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Mark Halperin talked to anonymous Obama advisers.  Confirms what any Obama supporter should pretty much know.  One lying liars' debate doesn't amount to a hill of beans.  

HALPERIN: So, to the extent the debate had an impact on those nine states, what was it? How would you qualify it or quantify it?

OBAMA ADVISER 2: Well, first of all, ..I think it’s too, it’s becoming about time to look or a little soon to figure out what’s noise and what’s not. But, you know, … there’s just not a lot of movement out there. This race is pretty stagnant.

HALPERIN: So, the conventional wisdom is, driven partly by the national polls and some state polls, that the debate had a transformative effect on the President’s and Governor Romney’s standing nationally and in the battleground states is incorrect?

OBAMA ADVISER 2: Correct, we do not believe that at all. And, you know, if you want to believe the Pew poll that shows us tied with women voters and having party ID move ten points in a month, which would be 20 million people, I think that you should…

OBAMA ADVISER 1: 20 million people decided they were Republicans in the last month.

OBAMA ADVISER 2: Right, it’s just not, you know, it’s just not…

OBAMA ADVISER 1: And we’re going to see more of these polls coming out to show tightening of the race and that’s just, that’s how it goes. And, you know, just like we got a bounce coming out of the convention, we knew that bounce wasn’t real and wasn’t going to be sustainable. This isn’t going to be sustainable either.

OBAMA ADVISER 2: But here’s what the last ones didn’t change, it didn’t change his problems in the Midwest, on a whole host of issues. Didn’t change on cars. Didn’t change on outsourcing. It didn’t make him a better candidate in Ohio or Iowa or Wisconsin. And, you know, you just look at the map, he’s going to continue — we have more pathways to 270 — he’s got his problem, you’ve written that, and you’re right. It is, for him, and for us, in the end, about the map.

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Thu Jul 28, 2011 at 06:25 PM PDT

Heartbreaking cruelty

by Hope08

Just read this on my twitter feed:

@joshtpm Josh Marshall
Seems some House GOPers r saying they could be persuaded to switch to yes if Pell grants cuts were deeper. #standingforprinciples
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Thu Jul 07, 2011 at 05:21 PM PDT

Witness to Oklahoma's War on Women

by Hope08

Earlier last week I was getting repeated calls from a patient and her mom who I had seen a few weeks back in clinic.  She had been my patient for about a year, teenager, in school.  She had started on the birth control pill even after a talk on long acting reversible contraception. She was having symptoms while at school and saw school clinic provider who said was related to stress and anxiety, occasional SOB and chest pain.   When I saw her a few weeks ago, she said her mom wanted me to write her a note saying she was okay.  "What?", my thought.  She said she just needed a note saying that I thought she was okay and that nothing was wrong with her heart.  Fine, anxious mother...not the first time.

Then the calls came, she needs another note.  My nurse forwards me the calls saying she needs a note for school saying that her symptoms were related to anxiety.  The fact was she had been seen in school by a clinician there who diagnosed her with stress related anxiety.  Couldn't the school look at it's own records?  

There is no problem to write a note, it's a part of it.  But the story was changing, first it was for the mom, then it was for school.  I've been through this before.  The patient doesn't know exactly what they need and you end up writing letter after letter to finally get the needed result.  

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Just announced on CNN.  Obama has arrived for his first trip to Afghanistan since becoming president.  Also announced by the Press Sec on twitter:

The President just landed in Afghanistan to see out troops and meet with President Karzai and his Cabinet

The president's work never ends.  A major domestic accomplishment achieved and now he must continue the work of achieving our goals in Afghanistan and bring our troops home.  I think this only goes on to highlight what a serious man we have in office.  While GOP are stuck on obstruction and destructive rhetoric (see Sarah Palin and McCain), our POTUS takes no breaks, puts his head down and keeps working on the major issues confronting the country.  

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Another Obama nominee with a tax problem:

Nancy Killefer, who failed for a year and a half to pay employment taxes on household help, has withdrawn her candidacy to be the first chief performance officer for the federal government, the White House said Tuesday.

Killefer was the second major Obama administration nominee to withdraw and the third to have tax problems complicate their nomination after President Barack Obama announced their selection.

"Nancy Killefer has decided to withdraw her nomination, and we accepted her withdrawal," Tommy Vietor, a White House spokesman, said Tuesday. The 55-year-old executive with consulting giant McKinsey & Co., was expected to explain her reasons for pulling out later in the day.


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Sat Jan 24, 2009 at 07:00 AM PST

"Drunken Negro Cookies"  

by Hope08

I ran into this clip this morning.  In honor of the new Kos poll which show Obama with a 88-8 approval rating in the NE, I thought I'd give a glimpse of who those 8% are!  


[UPDATE BELOW] At at a time when any decent baker should have been selling racially harmonious black and white cookies by the truckload, one Greenwich Village bakery popular with celebrities and shows like Sex and the City has outraged neighbors by selling a "Drunken Negro Face" cookie in, um, "honor" of President Obama. [Video below.] A shocked customer tells My Fox NY that Ted Kefalinos, proprietor of Lafayette French Pastry, asked her, "Would you like some drunken negro heads to go with your coffee? They're in honor of our new president. He's following in the same path of Abraham Lincoln; he will get his."

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And so it goes.  According to the NYT:

President Bush deflected a secret request by Israel last year for specialized bunker-busting bombs it wanted for an attack on Iran’s main nuclear complex and told the Israelis that he had authorized new covert action intended to sabotage Iran’s suspected effort to develop nuclear weapons, according to senior American and foreign officials.

Last year, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert of Israel asked President Bush for bunker-busting bombs and permission to fly over Iraq to attack the plant.
White House officials never conclusively determined whether Israel had decided to go ahead with the strike before the United States protested, or whether Prime Minister Ehud Olmert of Israel was trying to goad the White House into more decisive action before Mr. Bush left office. But the Bush administration was particularly alarmed by an Israeli request to fly over Iraq to reach Iran’s major nuclear complex at Natanz, where the country’s only known uranium enrichment plant is located.


Obama's Greatest Challenge

10%17 votes
6%11 votes
4%7 votes
2%4 votes
66%109 votes
10%17 votes

| 165 votes | Vote | Results

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Two sources close to Jeb Bush, including one who has spoken to the former Florida governor within the past few hours, say he is seriously considering a run for Senate now that incumbent Republican Mel Martinez has retired.

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Wow, McSame is taking some hits this week!  

New Rasmussen Poll puts Obama up

Obama: 50 (48)
McCain: 45 (50)
Rasmussen Reports

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John McCain was on The View today and it was an awful roasting.  He was pinned up and down the couch.  

Barbara Walters in particular, who tends to stand down on these occasions really went after the old man.  She really tried to pin him on picking such a right wing nut for the VP.  She specifically confronts him about what qualifies her as a reformer.  Notably they tell him that she did give out earmarks and McCain LIES and says she never did so as a governor.  Joy outright calls his ads about "lipstick" and comprehensive sex education for kindergartners "LIES"

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This video made it's debut around here sometime around March/April.  The primaries were beginning to heat up and people around here were starting to think that maybe Obama was the real deal.  The kool-aid was flowing but there was/is always the hesistancy, always the doubt and this video spoke to that.

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It just debuted on "Race for the White House" I can't find the video but it goes something like this:

Edited w/ video

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