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Iowa Gov on Looming Bacon Shortage: Baloney!

Tonight's sampling:

[MO-Sen] "Missouri Women Vote" Savages Todd Akin by durrati - A new ad from Missouri Women Vote takes a cudgel to Akin (R-Nutjob) for voting against the National sex offender registry. Dem Claire McCaskill is the incumbent.

[TX-14] What if I told you a Democrat is gonna win Ron Paul's seat? by Patience John - A new poll shows Nick Lampson (D) leading Randy Weber (R) in this district.

[OR-Measure 81] Voting Against Oregon's Gillnet Ban by Cedwyn - Diarist takes a hard look at the "Protect Our Salmon Act" and concludes that it won't protect salmon, but is really a power grab by sport fishermen and a diversion from salmon restoration projects.

Today's EDR covers rescued down-ticket election diaries published between noon on September 26th till noon on September 27th.

This edition of Election Diary Rescue includes the following gems dug up by our miners, for a total of (42) diaries:

Senate: (17) posts, (6) states
House: (8) posts, (7) states, (8) districts
State: (3)
Various: (2)
Ballot Initiatives: (2)
General: (10)

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EDR compiles, describes and links election related diaries for down-ticket races through the closing months of election seasons. Down-ticket means any non-Presidential race.

This group was formed by the producers of a front page diary series that rescued election related diaries in 2006, 2008 and 2010. 2012 marks the first election since Daily Kos was born that there is blog devoted to election coverage - Daily Kos Elections.
Election Diary Rescue is proud to be a part of this project.

EDR chronicles the passion, power and effectiveness of political engagement and shines a light on candidates and issues that might be missed during an action-packed election cycle. It gives quick access to races, hopefully inspires people to write about contests that interest them, and has become an archive for thousands of election related diaries over the years.
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[AZ Sen] Another Poll Shows AZ Senate race tied by biscobosco - A fourth recent poll in AZ shows the senate race is tied, or is close. This new poll conducted by Anzalone Liszt Research shows Jeff Flake only holding a slim 44-43 lead over Dr. Carmona.

[AZ-Sen] AZ-Sen: Dr. Richard Carmona's (D) Internal Poll Shows Him Trailing Jeff Flake (R) By 1 Point! by poopdogcomedy - Diarist has some polling info on the open Arizona Senate seat between Dr. Richard Carmona (D) and Jeff Flake (R).

[AZ Sen] Dr. Richard Carmona for Arizona Senate by regis - There is a new Poll shows Dr. Richard Carmona for Arizona Senate tied with Jeff Flake.

[CT-Sen] CT-Sen: PPP Has Chris Murphy (D) With A Six Point Lead Against Linda McMahon (R) by poopdogcomedy - Murphy leads McMahon 48-42 according to the latest Public Policy Polling poll.

[CT-Sen] Linda McMahon thinks it's time to 'sunset' Social Security by Joan McCarter - Republican Linda McMahon, speaking to her Tea Party supporters back in April, proposed a 'sunset provision' on Social Security. Chris Murphy (D) is her opponent, link to ActBlue for donations.

[CT-Sen] PPP: Chris Murphy widens lead in Connecticut Senate race by Joan McCarter - Republican Linda McMahon's efforts to convince women she's not anti-woman don't appear to be working. PPP puts Democrat Chris Murphy up 48-42. ActBlue link included.

[HI-SEN] Hawai`i peace advocate Maya Soetoro-Ng: President needs Mazie's strong voice in Senate by raatz - Maya Soetoro Ng endorses Congresswoman Mazie Hirono (D) for the US Senate. Former governor Linda Lingle (R) is Hirono's opponent.

[MA-Sen] Ad Reboot: "Scott Brown, Regular Guy" by Crashing Vor - Diarist offers his latest web ad highlighting the nastiness of incumbent Scott Brown (R), for his opponent Elizabeth Warren (D).

[MA-Sen] No apology from Scott Brown, but he does scold 'both sides' to behave by Joan McCarter - The principal chief of the Cherokee Nation demanded an apology from Sen. Scott Brown (R) and his staff for their racist display at a recent campaign rally against Elizabeth Warren (D). Brown didn't apologize, just encouraged "both sides" to not be racist assholes.

[MA-Sen] Scott Brown Gives His Staff One Last Chance to Stop Racist Taunts of Elizabeth Warren by HoundDog - Diarist covers taunts by Scott Brown's (R) staff in the Senate race from Massachusetts with Elizabeth Warren (D).

[MA-Sen] Scott Brown just earned $100 from me by mffarrow - ...for Elizabeth Warren's campaign.

[MO-Sen] in PA just got Akin $$ appeal call by pasuburbdem1 - It says it is an "emergency" campaign to raise money to help Akin so the Republicans can win the "4 seats needed" to win the U.S. Senate.

[MO-Sen] Let Stench Be Gilligan, Let Akin Be the GOP by durrati - Todd Akin (R) has a history of saying stupid things. Claire McCaskill is the Democrat in this race.

[MO-Sen] "Missouri Women Vote" Savages Todd Akin by durrati - A new ad from Missouri Women Vote takes a cudgel to Akin (R-Nutjob) for voting against the National sex offender registry. Dem Claire McCaskill is the incumbent.

[MO-SEN] National Republicans Fund "Legitimate Rape" by Tom Poll Master - After piously proclaiming it's revulsion for Todd Akin last month, the National Republican Senatorial Committee issued a statement Wednesday "clarifying" its support for Rep. Todd Akin in the Missouri Senate race and suggesting it might spend money to help elect him.

[WI-Sen] Thompson says he's the man to 'do away with Medicare and Medicaid' by Joan McCarter - Presumably referring to his efforts as governor to eliminate Wisconsin’s welfare program, Thompson said “who better than me … to come up with programs to do away with Medicaid and Medicare?”

[WI-Sen] WI-SEN: Thompson getting hammered over "do away with Medicare/Medicaid" video by gf120581 - Covers why Republicans are again supporting Akin in Missouri while giving up hope on Thompson in Wisconsin.


[FL-26] FL-26: Unknown Democratic challenger tells FBI that Republican incumbent was behind his campaign by Christian Dem in NC - Diarist covers the money scandal in the FL-26 race between incumbent David Rivera (R) and Joe Garcia (D).

[IA-04] Breaking on IA-04 - it's getting very close by teacherken - Democrat Christie Vilsack's campaign announces that PPP has Steve King (R) at 48 over Vilsack's 45, with a 4 point margin of error. The campaign's internal poll has King at 46 to Vilsack's 44, meaning Vilsack has cut the margin from 16 points to only 2. This one is doable.

[MI-08] Campaign Update 9/26: Lance Enderle invites Mike Rogers to two more debates. Rogers dumbfounded. by Lance Enderle - Dem candidate as diarist reports in on Tuesday's debate with Republican incumbent Mike Rogers, with roundup of campaign activities for the week.

[MN-06] MN-6: For The Sake Of This Country's Sanity, We Need To Vote Out Michele Bachmann (R) by poopdogcomedy - A diarist's request to get rid of Bachmann by donating to her opponent Jim Graves (D).

[MN-08] MN-08: Who's Kidding Who Chip? Your Latest Bill Is Just Another Frilly Frock by keewatinrose - Chip Cravaack (R) has introduced a mine regulation bill into Congress, but it's just window dressing. Rick Nolan (D) is his opponent.

[NC-09] NC-09 Bye-bye Sue, Hello Jennifer! by wallys son - Diarist has some good info on the NC-09 open race between Jennifer Roberts (D) & Robert Pittenger (R).

[TX-14] What if I told you a Democrat is gonna win Ron Paul's seat? by Patience John - A new poll shows Nick Lampson (D) leading Randy Weber (R) in this district.

[WI-01] Paul Ryan's Despicable Ad for His Congressional Seat!  WI-01 deserves better representation! by hungry coyote - According to yesterday's Politico story, Paul Ryan now refers to Mitt Romney as The Stench.


[AZ-MaricopaCoSheriff] Private Citizen Slams Sheriff Arpaio with Scathing Ad by meeble - Diarist offers a web ad from a private citizen aimed at notorious Sheriff Joe Arpaio (R-Wingnut) for not investigating sex crimes while busy brutalizing Hispanics. Arpaio faces Paul Penzone (D) and Mike Stauffer (I) on November 6th.

[IN-State House] Indiana State House seats Ratings II: The Rest of Indiana by SouthernINDem - Diarist gives detailed state-wide breakdown and analysis of a bleak outlook for Dems in the Indiana State House.

[PA-AG] PA-AG: Battled Tested Kane Still Standing Strong by BKGyptian89 - For the first time since it became an elected position in 1980, Kathleen Kane is poised to become the first Democrat and the first woman to win the office.


[Var-Polling] Daily Kos Elections Polling Wrap: Midweek polls continue very bullish on President Obama by Steve Singiser - Wednesday, as it happened, provided absolutely zero salvation for Republicans who spent most of the early part of the week working feverishly to convince themselves that the bad polling they were seeing was simply some kind of large-scale conspiracy designed to trick people into thinking that Mitt Romney was losing, and dragging the bulk of the GOP down with him.

[Var] Orange to Blue roundup, 9/26/2012 by Joan McCarter - Roundup of the day's Orange to Blue candidates and the state of their races.

Ballot Initiatives

[MD-Question 4] New Polls Show Strong Voters Support For Maryland DREAM Act by AmericasVoice - Support for Maryland's Question 4 is at 58-34 in a new poll.

[OR-Measure 81] Voting Against Oregon's Gillnet Ban by Cedwyn - Diarist takes a hard look at the "Protect Our Salmon Act" and concludes that it won't protect salmon, but is really a power grab by sport fishermen and a diversion from salmon restoration projects.


An Iowa Early Voting Update by FightingRegistrar - Early voting is officially underway in the swing state of Iowa. According to the Secretary of State, Dem requests for absentee ballots are running nearly 5 to 1 over Republicans, and more than twice Independents.

Bishop Paprocki: "Voters who support Democratic Party candidates are voting for 'intrinsic evils'" by JGibson - Yet another out-of-touch idiot conservative Catholic Bishop making the news, and this one is from the Bishop of the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois, Thomas John Paprocki.

Does Mitt really have time left to save this race? by restondem - "So Romney who is currently losing the election could actually LOSE THE ELECTION RIGHT NOW!!!!!! So as we not only try to register people to vote, lets also remind them that they can vote in some states RIGHT NOW." The website www.270towin has information on which states have early voting.

House election predictions by Skaje - Will we gain the net 25 seats we need to to take back control?  Things are looking up! Diarist's analysis and predictions.

How to Vote in Ohio 2012 by hungeski - A series of political moves from both sides since 2004 have changed the way citizens vote in Ohio. Diarist describes the issues, lists the dates, and links sources for detailed information and/or help.

I voted! by luckylizard - Diarist responded to an invite from OFA in Iowa to be among the first to vote on the first day of early voting in Iowa. While the organizers were sort of late and sort of disorganized, the pre-poll opening crowd was excited and ready to go. Task completed!

L.A Times: Tea party groups work to remove names from Ohio voter rolls by TeamSarah4Choice - The Ohio tea party has been working hard under the banner of the Ohio Voter Integrity Project, a subsidiary of the Koch network's True the Vote, to launch spurious challenges to Democratic voters in the state.

Nancy Pelosi Explains to Rachel Maddow How Democrats Can Win Back the House by hungrycoyote - The DCCC has shifted ad buys around in a quest to win 25 seats in November. Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi appeared on Rachel Maddow's show to explain that the election landscape has changed with the Paul Ryan pick for VP on the Republican ticket.

Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center calls voter ID implementation flawed by jakewaters - The latest from the Harrisburg's The Patriot News website,, in advance of the resumption of the PA Voter ID hearing tomorrow: PENNDOT should stick to putting license plates on cars, not ready for prime time in competent production or issuance of Voter IDs. Who Knew?

TX AG Defends Anti-Voter Registration Law Kept In Place by SCOTUS by alaprst - TX AG, Greg Abbott undermining voter integrity to protect Republican interests.

* A big THANKS! to all our dedicated EDR volunteers (in alphabetical order): Alma, eeff, EvanInNY, foreverblue, Joieau, nomandates, Oke, randallt, restondem, Spedwybabs, Sylv, TruthOfAngels and turbonerd.

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Originally posted to Daily Kos Elections on Thu Sep 27, 2012 at 03:00 PM PDT.

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