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America is in decline, we know it, they know it. The difference between them and us are facts. We have the facts on our side, they get to blame the boogie man for low wage jobs and a crumbling infrastructure.

At some point however, you learn that there are no boogie men left to blame.

Republicans control 70 Percent of our State Legislative Chambers. This is a historic and unprecedented amount of control by any one party on the state level.

Republicans hold 67 chambers out of a total of 90 across the states.

Republicans in 24 states hold the governorship and both chambers of the state legislature.

Currently 31 Republican governors hold office, this is about two-thirds of all states.

We know about the republican control in the house and the senate.

At exactly what point do conservative voters figure out that if they don't like the way the country is going, they can only blame themselves?


I mean, What else do we have to say, it says it in black and white.

There is funding for the Trade Adjustment Assistance program, which has been created to support workers that will lose their jobs due to the TPP in action.

Worse yet, they are taking this TAAP money from Medicare. We are stealing 700 million from sick seniors in order to pay for people that will lose their jobs with this trade agreement.

Lets break this down.
The multinational corporations get to fire american workers in order to increase their profits. The tax payer is on the hook to provide assistance to those that lost their jobs.
Sick and elderly citizens will lose funding for medical coverage to increase profits for companies that do business in Asia. Billionaires get richer and richer.

Why are we still having this conversation? Where is the rage?


How many times have we wished for the tea party to jettison an unpopular Obama position? One time, is too many times already, and this has pushed me over the edge.

We need to enrage the tea party in order to block the TPP from passing. How sad and depressing is the democratic party that we have to be saved by the tea party over and over.


I've already had my peter finch moment.
Now In fact i've moved on being damn angry, at this point i'm just despondent.

On Obama Sucks and Here Is Why
I'm sick and tired of:

-An increasing amount of American children receiving a sub standard education
-Over criminalization and incarnation of the poor
-The impoverishment of the American worker
-The billionaire class growing ever more powerful while they try to strip the safety net from  the majority of American citizens
-Republican lite Democrats that don't give a damn about those that live in poverty, the working poor. They don't give a damn about the ever dwindling middle class, please don't pretend that they do.

I would say that Obama was an utter and dismal failure except for one thing- the eradication of pre existing conditions- aside from that he has failed us all.

Did the President campaign (the first time) on raising the minimum wage? Did the minimum wage rise under Bush? The .01% are worth trillions of dollars combined. A few thousand people have increased their collective net-worth by trillions during Obama's term.

Were taxes raised substantially on the billionaire class, to offset those new trillions?
Was the social safety net cut drastically to trim the deficit  during sequestration?

I've heard all the excuses, Obama can't get the R's to pass anything. Well didn't they get Republican support to renew the patriot act. Did the Republicans just support fast track? Do you think maybe, he could have strengthened the ACA or increased the minimum wage in tandem with fast track?

When the majority of Republicans vote to give emperor Obama exactly what he wants with fast track do you think maybe we are going to get the short end of the stick in these negotiations?

How much power will corporations gain under the TPP? The ability to incarcerate even more Americans for copyright, IPP and whistle blowing infractions?

Obama isn't just a neutral force against the average worker, he is an adversary.
When The Obama administration wrote a brief that came out against workers vs. amazon at the supreme court that felt like a betrayal. Obama was in favor of forcing workers to queue on security lines at work and against compensation for that lost time!

The supreme court ruled unanimously against the american worker vs corporations, Obama did not have to express his opinion on the matter, but i am glad that he did as it showed his true allegiances.

Apologies for the long and messy post, i'm not mad, just incredibly frustrated.

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Mon May 04, 2015 at 10:36 AM PDT

On Sanders Being A Socialist

by csainvestor

The entire country has moved so far to the right we need to understand what the true meaning of these parties are.

Republicans are now Fascists
Democrats are the new Republicans
Socialists are the new Democrats

The entire premise of the US government was made to provide checks and balances. With the overwhelming red tide the Republican party has stormed the country at almost every level. We need a true Socialist to act as a stalwart against the fascist battering ram that is at the gates.

At this point in time, the Democratic brand for the general population has a negative connotation, The Republican brand elicits a nauseating response. Socialism probably has a better reputation among non voters than the failed capitalism that American workers has had to endure.

Sanders being a modern styled European Socialist is exactly what the country needs. It isn't an impediment, it is his greatest strength.

Its the true change that we need.


Congress gets benefits, and a pension. Their constituents are lucky if they can afford a holiday dinner. Many members of congress are complaining that their salaries aren't sufficient.

Once they move to DC, they realize that it's is an expensive place to live. That rents are out of control, and food is expensive. But if they can't make it on a $175,000 a year, they know that their constituents won't be able to make it on $17,500 or less.  Refusing to raise the minimum wage, slashing food stamps, and killing unemployment insurance will just add to the misery.

Now i don't know about you, but i would rather see the Walmart and McDonald's workers making 175k and congress making 17.5k for the privilege of serving this great nation.

My point isn't to limit Congressional pay. It is to raise the pay for the rest of us. If they make ten times what tens of millions of Americans make, what does that say about citizen poverty and Congressional hypocrisy on the minimum wage.

Congress has the power to  give Americans a raise, but they refuse to do so. That is why i make the comparison.

The median net worth of congress members is one million. The median net worth for the rest of America is sixty six thousand.

The wealthy are already in charge.

Analysts at Bloomberg News examined new Census data and found that the area surrounding the nation's capital is now the richest in the nation:

Collective Net Worth of Congress Increased $390 Million from 2008 to 2012
Freshman Members Of Congress' Net Worth $1 Million More Than Average American Household


Wed Nov 05, 2014 at 01:02 PM PST

Grimes Probably voted for Rmoney

by csainvestor

Don't forget Rmoney won the white women vote.

Look at the Obama track record:

stock market highs
unemployment lows
deficit cut by half
millions with health care for the first time ever
Multi year lows on oil
MPG highs on new cars
The rich are richer than they have ever been

And these idiots ran away from Obama's domestic policy.


The Republicans have a Mandate. Do Democrats have Ebola?
This isn't a traditional America anymore.

Americans no longer want social security, nor do they want a living wage.
In this Christian nation, the majority of voting age women wish to rescind (lose) all reproductive rights.

The majority of voting age citizens, wish to rescind (lose) the right to vote.  
A plurality wishes to elevate billionaires into feudal (fascist) lords, while the rest of us live in squalor, while we toil for basic sustenance.

The demographics are changing, creatures of the right (Walker, Ernst, Brownback, Bcconnell) have won.

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More innocent civilians will be shot, and killed in Chicago this weekend than in Israel.

Did i miss the headline where chitown got 300 million in emergency funding before recess?
What could Detroit do with 300m in emergency funding, or that 3 Billion we gift to Israel each and every single year.

Don't get me wrong, if Israel didn't have 300 Billion in yearly GDP, i would say that 300 million to save Israeli lives (because of Iron Dome) was some of the best tax money i ever spent. But they make 300 Billion dollars each and every single damn year, and its growing. That 300 Billion equates to a GDP per capita of 35K per Israeli, that is almost the same as the per capita GDP of the UK, France and Japan.

Pretty soon, the way the economy is going for the middle class in the USA, their per capita GDP might exceed our own.

Israel can afford to pay retail for iron dome.


Would you rather send 300 million to

87%36 votes
12%5 votes

| 41 votes | Vote | Results


Lets not forget that California has thirty million people, and an economy so large, it could power a nation.

Texas was able to entice Toyota with 40 million. This will probably result in the loss of 3- to 5 thousand jobs.

My question:
Will this move cause any Californians to rethink a future Toyota purchase?  

When corporations move from state to state, they do it to suppress wages, and to collect tax rebates subsides and credits. In the end, this type of race to the bottom competition will only harm the nation.

Toyota sells the Prius line like hotcakes in CA, in Texas, sales are lacking.
Do California residents have an obligation to punish Toyota for their disloyalty?
Does Toyota think by moving to Texas, sales will go up in Texas, and will remain static in CA?


If You Live In CA- will you still purchase a Toyota?

22%48 votes
77%168 votes

| 216 votes | Vote | Results

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So here we have billionaires and millionaires, a group of "free market capitalists" that tout meritocracy, conspiring and colluding to cripple wages for their workers.

That DOJ suit became the basis of a class action lawsuit filed on behalf of over 100,000 tech employees whose wages were artificially lowered — an estimated $9 billion effectively stolen by the high-flying companies from their workers to pad company earnings
Last week, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals denied attempts by Apple, Google, Intel, and Adobe to have the lawsuit tossed, and gave final approval for the class action suit to go forward.
The secret wage-theft agreements between Apple, Google, Intel, Adobe, Intuit, and Pixar are described in court papers obtained by PandoDaily as “an overarching conspiracy” in violation of the Sherman Antitrust Act and the Clayton Antitrust Act, and at times it reads like something lifted straight out of the robber baron era that produced those laws. Today’s inequality crisis is America’s worst on record since statistics were first recorded a hundred years ago — the only comparison would be to the era of the railroad tycoons in the late 19th century.
Read it all here.
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three hundred thousand west Virginians have been warned not to drink, touch, or smell the water coming out of their pipes. And the company that gave these citizens this special liberty water is aptly named “freedom industries”  oh the irony.

That's right, if you are a citizen of west Virginia, hopefully you didn't drink that freedom flavored H20 before the warnings came out.

Who the fuck is gonna clean up this mess? Who is going to pay for this monumental fuckup? Is it going to be the invisible hand of the free market?

If West in texas is any gauge, we won't see anything come of this. But lets not forget that unpaid volunteer firefighters died because of corporate malfeasance in texas. Now we are talking about drinking water for scores of people, is anyone going to ask why “freedom industries” was able to use the commons for free, and why they were able to poison the environment at will- who will bear those costs?

Industry has the freedom to poison and kill at will. Liberty  means killing the EPA, fuck yeah. USA USA!

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