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(From the diaries -- kos)

Tomorrow's diary will be the last one in this series. The final cutoff will be Midnight tonight. As such it will be an abbreviated version, however, I have asked our many fine volunteers to share their thoughts with the community. I hope you'll do them the honor of taking a look.
- sid.

This Roundup Diary covers the period from 1:00 PM Thursday, 11/9 to 1:00 PM EST Friday, 11/10.

(Yes, I know. It's not technically the "First 100 Hours" in the "Speaker Pelosi" sense. But since this series won't be around then, just look at it as the "First 100 Hours" after the election. Patronize us, Mmmmkay?)

Today's Menu Includes:
61 Diaries Overall
 - 24 On House races
 - 17 On Senate races
 - 7 On Various election races
    - Encompassing Governor, Secretary of State, Local, and more
 - 13 General election-related diaries

Over 6,800 diaries served to date!!!

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(1:00 PM, Thursday, 11/9 to 1:00 PM, Friday, 11/10):  (61 diaries)

   House (24)

(AZ-05) Recount in AZ-05 by Dour - Possible that Rep.-elect Harry Mitchell (D) will lose in the recount, but highly unlikely.

(CA-11) The Environment Fared Well (Pombo Diaries #50) by Land of Enchantment - Diarist has a run down on CA-11.

(CA-45) (CA-45) Thank you from David Roth by soyinkafan - Diarist has a Thank You from David Roth of CA-45.

(CT-02) CT-02: Another recount by kos - Joe Courtney (D) looks like he won by 167 votes; Connecticut law says there must be a recount, but it doesn't look good for Rob Simmons (R).

(FL-13) FL-13 May be Pelosi's First Test by RFK Lives - What to do about the Florida 13th.

(FL-13) A private message to the techies who rigged the FL13 election by ultrageek - Desoto Sun Times is suggesting that the race between Dem Christine Jennings and Repub Vern Buchanan may have been rigged based on the votes for Gov and Sen.

(FL-13) Republican Kleptomania - they just can't help themselves by liberalpercy - Evidence of vote tampering, against Dems, in the race between Dem Christine Jennings and Repub Vern Buchanan.

(IA-02) IA-02: The upset of the evening (one volunteer's story) by StanBlather - Has the heartwarming story of one of Tuesday Night's surprising winner's, Democrat Dave Loebsack.

(IN-06) IN-06 I took the sword out of my chest by Barry Welsh - The Democratic candidate thanks the netroots for their help.

(IN-06) Proudly retaining the name in IN06 by Congressional Candidates Wife - Diarist has a round up from Indians 02 District.

(KS-01) (KS-01) Thank you very much by John Doll - A "thank you note" from John Doll (D), although he did not win, Dems made progress in Kansas.

(MD-06) Campaign Woes---MD '06 by RealisticDeminMD - Fighting Dem Andrew Duck (D) pulls 39% in a district which is normally at least 71% red.

(MI-02) MI02 Thank You from Kimon Kotos by The Heartland Progressive - Diarist has a Thank You from Kimon Kotos of Michigan' 2nd district.

(NC-13) Maybe Vernon Robinson Was Right. by Brad Miller - Heartfelt thank you from Dem Brad Miller, who successfully defended his seat against Repub Vernon Robinson, who ran a heavy smear campaign.

(NM-01) NM-01 Heather Wilson crowns herself winner!!! by latinleo - brings the news that Republican Heather Wilson has declared herself the winner in her race against Democrat Patricia Madrid before all the votes are counted.

(NM-01) Dear Heather. It is not about Janet's nipple. by JaciCee - Scrutinizes Repub Heather Wilson, who is locked in an on-going tight race with Dem Patricia Madrid.

(NY-03) NY-03: Thank You! by Dave Mejias for Congress - Rock on Dave! Next cycle!

(NY-19) NY-19: Add another recount to the list by NancyK - Kelly (R) has hired an election lawyer and retracted her concession to Jon Hall (D).

(NY-20) Give Credit Where Credit Is Due! by Doctor Who - Diarist has a recap from NY-20.

(PA-09) PA-09 qas it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? by DvilleDem - A write-in candidate, Tony Barr (D) with a tiny war chest but dedicated Dems, managed to win a county and a city - unprecedented gains since the 1940's.

(PA-18) Trib Article Published about Tim Murphy (R-PA) by snarkydonkey - Mainstream Media sources are reporting that Repub Tim Murphy may have spent taxpayer money in the successful defense of his seat against Dem Chad Kluko.

(TX-10) Final Diary-Ted Ankrum, TX-10 by Ted Ankrum - Iraq War vet pulls 40% without any outside help.

(TX-23) TX-23 Ciro Rodriguez & Bonilla get ready for runoff by Statusquomustgo - Ciro Rodriquez (D) faces a runoff against Henry Bonilla (R) and needs $, volunteers and support.

(WA-08) WA-08: Looking great by kos - The recount goes on in WA-08 and things may look better for Darcy Burner (D) over Dave Reichert (R).

   Senate (17)

(CT-Sen) Counter the Spin - CT-SEN Proves Netroots Power, Not Weakness by El Flailey - 90% of Connecticut voted for a Democrat.

(CT-Sen) Lanny Davis, Establishment hack, starts intraparty warfare by a gnostic - Another blowhard tries to supposedly show how Sen. Joe Lieberman's (CFL) win is a loss for the netroots.

(CT-Sen) NEW ARTICLE: Learning from Lamont - What Really Happened in CT by davidsirota -An analysis of the campaign from inside out.

(MD-Sen) Steele May Seek to Head RNC by Eloy - This may actually a good job for Steele.

(MD-Sen) MD-Sen: Democrats Seek Results, Not Revenge by Sharon in MD - Senators Mikulski and Cardin are working on what legislation they want to introduce in the first 100 days.

(ME-Sen) RECOMMEND PLS: Jean Hay Bright can use our help by rustydude - Jean Hay Bright (D) who ran against Olympia Snowe (R) needs our help in retiring her debt.

(MO-Sen) MO-SEN, McCaskill overperformed/excelled by ttoddsnyder - Sen.-elect Claire McCaskill (D) did five points better than the generic partisan ballot.

(MT-Sen) Burns Concedes - It's Over!!! UPDATE with correct Link by TheC - Bye bye Burnsie!

(VA-Sen) VA-SEN: Allen's GOTV Finally Kicks In by RandyMI - Desperate pleas to attend Sen. George Allen's (R) concession speech.

(VA-Sen) BREAKING: Allen Officially Concedes - Dems Win Senate!!! by Benjaminwise - George Allen (R) has officially conceded to Jim Webb (D) - the Democrats now officially control the Senate.

(VA-Sen) Communist spy Webb delivers Senate to Comandante Daniel Ortega by David Boyle - Apparently Sen.-elect James Webb (D) is a Sandinista.

(VA-Sen) CONGRATULATIONS! by teacherken - Diarist has the Webb rally atfer Allen conceded in Virginia Nov. 9th.

(VA-Sen) Jim Webb Press Conf 4:15 PM TODAY by howardpark - Thank you folks! A thousand people showed up on 3 hours notice!

(VA-Sen) Personally Reliving Yesterday, and Putting the Shoe on the Other Foot by RenaRF - A Kossack's story of GOTVing for Jim Webb.

(WY-Sen) Craig Thomas will be replaced by a Republican by Walt starr - Craig Thomas (R) has leukemia and will resign; his seat will go to another R.

(Var-Sen) Meet the New Senate Chairpersons! by Cleveland Indian - Ain't it sweet!

(Var-Sen) Taking a Bigger Bite of the Senate in 2008 by nathanrudy - An analysis of the additional Senate seats we may pickup in 2008.

   Various (7)

(CO, IN-Var) Heroes of 2006 - Colorado and Indiana by ultrageek - The reason the Democrats took the House.

(IL-State) Blue Illinois by Frank Palmer - Illinois is now a true-blue state, with the election swinging over half of the population to having all Dems in charge.

(IL-Var) Other Illinois results by Frank Palmer - A rundown of Illinois State Houses and other races.

(NY-State) Winning Back New York by yodafone - In light of disappointing State Dem Party efforts in NY State Senate races, diarist offers to build website dedicated to getting NY Dems elected. Commenters interested in helping.

(OH-Var) Ohio's live 2006 election results fed to GOP server by luaptifer - Blackwell strikes again!

(OH, NM-Var) OH-2, OH-15, NM-1: Still in play by kos - In OH-2, Jean Schmidt (R) leads Wulsin (D) by 2,323 votes with provisional ballots still out; in OH-15, the lead by Pryce (R) is 2,835 over Kilroy (D) with 41,000 provisional and absentee still uncounted, in NM-1 we still don't know if Heather Wilson (R) will keep her seat or it goes to Patricia Madrid (D).

(TX-State) Unions and down ballot victory in Austin, Texas by manoffire - Suggests that some down ballot victories for Dems in TX was that State House Rep Dem Patrick Rose was assaulted in the poll queue by fmr. State House Rep Repub Rick Green.

   General (13)

Busting My Butt on Election Day by Zoltan - Has a personal account of the hard work of Election Day.

E-Voting - After Action Report (LA County) by Vyan - Another report on how the vaunted e-voting may be a dud.

Youth Vote Drives Overall Midterm Turnout Increase? by Michael Connery - Diarist has a look at the youth vote.

87% of Jews vote Democrat by WinSmith - Now that's something.

Bush: Democrats Have their MANDATE to Govern as they wish! by tlh lib - Defining mandates, then and now.

Scarborough credits dKos for Democratic Control of Senate. by FWIW - Dkos, unfortunately, does not credit Scarborough for much.

RootsCamp in SecondLife Day 2: The Local (Election) Scene by ahoppin - Local elections analyzed in second day of virtual camp for activists, organizers, campaign workers and others.

Food for Thought: GOPers who barely won by TDDVandy - Diarist considers possible missed opportunities in 2006.

Jim Webb smacks down NPR - really! by xanthe - Jim Webb leads challenge to tired old framing of Dems, election.

The Deciders by dhonig - Lovely cartoon about who the real deciders are in the USA, and what they decided.

Let's Hear it For the Fighting Dems! by colinb - A thank you to all of our '06 Fighting Dems.

Vive la Différence! by Red Wind - Highlights the differences in post-election breakdown between Adam Nagourney, who trumpets Chuck Schumer and Rahm Emanuel versus Greg Sargent, who highlights DNC Chair Howard Dean's role in this election.

Did Clinton Fox Smackdown Turn Tide? w/poll by Church Street - Suggests Pres. Clinton's aggressive defense of his position against Chris Wallace's leading questions may have turned the election.

Originally posted to Daily Kos on Fri Nov 10, 2006 at 09:26 PM PST.

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