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On February 11th, former president of Egypt Hosni Mubarak stepped down and turned over control of the country to the military. As angry and determined protesters gathered en masse outside of presidential palaces throughout the country, in front of the state TV station, at the gates of the parliament building, and, of course, in Tahrir Square, the secretary general of the National Democratic Party and other party leaders resigned, and a country-wide general strike appeared likely to shut down Egypt, the military removed Mubarak and his family from the presidential palace in Cairo. Egyptians celebrated across the country and the world. We are all so proud of the Egyptian pro-democracy protesters and what they accomplished through peaceful demonstration. Surely there is considerable work ahead, but the Egyptian spirit shining though in this video makes it all seem possible.

There is also a great collection of celebratory photos here.

The Egyptian military has thus far met two of the pro-democracy protesters' demands: to remove Mubarak from power and dissolve Parliament. It has also suspended the constitution and will run the country for six months, or until presidential and parliament elections can be held. Ayman Nour, who played a key role in the protests, announced on Sunday that he will again be be a presidential candidate. However, the military has not met one of the protesters' key demands to remove the thirty year old state of emergency decree, nor has it released all of Egypt's political prisoners. The protesters announced on Sunday that there will be another million man Victory March this coming Friday to ensure progress towards their goal of a civilian led, democratic government. Meanwhile, Reuters reported that "an army source said military authorities would issue an order on Monday that would ban meetings by labor unions or professional syndicates, effectively forbidding strikes, and would tell all Egyptians to get back to work." There will also be a warning "against those who create 'chaos and disorder,'" although the army would acknowledge "the right to protest." In the international arena, the military reaffirmed Egypt's commitment to uphold treaties to which it is signator.

Remembering the Martyrs

Even while it celebrated on Friday and cleaned its streets on Saturday, Egypt has not forgotten its martyrs.

(h/t Simone Daud)

Egypt Statement: Coalition of youth of the revolution Feb 6th, 2011

Fellow great Egyptian citizens ... We are your daughters, your brothers and sisters who are protesting in Tahrir square and other squares of Egypt, [and we] promise you not to go back to our homes until the demands of your great revolution are realized.

Millions have gone out to overthrow the regime, and so the matter goes beyond figures in particular to the whole administration of the Egyptian state, which was transformed from a servant of the people to a master of them.

We have heard the president’s disappointing speech. And really someone who has killed more than 300 youths, kidnapped and injured thousands more is not entitled to brag about past glories. Nor are his followers entitled to talk about the President’s dignity, because the dignity [of] life and security of the Egyptian people is far more valuable than any single person’s dignity no matter how high a position he holds.

Our people [have] live[d] though tragedy for a week now, since Mubarak’s regime practiced a siege against us, releasing criminals and outlaws to terrorize us, imposing a curfew, stopping public transportation, closing banks, cutting off communications and shutting down the Internet. But if it was not for the courage of Egyptian youths who stayed up nights in the People’s Committees it would have been a terrible tragedy.

We want this crisis to end as soon as possible and for our lives and our families’ lives to get back to normal, but we do not trust Hosni Mubarak in leading the transitional period. He is the same person, who refused over the past 30 years any real political and economic reforms, and he hired criminals to attack Tahrir square and the peaceful demonstrators there, killing dozens and injuring thousands – including women, elderly and children.

Also, we will not allow the corrupt to remain in charge of the state institutions; therefore, we will continue our sit-in until the following demands are realized:

1 – The resignation of the President, and by the way, this does not contradict the peaceful transition of power nor the current Constitution, which allows and organizes this process.
2 – The immediate lifting of the state of emergency and releasing all freedoms and putting an immediate stop to the humiliation and torture that takes place in police stations

3 – The immediate dissolving of both the Parliamentand Shura Council.

4 – Forming a national unity government that political forces agree upon, which manages the processes of constitutional and political reform.

5 – Forming a judicial committee with the participation of some figures from local human rights organizations to investigate the perpetrators of the collapse of [the] state of security this past week and the murder and injury of thousands of our people.

6 – Military in charge of protecting peaceful protesters from thugs and criminals affiliated with the corrupt regime and ensuring the safety of medical and nutritional convoys to civilians.

7 – The immediate release of all political detainees and, in the forefront, our colleague Wael Ghoneim.

* This is a statement from the coalition of youth.

Workers Throughout Egypt Continue to Strike

Inspired by the Tahrir Square protests, employees organized strikes throughout Egypt last week. On Tuesday, February 8th, an estimated 6000 service workers on Suez went on strike and were later joined by unions spread across many industries, both labor and professional. Their demands ranged from political issues to workers rights and wage increases. Although not all called specifically for Mubarak to step down, the strikes threatened to shut down the country and contributed substantially to the human rights message. Many workers continue to strike this week. The police surprised everyone by striking and being granted an salary increase doubling their pay.

A quick rundown of last week's strikers includes: 500 employees outside the headquarters of the state-owned Rose al-Youssef newspaper and magazine; 200 journalists at the Journalists' Syndicate in downtown Cairo, around 500 print-shop employees at Al-Ahram newspaper; an estimated 5000 employees of the state-owned telecommunications giant, Telecom Egypt; over 100 workers at the state-owned Kafr al-Dawwar Silk Company and over 500 at the state-owned Kafr al-Dawwar Textile Company; approximately 4000 workers from the Coke Coal and Basic Chemicals company in Helwan; around 2000 workers from Helwan Silk Factory; in the Nile Delta City of Mahalla, some 1500 workers at the private-sector Abul Sebae Textile Company; some 2000 workers and employees of the Sigma Pharmaceuticals company; in Mahalla, Gharbiya, hundreds of workers from the Mahalla spinning company; more than 1500 workers at Kafr al-Zayyat hospital, also in Gharbiya; in Suez, more than 400 workers from the Misr National Steel company. More details regarding their demands are available in an Al Masry Al Youhm article (H/T under the bodi tree). Update: Railroad workers, bus drivers, doctors and lawyers join the strikers later in the week.

Wael Ghonim Inspires Largest Protest Yet on 2/8 After His Release

Ghonim, the Google executive who started the revolution when he founded the FaceBook page "We are all Khaled Said" was released on February 7th after a ten-day detention during which he was kept blindfolded. Immediately after being released he gave an intensely moving interview on Egyptian television which can be viewed in three parts below. You can also watch Ghonim's February 9th interview with CNN here. Most importantly, Ghonim reminds us that he is just one of hundreds, maybe thousands, of other political prisoners in Egypt who must be released.

The protests on February 8th, in response to Ghonim's release, were the largest yet. Scarce published a diary of phenomenal photos of the Tahrir Square February 8th protest. Spirits were high and protesters revealed the legendary Egyptian sense of humour. Unspeakable shares a few highlights of protesters mocking Suleiman's accusations that they are foreign agents. On the 8th protesters expanded their encampment to the Parliament building, professors from Cairo University marched on Parliament Street, 6000 service workers went on strike in Suez, and state media workers are reportedly organizing a strike. They will march to the presidential palace on Friday.

A Nile Lesson for the World

The rioters in Cairo's Tahrir Square and the Western commentators on those riots have both missed a vitally important component of Egypt's miseries: its excessive and rapidly rising population. With such population growth, even the wisest Egyptian ruler, the great Ptah-hotep, could not have achieved a rapid rise in the living standards of Egypt's people. We should not mock; if this problem is not attacked seriously and rapidly on a global scale, the world of the 22nd century may bear all too great a resemblance to today's downtown Cairo. - Martin Hutchinson, Asia Times (h/t kossack elliott)



Recommended Video Feed
Live Video Feed from Al Jazeera here

For those of you with a Roku set-top box, you can now apparently access Al-Jazeera English on your TV.

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The Guardian - Protests in Egypt Live Updates

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New York Times Lede blog

opendna has posted a powerful twitter streaming tool which allows you to stream #jan25 and 'egypt' twitter feeds. Highly recommended.

simone daud has a new regularly-updated news feed Arab Sources (3rd February) from Arabic sources (mostly RNN and MB forums). Additionally, there are several other Arabic speaking Kossacks: soysauce, unspeakable, sortalikenathan, and fire bad tree pretty, that can help in translations or give context not necessarily being presented in English-language media. If anyone else can help with translations please let people know in comments.

weasel has a great diary up tracking uprisings and news from across the Middle East and North Africa


In-Depth Blog Posts or News Articles:
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Richard Lyon has written The Muslim Brotherhood In Egypt providing historical and political context.

Communicate if Your Government Shuts Off Your Internet, Wired's guide to reconnecting.

Juan Cole's background analysis of the causes of Egypt’s Class Conflict, posted on 01/30/2011, is one of the most important articles for Americans to read right now, per NBBooks.

Mondoweiss has a series of posts on Egypt.

Boing Boing's own posts and their Egypt news roundup

The Angry Arab News Service (As'ad Abu Khalil) has ongoing insights/commentary and a broad network of contacts in the Arab world (h/t sofia).

links to multimedia (videos and stuff) of Egypt protests

Salon article on the Mubarak regime's lobbyists

I applaud this Washington Post editorial.

Don't Fear the Muslim Brotherhood by the Brookings Institution (h/t bicycle Hussein paladin).

Teacher's Lounge: Teaching Cairo by annetteboardman (if enough teachers want to suggest lessons or teaching methods on this, I'll add a new section for teaching resources/suggestions)

The Arabist; Egyptian journalist, Iskandr El Amrani's blog (h/t soysauce)

alMasr Al-Youm:; Independent Egyptian media considered the most important outlet in Egypt; Arabic with English co-site. (h/t soysauce]

Latest Egyptian Antiquities News Kossack Thutmose V is tracking the story around the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities.

Sharif Kouddous of DemocracyNow is in Egypt.

Global Guerillas USAF Intel, John Robb's blog who is covering the situation. h/t G2geek

NYTimes blog The Lede h/t fladem


Many Kossaks have been covering this developing story. Here's a listing of the diaries posted since the events in Egypt started to unfold (Tuesday, January 25, 2011). Please check them out.

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