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Are you that crazy that you think that destroying Baltimore will end police violence and brutality?

Are you that crazy?

Have you seen the destruction, violence and fires in Baltimore?

If you have, can you really say that this is a step towards progress?

I dare you to tell me that my absolute rejection of this violence is some sort of veiled response to police brutality.

Bring yourself on out because all you will be telling me and many other people who do NOT condone violence and destruction that you are more like the police who execute citizens on the street than not.  You certainly have WAY MORE in common with those people than I do.

Riots leave lasting scars on cities.  This situation is real.  Real people are involved.  People's lives are at risk and people's ability to take care of themselves is at risk.

No matter how angry you are about injustice, you will never help a situation - NEVER - by being as unjust as those who are your opponents.  NEVER.

I am so sad to see this unfold this way.  It is a tragedy that anyone around her should not be encouraging or championing.


What does a rightwing Republican Governor do when he is faced with an HIV crisis?

He turns to…

Science and Liberal policies, of course. Probably belatedly but none the less that's where he goes for solutions to curtailing the crisis.

Our "good friend", Governor Mike Pence, is not just dealing with the fallout from the Indiana Legislature's horrible discrimination bill this week, he's also dealing with a major HIV health crisis in Southern Indiana.

LA Times: "Rural Indiana struggles as 'epicenter of the HIV outbreak'"

Governor Mike Pence in the face of this health crisis has had to resort to "liberal" (gahh!) policies in order to try to curtail the problem:

On Thursday, Gov. Mike Pence authorized a short-term exchange to fight the spread of HIV, an exception to Indiana’s conservative anti-drug policy that bars needle-exchange programs that trade dirty needles for uncontaminated ones.


In addition to the needle exchange, the order sets up a command center to coordinate HIV and substance-abuse treatments, according to the state. The state is also establishing a public awareness program to explain safe sex and needle disposal and a hotline to get HIV testing and treatment.

The number of cases is expected to increase. Health officials say they are trying to contact as many as 100 people tied to those with confirmed HIV infections.

Apparently prayer isn't enough to stem this tide.

Time Magazine: How an HIV Outbreak Hit the Heartland

Indiana Governor Mike Pence on Thursday declared a public health emergency in a rural Indiana county after 79 cases of HIV were confirmed there in the last several months.


In this area of the state, there’s relatively weak public health infrastructure to prevent the infection from spreading.


“The system isn’t working and isn’t strong enough from a public health perspective,” Meyerson says.

The CDC has been called in to help…

NBC Chicago: Indiana Calls in CDC to Help with HIV Outbreak
A medical team from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will arrive in Scott County on Monday to help state staff with follow-up contacts of HIV-positive individuals and data analysis, the agency said.

Follow us: @nbcchicago on Twitter | nbcchicago on Facebook

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Short diary, but I have to say that the students of the University of Oklahoma who have been making appearances in the wake of the revelation of the SAE video have exhibited the most amazing grace and fantastic optimism about how to move forward.

Stunning grace.

I am so impressed with these kids and their desire not to look for retribution and to instead look for solutions.

The jerks on the bus are getting way too much attention, in my opinion.

The young woman who just appeared on "The Last Word" with Lawrence O'Donnell tonight and the young man with the pink tie who wants people to just get to know each other who I've seen on a number of shows inspire me and make me almost want to cry with joy in the midst of this ugly revelation.

I came to love Martin Luther King in part because he was unyielding in his just quest for equality, but even more because his quest included all and because he was so absolutely humanitarian and just.

These kids at OU responding through organizations like Unheard are brilliant future leaders that we should applaud and advance for the good of our society and country.

I am just in love with their positive and determined view of a better world; and so very, very grateful for their grace, intelligence and humanity.  

Huge applause from here.  I hope that you will join me in praising these kids.

They are amazing and wonderful.


Mon Feb 02, 2015 at 07:11 PM PST

Cannibalism and me.

by inclusiveheart

Ha.  We do not go together, at all.

Okay, you the reader is wondering then why the hell I'm thinking about it and I will share with you why I feel the need to write what is basically a ridiculous declaration of my inability to cope with cannibalism and all allusions to same.

So, there I was reading the comments in a diary about a subject that I actually do not remember when I came a across a comment calling out the creepy (for some of us) Christian ritual of symbolically drinking the blood of Christ and eating his flesh in the form of crackers and bread.

I offhandedly responded with my take which is that that ritual is to me "fucking creepy".  That's because for whatever reason I am innately and intrinsically very uncomfortable with any allusions to cannibalism, not matter "how well intended".

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All is forgiven.

Tout est pardonné.  

Here is the cover art for Charlie Hebdo this week.

I do not have the capability to embed images.

Anyone who can do so in the comments would be helpful and thank you in advance.

Today I can say without any equivocation, Je Suis Charlie.

Not that there was much, if any, prior, but there is a grace and integrity apparent here that is stunning and heartening, I think.  YMMV

Thanks for looking, reading and thinking.


Just one article of many that is reporting that the Senate Democrats are going to try to save Mary Landrieu's Senate seat by passing Keystone XL.

Senate Democrats are working on plans to hold a vote authorizing construction of the Keystone XL pipeline -- approval that Democrats believe might bolster the chances of Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.), who faces a tough runoff election next month.
It is a main street economy program, I'll give them that much.  The price we all will pay for this kind of program is a totally different question.

The action on "lessons learned" from the elections by the Democratic Leadership are only just starting to surface.  

Expect more "lessons learned" projects to come.


This diary will be very short…

CNN's "Magic Wall" is a touchscreen computer-driven device.

It is a larger version of a smartphone or tablet device.

No "magic" here - just technology and software created by people.

Just sayin' because having this so-called "Magic Wall" does not make Wolf Blitzer a wizard.

The End.

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I might have Kooties. I spell it with a "k" okay?

I was hanging around trying to help some losers with Kooties and even though I knew at the time that was a completely stupid and bad thing to do, I did it anyway.

I am sorry that I broke the rules and didn't stick with my strong Kootie-free tribe instead of trying to help them that just always have some bad disease like Kooties, but I could not help myself.

I wore all of the protective gear and I believe that I did all of the right things to avoid getting Kooties when I gave into crazy and unforgivable sympathy and tried to help, but it is now sadly possible that I am now incubating Kooties in my body and could pose a threat to spreading Kooties to many others who do not believe that they are losers.

So, I am going to self-quarantine for 21 days.  

I've picked 21 days mostly because, I don't know, just because.

I have a tent and the public health officials are going to visit me twice a day and wear a mask mostly because there is no plumbing or shower and so the tent will smell bad probably.

My dogs have already been taken to a Kootie care facility.  With any luck they will return as cool and groovy as they were before this unfortunate incident - and my incredible lapse in judgment will not have turned them into Kootie losers.

With any luck, my own personal cool factor won't be affected, either.


Tue Mar 09, 2010 at 02:46 PM PST


by inclusiveheart

Ha.  I was driving down the road and decided that I was going to try being a centrist.  I drove straight down the middle and it was so weird because there were all these people in the oncoming lane honking at me and people behind who were looking at me like I was crazy.

Once I got to the grocery store, I parked my cart right in the center of every aisle.  None could pass on either side until I was done with my casual review of the store shelves and putting my selections in my basket.

Later when I went out to a party, I decided to stand in the front doorway.  I couldn't go in entirely, but I couldn't be outside.  I needed to be in the center.  The hostess was somewhat annoyed at having to let her guests in through the back door so as to get them into the house, but I stood my ground.  I did.  


Centerism is the ONE and ONLY Way - Even when driving on a windy two-lane road?

41%14 votes
58%20 votes

| 34 votes | Vote | Results

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Just in from the Obama Transition Team: It has been confirmed that Michelle Obama will be named the First Lady in Barack Obama's Administration.  

Conservatives asked to comment on the pick were almost all angry arguing that after Obama's choice of Rahm Emmanuel, long time friend and close advisor, as Chief of Staff this decision to keep Michelle Obama on as First Lady is proof positive that Obama is going back on his promise of a unity government.

Joe Scarborough and Mika Brezinzski on Morning Joe were in complete distress.

Joe said sourly, "You know, she will be the most liberal First Lady in the White House in eight years."

Mika responded by lamenting, "I think he should have picked Sarah Palin for this position.  She's a mother, she is a stylish dresser, and she is a conservative.  If Obama was really committed to bringing this country together he would have picked Palin to be the First Lady."

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Much attention has been given to early voting and early voting states, but little to those states where early voting is not an option for the large majority of the population.  

Early voting turn out has yielded long lines and long waits - what's going to happen in states where the large majority of people will vote on Tuesday November 4th?

Here is the list of states that do not offer early voting:

AL - CT - DE - DC - KY - MD - MA - MI - MN - MS - MO - NH - NY - PA - RI - SC - VA

The states in bold are states that are hotly contested and/or considered key to Obama winning because they are electoral vote rich...

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Of course, many of us are stunned that John McCain would pick a Vice Presidential nominee who would be a secessionist.  Last time we saw a secessionist candidate on a national level was George Wallace.  Many in America today were not even born yet.  For those of you who weren't, George Wallace was the leader of the movement that vehemently opposed the Voting Rights Act, Civil Rights Act and integration.  Okay, those are things that liberals care about - not necessarily universally held as great moments across the political spectrum in this country.  

So what do we all have in common in arguments against secession and what do Alaskans in particular have to lose if Palin's Alaskan Independence Party were to achieve their goal of establishing the independent nation of Alaska?   As it turns out, they would have a lot to lose and many sane Americans might recognize the pitfalls of a plan such as this one.

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