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This sentiment pretty much nails what I thought about him for many years after I was first introduced to his story & his writings in the wake of discovering Allen Ginsberg & the other Beats my freshmen year of college. The first Burroughs book I read was Naked Lunch – in hind sight probably not the best one to begin with but the one that got & still seems to get all the “press.” When I finished it the first time, I didn’t know what had hit me, pretty much resolved that he was a shady (to be charitable about it) character, and decided not to read any more of his books.

I revisited that attitude after Mr. Burroughs’ death in early August 1997 (just a few months after Allen Ginsberg’s death). By then, I knew much more about these artists & authors who dared to be different during a time in the 1940s & 1950s when it was dangerous to do so. So, in what I believed at the time to be an attempt to ‘honor him,’ I gave Naked Lunch another chance. While on some levels I better understood what Mr. Burroughs was trying to do in that book, it still pretty much zapped my brain & left me shaking my head at the end of it.

Soon after that, I was at the Borders bookstore (remember Borders?) north of my house, and there was a big Burroughs tribute display I decided to check out. Part of that display included 2 books I’d never heard of – The Cat Inside and Last Words: the Final Journals of William S. Burroughs.

 photo CatInside.jpg

A quick perusal of those books made me realize there was much more to William S. Burroughs than Naked Lunch & what I thought I knew about him up to that point. So, today, on the 100th anniversary of his birth in St. Louis, I present my tribute to him – part biography & part apology for my short – sighted judgmental attitude I held about him for a number of years during which time I was introduced to & knew people who knew him and who could’ve introduced me to him, but I was still “too creeped out” to take advantage of the opportunity; I will regret that decision for the rest of my life.

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Rachel Maddow picked up a story that has been prominent on DailyKOS for several weeks. She used the charts developed at DailyKOS to describe Third Way. Third Way is a Wall Street funded think tank that is purported to be Democratic.

Here is the list of pertinent blog posts to review.

  1. Corporate 'Dems': cutting Social Security is path to electoral victory
  2. Chuck Schumer wants us to stop picking on Wall Street
  3. Huh, so it IS a coordinated Wall Street Democrat campaign
  4. How I failed Beltway 101 taught by Ron Fournier
  5. Daily Kos will not enable those who enable Third Way

Stay tuned.

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I don't want to live on this planet anymore.


SAN FRANCISCO — San Francisco Animal Control was asking for the public’s help Tuesday in finding the man they say deliberately killed two cats that belonged to a homeless woman who is well known along the Embarcadero.

But on Monday afternoon at Pier 14, Animal Control says for some unknown reason a man approached the woman and threw her belongings into the Bay.

"She started screaming, people heard that, then he picked up the cat carrier with her two adult cats in it and hoisted that into the Bay," said Captain Vicky Guldbech with Animal Control.

Fire crews launched a boat to retrieve the woman's belongings. One cat was found dead inside the carrier and the other cat is still missing but presumed to have drowned.

Bad enough to throw a person's belongings, all they own in the world, into the Bay...but to brutally drown living creatures, who did nothing to harm him but brought this woman pleasure and perhaps the only love she ever found? When did this world become so cruel, so callous?

Maybe it's just not worth it any more.

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... Y comió, bebió y se feliz! (Spanish for 'ate, drank, and were merry!') :D

 photo IndianapolisKossacksSept16GroupPicII_zpsdda29aa8.jpg

The lady in the purple sweater in front is Furbabies2013, and the goober in the Indianapolis Kossack 3/4 sleeve shirt is...well...just guess!

More pictures & details of frivolity & good discussion below the orange 'chimichanga'!

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Must see video (H/T to BruinKid for his comment/tip on how to embed this since the "new" MSNBC video no longer embeds):

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

She nailed it from the extremism to the petty bullying that has infested our State Legislature since the Red Tide election of 2010.

After taking even more extremist anti-abortion legislation off the table as I diaried here, saying they were going to end the legislative session on a lighter note, Republicans in the State Assembly pulled out a brand new shiny Voter Suppression Bill and resurrected a bill to allow state-issued anti-abortion license plates.

They did this because they got into a snit about Assembly Democrats calling for a vote on an already approved bill to honor the victims of the Sandy Hook massacre which passed the State Senate unanimously.  Republicans in the Assembly refused to even consider that bill.  Why?  Nobody seems to know.  So, in retaliation, they brought out more extremist bills including a brand new one to further restrict voting in Wisconsin.  Yes, it's gotten that petty.

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Look at these hap - hap - happy faces from the inaugural Indianapolis Kossack par - tay on September 28; I hope we have just as many or more at Panchos Taqueria at 96th St. & Allisonville Rd. at 2 pm on Saturday, November 16!

 photo 020C4405-DFE2-47B2-A501-C54FD044AE46-1344-0000010F1D99A4FB_zps4a8c9cd6.jpg

And, yes, there will be swag AND the potential for EVEN MORE swag; check out the guaranteed swag & more below the Great Orange Satanic Cheeto!

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About a month ago, Dave in Northridge featured City Lights Bookstore in this series in the context of the "Howl" obscenity trail in San Francisco in 1957 & how this well - known trial helped put City Lights Bookstore on the map. So, allow me to feature a clip from the movie Howl as a bit of a refresher. This movie is A MUST VIEW, its dialogue in the trial scenes are straight from the trial transcript, and the trial scenes were filmed IN THE COURTHOUSE where the actual trial was.

However, the beginnings & back story of how City Lights came about in the first place laid the groundwork for City Lights' publishing house to publish Howl & Other Poems & support and publish other 'degenerate art'. If you don't know that, you only know part of the story & will not have as full of an appreciation for the icon that City Lights has become.

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Senator Rand Paul- R-Ky  will be facing some questions as to why he lifted full paragraphs from the Wiki Page about the movie Gattaca.

His speech video (From Raw Story)

From the Gattaca Wiki page:

In "the not-too-distant future", liberal eugenics is common and DNA plays the primary role in determining social class. Vincent Freeman is conceived and born without the aid of this technology. He has a high probability of developing mental disorders, is myopic, has a heart defect, and his projected life expectancy is only 30.2 years. His parents initially placed their faith in natural conception and now regret it;
Buzzfeed shows Paul or his respesentative could not have changed the Wiki page.
There is also the Maddow video.......

If there is a scale on plagiarism, to lift something from a Wiki page without attribution has to rank down there as some extremely low amateurish stuff.

EDIT: My final point on this: The Rand Paul Speech was supposed to help GOP Gov Candidate Ken Cuccinelli in Virginia, Obviously the buzz is not on Ken, but the terrible speech by Sen Paul.   Thanks Rand......


Tue Oct 15, 2013 at 11:26 AM PDT

Maddow Said It: Sedition

by ExpatGirl

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Big and bold, the words “Latest Sedition” appeared on a graphic of Palin and Cruz at the “Couple Hundred Vets and Some Racists Get Together in DC” palava over the weekend.

"Latest Sedition"

I just don’t get it. From Wisconsin to North Carolina, citizens are being arrested for harmlessly exercising their constitutionally guaranteed First Amendment rights. In Texas, women had their tampons seized (along with their uteri). In California, they got pepper sprayed. Back in Wisconsin, they were even punished for NOT SPEAKING.
Moral Monday arrests in North Carolina.
Pepper sprayed at UC Davis.
In Wisconsin, not speaking will get you in trouble.
Tampons deemed too dangerous for Texas.
Arrested for singing in Wisconsin
But Ted Cruz and his posse of traitors can engage in outright sedition and the actual destruction of America without fear of anything more serious than losing an election?

Something is very, very wrong with this upside-down state of affairs. Sadly, I think it will take descending into tragedy before sanity again starts to prevail.

Update: I don't usually care if my diaries make the rec list but am thrilled to see that this one has! Seeing Dana Bash quote Scooby F'ing Doo in her tweet about the House holding John of Orange hostage ["Ruh roh. House repubs don't have the votes for the plan they sold to caucus this am.Top house aide confirms to me they're "struggling" there not being enough"] has my blood BOILING. I'll take one Maddow over 10,000 Dana Bash bobble heads any day of the week!

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When you see something unusual in the sky, it captures your attention like nothing else. It is at once exciting, scary, exhilarating, dreadful, and awe-inspiring. No matter what you're doing at the time, you focus all your attention on the thing in the sky. You point to it, chase it, shout at others to look at it, and, if you're lucky, fumble for a camera to take a picture of it. You keep asking those around you, "Is it real? Am I really seeing this? Do you see it?" You list logical things it could be: an airplane, a weather balloon, an optical illusion, a military aircraft, a cloud, a reflection, a glare. You frantically snap picture after picture, hoping that just one will be clear enough to show what you are seeing.

As conditions deteriorate--the light or weather changes, the thing in the sky disappears--you are left with a searing memory of something that you still aren't quite sure really took place. You strain to pinpoint details you normally take for granted--what time is it, what day is it, where am I?

And then, if you're REALLY lucky, you remember that there is a way to report such things, and you find the number, and you call the number, and the person on the other end of the line doesn't think you're a crackpot, but calmly and expertly tells you to collect written reports from everyone in your party who witnessed the thing in the sky and send them to the reporting agency.

Then the person on the other end of the line beseeches you to alert the media because reports of this same phenomenon have been coming in from other parts of the country. You promptly seek out your local newspaper and television news outlets, which, you quickly discover, have all been taken over by giant media conglomerates that provide no way to reach a live reporter to report news items of local interest, only a "Contact Us" link on their websites with a dropdown list of general questions or comments from which to choose, none of which includes "I think I saw a FREAKING UFO!"

So you go to your blog, which has an international audience, tell your story, and hope that those who read it also won't think you're a crackpot.

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Last night Fox News debuted a new primetime lineup. It was the first time they had altered their schedule in more than a decade. They heavily promoted the changes and the new hosts for weeks. And on the the big night, when most new programs enjoy a ratings bump due to viewers sampling the new fare, Fox News did not get what they must have been expecting.

Fox Nation vs. RealityCheck out my ebook...
Fox Nation vs. Reality
The Fox News Community's Assault On Truth.

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Shapiro's Deli in downtown Indianapolis had not quite seen the likes of this scene, I imagine, before Saturday, September 28. :D

 photo F2A2E818-90BF-4327-925F-650C5FC6A681-1344-0000010F4C521AD0_zps04adb4e2.jpg

Yep, I am now an official BOOB - a member of the Benevolent Order of the Orange Boa! More fun details & pictures below the orange boaesque squiggly thing. :)

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