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Only A Dozen Days Left!

Samples of Today's 49 Diary Collection:

[OH-Sen] OH-Sen: Even Conservative Media supports Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown by RandomNonviolence - Diarist provides a summary of Ohio newspapers that have endorsed Senator Brown and a link to volunteer to keep up the momentum for him.

[WI-01] What is it with GOP mean and rape? by Troutfishing - Democrat Rob Zerban's campaign has a great new video short compilation of GOP candidates supported by Paul Ryan and Ryan himself speaking of rape. ActBlue link for Zerban included.

[NC-StSen-09] NC Senate candidate Deb Butler shows how to take on rightwing abortion zealots by James Protzman - Wow! Dem Deb Butler's ad featuring an OB/GYN telling Thom Goolsby (R) a thing or two about what women don't need.

Today's EDR covers rescued down-ticket election diaries published between noon on October 24th till noon on October 25th. This edition of Election Diary Rescue includes the following gems dug up by our miners.

Diaries: (49)
Senate: (11) posts, (5) states
House: (6) posts, (4) states, (5) districts plus various
State: (6)
Ballot Initiatives: (5)
Various: (4)
General: (17)

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Orange Squiggle of Down-Ticket Power

EDR compiles, describes and links election related diaries for down-ticket races through the closing months of election seasons. Down-ticket means any non-Presidential race.

This group was formed by the producers of a front page diary series that rescued election related diaries in 2006, 2008 and 2010. 2012 marks the first election since Daily Kos was born that there is blog devoted to election coverage - Daily Kos Elections.
Election Diary Rescue is proud to be a part of this project.

EDR chronicles the passion, power and effectiveness of political engagement and shines a light on candidates and issues that might be missed during an action-packed election cycle. It gives quick access to races, hopefully inspires people to write about contests that interest them, and has become an archive for thousands of election related diaries over the years.
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EDR's schedule for mining diaries is noon to noon. Our publishing schedule is in the evening. That means for example if you post your diary at 12:00 pm (noon) on Wednesday, we will include it in the EDR list in Thursday evening's post. If you publish your diary at 11:59 am on Thursday, it will be in the diary collection for Thursday evening as well.


[IN-Sen] Even the Media in Turkey is Reporting Mourdock's Recent Statement by InAntalya - There's even a backlash to Republican Richard Mourdock's recent statements in Turkey.  Go Joe Donnelly!

[IN-Sen] IN-Sen: Desperate NRSC Tries To Tie Joe Donnelly (D) to Todd Akin by poopdogcomedy - Republicans turn surreal by linking Donnelly to one of their own, but it won't wash. You already know about Richard Mourdock (R), although you probably wish you didn't.

[IN-Sen] IN-Sen: Stephen Colbert's awesome takedown of Richard Mourdock's rape comment by BruinKid - Stephen Colbert really took it to Indiana U.S. Senate candidate Richard Mourdock (R) for his rape comment, and expanded it to all the other Republicans who've recently made disgusting comments as well. Democrat Joe Donnelly is the alternative choice.

[IN-Sen] Mourdock "one of the toughest days of my life quick frankly" by Anton Bursch - Aw, poor Richard Mourdock (R). His itty fee-fees are hurt because people noticed what he said about rape babies being a 'gift from God'. Joe Donnelly (D) should pick up the Mourdock deserters.

[IN-Sen] Romney refuses to withdraw support for Mourdock by rpj2004 - Mitt Romney is still backing Richard Mourdock (R), even after his offensive comments about rape. Joe Donnelly is the Democrat in this race.

[MA-Sen] A Glossy Pro-Life Postcard for Scott Brown in my Mail: His Agenda is Bad for Women by 51percent - Diarist writes about a slick pro-life mailer from Scott Brown (R), demonstrating yet again that Elizabeth Warren (D) needs to be the new Senator from Massachussetts.

[MA-Sen] Elizabeth Warren takes lead in WBUR poll by Joan McCarter - Elizabeth Warren (D) leads Scott Brown (R) 48-43 in a new poll.

[MA-Sen] Elizabeth Warren: “I am not afraid.” by abs0628 - Warren (D) rips it up in a campaign event, to the delight of the diarist. Scott Brown (R) is her opponent.

[ND-Sen] We Can Win in North Dakota. Yes We Can. by Alice Olson - A poll released today has Democrat Heidi Heitkamp up by one over Rick Berg (R) in the race for the Senate seat being vacated by Kent Conrad.

[OH-Sen] OH-Sen: Even Conservative Media supports Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown by RandomNonviolence - Diarist provides a summary of Ohio newspapers that have endorsed Senator Brown and a link to volunteer to keep up the momentum for him.

[WI-Sen] Tammy Baldwin hits Tommy Thompson on 'false and vicious' 9/11 ad by Joan McCarter - Tammy Baldwin (D) hits back at Tommy Thompson's (R) incoherent and despicable 9/11 ad. And he totally deserves it. And when Tammy hits back - damn! ActBlue link inside.


[MN-06] Bachmann update MN-06: the pork-lusting, tax-and-spend fiscal conservative by Bill Prendergast - Michele Bachmann (R) has a hypocritical history of petitioning the Federal government for stimulus funds. Jim Graves (D) is her opponent.

[MN-08] MN-08: Cravaack Campaign Crying Crocodile Tears Over Nolan Ads by keewatinrose - After making accusations of not being a legal resident against one of his opponents, Cravaack's upset over questions directed at him since his entire family resides in New Hampshire.

[NY-11, NY-StSen] Reminder: DFNYC Evening of Action for 2 NYC Candidates by Rosalie907 - Diarist reminds New Yorkers of an event in Brooklyn tomorrow for two candidates. DFNYC endorses Mark Murphy (D) against Michael Grimm (R) in the 11th District, and Andrew Gounardes (D) for Marty Golden's State Senate seat.

[OH-10] What's Mike Turner hiding? by actappan - Turner (R) seems to have a lot of unexplained legal bills. Sharen Neuhardt (D) is his opponent.

[WI-01] What is it with GOP mean and rape? by Troutfishing - Democrat Rob Zerban's campaign has a great new video short compilation of GOP candidates supported by Paul Ryan and Ryan himself speaking of rape. ActBlue link for Zerban included.

[House-Var] Action Diary: Support DCCC Red to Blue Candidates via Virtual Phone Banking (contacts for 22 of 55) by peregrine kate - This diarist has gone to a LOT of work to put together the first installment of a step by step guide to virtual phone banking.


[AZ-Maricopa CoSheriff] Sheriff Joe Arpaio shoots AZ GOP in the foot: a Maricopa County trifecta possible by ninothemindboggler - Shifting demographics and Sheriff Joe's longstanding antagonism towards latinos may lead to his defeat in November and also give Democratic Senate candidate Paul Penzone may get a boost.

[MI-HD-41] Tea Party Troy Mayor Daniels disrespects Disting'd Citizen awardee, arguing with her during ceremony by Eclectablog - Troy Mayor Janice Daniels slights Mary Kerwin (D), who is running against Martin Howrylak (R).

[MN-StSen] Conflict of Interest? David Hann, GOP Health Insurance Salesman by TwoPuttTommy - Minnesota's State Senator David Hann (R) is a licensed insurance salesman, including health insurance. He has been very deceptive in describing his position in order not to present the appearance of conflict of interest. Laurie McKendry is his opponent for the seat.

[MO-AG] Tea Party and Farmer's Markets; Chris Koster and Raw Milk by charliestl - Diarist sells bread and vegetables at a local farmer's market, and became aware of a lawsuit filed by the current AG against a family farm selling raw milk. Current Attorney General is Chris Koster (D), being challenged by 'no regulations on anything' Tea Partier Ed Martin (R).

[NC-StSen-09] NC Senate candidate Deb Butler shows how to take on rightwing abortion zealots by James Protzman - Wow! Dem Deb Butler's ad featuring an OB/GYN telling Thom Goolsby (R) a thing or two about what women don't need.

[NY-11, NY-StSen] Help elect 2 good NYC Dems: 1 for Congress & 1 for the State Senate by Rosalie907 - Diarist has info on 2 New York State races.

Ballot Initiatives:

[CA-Berkeley Measure S] Berkeley, You're Doing it Wrong (Measure S) by breakingranks - The measure would fine people for sitting down on sidewalks, and reveals Berkeley at its worst: a city that supports social justice and human dignity only as long as it doesn't involve dealing with anything uncomfortable.

[CA-Props 32 & 33] An Open Letter to The Insurance Billionaires Behind Props 32 & 33 by Consumer Watchdog - Text of an open letter from the California Nurses Association and Consumer Watchdog Campaign inviting Mr. Munger & Mr. Joseph to have an open, honest public debate.

[CA-Prop 32] CA: Proposition 32 (AKA Screwing Unions) Going Down Hard in New PPIC Poll. by jpmassar - New poll released by the Public Policy Institute of California, has labor successful in convincing Californians that Proposition 32, forbidding unions to use payroll deductions from their members to fund political activity without explicit permission, is a bad idea. This prop is going down to defeat by a margin of 14%.

[MI-Prop-2] Administrators are not infallible. Support Collective Bargaining. Support Michigan's Proposal 2. by slatsg - Arguing that there should be checks on the power of administration and due process the diarist supports Michigan's Proposal 2, which will put collective bargaining rights into the Michigan Constitution.

[WA-I-240] WA I-1240: The real reason they call them "propositions" by fourthcornerman - The diarist skewers Proposition I-240, which would authorize the creation of 40 charter schools in Washington state.


[CA-Var] California Outlook (US House Races) by lordpet8 - A look at the competitive House races in California in light of independent redistricting to give Dems a real opportunity to make gains. Current standings, analysis and projections.

[CO-Var] Is the "Bennet Strategy" Working for the DCCC? by njcronk - The DCCC is handling their support of various Congressional candidates in Colorado using the 'Bennet Strategy' of slamming Republicans on women's reproductive choice issues. Is it working?

[PR-Var] Puerto Rico: General Elections - TV ads by Lrios - A quick look at the parties and campaigns in this year's general election in Puerto Rico, which include the senate (27 seats) and house of representatives or legislative assembly (51 seats), 78 mayoral races and municipal assemblies, and a Comisionado Residente (Resident Commissioner).

[Var-Polling] Daily Kos Elections Polling Wrap: Muddled messages about the post-debate electoral state of play by Steve Singiser - Today's data, on the surface, seems to have some very clear conclusions that can be drawn. However, with a little digging, it is a day of "buts".


"Bodies on the Beach": GOP Strategy Must Fail by Van Jones - A must read piece. Contributed by Van Jones as part of the DKos GOTV Blogathon.

Close to 1 million have voted in NC. Obama base is very very strong. by bepanda - A few of the figures for today concerning NC's early voting turnout.

GOTV Blogathon - Please Recommend This Diary by AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka by JekylinHyde - The blogathon is being organized by Patriot Daily News Clearinghouse, Onomastic, rb137, JekyllnHyde, boatsie, and adviser Meteor Blades. Links calling attention to important diaries inside.

House Democrats Will Make You Proud by House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi - Support Democratic candidates in their quest for a majority in the House of Representatives.

I'm Begging Here ... by kmbaya - The diarist is  an organizer in rural Iowa, and needs more campaigners to work GOTV.

Kick-Ass 2012 Election Apps by Ari Bronstein - Interested in apps that help you register your uncle to vote?  Interested in polling locations?  Campaign materials? Smart, easy canvassing opportunities?  It's all right below the fold.

Nevada Early Voting Update, 10/24/12 With Goodies! by FightingRegistrar - Updated numbers on who has voted in Nevada plus some news from the most populous counties.

Ohio's Nightmare Voting Scenario by NCJim - Cincinnati Enquirer reporter Barry Horstman has a nightmare scenario where the nation waits on Ohio's electoral votes but the absentee ballots won't be counted until November 17th or later.

On enthusiasm in CO, GOTV ground effects, battleground state races, CO early returns and LV mullarky by RWN - Diarist offers the mail-in and early voting stats so far in Colorado and other battleground states.

Remind Friends in Maryland to Vote by FourthOfJulyAsburyPark - Diarist urges those in Maryland to reach out to low information and/or apathetic voters and clarify that a "yes" vote on Question 6, "Civil Marriage Protection Act" is a vote for marriage equality and every vote is needed.

Targeting Latino Voters in Campaign Communications: New Evidence and Insights by Latino Decisions - Diarist offers studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of targeting Latino voters in campaign polling, literature and advertising, in Spanish. The demographic is sizable and could be reliably Democratic.

Texan volunteer in Ohio part by texaslucy - Diarist from Texas volunteers and writes about GOTV in Ohio.

Texas AG Threatens to Arrest Election Monitors by Ellen Columbo - Election fraud planners and their pet politicians serve up some macho bluster against UN monitors being invited to observe the polls on election day.

Three Democratic congressmen seek federal investigation of Nathan Sproul's voter operations by Meteor Blades - Three members of the VA congressional delegation have requested AG Eric Holder to launch a multi-state investigation of firms run by Republican operative Nathan Sproul.

Tips From Telemarketer & Tie in to Pollsters by gossamer1234 - Tips from a professional telemarketer on how to be successful in political calling.

Updated: Vote Early ! Is Hurricane Prep In Order for US? by divineorder - With a hurricane threatening havoc on the middle Atlantic coast, diarist urges citizens to vote early just in case the power goes out.

Voting in Florida by Wally in Miami - The longest ballot in recent memory means that for Democrats to win, it must be through absentee ballots, early voting and stamina.  Our voters must be encouraged to vote early, and if they don't to stay until the polls are closed.

* A big THANKS! to all our dedicated EDR volunteers (in alphabetical order): Alma, eeff, Joieau, nomandates, Oke, randallt, restondem, Spedwybabs, Sylv, TruthOfAngels and turbonerd.

EDR has rescued 1,317 Election Diaries since September 1, 2012.

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Originally posted to Daily Kos Elections on Thu Oct 25, 2012 at 03:00 PM PDT.

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