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Time to take stock of the best hate mail gems from the last 13 weeks (has it been that long already?).

Well, 12 of those 13 weeks. The "Dear Socialist Fuckstick" email is the undisputed champ and was an instant classic. But putting that one aside, what's your next favorite hate mail?

Minimal snark from me this week. I spent enough time sifting through 12 weeks of this crap to dig these up. I've done my duty. If you want snark, you can go read the original postings, or provide your own.

April 11:

I read your pathetic Oboma ass kissing site and you people are fucking morons. I saw you on TV and you look like a little smug faggot. I think all liberals should paint themselves black and find some black ass to have gay sex with. You people are a disgrace to the white race and to America. Your bastard president and he is a bastard cuz his white mom was a single whore when she got knocked up with him. He is a one termer, he lied, he duped, he brainwashed Americans and now they are GETTING it. You live by your whacked out biased polls, I dont need fucking numbers to see what Americans minus the liberals think of this disgusting person and his dog face bucked teeth wife. THEY ARE HATED. I CAN ONLY HOPE HE DROPS FUCKING DEAD.

April 18:

Just remember: You'll be paying first for bringing America to catastrophe. What a low life mother-fucker you are, and nobody among you, fucking libs, has a honor to see PEOPLE behind the "human material", as you see us. I'm sure you don't believe in God, or Satan, however most of the PEOPLE, who didn't vote for Lord Obama, it's half of the US, pray that you drop dead and not just you, but all your seeds, that you brought to this life. You think, it can't happened? Karma is the tricky thing. You're disgusting living thing. And from me personally: Fuck you, and your loved ones!!! God bless America I know !!!

After taking a quick look at this blog I have reached several conclusions:

/1. You hate 99% of the American public, which is conservative NOT
nazi. Please understand the difference in worldview!

/2. Most of what you (all) write is outside of the bounds of reality,
so much so that I honestly wonder where you guys (and gals) are taking
your marching orders from: The Communist Internationale maybe?

/3. And lastly, a warning: If ANY of you Leftist wingbats EVER post an
anti-government comment, we will make sure that the FBI, the DHS and
other agencies that keep an eye on evil extremists like yourselves
will "pull the plug" on your online hate-fest.

The Lord Rebuke You! Get a clue, grow a brain and get a life!

April 25:

Your Rag.

As most of you left wing, America hating, so called open minded bigots are fond of calling those of us who refer to ourselves as conservatives, "douchebags", I shall refrain from doing so to you at The Kos. It is not out of pity however for you, as you lay in your chosen M.D.'s office, likely awaiting your second or third late term abortion, but that this word attached to your website would be an insult to douchebags everywhere. What you have written about the Jr. Ms. Palin is despicable, and at some time in the near future, I hope that you find yourself being gang raped by an entire chapter of Godless, yet America loving Hell's Angels. I hope that I can be the one to arrange it, you fucking Liberal pussies.

May 2 and May 9 were slow weeks, which brough us to May 16:



May 23: This edition of the hate mail-apalooza bears revisiting -- I dug up old mail from when McCain picked Palin as his veep choice. Some hilarious stuff in there, and especially delicious given Palin's flameout last week. But aside from that, these two particularly stood out:


Hey, guess what, I was BORN AND RAISED

(That was the entire email.)

Keep it coming

Keep up the good work.  P Diddy, Ayers, Marx, Hitler, etc. would be very proud of your work.  Now, go fuck yourselves.  Youe are lower than whale shit on the bottom of the ocean.  Have a nice day.

P Diddy. That still cracks me up.

May 30: This was the death edition of this series. Apparently, wingers want the following dead: Barack Obama, me, everyone who reads this site, five American cities, and whatever rodents and reptiles one particular emailer eats for dinner. This one was happy Obama had won because it meant terrorists would wipe out millions of Americans:

Dear Daily HOs,

 I'm glad Obama was elected president.  Maybe he and his liberal friends (including you assholes) will let in enough terrorists who will blow some shit up.  They won't go after middle America (in which I live in) because we're not a large enough target.  No, they will want more dead bodies.  That's where you come in.  I spent a few minutes on your site and realized that you're all fucked in the head brainless pussies.  I'd like to personally kick the shit out of you.  But since you're probably in New York or Los Angeles, that's not going to happen.  I've been to Los Angeles.  What a shithole.  I'd like to get some good pizza in NY, but not at the risk of running across assholes like anyone on the New York Times, Madonna, David Letterman, or any other cocksucking liberal.

  One day, I'll pick up the newspaper and it will say, Muslim terrorists blow up Manhattan, Boston, Detroit, Los Angles, and Washington, D.C.  As sad as it will be that those stinky ragheads will have spilled precious American blood on our soil, at least most of you liberal assholes will be burnt to a cinder.  Just keep up your liberal ways, letting all the illegal aliens in, handcuffing our military and police, and you'll see what happens.  I'll have a box of tissues for my tears, mourning the lost lives, and also a nice bottle of wine knowing that most your you asshole libs are now feeding the worms six feet under.  And in closing, fuck you!

June 6:

... Have you ever studied the American Revolution? Guess what? I have and although that took place some 235 years ago there are some very eerie similarities and I am telling you before Americans succumb to this whacked out society you have in your dreams they will rise up against you.

You have no idea what middle America thinks of you and your kind. Trust me they will not lay down for you.
I never used to get involved, NEVER, until I started seeing crazy left wing changes that I just won't accept.
Faggots kissing in public in front of my children? That is just one thing. Baby killings - CRAZY.

Another good example of who you people are is written some where else too. Have you ever really read Revelations? Have you ever seen the Left Behind films? You are on the side of Mr. Mancuso, you know Satan and the Anti Christ.
I believe in God, I don't know if I believe in the Revelations chapter though but I have to admit to myself what is written there is exactly what I see your kind doing.
Fighting for all the scum and degradation of the world.
Faggot marriage
Drug legalization
Baby murder, unrestrained
and ON and ON.
It is SCARY and you don't even think it is evil.

What if I decided to abort your two kids when they were about to come out of your wife? What if I stuck a sharp object into their brains and sucked their little bloody gray matter out?
Please God how can you let your site be used for this.
I hope you ask yourself that when you go home and look at your own precious kids. There could be more precious kids that good people could adopt. I wonder how many baby murders your site alone is responsible for??

Sick Bastards!

Do you get tired of being a little dick all the time. It looks like you like being the fast talking B S ass hole. You don't like people with moriles, because you feel inferior and since you are gay you need all of us to except you now. If we don't then you go into panic mode and feel you might be doing something wrong. So we have to have all these christions except us or we are going to HELL. News you are going to Hell, so you can change your ways or not. We don't have controll, so what we excepe or not dosen't matter. If you are destent for Hell there isn't anything we can do about it. Just ignore this message the end result is the same, so it:s all in your court, where it:s always been. You can down republicans all you want, but you know you are full of shit. So Obama dosen't read books because he is flying to New York and everywhere else because he is the Ruler and God. Can you come up with your own idea with out having someone else to put down. PROBABLEY not BECAUSE YOU WOULD HAVE NOTHING TO SAY. You have to have a couple of brain cells in your head or at least in the head of someone close. Dick Chaney is not your enemy, its just that you are such a little maget, dick, ass hole,fucking moran, pisser,slime, . I think you are a fucking GAY fagit and are mad. To bad it:s not my problem un less all you little fagits want to change all the rules for every one else. So you don't want a president that reads, it's so much better to have a president that doesn't read anything and thinks he is GOD. You also think he is GOD and you are a fool, ass hole, pile of shit, scum sucking magit, pile of shit,gay fucking quire. Do you get the message yet. DICK

Still waiting for the US Army recruiting story...story of a US soldier killed by a Black Muslim  -  an anti-American  radical who has been charged with 15 counts of terrorism.

That would be in Arkansas. The state with two DEM US senators, a DEM GUV and a DEM legislature.

...So, Where is the post?...

....Or is time for more paeans and homages to abortionist (excuse me, womyn's health care provider) Dr. Tiller?

HYPOCRITES, thy is your name! ...

June 13:

your site is vicious facious relentless and hateful.  you are abusing your first amendment right by attacking those in whom dont agree with you. FUCK YOU!!! your site gives a distorted view of the country for your own political agenda. you make reverend wright look like ghandi, clean up your acts douchebags. RUMSFELD!!!!

June 20:

Dear Daily Communist

Greetings komrad you leftist homeless-sexuals should call your welfare (smellfare) programs what they are namely a payoff to Obummer's drug dealer suppporters and donors you see when money gets redistributed from hard working Americans to drug addicted minority hobos it effectively becomes a bailout for the crack industry.

HItler's Son

I believe you are the offspring of
Adolf Hitler and Ms Satan.  You dont deserve to live in this country and spout your evil diatribe.
I will predict that your future is getting shorter by the day. My group is supporting an ad
to provide your bio for all to see.  I could call you all kinds of names but then I would be no better than you. If I were you I would watch my step. Evil is your middle name.  This garbage that you promote only helps prove what an idiot you really are.


July 4:

I am a member of Mensa International and we had a recent meeting which required we study your show over a three week period and comment on just exactly what we thought.  We all agreed your show was quite intertaining.  However, the main question was; how can a man with the brain power of a knat and the persistence of a common housefly function on a seemingly higher level. We all concluded that you have a strong almost school girl crush on Obama and when you are on your knees sucking that hard that the high volume of air rushing to your pea like brain causes a temporary increase in intellence, allowing you to function on a higher plane for short periods of time. This is entirely just an opinion, because as Mensa members we rarely have contact with Democrats.  We did find it interesting though, that when someone questioned your falling ratings, that you countered with your show had increased in ratings and never mentioned Fox which has been kickin your butt for years, by big numbers.  Gee, I wonder who is speaking for the people? Try reporting this; why is it that so called News Reporters never ask Capitol hill why no one reads bills before they sign them? By the by, if Rush Limbaugh is such a bad guy, why does he smoke you on ratings? Most people don't know who you are. This is as it should be.

Originally posted to Daily Kos on Sat Jul 11, 2009 at 10:00 AM PDT.


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