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(From the diaries -- kos)

This Roundup Diary covers the period from 1:00 PM Sunday, 10/1 to 1:00 PM EDT Monday, 10/2.

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Today's Menu Includes:
80 Diaries Overall
- 45 On House races
     - With 27 covering individual Districts in 16 states
- 18 On Senate races
    - Representing 9 different states
- 13 On Various election races
    - Encompassing Governor, Secretary of State, Local, and more
- 4 General election-related diaries

Over 2,600 diaries served to date!!!

This is an attempt to compile a fairly comprehensive listing of election-related diaries that have recently been posted. Most of them are House or Senate races but there are also some local ones, as well as the occasional 'general info' diary.

Reminder - If you are doing a diary on a specific race, particularly a House or Senate race, PLEASE, put the race number (or XX-Sen) at the beginning of the diary header. More diarists are now doing this and it is immensely helpful.

For all the introductory stuff and previous diaries in this series, please see:
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Election Race Roundup (9/12 - EIGHT WEEKS TO GO!) (with links to second 10 diaries in series, covering 9/2-9/11).
Election Race Roundup (9/22 - 46 Days to Daylight) (with links to third 10 diaries in series, covering 9/12-9-21).
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Election Race Roundup (10/1 - 37 Days to Daylight)

(1:00 PM, Sunday, 10/1 to 1:00 PM, Monday, 10/2):  (80 diaries)

(Alphabetical, starting from W)

   House (45)

(WA-05) WA-05: McMorris fails veterans, farmers all in one week by sowinso - Peter Goldmark (D) is running to unseat incumbent Cathy McMorris (R). McMorris is a member of the armed services committee, but couldn't manage to save 260 jobs from being cut at a local air force base.

(WI-05) Kennedy (WI-5) is within striking distance of Sensenbrenner... by cheeseismoldymilk - Bryan Kennedy (D) has been running an old-fashioned grassroots campaign against James Sensenbrenner (R) and has pulled to a 40-49 race with little or no National Democratic support.

(CA-11) CA-11th, Is Pombo on the Ropes? by fc3 - An article in a Stockton, Ca. newspaper indicates that the race between incumbent Richard Pombo (R) and challenger Jerry McNerney (D) is a very competitive one; given Pombo's terrible environmental record, a little more money in McNerney's campaign and some more volunteers could help a lot.

(CA-11) This is SO IMPORTANT - CA-11 by s marie - Jerry McNerney (D) is challenging incumbent Richard Pombo (R), who radically differ on environmental issues, with Pombo having of the worst environmental records in Congress.

(CA-45) (CA-45th) David Roth vs. Mary Bono, or Tell WHAT to WHOSE children? by soyinkafan - Diarist points out Repub Mary Bono, who agonized over what to tell her children during the Clinton scandal is curiously silent when it comes to the Foley debacle, and also reports from the campaign trail of challenger Dem David Roth.

(CO-05) Enough is Enough by Jay Fawcett for Congress - The diarist, Jay Fawcett (D) calls for investigations and accountability by the House leadership in the Foley scandal. Fawcett faces Doug Lamborn (R) in the election.

(CO-06) BILL WINTER, CO-06: A Message to Latino Americans! by Bill Winter - Bill Winters (D) on why Latin Americans should support him in his campaign to unseat Rep. Tom Tancredo (R).

(FL-16) Religious Rights Weighs in on Foleygate by SherAn - How the religious right has hypocritically abstained from commenting on Rep. Mark Foley's (R) resignation.

(FL-16) Republican Reaction to Foley Speaks Volumes by AlexJay - How the right once again somehow casts blame on "liberals" for the follies of disgraced former Rep. Mark Foley (R).

(FL-16) Was Foley soliciting prostitution by ttcrewes - Title pretty much says it all.

(FL-16) FL-16: Outraged about Foley, but not... by jdfdeuce - Diarist brings us an article from the St. Petersburg Times in which 20 Independent and Repub voters were questioned on the Foley scandal and most felt they would have no problem voting for the Republican fill-in candidate in November.

(FL-16) Screw MSM and others, we need to get proactive! by KeithCPA - Diarist emails National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and demands answers on their connection with Repub. Mark Foley.

(FL-16) Foley's Follies.  Step right up and see the man implode! by A Patriots Revenge - Diarist points out the hypocrisy of news media on Foley scandal and posts ThinkProgress' timeline on the matter.

(FL-22) FL-22: Shaw Googling Klein by SoBeDem - Diarist notes an attack site pops up when googling Dem Ron Klein, who's attempting to unseat incumbent Clay Shaw (R).

(IL-06) IL Dist 6: Where Is Candidate Duckworth? by Superpole - Suggestion that Tammy Duckworth (D) wake up her seemingly sleepy campaign if she is going to defeat state Sen. Peter Roskam (R) in the battle for Rep. Henry Hyde's (R) seat.

(IL-06) IL-06 Is the House worth a house? by curmudgiana - Diarist faces disagreement in comments for questioning Dem Tammy Duckworth's not living in her district, as she battles against Repub. Peter Roskam for this seat.

(IL-14) So When is Kos Going to Front Page Laesch (IL -14)? by Aeolus - Very brief diary asking why kos hasn't done an all out fundraising extravaganza for Dem John Laesch in his battle against Foley-damaged Dennis Hastert (R).

(IL-14) Hands-On-Hastert's Hands-On Politics by raisin - Dennis Hastert (R) is offering a version of his actions which are at odds with his normal leadership style - John Laesch (D) is running against him.

(IL-14) IL-14: John Laesch is more than "just an alternative" by Nightprowlkitty - John Laesch (D) would make a great addition to Congress - opposing him in the general election is Dennis Hastert (R).

(IL-14 & 19) ACTION DIY Justice: Hold Shimkus & Hastert Accountable by thesill - Diarist puts forth some good ideas on how to handle the Illinois press, who's giving Repubs, Shimkus, and Hastert free passes on the Foley scandal.  Dem Danny Stover needs some financial, and other help to get the word out, as right now he doesn't even have enough money to fly and hold a press conference with Dem John Laesch.

(IL-14, IL-19) Given the situation it is time to help in Illinois by Suggestion For A New National Anthem - Diarist provides links to support John Laesch(D) against Dennis Haster(R) in IL-14 and Danny Stover(D) against John Shimkus(R) in IL-19

(IL-15) David Gill (IL-15): For a Brighter Future by benny05 - Profile of Dem David Gill, who's running against incumbent Repub Tim Johnson, who is a perfect example of what David Brooks has noted about the most prominent Democratic candidates being more Mines and Mills than Towns and Gowns.

(IL-19) Take Shimkus Down - Elect Dan Stover (IL-19) by GuyFromOhio - The diarist suggests that Predatorgate may have an impact on the race between incumbent John Shimkus (R) and Dan Stover (D), and tells of a donation to the Stover campaign.

(IL-19) BREAKING: Shimkus Helped Foley Meet Pages by RandyMI - On the role of John Shimkus (R) in the Foley scandal - Danny Stover (D) is opposing him in the general election.

(IN-06) IN-06 Pence Family Owed 9 Million to Indiana Citizens (NEW SCANDAL) by Barry Welsh - Barry Welsh (D) the candidate and diarist running against incumbent Mike Pence (R) writes about how Pence's family oil business declared bankruptcy while still owing approximately $9 million to Indiana.

(MI-11) LTTE - Foley as local politics - help by KarenJG - Diarist shows how Democrats can take advantage of former Rep. Mark Foley's (R) disgrace by tying him to other (R)s, such as Rep. Thaddeus McCotter (R).

(MI-11) MI-11 Why Republicans should scare you by lizah - Thaddeus McCotter's (R) House record shows some very scary bills calling for armed state militias under Homeland Security; donations to and volunteers for Tony Trupiano (D) to get him elected are needed.

(MN-03) MN-03, Wendy Wilde calls for Speaker Hastert's Resignation by northcountry - Wendy Wilde (DFL) calls on Speaker of the House to resign - her opponent in the general election is Jim Ramstad (R).

(NC-11) NC-11: WNCNN Episode 3 - "Shiny Happy Charlie" by WNCNN - The third installment of a snarky YouTube look at the race between incumbent Charles Taylor (R) and Heath Shuler (D).

(NJ-07) NJ7 - Linda Stender: We Can Win This! by ellinton - Diarist highlights main political differences between Dem Linda Stender and her opponent, incumbent Mike Ferguson (R).

(NY-19) To Debate or Not To Debate? Which is it Ms. Kelly? (NY-19) by MrMacMan - John Hall (D) is attempting to unseat 12 year incumbent Sue Kelly (R). Mr. Hall has requested 5 public debates, one for each county represented, but Ms. Kelly only wants to debate in 2 of the 5 counties.

(NY-23) NY-23 Dr Bob Johnson challenges torture by Christopher Walker - Bob Johnson (D) calls opponent John McHugh (R) on his vote for torture bill.

(NY-26) Reynolds accepted $100,000 from Mark Foley in July 2006 by Eric Hopp - NRCC chairman Rep. Tom Reynold (R) accepted $100,000 from disgraced Rep. Mark Foley (R) after he presumably learned of Rep. Mark Foley's (R) peccadilloes.

(NY-29) NY-29: NO! to Swiftboating. NO! to Torture. YES! to Leadership. by Eric Massa - Rep. Randy Kuhl's (R) denies that henchman tried to cast doubt on opponent Eric Massa's (D) distinguished 24 year Navy career.

(NY-29) Randy Kuhl versus people who know what they are talking about... by nequals1 - The diarist reports a string of quotes from Retired Army Major General John Batiste that flies in the face of Randy Kuhl's (R) current rhetoric. Support Eric Massa (D) in his bid to unseat the incumbent Randy Kuhl.

(OH-08) Boehner has a Democratic Challenger: Mort Meier by Gator - Rep. John Boehner (R) has a challenger in Mort Meir (D), an Air Force Veteran, who wants to hold Bush responsible for over spending and rape of the environment; thanks to Dean's 50-state strategy, there is a good Democratic candidate ready to take over from Boehner.

(OH-08) Now we CAN take out Majority Leader Boehner (OH-08)!! by Doolittle Sothere - On the heels of learning House Majority Leader John Boehner (R) knew about the Foley scandal, the diarist suggests that Dem Mort Meier has an opportunity to win, and solicits contributions accordingly.

(OH-14) OH-14: Canvassing for Katz (D) by Hiram - The story of a day's canvassing by a Kossack for Lew Katz (D), running against Steve LaTourette (R).

(OH-15) OH-15: Canvassing on a sunny Sunday in OH-15 by ArchTeryx - Spending a pleasant Sunday afternoon in a mixed neighborhood, the diarist managed to register perhaps 15 Democratic voters to vote for Mary Joy Killroy (D) in her campaign against Deborah Pryce (R); every little bit and vote helps.

(OH-18) My Daily Donation | E-37 | $20 to Zack Space by cmanaster - Today's donation goes to Zack Space (D), who's running against the withdrawn Bob Ney (R). Over $3,500 has been raised for netroots candidates, with almost $1,000 of the diarist's own money donated.

(PA-07) Crashing the States - PA-07 Sestak - WITH VIDEO by Reality Bites Back - New update from Crashing the States, with link to video of Joe Sestak (D), and lots of info, in his race against Curt Weldon (R).  Bill Clinton will be coming to help Joe Thursday!

(TN-07) (TN-07) Democratic Congressional Candidate Bill Morrison Asks Just How Much Did Marsha Know? by win7 - Diarist reprints a press release from Democrat Bill Morrison's campaign to Republican Marsha Blackburn about her knowledge of the Foley scandal in her position as Assistant Majority Whip.

(House-Var) All of Hastert's Reynolds' and Boehner's Men and Women by democraticavenger - List of supposedly "independent thinking" House Repubs who have taken money from their leadership including Rep. Dennis Hastert, Rep. John Boehner, and Rep. Tom Reynolds.

(House-Var) Six issues for every House candidate by elsaf - Comprehensive and concise list of 6 issues that will persuade voters to go Democratic in Nov.

(House-Var) Fight the Foley Five: by The Cunctator - Diarist has links to the site to support the Democratic challengers of the "Foley Five" includes brief biographies of both the Democratic challengers and their Republican opponents.

   Senate (18)

(WA-Sen) WA-Sen: Libertairan Self-finances by dgb - Diarist theorizes that Bruce Guthrie (L) is dumping a million dollars into his campaign so as to allow Sen. Maria Cantwell (D) and Mike McGavick (R) to trigger the millionaire's amendment.

(CT-Sen) 153 Reasons not to vote for Joe Lieberman by davefromqueens - 153 reasons, and over 153 links on why you shouldn't vote for Joe Lieberman (CT-LIE) in his bogus race against Dem Ned Lamont.

(CT-Sen) Card Wanted Lieberman to Run Iraq Fiasco by redglare - Brief diary linking to WaPo article reviewing Woodward's new book and claim Joe could have been Rummy's successor.

(HI-Sen) HI-Sen: Thielen (R): Rumsfeld resign; oil funds terrorism by scottmaui  - Diarist takes a look at some of the unusual positions on the issues taken by Republican Cynthia Thielen in her race to defeat Democrat Daniel Akaka.

(ME-Sen) ME-SEN I want my Country back by jeanhaybright - Compelling speech from Dem. candidate Jean Hay Bright (D), on why she is running for the Senate against Olympia Snowe (R).  Hope she gets a donation link posted!

(OH-Sen) OH-SEN DeWine: "We're not in Iraq primarily for the Iraqis. We're in it for us." by ca democrat - On Meet the Press this morning, Senator DeWine (R-OH) told Tim Russert that the American forces are in Iraq to protect "American families" and "our interests". He also said that there should be an investigation of Foley. DeWine faces opposition from Sherrod Brown (D) in November.

(TN-Sen) RASMUSSEN POLL (TN-SEN): Ford in the lead by 5 points! by mhinds01 - Has the latest Rasmussen polling on the Tennessee Senate race between Democrat Harold Ford, Jr. and Republican Bob Corker.

(TX-Sen) TX-Sen -Making Habeas Corpus a campaign issue by Andy30tx - Challenger Barbara Ann Radnofsky (D) issues a statement about the lifting of habeas corpus being unconstitutional, unlike her rival, Kay Bailey Hutchison, who voted for the Commissions and Torture Bills.

(TX-Sen) Why Can't KBH Give a Straight Answer on Minimum Wage? by alaprst - A letter from Kay Bailey Hutchison (R) failed to give a good answer to the diarist about her position on minimum wage, urges Barbara Ann Radnofsky (D) to press KBS for a statement on minimum wage at the upcoming debate.

(UT-Sen) UT-Sen : Ashdown Campaign Re-Invents Blue by mp - The diarist recounts a recent campaign fundraising event for the Pete Ashdown (D) campaign against incumbent Senator Orrin Hatch (R).

(VA-Sen) Frameshop: Mark Foley Raised Money For George Allen (photo) by Jeffrey Feldman - A picture is worth 1,000 words, as diarist links Incumbent Repub Senator George Allen (VA) with Rep. Mark Foley from a fundraising perspective. Allen's running against Jim Webb (D).

(VA-Sen) Your Daily Stupid Pill (Updated) by kidneystones - Diarist brings to light Repub George Allen's plans to use gay marriage to get his base to the polls to defeat Dem Jim Webb.

(VT-Sen) Wellstone & Sanders by Mavor - Diarist explores the role of Green party in progressive politics and poses the question of why the Greens are fielding a candidate in the Vermont contest between Bernie Sanders (I), who caucuses with the Dems and Richard Tarrant (R).

(All-Sen) Senate Battleground Map and Breakdown, 2nd Ed. (Sept.30) by Republicus - An overview of all Senate Races with possible outcomes, with nice graphic.

(Var-Sen) YDDN Fundraiser in NYC for Democratic Candidates by adminyddn - The Young Democratic Development Network is having a fundraiser Oct. 5th.  They have plans to give to the MO, NJ, and VA Senate races this cycle.

(Var-Sen) Dems ahead or tied in every closely contested senate seat by Paleo - Diarist posts complete list of Maxon Dixon poll findings on Senate seats.

(Var-Sen) TN-Sen, VA-Sen: Latest Rasmussen polls by kos - Dem Harold Ford looks good in his race against Bob Corker (R), but Jim Webb (D) still has some work to do against Repub George Allen, in latest Rasmussen polls.

(Var-Sen) Brooks: "This is John Edwards's Party" by philgoblue - Detailed review of Brooks article, exploring the idea that the current crop of high profile Dem Senate nominees, Brown (OH), Tester (MT), Webb (VA), Casey (PA), McCaskill (MO) and Ford (TN) are progressive everyman politicians rather than liberal elites.

   Various (13)

(CA-Gov) Schwarzenegger = George Allen + Mark Foley by David Boyle - Diarist thinks that Dem Phil Angelides should be making an ad comparing Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) to Republicans George Allen and Mark Foley.

(DE-AG) I've been outted. by Delaware Dem - Link to an article that discusses the difficulty of the DE bar exam, and compares the Dem candidate Beau Biden, and the Repub. Ferris Wharton. Our own Delaware Dem was outed in the article and will be posting under a new name here.

(MD-Gov) MD-Gov: A Desperate Ehrlich Smears O'Malley in Latest Ads by Sharon in MD - Repub Gov. Bob Ehrlich runs smear ads against Dem Martin O'Malley (D) implying O'Malley is under investigation by the FBI, which is an utter fabrication. Further news about this race is also included.

(MD-Var) MD- New polls on races for Gov and Sen. by nickshepDEM - New Mason-Dixon poll has Martin O'Malley (D) up by four of Robert Ehrlich (R) in the Governors race, and Ben Cardin (D) up by six against Michael Steele (R) in the Senate race.

(MI-Gov) Politics From a Different View - Keeping It Real MisforMichigan - Diarist discusses personal observations of the Michigan Governors race between Jennifer Granholm(D) and Dick DeVos(R)

(NC-Var) Devout Democrats by ithakid - Diarist profiles and links to new group of interfaith political activists in NC, who are looking for their first ad buy for Dem Heath Schuler in his bid against Repub Charles Taylor in NC-11.

(NM-Gen) as New Mexico goes, so goes the nation by Pathminded - The diarist poses the question of why 11% of Dems in New Mexico vote Republican.

(NM-Gov) NM-Gov Poll: Richardson Cruising to Victory by fbihop - Detailed analysis of ABQ Journal poll finding Dem Bill Richardson far ahead of challenger Repub John Dendahl.

(OH-Gen) Ohio Statewide Races: New Mason-Dixon Polls by KTinOhio - Diarist examines recent Mason/Dixon polling in Statewide Ohio Races.

(OR-All) Oregon Update: October Madness by skywaker 9 - A compilation of all the political races in Oregon for this weekend.

(Var) FOLLOWING THE POLLS: The Weekend Edition by Steve Singiser - A compilation of the polls taken this weekend.

(Var) DC Area Events Newsletter/Massa Fundraiser by howardpark - Fundraising event for Eric Massa (D) headlines this huge list of activities for various candidates in the DC area.  Sen. Max Cleland, and Rep. John Murtha (D) will be there Oct.5th to help Eric in his battle against Randy Kuhl (R).

(Var) M-D polls 10 Senate races, 4 governors races by kos - Latest Mason-Dixon polls looking pretty good for Dems, in these 10 Senate and 3 out of 4 Gov. races.

   General (4)

3 Questions for Republican Congressional Incumbents by frankb13 - Diarist lists three questions that should be asked of all Republican incumbents.

Our Lives, Our Fortunes, and Our Sacred Honor by Tamifah - Quotes the Declaration of Independence to inspire people to vote.

House Admin chair Ehlers (R) stifles Paper-Trail voting by DavidW in SF - Once again the Republicans have managed to put off making any headway on HAVA.  Links to hearing on this issue, and what you can do to help get this going.

Why by kos - Interesting look at how the 2006 elections influenced Republicans protecting Foley when his predatory practices were discovered.

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