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TITLE HAS BEEN CHANGED by suggestion, it was: Best. Title. Ever. (worst omen ever?)  my real intro wouldn't fit - this is the pseudo intro- the original follows and please add whatever tags you think fit, its taken me 2 FN days to figure this out, my poor wee head can't do any FN tags right now!

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softly A`hem
Before we get there, probably it's best to give you just a little background...
A life time of experiences: listening to and learning from the stories, lessons and examples of men and women who generously shared their wisdom; the heartbreaking realization (at a very early age) that I'd never be able to fulfill what I'd been told was `my destiny'; serendipitously finding my soul mate; our continued journey; the addition of two children (whom I'm proud to say are also my best friends); the ebb and flow of `lost boys' (who just needed encouragement and someone to believe in them); and the `grounding reality checks' from (not all at once) seven dogs, a horde of cats, a very large round pony, 5 iguanas, a couple snakes and assorted schools of fish and some chickens; an eye opening event or three; and the input and/ or ideas from friends: whether age-old or fleeting; and the recent shocking realization that not only do I have to sit at the `adult table' for every holiday, but my husband and I now are the oldest generation in our family; and the discovery of this new place, a global village, dailykos; where folks think much like I do, but differently enough to have educated exchanges of ideas (and recipes!); the{mostly}constructive criticism; hilarious inanity, profanity and sanity; and most importantly the sharing of truth, of information, the sincere caring and willingness to try, the absolute belief that it's still worth fighting for. All of this has contributed to where I am now. This lifetime of input: the ideas and conversations: with others or overheard; everything I've ever read, or had drilled into my head - all of it has been slowly evolving and expanding and expanding to the point where my head is `bout to `splode, so I've just got to get this out and down on paper to see if it still looks like an idea.

Still here? Still want to see
 Here you go:

I took a break from news and web to do some Saturday Morning Gardening, but soon I was ruminating on Republicants and forgotten wars, lessons learned, lessons ignored; our current circus and DC; how Clubby Insiderism, capitulation & the rhetoric of appeasement encourages tyrants & despots to -discourage- strip all hope from so many; their puffed up aura of entitlement and bizarre sense ofhostility towards two things -- making a living and taking vacations & how for the average joe (AJ) this is a total reversal of the American Dream; and then I had a horrible thought-are all politicians (& even the press corpse?) reallyall about white dominance and making tons of $$; and passing laws to keep that power and $$; are they reinventing America as a 16thCentury, 3rd world country?; has the agenda always been a war on dummies, to numb AJ, make him dumb and dumber, poor and poorer, until he can't see, doesn't even know to ask What has Iraq cost us?, not only in lives, on every side,;but also in respect and standing as a nation; and AJ has no idea that On Katrinas Anniversary Homes to be Seized and Bulldozed by the government; or why the insanity of being energy hogs is unfair to the world, and is only making it worse; or that when the Ultra-wealthy cheat IRS out of $70 Billion per year it costs AJ more; that corporate greed is killing the planet, but corporations GET a Outsourcing Tax Breaks, can you believe that?; with Global Warming and Hurricanes that are stronger and more frequent; soon water shortage is going to be everywhere and Vegetables of Mass Destruction might be all we have to eat; and if you  Didn't Think Housing Could Get Worse? You Were Wrong and yet a few people still don't understand; even now they think he's gonna tell the truth well, that's THE craziest f*ck!ng thing I've heard this week this administration still cant find its ass with both hands, a map and a flashlite! and its time to stop the spin; Stop the bullshit!!; we need to use our logic and reasoning and be asking straight to the point questions, like- what are they hiding, exactly?and SPREAD THE TRUTH far and wide- - at every opportunity and you can be blunt or funny or do it with a style and grace all your own, or even a little of each; but here's the point WE WILL NOT BE SILENT ANYMORE tell the truth: that the Bush War on the Environmentis killing the planet quicker than scientists expected; and no one knows why bush wants to stay in Iraq, yeah!, riiight!!; and guess what:  Tax Cuts DON'T Pay For Themselves Really? `magine that! and despite ALL of this, there is Good News, the transformative powers of netroots is just beginning, this is the awakening of Americans and that is Bad News for BushCo, Cheers!!   AND Jeers -for what they TRIED to do, their main objective: separate US in any and every way possible: by gender, skin colour, religion, age, country of origin, or where you live now: region, state, county, etc, etc, ad nausea- well it has backfired!! It's now a Class War: (87% of the people against those with 87% of the wealth) 92% of AMERICANS want TRANSPARENT FAIR ELECTIONS; for 92% of Americans to agree period- is a miracle! (I can't get 4 people to agree on a vegetable for supper) this tells me that 92% think of themselves as Americans; that if we had transparent fair elections they would TRUST the system.  And they're beginning to see through the Leap of Faith mantra, causing unexpected changes, challenging  the status quo- just by using their Freedom of Speech; people are voicing their opinions: there's an idea for radical redistricting and that's not all: we're showing signs of life in races everywhere; just by speaking up, by being straight-up and direct without being rude, there have been events canceled because of protesters maybe we're changing hearts and minds: recently Pat Robertson Called For Action on Global Warming or maybe Americans are just slap-fed up, like the Fallen Soldier's Wife (who) Tells it Straight to Bush I'm really hoping it is the end of an era  , that the existing system, the one that has grown corrupt with graft/lobbying/k-street/quid-pro-quo, is at the onset of a radical change; and that's why I'm here because the newslessness of the MSM have left most Americans clueless to what's going on past their own noses &or neighborhoods, and WE can bring up the facts, any facts, at every opportunity, and USE each opportunity to educate, inform & engage so that we'll actually be on our way to Reclaiming the Soul of America You know, the one where we're all just Americans- not democrats, republicans, independents, greens, etc ;-just US, Americans, taking back the house state by state, making the system work for and actually represent US: all it takes is people who care more for their neighborhood town/ county/ state/ country than they do for profits, it might even  become a movement, a DailyKos American Netroots Crash the Gates National Movement, and all you have to do to join in is give a damn about your country & its constitution, tell the truth about this administration proudly & loudly, locate your candidates/representatives and talk to them, ask about their views, become involved, & spread the truth.

<><><><><><><><><><><><>< ><><><>

Are you thinking: WTF is this, a queue of other people's titles?  Umm, yeah, but...this wasn't what I came here to tell you about The plan was to have my title be a run-on sentence, made of other titles strung together, which would certainly qualify as the BEST. TITLE. EVER. It was supposed to be a quick look at & explanation of how I arrived at my ideas about what I'd do if I were in charge.
{{pulls hair back and screams}} I don't really want to be the queen

For all of you thinking: but what about my superlative diary called...
Well ...Uhmm...Each of the diaries or comments I've read has added to the clamour already in my head, screaming to get out; you all have been the catalyst, allowing me to believe again, in humanity & sanity, to believe there is hope and that people will, can and are beginning to wake up & come together, right now. So it seemed only fair that as many of you that I could reasonably fit in, should have had a share in the title.
full disclosure<Everything I've read at DailyKos has had an impact on me, I wish I had the time to read everything there is> ;-o  < the titles used here were chosen by pure chance and pisspoor search skills, the way my thoughts happened to be rambling & if the title was a phrase I could reasonably work into my idea>  :-j

Originally posted to RiaD on Sun Aug 27, 2006 at 11:58 AM PDT.


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