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Tue Oct 01, 2013 at 02:01 PM PDT

If it were only 800,000

by DrSocMama

but it is SO many more - probably you as well

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Mon Feb 25, 2013 at 03:09 PM PST

This is not amusing!

by DrSocMama

my rant about the upcoming budget cuts - profanity and all

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Sun Feb 17, 2013 at 04:59 PM PST

Failing at going plastic free

by DrSocMama

As someone who is concerned about the environment, who educates others about it, and who believes I should practice what I preach, I have made some serious changes in the life of my family. This year I thought I would take it to the next level – go plastic free. And then I went food shopping.

I have made a lot of changes over the years. I use canvas bags for groceries, I got rid of the TV (ok it fell off the wall and broke so I recycled it and haven’t bought another one), I compost, I use cloth instead of paper towels, I have energy efficient washer and dryer, hand wash my dishes, I recycle like a mad women, hell I even make my own laundry soap. So I thought this year, I would take the plunge and go plastic free. I read a whole bunch of advice, including  and for ideas, made a plan, got all excited, and then I went to the grocery store.

I am a regular at Whole Paycheck (whole foods) and the farmers market, so right there you would think this shouldn’t be hard. WRONG! Follow me below to read about my journey.

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If you just eat less, exercise more, make better food choices, diet, and whatever other social wisdom that people put forth about losing weight and solving the weight issues of American sound great – and then there is reality.

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I wrote my first blog a few weeks ago and one of the commenters pointed out that my suggestions for green resolutions were small and not necessarily going to have a major impact if only one person is doing it. So I asked myself, what is the impact of one person on global warming and climate change? What good does it really do if I don’t use plastic bag or plastic bottles or reduce my water use or put in the light bulbs, other than stroking my ego for being green and making me sound like Gerald Broflovsk in the South Park episode Smug Alert .

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This morning, as I was reading Mother Jones, I saw Kiera Butler list of environmental resolutions and was inspired to make one here. So these are suggestions for the rest of us to have for our new year’s green resolution list. Even if you can only do one, it would greatly help the environment and most of these will also save you money.

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