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Fri Sep 21, 2012 at 01:06 PM PDT

Romney and me.

by timatkins

I got a bonus today.

It was from a weird salary negotiation two years ago year that ended up not working all that well for everyone involved, and I got a bonus instead of a raise.  I was pretty excited to get it because, honestly, I didn’t think I was getting it.  (So props to my company.  My company is young but growing and qualifies as a small business – and I am sure that without Obamacare my company would not have started a company health plan a couple of months ago.)

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The Republican Governor's Association knows Nathan Deal is in trouble.  The Republican candidate for Georgia's Governor is now having to rely on paid RGA spokesmen...from Alabama...who lost in distant third place in the Republican primary for State Agriculture Commissioner.  And why is the RGA having to resuscitate this dying campaign? Nathan Deal just isn't even bothering to pretend he has ethics and integrity anymore.  

There's a new story out today - there's another ethical and financial scandal involving Nathan Deal.  I can't recall there being this many ethical and financial scandals about a Georgia Gubernatorial candidate ever.

What is it this time?  Deal's spent 10x the amount of money Roy Barnes has on airplanes...and its going into a company Deal co-owns.

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Thu Apr 30, 2009 at 08:30 AM PDT

Not all Georgians are mule-screwers.

by timatkins

Ok, look, I admit I found this diary yesterday about Neal Horsley from the Georgia Creator's Rights Party funny, and I'm from Georgia.  There are screwballs in every state after all, all sorts of politicians out there that have done disgusting and/or just plain stupid stuff.  Let me be clear: I've not no issues at all with the diary and the story.

But, hold on a minute.  Taking a look at the comments this morning however...not so much.  There's way too much southern bashing going on to sit well in this Georgian's stomach.  Why in the hell with sort of attitude should Southerners embrace the democratic party, with comments such as these?

Well, it is Georgia.  He could get a pretty strong affinity vote.

The incident with the mule likely will not hurt his chances. After all, this is Georgia we're talking about . . .

I could go on and on.

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It took four phone calls from me, and one from my mom, but my 76 year old grandma went and voted today for Obama.

I'm the liberal in the family.  No doubt there.  But over the past four years, my grandma has become increasingly liberalized.  The reason?  Right wing radio, and watching CNN 24/7.  This election season, she's gone on half an hour rants against "that damn Palin woman" and how she's so worried for Obama's safety.  But she's constantly refused to vote.

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So I was listening to Neal Boortz on the way to work today - I know, I know, but in Atlanta there's not much liberal talk radio, so it's always entertaining to listen to the other side - and I caught him in the middle of a rant about voting around 11:30am.  (No transcript or such - I was driving!)


Neal Boortz is a...

9%16 votes
67%110 votes
11%19 votes
11%19 votes

| 164 votes | Vote | Results

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I've seen a lot of terrible ads in the Georgia senate race, not just the disgustingly negative ads (like the Martin supports childhood prostitution ad put out there by the Shameless side) but ads that were just really poorly done, by all sides.

But I'm sitting here, watching the 5:00 fox news, and saw a great one by the dscc.

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So I live in Cobb County, not exactly a liberal place (see Gingrich, Newt).  I decided to vote today with early voting, and headed to the closest and most convenient place for me - the Galleria Mall.

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Via the AJC's Political Insider, Insider Advantage has Obama pulling into the GEORGIA:

Obama, 48 percent
McCain, 47 percent
Other, 2 percent
Undecided, 3 percent

More below the fold:

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Thu Oct 09, 2008 at 10:14 AM PDT

It's pretty damn good in Georgia

by timatkins

I was driving home from the gym this morning around 10:00, windows rolled down to naturally blow dry my hair, listening to my favorite pop music station.  I’m about to turn onto the interstate to hop an exit home, when I hear a female’s voice saying, "excuse me!"  My first thought was "what the heck is on the radio?" then I realized the lady in the lane next to me was calling for me.

I turned, figuring she was lost – she looked in her forties, driving a big SUV, and had an intense look on her face.  Then she asked, "Where did you get your Obama bumper sticker?"

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Georgia Southern is located in the town of Statesboro, GA, which is a small town in, surprisingly enough, South Georgia . The only thing in the town is Georgia Southern, businesses there because of Georgia southern, and old southern whites apparently.

From the AJC:

Four residents have challenged more than 900 students' right to vote in Statesboro, saying they haven't lived in the city long enough to make decisions about how things should be run in Statesboro, a city of 25,000 people — roughly 14,000 of them students — about 200 miles southeast of Atlanta.

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Someone must of spiked the water in downtown Atlanta, because all of the sudden ever major politican, Democrat and Republican alike, is calling for a paper trail on our electronic voting machines.

Via the Atlanta Journal Constitution,

Politicians on both sides of the aisle Tuesday endorsed the idea of providing voters with a paper trail confirming their choices. Among those agreeing was Georgia Secretary of State Cathy Cox, who had previously opposed the idea.

...more below the fold


Why the sudden turnaround?

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31%18 votes
3%2 votes
1%1 votes
33%19 votes

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So I consider myself an amateur weather geek (who was studying to become a professional for a while but got bored) when it comes to hurricanes, so I was interested in the next storm a brewin' - Rita.

For those who haven't heard (I can't fathom why) Rita's a hurricane that was forecast to hit the Florida Keys, but the eye ended up passing right in the middle of FL and Cuba.  

This morning when I checked the updates on wunderground, it was just barely a hurricane.  In four hours in jumped up to Category 2 strength, and is now forecast to become at least a Cat 4 with 145ish mph sustained winds...

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