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When this came out 45 minutes ago I was stunned, less than 18 hours after another CO Judge (Crabtree) said that CO's Amendment 43 was unconstitutional. Denver Post Breaking

A judge on Thursday said he would allow Boulder's clerk to continue issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples, rejecting a request from Attorney General John Suthers to issue an injunction.

Boulder County Clerk and Recorder Hillary Hall's office has issued more than 100 licenses to gay couples since the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals struck down a Utah ban on same-sex marriages.

Boulder District Court Judge Andrew Hartman said in an order issued Thursday that the AG's office did not meet its burden in proving that Hall's decision to issue the licenses creates any kind of harm for the couples or the state.

This CO Judge told the CO Attorney General in your face with your lame legal argument:
"There is no tangible harm to the people of Colorado caused by Clerk Hall's disobedience of state law and orders by the State," Hartman said.

"The State makes assertions that Clerk Hall's disobedience irreparably harms the people by causing loss of faith in the rule of law," Hartman said. "However, the State has made nothing but assertions. An alternate public response is that the people of Colorado laud Clerk Hall for her pluck and/or condemn the Attorney General for his tenaciousness."

Sound familiar!  The Right Wing merely making assertions with tangible evidence.

This is going to fall very fast.


Today I happily learned that my former collegiate roommate who turned RW, was signed up for CO's Medicaid (yes a derivative of Obamacare) after admission from an ambulance as he was both DKA and alcoholic relapsed. He called 911. Today he told me as social worker upon admission started the application and it was approved today retroactively.

I have tried and tried and tried to get him to start the process but he is a drunk, unemployed over 55 year old Limbaugh lover and Obama hater and he could not be be persuaded to even forego CO's exchange and get health insurance that he can afford it, even though he is unemployed by choice and trust.

Now he is available or another physical rehab and another chance of getting off the alcohol and he is now insured even if it is on the state and Feds.


Way back in October I went through what is called Connect for Health Colorado, our state's on line website and module, we wanted to see if the ACA Exchange offerings might be better for our family than my wife's local school, employer-administered plan that simply has gotten worse and worse in both its service delivery (the pharma mail order is criminally incompetent) and the offerings, all of which are compounded by the annual increasing costs of both employee contributions and then the plan's co-payments and higher deductibles.

(Note, last year when speaking to its former board president I told her that we view the increased costs for healthcare and the fact that she had to provide two furlough days, plus, as a non exempt employee they have now redefined lunch as the moment the clock hits a point, not when they are off-duty, (at least 5 minutes lost per day because they are permanently short handed), plus the fact that she has not received a raise in two years before this year---that---that my wife, has lost 9% in overall compensation---all I got in response was a blank stare with a smile to frown (a now common response when one confronts local politicians who are supposedly on my partisan side and asking for my support but are caught between maintaining their current desired social status and demonstrating genuine integrity and courage). Then the non specific excuse that everyone had to take a hit to balance the budget. I recall replying, then why not the management and administrators, they continue to get their raises, is it because they have direct access to tell you how invaluable they are despite they actually do not deliver the services? Purse lips from someone asking for my campaign support is not responsive.

Our  family's status as we are beginning to find out what many Baby Boomers are realizing, is that we have been devastated by the government policies of the last thirty years. I currently work as a temp on what I describe in generic terms as a perof perpetual series of assignments designed to avoid any and all paid benefits, too old to be hired outright, but too valuable when they are in trouble to discard, and they are always in trouble. Our two adult children, both living with us, not unlike many American families at this stage of life, rely on us to continue to provide them the support to get on with their lives, which is okay. One just recently graduated, although finishing at the top of his two majors (and class) at the U of CO, he is now looking for his first post-graduate job to little avail. The other, our oldest, is one course short of graduating, now 25, she also is Type I (juvenile) diabetic and works part time. Thank you Obama and the Dem team, we are eternally grateful that you passed the ACA that extended the age to cover our children on our adult plans to 26. (That then begs the question, why arbitrarily 26, why not 30 or 65 for that matter, I could see the logic of 23 if a child was enrolled full time in college, but why stop short of 26 if the goal actually is to cover all adults in the US?)

more below the cannabis inspired swirls

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I have mentioned this friend many times before in previous posts. An acquaintance that dates back to the late 1970's, initially a random college connection where he was a roommate in and amongst a number of forgotten semester long living arrangements be them in either dorm/frat or off-campus housing experiences. He is a friend best described as one who gets adopted by people (like me and my BFF) where we are more accepting or at least more empathetic, than others, especially him. In those previous posts he has has been one my best barometers of getting introduced to the most current Rightwing propaganda narratives, often the latest Limbaugh froths. He is a contradictory emotional file cabinet, overwhelmed by both his alcoholism and the idea that white male bred social status, is no longer predominate which he fears its lost status. Even his younger brother wrote a play where he has had some recognition about his brother's alcoholic RWism and their own broken relationship.

Early last year about six months after coming out of tough a 6-mo rehab at the Salvation Army my friend was again befalling to his alcohol addiction. Though unlike the earlier version it was not (yet) rocket fueled with Xanax. Ever since his mother passed in late 2011 he has been fortunate to have inherited enough to be a trust baby, beforehand he was an unemployed franchise broker for the immoral Countrywide. In fact he even was a supervisor for a short stint for the dubious B of A contracted call center that has been accused by Bloomberg purposely disrupting mortgage refinancing. But even there his inability to maintain a regular job regimen caused him to be let go from what was probably an assignment to do nothing well.  

Yet I understand that his alcoholism is both an inherited proclivity from his mother's family and an untreated psychological/emotional disorder involving social/emotional anxieties manifested in his inability to truly be intimate to anyone, exampled by his  failure to find a mate. After the last lost engagement back in the mid '90's when that woman realized he was just about taking. he became permanently infected by RWism through talk radio. This I now understand, as in moments of weakness and before drunken anger bouts he would often lament how the world had changed, where no longer can a man simply be a good provider and find a good woman to serve him. He once said that in the company of my wife where he got about a half an hour of sexist modern feminism earful. Yes he probably is a social psychopath.

Over the years be it in CO or somewhere else I have been separated to even talking to him involving consecutive years or extended months because of my lack of patience with his growing alcoholism, his selfishness and political beliefs, but like my wife often celebrates when I am not believed to be in my earshot I am the type that just can't turn out backs on a fellow human being or stray dog or cat if it is in need of help who is at least in our sphere. She talked about how I stopped and helped what was a 20 year old something fix a flat tire.

Now the point, as this October ranged with all things Obamacare failure I started to respond to his political agitations about that subject to ask when (not if, but when) he was going to access CO's Health Exchange and look over personal health insurance, he was proudly uninsured. He refused, angrily expressing all personal hatred for OBAMACARE and the mistaken idea of another failed government program, that its only purpose is to capture his personal income and health data, that he would only be helping a president and party that he loathes, (he was a proud Republican), and that he didn't need healthcare insurance in that he could pay for all the treatment he needs out of pocket, (BS of course), even though he also is a Type II insulin dependent diabetic (again). He would gladly pay the $95 fine.

But then on a day in November as his drinking got the best of him. He talked about how he was unable to walk into a state license bureau to purchase his vehicle tags or even write a check. That again he was going to try to self-medicate and go through home detox. I said he needs to go back to rehab and I would take him, that the Salvation Army would take him back for free! His response was that the Army was boot camp, and 6 months was too long and he was never going to do that again and he checked out other private detox/rehab centers and the was too much for him to pay himself that the cost $8-$12K+ a month and he didn't have health insurance.

WOW and opening, the clouds were parting! If I could get him to get health ins than the path was clear to get him to some private rehab/detox. I told him simply sign up on the exchange and all he had to provide was a statement that was true that he was not a smoker and he could get any number of private insurance plans. NO WAY  NO WAY that is OBAMACARE!!! Forget the front end! There will be no subsidy or anything.  he refused and didn't believe me.

Well now Jan 1 came and passed and of course he is worse, pop corning between 3-day detox and binge drinking plus he still is without health insurance. Then the day after New Years he got the news that the third roommate at his Salv Army stint had died, all three to some related health issue to alcoholism---of course. Now last week he again was detoxing where Thurs he called my BFF and was discussing how bad he was that he thought his kidneys were failing. He almost agreed to be brought to the hospital but then refused. The next morning I talked to him and then began to realize the obvious, he didn't want to go to the hospital because he knew if he did, they would find out he is not indigent, that has some boat load of money socked away in some off shore trust they would begin find a way to grab of course. That is his gravy train for life and it would be over. Of course he refused.

Thursday night I had also been talking with my sister in law who is a telecenter-agent for BC/BS, where she is on a temp assignment assigned to their retention group that was selling turnover individual policies in many Red States plus CO and CA. She was telling us that she had been carried over into the new sales group, yeah! But the big deal was that she became an expert in hearing or discovering that when RWingers, esp those in Red States who were seeking ins. refused to access their state or the national exchange that they just wanted to go private, (not knowing they were not seeing competitive bids from the exchange or having a chance to get a entitled subsidy). They didn't understand that ACA really was more about regulating the health ins world than setting up single payer etc...they didn't want a govt subsidy even if they qualified for it. They believed that merely touching the Exchanges would be a violation to their belief system and that they would have to give up some hidden personal info or go single payer.

AHA...A thought, have my sis in law call my friend privately and inform him that she could SELL him BC/BS private ins., never see a hint of OBAMACARE. That his deduct would probably be hit with his Type II Diabetic care for the year anyway and that if anything went wrong he was covered.

Yesterday afternoon my alcoholic friend called me said boastfully that he will be on private insur a week from Monday once a check clears and he gets the paperwork, no OBAMACARE, and less than he thought it would be.....blah blah blah....He never mentioned that my sis in law whom he had met a few times had called him or why.

What I didn't tell him is that he got the ins. because of Obamacare, that he never would have been able to sniff private ins if they had known he was Type II, treated for alcoholism, has other conditions like high BP, anxieties etc.....but now he is covered. YIPPEE, I said when your ins card comes send me an image on the computer so I know.

Now I can work towards intervention again, moving him towards getting him in a treatment program. But what dawned  on me last night as my wife and I were with my sis in law for dinner  was what she said in general discussing how my friend was her first sale before even being transferred to new sales. That many RWingers are probably hiding some kind of assets or income from the government. That they are fearful that it will eventually be discovered. That this was the big deal to many about the front end the Medicare application, an application that many had never been subjected to before, the result that so many RWingers thought all government aid is about how welfare queens stole from them as tax payers, that many were scared and adamant about that somehow the government was going to take away their stuff. They believed all the crap because they want to believe it.

Like my friend who is probably hiding money or thinking he is.   Anyway, like Medicaid for the old, I recall that my grandparents had to get rid of all their assets to get aid when they were in their 90's. My father had to buy their house that was in the family going back to 1880's, when my great-great grandfather came permanently almost, from Canada with his father and built it themselves. They were illegals as were their wives, where my grandfather in 1897 was born in Canada at his aunts home. But always considered himself an American. Then as my grandfather was in his 90's the US govt still need to prove his citizenship and disputed a certificate of live birth. It was complicated but they couldn't get Medicaid until they were totally broke.

Yet this is success, now I have the means to get him back in treatment.  


If A&E wants to succumb to Right Wing reactionaryism so be it, that is their choice. So like the Flush Rush Movement, Dump the Duck movement should commence. But do it where it really hurts.

A & E Channel is part of a global A & E Network partnership between the Hearst Corporation (Hearst Trust) and Disney-ABC Television Group. They are big but they are vulnerable just like Clear Channel radio is vulnerable.

Start with the actual cable providers. Comcast and what not. Many providers are licensed in local municipalities which if there is an offensive programming broadcast that channel can be removed or moved to the pay or premium channels lineup. This can be done on a national basis too, or at least move it out of basic cable lineup as A & E reports that it is in 96M households and on 86% of cable lineups.

Then move to specific advertisers, if Duck is the number one rated A & E Show than they are selling ad space nationally specifically for that spot, either through the cable provider or some partnership. Identify the ad sponsors and Flush them out.

Next move to start boycotting specific offerings of the Hearst and Disney/ABC. Hearst owns a ton of magazines from Cosmo to Oprah, even better one of the heirs still own the Albany newspaper and the SF Chronicle and Houston Chronicle.

ABC and Disney have many pressure points as well, simply boycotting the theme parks or turning away from their national news would be a good start. Again they have advertisers and if a concentrated effort was made to their advertisers that 2/3's of the nation who are against bigotry will not patronize your product offerings because you advertise your wares on a network that endorses a bigot cable bit performer it has its effect.

Not sure how the Flush Rush campaign got started or coordinated but maybe I can strike a match.


Our Christmas  holidays are like many others in America, but not. Yes, each year my wife's family gather, though in two groups roughly a thousand miles apart. Our two households are out on the Front Range in Colorado, while three others, (my wife's brother's and youngest sister's plus her parents), who live in the Chicago area. This year, our dinner got a bit surreal when my sister-in-law, our hostess succumbed by her natural good nature and her adult boys pleading, invited her ex-husband to join with us for holiday dinner. Yes, her former husband with her current husband of six years.

The two live only a few miles apart, where the now their adult boys officially reside with him. She however still weekly connects with her ex as they have joint custody of the old family dog. Legally. Where they trade half of each week. Her boys, similar ages as our adult children, come over to her house often, mostly to eat, enjoy a better TV and party. But they rarely sleep over. The oldest still pursuing his bachelor's degree, while her youngest, along with our two, graduated this year. We foresee the leaving of the nest in 2014. Something us adults were celebrating, often, as simultaneously, our children, showed sarcastic ambivalence. As in, “geez get over it, Mom & Dad”!  

Our two family gatherings have now included a new holiday tradition, the 3rd year that we have SKYPE'D during the holiday festivities. At Thanksgiving we skyped during dinner. Yes actually when we were sitting down and eating. My own father's ironclad edict during supper time, where no could be on the phone once dinner began, is now stricken. This family purposely gets on an Internet call during holiday dinners! It really is a weird experience. Groups of eight and nine people sitting at their respective dining room tables simultaneously attempting to eat their feast and also trying to pay attention to a the laptop or tablet that is taking their images and utterances. Then on top of that watching the other household do the same on a big screen TV off to the side. Christmas, we transmitted during  the present exchange as we opened presents. Again this was kind of like having a live News feed reporting on your family's traditions knowing the activities are being broadcast in both locations. That is not the real subject of this essay, just a bit of backdrop that we might be a bit weird.

Okay, now to the meat of the story. After we opened presents my sister-in-law's ex husband arrived at the door. We all greeted him with warm fuzzies, he looked nervous. Once, the initial awkwardness wore off and our welcoming went away us guys invited him out to the backyard, where we had a bonfire going, an excuse to roast Mosco [Pueblo large green] peppers and chestnuts. It was an activity between the presents and our holiday feast. It was a great weather day, mid fifties near Boulder, sunny and lite wind so it was easy to go outside away from the gals. And instead of the usual turkey or ham plus fixings, we decided this year we  would have a Southwest/Mexican style holiday feast. Actually we all enjoyed it immensely. Going forward, —Liberals TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT AND NEW, it is fun.

Standing around the bonfire, the three of us now approaching seniordom, (the ex brother-in-law is now on SS) got reacquainted, when the subject of marijuana arose. "In a week, it will be perfectly legal to go into a retail Colorado Pot Shop (as the News so sarcastically calls them), and purchase up to an ounce of fine grade cannabis." Now I have known my ex-brother-in-law dating back to the early 80s when I knew him before he got weird, after moving out here in the late 90s and then suddenly going evangelical and attending a mega-church. I knew him before he found his religion inside Right-wing talk radio. Before that transformation I witnessed his depression from diminished income and loss of wealth due to rapidly changing technology that killed the old family business in the early 90s. I also knew him before the Reaganesue period when installation of drug testing came about, I knew him as he never, ever pass up an opportunity to take a toke. He never had it himself but pass up a toke, never?

Upon mentioning the subject of marijuana his eyes suddenly popped out then he took a couple small steps back from the outdoor fireplace, "you guys don't have some?" There was a smile from the both of us, the host said, "someone has something around here, interested?

More below the orange swirls

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Landslide is now defined as 65% to impose a 15 percent excise tax and an initial 10 percent sales tax on recreational marijuana. (Denver Post link)  Last year we voted 55% to lift prohibition. Get it authoritarians, FDA and DEA.

11 counties in the east and northeast had a vote to instruct their counties whether they wanted to pursue secession from Colorado, the largest Weld County sad no 57% to 42%, the others amount to less than 100,000 in population (Weld has 250,000) all but dooms this Tea Party anger fit. (Link to Denver Post)

An amendment that would have done an end run around and 1992 Amendment known as TABOR raising about $1B for public education failed big also, NO 66%, (link to Denver Post)


I spent the last three days exploring our options regarding the ACA and Colorado's healthcare website they call Connect for Health Colorado (link here) and overall I give the experience a "B" closing to an "A".

At the beginning it was no big deal, got on but then had to go through what took about five F#@%~!&G hours to complete the Medicaid part of the application. The problem I see and if any Fed or CO or other state is listening a small piece of advice is provide an checklist of required documentation a submitter will need up front. It is what Turbo Tax does and what the GOP fail to understand this is not Amazon or EBay where one has a simple ecommerce transaction for one item. This is a big deal worth thousand$ of dollar$ and also could help or adversely affect your health and treatment. So essentially those who are applying are also applying for Medicaid to see if they qualify.

Now it gets more complicated with family members who are adults living under the household and either are or are not tax dependents, whether they have their own insurance or not, whether you have employer health care insurance or not, income, assets, education et cetera.

I can see why some Red states are really mad in that the Feds are going to sweep a lot of Medicaid eligible people into the system, their system, where they have not been helping citizens get the benefits they need.

In the end when I finally completed the Medicaid application we were denied...of course...but since we have a 25 year daughter living under our roof and on my wife's employer plan (until next October), where she has had a series of part time employment without any plan offered and is juvenile diabetic, and will complete her education with one last class next spring, she might do well to re apply. By the way if we discarded our employer plan for one in the exchange our daughter would have to apply for herself in that she is not a dependent on our taxes.

Now once I finished this it said to call the 800# and I got a very nice woman who pulled up the application and we went through it. It was one of her first experiences with a family with a employer paid plan seeking to look at the options so we went through and found that our income was in the range (unfortunately) to qualify for maximum tax credit to pay for premiums if we decided to go into the exchange BUT....there were issues.

Our daughter would have to apply on her own and because her birthday is in October they advised she apply before March 15th. Even though she has prospects and skills, odds are her employment will remain inconsistent.

Our son who is graduating this December will remain a dependent for 2013 but once or if he lands a job he will also have to apply on his own. But the biggest deal was whether my wife's single health care contribution from her employer was 9.5% or greater of her gross income. (We checked and it is not, so we are not eligible for tax credit). We found this out when a CO Agent called back and I inquired and she said that her best advice is to do nothing even though her employer is a school district that has risen premiums, deductibles, co pays, lowered service delivery over the last five years. (It used to be that when you worked at the government was the deal in part was you got paid less, but had great benefits, now it is get paid less, and benefits are diminishing.)

But if something changes we could get a Silver Kaiser plan for $3.94 a month. Then I asked what happens when my employer whom I am on a annual contract with will have to offer me health insurance in July 2014 (as I was notified) and what if their contribution rate is expected to be more than 9.5% of my compensation, then what? She said then because this would be considered an employment change, and you are being offered benefits you would be eligible for tax credit and then get insurance for yourself (and any dependents) through the exchange, but my wife would have to remain under her plan if her costs remain the same. Our family contribution coverage rate is double the employee rate.  We could then save some money with the exchange.

Thank you I said this has been quite informative.

BTW after every session with a live person or on the website they send an email and wonder if you were satisfied with the experience.

Now there are fourteen states who made their own system and are serving their citizens. Not sure what the other 36 states are doing. But I will tell you that this is complicated decision process, with moving parts because of life and employers.


[This is the third (one here and two here) in a series of conversations I have posted here in Kos reporting on political conversations I happen to have with Right Wingers or Conservatives and what not. I hope you find it or the previous intriguing and informative.]

Each of the last four years my wife and her sister like to celebrate October by gathering together with invited friends to the family's mountain vacation home. This year we had the most enlightening and informative extended political conversation with a Tea Party neighbor(TPN), a Mainstream conservative Republican (MSR). along with a moderate Independent (CFW), liberal Independent (CF) with our moderate Republican in-law (Blaw) pitted against us liberals following the “Shutdown and Debt Ceiling Hostage Brinksmanship”.  I found that there is both hope for the future—But there is going to be a terrible political fight going forward.

The conservations took place last Friday evening at our vacation home during a grand, crisp evening. The setting provides us a lost taste of a once affluent-middle class dream,  wherest we once came from. Each October actually signals us taking over as temporary custodians of my mother-in-law's cherished, summer home where she has enjoyed practically every summer since her 1st grade. Originally, the home was just a modest summer season cabin, originally as a retreat by wife's grandfather, who was a doctor and believed that it would provide safety from the poliovirus during those `30's scorching summer months then prevalent near Wichita KS. At the time it was thought that polio was transmitted from warm, stagnant summer waters, so the thinking was to send his wife and small children to a cool mountain hamlet above Colorado Springs. They were somewhat correct in that polio is primarily transmitted from a fecal-oral route ((intestinal source) where probably some of the stricken got it from raw sewage in our waterways, but during epidemics, it also is transmitted oral-oral (AKA person-to-person). Anyway the old cabin has since transitioned into a modern 1980's year round vacation home, triple the size that we enjoy throughout the year.

This year we were graced with our vacation home neighbor, our brother-in-law's owner/executive/boss where they were finishing a local business trip, and a couple who I consider one of my best friends going back to my collegiate days.  The weekend included a dinner party and traditional howling full moon rising campfire. The dinner party conversation did not set out to be political, in fact the girls desired it not and I tried to accommodate my wife's dyer wishes, but alas, it was she who brought me in as the discussions began to escalate. I will say there was no yelling, or name calling. In the end the Tea Partyer was isolated and yet remained unmoved.

Let me break down the assemblage: Our neighbor (TPN) who is around 40 male, father of a single child out of wed lock who lives with her mother, non college educated, owner of a small landscape business, volunteer firefighter, he lives in his family trust vacation home which doubles as his business HQ. He the only child of a rather wealthy family from Kansas City. He is truly a nice guy and a wonderful neighbor where we share the private driveway (road) to our respective houses. But he is an unabashed and unapologetic Tea Party Republican, actually more Libertarian.

My brother-in-law's owner-boss (MSR) is in his upper 50's. He is not married, (not married, though lives with a woman), and told us his two children live with their mother in another state. He is the son of the founder of a small tech firm that is now on the cusp of making some big headway in mass digitizing paper records. He and my sister-in-law's family live in the Denver suburbs. He too is very nice, actually quite respectful, but is focused on finally creating success/wealth for their company.

My friends are in their mid-fifties, hand his wife (CFW) married for 25 years, don't have children because of medical reasons. She is a medical provider administrator-manager, previously she was a practicing cardiac-nurse. My long-time friend (CF) is the manager of maintenance and grounds at a very high-end apartment/condo complex in the Denver burbs. Previously he managed with a minority stake in small dog grooming and kennel business that went belly up after being sold to a bigger outfit.

My sister-in-law (SIS) who is just over fifty, divorced and now remarried, mother of two adult boys. She was in retail store management business but now works for medical insurance company as phone bank person  fielding applications for the ACA She also sells for AFLAC. Her husband (Blaw) was a former Post Office sales executive who had risen through the ranks. He now is a sales manager for the aforementioned company. He is father of three adult boys.  Their divorces and attempts at starting various business ventures have placed them in difficult times.

My wife and I have been married now for almost thirty years now. We have two adult children, one just graduated and the other about to. They live with us. I was once a successful serial entrepreneur in the staffing and technical consulting field,  through the '90's. At one time I was my sister-in-law's biggest client when she and her former owned an independent office supply firm. We once were on the high road though it was always a roller coaster financing the whole ordeal. Finally things collapsed when I had expanded to much and computer automation and killed the beast. I now work in education, as does my wife. We live very modestly—very. We also experienced a series of medical challenges, which one of them forced us to move out here to Colorado as a major part of a remedy and treatment.

So we are all white and middle aged. Except for the Tea Party Republican, we are all college educated—something to note. Anecdotal observation: I will also note that the Tea Party neighbor and the mainstream conservative Republican do not have children living with them. It was something my wife picked up afterward, but she connected it how apologetically they expressed themselves that they have selfish ambitions which they project everyone has, or should have. So let us move to the conversation.

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The Tea Party, or better, more accurately described as authoritarians without conscience, will continue to engineer [or manufacture] a financial crisis is because that is all they got. They are aggressive or attacking politico's, they attack their perceived enemies, be they associates or adversaries, and know no other means to conduct their politics but attack, attack, attack. They are revolutionaries, meaning they seek to radically re-order society to the worldview they only possess and since they are Right Wing Authoritarians, they seek to destroy that to which they want to reorder and remake it only in their view.

It is what it is, no different than a tiger who preys on whatever large game is available, even humans in the wild. So understand your enemy and you know how to deal with them. These are not rational adversaries and will not admit defeat, merely a continued effort to wage their fight, for they cannot ever admit that they could be wrong in any manner or means. It is their end that they seek and nothing, nothing can ever be acceptable except their complete reordering of society in their view.

So, for the rest of us we need to come to terms that they need to be defeated---completely, comprehensively, though with mercy and principled, but annihilated politically nonetheless. Principled as in sustaining and expanding democracy for all, not just those radicals which they view democracy is exclusive for them. Principled in that it is done by and through a matter of established law and the republic's constitutional process. It is done by isolating them without quarter and expose them to what they are---anti-Americans. They get no quarter unless they repent and give a genuine submission to the constitution and matter of law through democracy, all democracy not just what they choose.

Therefore as the nation begins to realize that these radicals are what they are continue to expose them, but understand that government is going to be challenged. Republicans like our Congressman Lamborn needs to be labeled as a Tea Party if he aligns with them, whether he really is or not.  No quarter, no safe harbor.

Actually I hope they do this again. The nation will be hardened as a family friends are hardened over an addict who requires treatment. With each event forgiveness is less over the drama and transgressions but provided once treatment is successful. The thing is once there is consensus that treatment is the only option a family and friends galvanize. What we need is a national intervention with the resolve of a family. Trouble is politics is not like that. But an intervention can and will take place on election day.

Throw out the Republican Congress and that will begin, though this Right Wing Authoritarianism will not just go away, they must be destroyed to a marginal wing of politics---like the Communist Party. Only the Republicans can do that and that will only be done when they lose so much that they either re-brand or start a new party because their brand is so destroyed. Too bad so sad. But marginalize them no less.


It has always gotten under my crawl when I hear some GOP blow hard justifying their authoritarian effort as something to do for the public, or people or whatever. But now a recent poll states just the opposite:

The latest CNN/ORC International poll found that 54 percent of Americans think it's a bad thing that the GOP is the majority party in the House, while only 38 percent think it's a good thing. In December of last year, a CNN/ORC showed that 43 percent thought it was a bad thing that Republicans controlled the lower chamber.
Of course this will not stop Boehner (who fared worse in the poll, can you say poster child?)
Sixty-three percent want the Ohio Republican replaced as speaker, compared with 30 percent who would like him to continue holding the post.
I would like just one MSM reporter to stick it to him by asking him how can he be saying he is speaking for America when now America wants him replaced and the GOP in power is a bad thing?

Wonder if he might change to a oranger shade of weirdness...but that is the cost of carrying the water for the extreme RW, we have seen this before, when you are on the wrong side of history it is unforgiving.  


John McCain expressed this inevitable outcome where the GOP is now between a "rock and a hard place" or up "$#!T Creek without a paddle" and you are headed to "Head Splattering Rapids", when he said that the Democrats had better help the Republicans from their own manufactured political humiliation.

I tried to think through what that humiliation would be and now it is plain as the "day is luckin' long" for a Republican staffer who is part of the 21% that ABC-WAPO found supporting the GOP Congress.

The Senate will pass their deal that will not include any "seat of their pants" demands for the "fools errand" (that is how McCain described his Party's totally irresponsible governance that only spoiled and self entitled rich kids could come up with in their alternative realities) and give it to the House and Boehner.

He has few alternatives. He puts it on the floor and the Tea Party amends it and sends it back to the dead end loop of No. ALL BAD since there is no time left and the markets crash.

But then there is his savior, "Discharge Petition" where on paper are signatures of at least 20 if not more Republicans joining the Democrats to put the non amended bill on the House Floor for a vote and the end of the Hastert Rule and his Speakership.

The Tea Party revolts and ends his tenure...Boehner is done. It is over. Start up some sun tan franchises.

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