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I've been keeping and posting a list of books by Kossacks for a couple years now.  It has grown so large I needed to split it into two parts to stay within the diary length limits.  To be included on the list below, the authors had to meet the following criteria:

  • active kossacks: the author must be a registered user who must have posted a comment or diary within the past six months (or so)
  • books in print: the book must be currently in print and available from a retailer
  • no self published works: sometimes it is hard for me to determine which books are self-published, but I've made my best effort

The most recent version of the second part of the list, with all the out-of-print books and self-published books and books by former kossacks and books by relatives of kossacks can be found here.

Special shoutout to the new addition to the list: Rachel Vogelsang.

(Mostly) Fiction (including authors who have published both fiction and non-fiction books)
Kathi Appelt (kappelt): several children's books including, The Underneath
Steven Axelrod (stevenaxelrod): The New Anthology of American Poetry Volumes I and II
Bruce Coville (Audio Guy): many books for children, including Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher
Betty Cross (Kimball Cross): Discarded Faces
Kate Davies: several spicy romances including her latest, Lessons Learned
Summer Devon (katier): several steamy romances
Stephanie Draven: Midnight Medusa
Molly Dwyer (Circle): Requiem for the Author of Frankenstein
Michael Ehart (IsraelHand): The Servant of the Manthycore
Donna Gillespie (Themistoclea): The Light Bearer and Lady of the Light
Benjamin Grossberg (claytonben): two books of poetry
Leigh Grossman (Swordsmith): most recently a pair of fantasy books and an older eclectic mix of other fiction and nonfiction
Brooks Hansen (brux): several books including John the Baptizer
Brent Hartinger (BrentHartinger): several books for young adults
Sally Tyler Hayes or Teresa Hill (teresahill): many romances under two names, including Someone to Watch Over Me
Denise Little (denisegreenbay): many books including Swordplay
Jean-Marc Lofficier (Lupin): The Katrina Protocol and several comic books and books on comics
Greg Machlin (StanBlather): contributed two monologues in 60 Seconds to Shine Volume IV
Jennifer Malin (melpomene1): As You Wish and other romances
Lyra Marlowe (Linda in Ohio): Thirteen Silver Moons and The Flavor of Summer
Kelly McCullough (KMc): several science fiction books, including WebMage and MythOS
Joe McGinniss, Jr (joemcginnissjr): The Delivery Man
Shirley Meier (Vryka): several books including her most recent Eclipse Court (self-published, available free on-line)
David Seth Michaels (davidseth): The Dream Antilles
R. Scott Peoples (Unitary Moonbat): Crusade of Kings
R. A. Salvatore (RASalvatore): many fantasy books, including The Dark Elf Series and his latest release, The Ghost King
Karen Schwabach (SensibleShoes): several books for children, including The Hope Chest
Manda Scott (Airmid): several books including No Good Deed
Michael Shay (Cheyenne Mike): The Weight of a Body
Ray St. Louis (kuulray): The Road Dog Diary
Mark Sumner (Devilstower): several books, including Devil's Tower
Wil Wheaton (CleverNickName): Dancing Barefoot and Just a Geek

Non-Fiction (topics of a political nature)
Frederic Bender: The Culture of Extinction and several books on Karl Marx
Barrett Brown (barrettbrown): Flock of Dodos: Behind Modern Creationism, Intelligent Design and the Easter Bunny
Greg Callus (Morus): Guide to the 2010 General Election (that's the UK election, for those of you wondering)
Frederick Clarkson (Frederick Clarkson): Eternal Hostility and edited Dispatches from the Religious Left and wrote the introduction to Steeplejacking
Carl Eeman (WineRev): Generations of Faith: A Congregational Atlas and two more: Recounting Minnesota: Blogging the Al Franken Election Saga and Encampment: A Novel of Race and Reconciliation (just released)
Jeffrey Feldman (Jeffrey Feldman): Framing the Debate and Outright Barbarous
Tracy Fessenden: Culture and Redemption and The Puritan Origins of American Sex
Brandon Friedman (Brandon Friedman, was The Angry Rakkasan): The War I Always Wanted
Bruce B. Janz (mitumba): Philosophy in an African Place
Melissa Harris-Lacewell (Melissa Harris Lacewell): Barbershops, Bibles, and BET: Everyday Talk and Black Political Thought
Dale T. Mathews (maracatu): contributed the chapter "Can the Dominican Republic's Export-Processing Zones Survive NAFTA?" to Free Trade and Uneven Development
Bill McKibben (Bill McKibben): several books, including Fight Global Warming Now
Ilona Meagher (ilona): Moving a Nation to Care: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and America's Returning Troops
Markos Moulitsas (kos): Crashing the Gate and Taking on the System
Keith Olbermann (Keith Olbermann): several books, including his newest Truth and Consequences: Special Comments on the Bush Administration's War on American Values
Robert Paehlkee (global citizen): several books on Environmentalism and Politics
Charles F. Peterson: DuBois, Fanon, Cabral: The Margins of Elite Anti-Colonial Leadership
Hillary Rettig (lifelongactivist): Lifelong Activist
Jill Richardson (Jill Richardson, was OrangeClouds115): Recipe for America: Why Our Food System Is Broken and What We Can Do to Fix It (just released)
Paul Ruschmann (Dump Terry McAuliffe): many books, including several in the Point/Counterpoint series
Adam J. Schiffer (cardinal): Conditional Press Influence in Politics
Tim Schilke (ColdFusion04): Growing Up Red
Jeff Sharlet (Ishmael): The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power
David Swanson (David Swanson): Daybreak: Undoing the Imperial Presidency and Forming a More Perfect Union (just released)
Nate Wilcox (Texas Nate): Netroots Rising
John K. Wilson (JohnKWilson): several books, including his newest Barack Obama: This Improbable Quest

Non-Fiction (all other topics)
Aaron Barlow (AaronBa): an eclectic mix of books including, Quentin Tarantino: Life at the Extremes (coming soon)
Isaac Bonewits (ibonewits): a mix of books on magic and Paganism
Edward J. Branley (YatPundit): New Orleans (Images of America)
Adam Brate (The Cunctator): Making the Cisco Connection and Technomanifestos
Sean Brodrick (seanarama): The Ultimate Suburban Survivalist Guide
Steve Brown (creekobear): Unlocking the Canine Ancestral Diet: Healthier Dog Food the ABC Way
Maria Bustillos (superba): Dorkismo: The Macho of the Dork
William H. Calvin (wcalvin): several books, including his most recent Global Fever: How to Treat Climate Change
Raines Cohen (raines): contributed the chapter "Aging In Community" to the collection Audacious Aging
Pam J. Crabtree and Douglas V. Campana (blue jersey mom and blue jersey dad): several books on Archeology including Comparative Skeletal Anatomy
Jonathan Dembling (Seonachan): has essays published in Transatlantic Scots and Canan & Cultar
Molly Devon (mollyd): Screw the Roses, Send Me the Thorns
Edward Dorn (claude): contributed the essay "In Memoriam: Richard Brautigan" in Richard Brautigan: Essays on the Writings and Life
Sven Eberlein (citisven): Dancing on the Brink of the World
Steven A. Edwards (MadScientist): Nanotech Pioneers: Where Are They Taking Us?
Steve Gimbel (SteveG): The Grateful Dead and Philosophy
Rebecca Haidt (concernedamerican): Embodying Enlightenment
Marrena Lindberg (cordgrass): The Orgasmic Diet
Mark McEntire (illinifan17): several books on religion including his latest Struggling with God
Andrew McMichael (AndrewMC): Atlantic Loyalties and History on the Web
Curt Meine: several books on conservation biology including his latest, Correction Lines: Essays on Land, Leopold, and Conservation
Mark A. Michaels: Tantra for Erotic Empowerment and The Essence of Tantric Sexuality
Andrew Milner (zkg): has contributed to Stephen Sondheim: A Casebook and other reference books
Maryanne Nasiatka (Cordelia Lear): Michigan Breweries (with Paul Ruschmann)
Melissa Jo Peltier (hopesprings): several books on dog training, including her latest, A Member of the Family
Brad Plumb (Last Years Man): translated TREEDOM ― The Road to Freedom from Japanese to English
Anna Romero (themis): Psychology Demystified
Siobahn Ruck (lineatus): illustrator and collaborator on Identification Guide to North American Birds Vol II (self published)
Eric Schiller (MakeChessNotWar): many books on chess and lingusitics including The Big Book of Chess
Sally Schneider (grannysally): several books, including her latest Crazy for Scraps: 19 Favorite Quilts from Sally Schneider (just released)
Jeff Schult (jeffbot): Beauty from Afar: Medical Tourist Guide to Affordable and Quality Cosmetic Care Outside the Us
Eric Siegel (EricS): Designing Quality of Service Solutions for the Enterprise and Practical Service Level Management: Delivering High-Quality Web-Based Services
Nate Silver (poblano): Baseball Prospectus and other books on baseball
John Y. Simon (Stonewall Custer): Meade's Army: The Private Notebooks of Lt. Col. Theodore Lyman
Brad Smith (briefer): Oklahoma Automobile Insurance Law and Practice
Jane Stillwater (Jane Stillwater): Bring Your Own Flak Jacket: Helpful Tips for Touring Today's Middle East
Michael Swaine (mswaine): Fire in the Valley: The Making of The Personal Computer
Rachel Vogelsang (racheltracks): racheltracks
Dirk von der Horst (dirkster42): contributed the essay "Precarious Pleasures" in Progressive Rock Reconsidered
John M. Wagner (EquationDoc): Computational Cell Biology
Mitzi Waltz: several books on autism and other neuropsychiatric conditions for patients and their families
Lesley Wischmann (kainah): Frontier Diplomats: Alexander Culbertson and Natoyist-Siksina' Among the Blackfeet
Carl A. Zimring (Nuisance Industry): Cash for Your Trash: Scrap Recycling in America

Diary-Only Kossacks (those who almost never comment outside their own diaries)
David Brin (David Brin): many books, including the award winning The Uplift Saga and non-fiction books too
Will Bunch (attytood): Tear Down This Myth: How the Reagan Legacy Has Distorted Our Politics and Haunts Our Future
Michael Connery (Michael Connery): Youth to Power
Howard Dean (Gov Howard Dean MD): Winning Back America and You Have the Power
Amitai Etzioni (Amitai Etzioni): several books, including his newest New Common Ground: A New America, a New World
Al Franken (Al Franken): many books including his most recent, The Truth: With Jokes
Robert Fuller (Robert Fuller): several books on society, including All Rise
Aaron Glantz (War Comes Home): The War Comes Home: Washington's Battle Against America's Veterans
Melvin A. Goodman (Mel Goodman): several books, including his latest, Failure of Intelligence: The Decline and Fall of the CIA
Mike Gravel (Mike Gravel): many books, including his most recent, A Political Odyssey
J. C. Hallman  (JCHallman): The Chess Artist and The Devil Is a Gentleman
John Kerry (John Kerry):  several books, including his newest This Moment on Earth
George Lakoff (George Lakoff): many books, including his latest, The Political Mind: Why You Can't Understand 21st-Century American Politics with an 18th-Century Brain
Joe Trippi (Joe Trippi): The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Originally posted to sarahnity on Tue May 18, 2010 at 11:00 AM PDT.

Also republished by Readers and Book Lovers.

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