever, ever, get in the gutter with them (and engage in vulgar name-calling and back-and-forth insults).  That is precisely what they want you to do.

But even most importantly, once you fully understand the dynamics of how gov't/corporate/political hacks trolls operate, you'll be able to avoid their (emotional/psychological) traps which means you can keep focusing on unearthing and exposing the true nature of the system to as many people as possible, which a the end of the day, is one of the most fundamental and important functions of an activist: "Doing Democracy: The MAP Model for Organizing Social Movements" by Bill Moyer

The strategy of social movements, therefore, is to alert, educate, and win over an ever increasing majority of the public.  First the public needs to be convinced that a critical social problem exists.  Then it must be convinced that policies need to be changed.  And then a majority of people must be mobilized into a force that eventually brings about an acceptable solution.

[The emphasis is mine]

Again, speaking truth to power in times like this is always very challenging, but that's the nature of the Progressive Activist!
"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."

-  (often attributed to) George Orwell

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Reposted from Richard Lyon by Lisa Lockwood

Glenn Greenwald has just published extensive documentation laying out the coordinated efforts of NSA and the British GCHQ to capture Julian Assange and shut down Wikileaks.

Snowden Documents Reveal Covert Surveillance and Pressure Tactics Aimed at WikiLeaks and Its Supporters

Top-secret documents from the National Security Agency and its British counterpart reveal for the first time how the governments of the United States and the United Kingdom targeted WikiLeaks and other activist groups with tactics ranging from covert surveillance to prosecution.

The efforts – detailed in documents provided previously by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden – included a broad campaign of international pressure aimed not only at WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, but at what the U.S. government calls “the human network that supports WikiLeaks.” The documents also contain internal discussions about targeting the file-sharing site Pirate Bay and hacktivist collectives such as Anonymous.

There is a document dated August 2010 in which the Obama administration urged allied governments to file criminal charges against Assange and Wikileaks in retaliation for their publication of the Afghanistan war logs. The documentation points to the tactics that NSA has used to sweep up US citizens into its dragnet in violation of US law.

There is a document detailing the efforts to get other governments to find means of prosecuting Assange that has the charming title of "Manhunting Timeline" J. Edgar would just love it.

The article contains images of all the documents.  

Reposted from LieparDestin by LieparDestin Editor's Note: Britain Spy Network DDOS's Anonymous -- LieparDestin

There are a lot of news items the past few days pertaining to the Snowden Leaks, privacy, journalism and other subjects that should be of interest to the DKOS community so Ive compiled them below.

First, on Feb. 1 L.A. Times had a piece by Ken Dilanian attempting to discredit Snowden as doing harm to future security programs.  One of the programs was an effort by NSA Director Alexander for the NSA to legally scan all internet traffic under the guise of 'protecting systems from Virus's, cyber attacks, etc.'

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