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It's another election season.  Much has been brought to the surface since I first wrote this compilation in 2011; however, the media continues to refuse to connect the dots.

If you haven't reviewed this article before, you will be both shocked and amazed at how successfully this 80 year plan has unfolded.  We are the deer in the headlights, albeit well-informed.

Enjoy and please share far and wide.  Peace.

I originally posted the following exposé in February, 2011 a few months before Occupy Wall Street was officially launched. Since then, Robert Greenwald has released "Koch Brothers Exposed"  

Here is the entire film:


Here is a trailer for Citizen Koch, the film recently rejected by PBS because David Koch said PBS can't run it.  David Koch funds NOVA, btw, so we won't be seeing any science proving that mankind is causing global warming by using KOCH's coal.

Below is the original 2011 exposé that includes links to some obscure documents that back up Greenwald's assertions.  Again, journalists have yet to connect ALL the dots.

Do share this with others.  

Few know the whole truth about the bought-and-paid-for Echo Chamber of Disinformation funded by the Koch Brothers and aided by Rupert Murdoch's Fox News.

And, yes, this information can be disconcerting, but let's not run away from the truth.  

This is not the only Exposé, just the only one connecting additional, important dots that even reach beyond our shores.  These billionaires want global control.  

We have to stop this cabal in 2014, 2016, and every local election from dog catcher on up.  I Europe these types of anti-social responsibility conservatives are called fascists.

Here are two other articles that back up some of the same information:

The NYTimes articles states

All three tycoons are the latest incarnation of what the historian Kim Phillips-Fein labeled “Invisible Hands” in her prescient 2009 book of that title: those corporate players who have financed the far right ever since the du Pont brothers spawned the American Liberty League in 1934 to bring down F.D.R. You can draw a straight line from the Liberty League’s crusade against the New Deal “socialism” of Social Security, the Securities and Exchange Commission and child labor laws to the John Birch Society-Barry Goldwater assault on J.F.K. and Medicare to the Koch-Murdoch-backed juggernaut against our “socialist” president (ie THE ASTROTURFED TEA PARTY and Rand Paul-like so-called Libertarians)
The Billionaires Bankrolling the Tea Party by NYTimes' Frank Rich

Jane Mayer states

David H. Koch ... and his brother Charles are lifelong libertarians and have quietly given more than a hundred million dollars to right-wing causes.
COVERT OPERATIONS The billionaire brothers who are waging a war against Obama. BY JANE MAYER

I hope you will help spread this information far and wide via Facebook and Twitter.

You may also copy and publish this information without citing me.  I'm just trying to help people understand our dire circumstances and how we got to this place.  And it is dire.  I know this is long, but please read it and share with others.

Keep Standing UP!  I am proud of all who bravely do.

THE TRUTH is unsettling; however, we MUST know how we got to where we are.  We must know The Plan being used to strip us of our freedoms by those who are using the word FREEDOM to hoodwink us. Please don't be hoodwinked.  Please take the time to read this well-cited article.  


Tired of feeling like you are in the dark, sensing the world is heading towards a precipice yet your powerless to stop it?  Feeling like your superglued to an orb spinning out of control?

Below are some snippets that connect the threads of an 80 year plan that haven't been completely connected by others.  The Kochs + The Family + The John Birch Society.  A very clever plan to grasp the world for the few, while squeezing dignity and even life from the many.

A specific faux Christian Plan has been spread and taught to politicians, dictators, corporate leaders, pastors, mullahs, power players.  Special attention and lots of financing are poured into youth training worldwide to create vessels of power.  David Bahati was chosen by the Family to be a Ugandan vessel of power, for example.

Secret Five (5) Key Men cells are in place. For a chilling wake-up, reality check, Google:  Stalin "five man cells"  Forming "Five man cells" is a very old and effective organizing technique.  

The same message is taught to all religious persuasions forming this worldwide Web of Power and Influence called The Family, a seemingly cynical reference to the Mafia.  

What is the core message?  Jesus Plus Nothing.  

In a process called Reconciliation,  US Senators open the eyes of Muslim Dictators and Mullahs.   Senators have helped them see the power of recognizing this truth.  After all, Jesus is mentioned in the Koran over 100 times. This all done in secret, of course.  On the surface, the media portrays the dramatic discourse of divisions.

Click here to read Doug Coe's Speech. Doug is the Key Man of The Family.  Rick Warren is one of many Pastors teaching leaders worldwide.  The Family are also teaching the same, quite frankly, frightening justifications to his followers worldwide :

You will find that, 80 years ago, in response to FDRs safety nets and unions gains, Abraham Vereide (founder of The Family), Fred Koch (a Vereide associate and one of the John Birch Society founders), many Politicians, Oil Men in particular, Pastors, and Industrial Leaders, began working quietly to end any/all Unions and Social Safety nets and to privatize utilities and government services.

This is a worldwide network so vast it's mindboggling.  Who are some of these people? How are they globally organized?  Read these eye popping lists.  The Technocrats:

List of American Financial Masters of the Universe and the European Masters of the Universe.

How are the threads connected?  Here's how:

This diary is organized as follows:

A Preface, hopefully to inspire us to action.

Overview of the History of Labor and Social Security

The 80 Year History of The Family, the theocratic underpinnings

Fred Koch's History, and The John Birch Society

A Plea for Us to Get Organized and Act

Lots of References to back up the diary.



Who seems to be winning in this world?

I call the whole bunch The Scrooge Class.  They are the haves that have fought to keep theirs, take yours, and send your kids off to their profitable wars and booty gains.

All was well for The Scrooge Class until 1929.  Not so well for American workers.

Lots of elderly people simply died of hunger and neglect. It was the American way for the poor, especially those with no children.

Rats infested a lot of housing in big cities. Status quo.

And most of the wealth was in the hands of about 1% of the population. The same as now.

Top 1% Income Gains Highest Since 1920s

It was a dog-eat-dog world just like it is becoming again.  Today hundreds of thousands of Americans who followed all the rules are unemployed, some for a few years now.  They are America's nouveau poor.

The Scrooge Class 80 year secret, stealthy plan to eliminate the gains our grandparents made to form unions to improve labor in America, that list of the Masters of the Universe above, are in a full court press to take us back to the horrors of 1800s and early 1900s.  

In the US, their "Right to Work" ploy is working, and we are ALL the losers if we don't stand up and fight like our grandparents did.  "Right to Work" is a euphemism for the "Right to pay low wages with no benefits."

The poverty rates in America today are worse then they are in Egypt:

40% of Americans earn less that $20,000 a year!
50% earn less than $26,000 a year!
And 72% earn less than $42,000 a year!

Here's proof of the deplorable state of income for most Americans in 2009:

Taxes Median Income

The Scrooge Class has kept wages in America flat for 30 years!

Tax Average Median Wage

Sure, in the beginning of the 20th Century there were horrible labor struggles and many workers were shot in cold blood by corporate hired goons or state militia.

And, sure, big business/wealthy had no problem working American children in sweat shops for 10 hours a day, 6 days a week, even to death.

And, yes, the wealthy Americans didn't seem overly concerned as wave after wave of immigrants came here to work in their sweat shops for barely enough to survive on.

Yes, a cursory knowledge of labor in America proves over and over again, that the top 1% are happy to have, and have little regard for those millions who make their wealth possible.


The Workers or The Masses

10.2.10 March - One Nation Working Together

In 1929, many responsible for the suffering and injustice for millions of people got their just desserts. They lost everything.

The world turned upside down. The Depression exposed just how thin the safety net for a majority of Americans really was and, worse, just how heartless and uncaring those with wealth and access to political power could be.  

After a long struggle, FDR was able to wangle a modicum of security for Americans workers, the disabled, elderly, and mothers and children left behind when Dad died.

PLEASE listen to the speech FDR gave to WAKE PEOPLE UP.  When you listen to his words, you will find that this speech is 100% relevant to the state the majority of Americans, and for that matter workers throughout the Western world, find themselves in.  THIS IS THE SPEECH WE NEED TO HEAR!

The People forced FDR's hand and Social Security Act of 1935 became law. Click here to read the SSA of 1935.  It's short and to the point..

Labor won many of its battles. Unions were created to stand up for workers rights.

The War Against Labor and Social Safety Nets Was Launched.

THE 80 YEAR HISTORY OF "THE FAMILY", the theocratic underpinning of the so-called, world-wide AUSTERITY MOVEMENT.

1930's:   Abraham Veriede, the founder of "The Prayer Breakfast organization now known as The Famly" began to organize an anti-Union battle in the Northwest. He taught a new religion to America's CEOs, politicians, and the wealthy here and abroad.  A Jesus justified assault on unions, social safety nets, fair wages, and human dignity.  A world-wide power grab was launched.  (There is an in depth report by a controversial writer, Wayne Madsen.  I trust readers to use discernment here:  EXPOSÉ: THE “CHRISTIAN” MAFIA)

The War: The Masses vs The Masters .

Emphasis mine

Harper's Magazine broke the story in 2003, but few realized the global impact of The Family.

The Family was founded in April 1935 by Abraham Vereide, a Norwegian immigrant who made his living as a traveling preacher. One night, while lying in bed fretting about socialists, Wobblies, and a Swedish Communist who, he was sure, planned to bring Seattle under the control of Moscow, Vereide received a visitation: a voice, and a light in the dark, bright and blinding.

The next day he met a friend, a wealthy businessman and former major, and the two men agreed upon a spiritual plan. They enlisted nineteen business executives in a weekly breakfast meeting and together they prayed, convinced that Jesus alone could redeem Seattle and crush the radical unions.

They wanted to give Jesus a vessel, and so they asked God to raise up a leader.

One of their number, a city councilman named Arthur Langlie, stood and said, “I am ready to let God use me.” Langlie was made first mayor and later governor, backed in both campaigns by money and muscle from his prayer-breakfast friends, whose number had rapidly multiplied.

As Vereide recounted in a 1961 biography, Modern Viking, one union boss joined the group, proclaiming that the prayer movement would make unions obsolete. He said, “'I got down on my knees and asked God to forgive me... for I have been a disturbing factor and a thorn in Your flesh.'” A “rugged capitalist who had been the chairman of the employers' committee in the big strike” put his left hand on the labor leader's shoulder and said, “'Jimmy, on this basis we go on together.'”

Vereide and his new brothers spread out across the Northwest in chauffeured vehicles (a $20,000 Dusenburg carried brothers on one mission, he boasted).

Their goal: A Proto-Fascist (Business run) Government, Union Free Country, Privatized Education, and the End of Social Safety Nets all in the Name of Jesus and Freedom.

Vereide organized Prayer cells throughout the US, Europe, and even in Asia/Middle East similar to Stalin's five man cells.  

Doug Coe continued his work and The Family boldly broadcasts The National Prayer Breakfast our Presidents attend each year.

There are prayer groups in every State Legislature, groups in every town in America, and within corporations.

Matthew Lyons outlines some missing threads of how The Family operates in his article:  A powerful review of Jeff Sharlett's book, The Family, by Matthew Lyons  

This is beyond the scope of Sharlet's work, but he does offer helpful bits and pieces, as when he notes traditionally strong ties between the Family and the oil and aerospace industries (19), or Family-organized seminars for executives in oil, defense, insurance, and banking (22).

All of that is broadly consistent with previous accounts of capitalist support for the Christian Right. (See, for example, Mike Davis, Prisoners of the American Dream (Do Read the Epilogue), or Thomas Ferguson and Joel Rogers,Right Turn: The Decline of the Democrats and The Future of American Politics, published in 1986.)

For those of you who haven't read Sharlett's book, you can find much of it online:

 The Family by Jeff Sharlett

I highly recommend reading the Chapter called "The F Word", beginning on page 114, for a more detailed account of how and why The Family was launched by Vereides.

Within this Chapter, the connection between Vereides "religion", big business/wealth class, and politics was merged to become what I call The Scrooge Class Juggernaut of today:  The Family.

Is it a stretch to say that Fred Koch, father of the now infamous "Koch Brothers" was associated w/Vereide?  I think not.  Fred was one of the biggest oil men at the time Vereides organized The Scrooze Class around his teachings of how Jesus could work for them.  Fred also spend YEARS IN Stalin's Russia where he found his wealth selling his OIL Technology.  

Is it possible Fred learned, first hand, how to organize "Crowd Control" there?  This is a shuddering thought, especially because Wall Street Private Equity firms were busy last year buying up their own Private Armies like Blackwater and Dyncorp as well as gun and bullet manufacturers.  

And PRESTO, manufacturer of those Father's Day Griddles you may own, recently bought up the manufacturer of those Flash Bombs we've seen the Oakland Police launch at protestors. In fact, the majority of PRESTOs income is now made with War and Crowd Control products.


Here are some snippets about Fred Koch, the father of the now infamous Koch Brothers, and one of the Founders of the John Birch Society, whose message is echoing through the Tea Bag Party candidates, funded by Fred's sons today:

His beginnings and influence in the Soviet Union, Iraq, South Africa, other countries, and Kansas Two pages of Fred Koch writings titled: A Business Man Looks at Communism

 Page 1 Page 2

This same businessman was accused of steeling oil/$$ from Native Americans for years according to this Senate investigation.

 1961 News article re: Fred Koch, "a high ranking member of John Bircher Society":  Bircher Warns America of Massive Conspiracy

1964 News article:   Koch Answers Drew Pearson "Smear Job"

This 1964 article is a great read, as Koch spells out his business associations with Stalin's Russia.  He also mentions Ford Motor Company and others also doing business w/Stalin in 1929, 30, and 31.

Abram(Abraham) Vereides taught Henry Ford, too.

Fred Koch also had ties, through his family, with the Nazis according this this article.  This might be a stretch but thought to include this article for others researching:

The Kochs, A Nazi Past, Oil & The Foundation of The Right  
And it is well-known that Henry Ford was greatly admired by Hitler because of Ford's outspoken anti-semetic writings and his industrial prowess.

So it is NO stretch of the imagination that Fred Koch was associated with The Family.

 Read this list of past and present members of The Family of both Political Parties.

The John Birch Society began in 1958.

By that time, Veriedes had penetrated all the big corporations, especially the oil industry, as well as legislations in every state/county/town and had expanded world wide, especially in Europe/Germany.

I believe we underestimate the depth and breadth of the combined success of those who combined their money, power, and religious persuasion to undermine a very wonderful, albeit historically short period of American History:

The Ozzie and Harriet America: Post WWII - 1980

The American  tax rate was very progressive, a man's wages supported his family, housing was affordable, workers had rights to paid vacations and medical insurance/care.

Good grief, even Nixon insured housing cost fairness. Well, we see what that got him.

Based on the now known history of Veriede's work, thanks to Sharlett and others, we now know that, the minute the ink dried on the Social Security Act, The Scrooge Class began concocting the antidote:

Use/twist religion to enroll wealthy people w/promises of forgiveness and King-like worthiness AND use religion and its wedge issues to enroll the religious masses to vote against their own best interests.

In 1958 as Civil Rights heated up, members of The Family launched The John Birch Society.  The Birchers were forced underground but they never stopped working.  I will share that, when I moved to a Red State in 1991, I was invited by an associate to join The John Birch Society.

And they are winning.  Again, look at the Map of Governors above.

There are now  22 States with "Right to Work" laws.

Look around.  Millions unemployed.  Millions for more than 99 months.  Millions were lured into buying homes and millions have lost those homes and any money they had invested in them.  Pension funds were gambled away on Wall Street.  The boomers 401Ks nearly vanished.  

The money didn't disappear.  Where did it go?  Who has it now?  How will they use it.

Private Equity Funds, with the help of Too Big To Fail Banks, and even Michael Chertoff went on a buying spree last year.  Private Equity Funds now own their own armies, gun manufacturers, bullet makers, and any/all of the accoutrements of military support.  

For instance, Why would a Private Equity fund, Bank of America, and Michael Chertoff work together to buy the now infamous Blackwater?

And what do we taxpaying, nouveau poor masses get?  $700 billion in TARP bailout for the very same banks refusing to finance small business and foreclosing millions of homes, each with a family tossed out into a country with no good paying jobs for most.  The very same banks financing Private Equity Firms' purchases of a war machine.


Alive, well, and thriving.  And probably excited about all the new privatization opportunities as the Middle East Dictators topple, one by one.

They belong to all political parties, their theocratic goals have infiltrated our military, and have our  Supreme Court Justices attending and speaking  at their  Planning Meetings.

80 years of brainwashing works.  The Tea Party is their spawned movement. Religious leaders have been psy-opping their sheep for decades in concert with one another.


Is HUGE.  It meets in Davos, it has hundreds of Think Tanks, Foundations, Publishing houses, and, well, Jesus Plus Everything needed to usurp democracy and even freedom.

And most of the states now have GOP governors fully trained and indoctrinated who are financially supported by The Scrooge Class, the Koch Brothers being the most infamous these days. But they are just the tip of a very huge iceberg.

2011 Governors

The social safety net is at risk of being shredded as deficit hawks, fully trained and indoctrinated, lie.

Kansas is the home of the Koch Family.

Kansas is also the home ofending pensions for state workers. How proud the State Legislators of Kansas must all be.

How far down the rabbit hole must we fall before people here and abroad say ENOUGH?

WHERE IS OUR ORGANIZATION that even comes close to



There is a glimmer of hope.  We have a tools and groups to help us better organize.

The Occupy movement is still alive.

if you belong to a church, dare to stand up and speak up in support of the social safety ner.


Find courage if you haven't already.  Find a group you are comfortable with and work to spread truth and influence the hearts and minds of those who have been led astray by their pastors and politicians.

PLEASE VOTE, don't buy into the VOTING DOESN'T COUNT disinformation being spread.  It's a ploy to rob you even more.

The decades of vitriol and fear directed at liberals morphed progressives and the militarized power of conservatives (Blackwater, Cerberus, Veritas, The Carlyle Group), could be some reason for concern, do you think?


Not convinced that The Family has any power with our leaders?

Check out this research. Sharlett's book is full of world leaders under The Family's tutelage. However, here's an on line trail you might enjoy. What would Doug Coe have to say to George Bush about Sudan?

Here's a reference to a letter from Doug Coe to George W Bush re: Somalia, from the library table of contents. Page 114.

Google "Doug Coe" "The Clinton Library"

Google "George H W Bush" "Doug Coe

Google "Ronald Reagan" and "Doug Coe"

About the Council for National Policy I think you will find ample cross-connections between politicians and corporations in this secret organization.

Past/Present Officers & Prominent Member Profiles PART 1 ~ A - G

Past/Present Officers & Prominent Member Profiles PART II ~ H - M

Past/Present Officers & Prominent Member Profiles Part III ~ N - Z

The Family's Veriedes and Coe's records within the Billy Graham library.

The Federalist Society , the organization that Clarence Thomas 'drops-in' to speak at meetings hosted by the Koch Brothers. Also affiliated and located throughout the US and even Europe.

Papers of James Edwin Orr - Collection 355

VII. Douglas Coe. Boxes 512-540.

Among the materials in this section are correspondence on most aspects of the Foundation's work; minutes of the boards of various fellowship organizations; briefing letters sent to Core members about fellowship activities; Core planning materials; file on the formal organization of Prison Fellowship; materials on retreats Coe participated in; files on the various international trips he took, plans for a worldwide call to prayer including among other Presidents Jimmy Carter and Daniel Moi and Pope John Paul II.
Tea Party Financiers Owe Their Fortune to Josef Stalin

Transcript: Thom Hartmann asks Chris Hedges, have we witnessed the 'Death of the Liberal Class'? 9 Nov '10

A great analysis of the Market Manipulation on Wall Street.


The Scrooge Class Juggernaut is widespread, deeply rooted, and extremely well financed.

However, they are few compared to the MASSES.

Most of us here have lived during The Golden Years of American history, which has been unravelling since 1980s.

UNIONS:  We owe a huge amount of thankfulness and appreciation for the thousands of Americans who fought The Scrooge Class in the first few decades of the 20th Century.  We have reaped the rewards of their fight.  Many, many died doing so. Had they not risked everything to carve out fairness for workers via unions and civil disobedience, our lives would have looked quite different.

CIVIL RIGHTS:  We owe a huge amount of thankfulness and appreciation for all those who gave their lives ending the heinous Jim Crow policies that dogged this country for most of the 20th Century.

WOMENS RIGHTS:  We owe a huge amount of thankfulness and appreciation for all those who gave their lives to improve equality and fairness for women.

The list can go on.

The conclusion is that our children, grandchildren, and theirs are facing a much bleaker life then we enjoyed IF WE DON'T TAKE SOME RISKS.

If we continue to be quiet, quietly suffering, we will hand our progeny to a future much like that of the 1800s and the early 1900s, except they will have more technology to take their jobs and a privatized military/police force to keep them in line.

IT'S TIME TO STAND UP and end the Plans of The Scrooge Class Juggernaut.

I hope that a few in each state with find the courage to use the USUNCUT Event Calendar to create an Event or start or join the OWS group in your area.

It can be simple.  Create the event to contact you if they are interested in meeting and helping to organize.  Begin.

Of course, be smart about it.  

Only meet in public places, don't get into a car with a stranger, make sure your family knows where you are going, share phone numbers/email addresses of your contacts w/family members, etc.


But please find the courage to start something that will allow progressives of all organizations in your area to gather together so that the strength of each progressive group can be strengthened by coming under one umbrella.

If you click  here you can read more about the huge potential gained by coming under one umbrella.  


Hopefully, we have learned from history and can avoid the mistakes of others.  We can identify and root out those who would, for personal gain of money and/or power, try to takeover.  Leadership can represent the interests of all, as long as that leadership is accountable to the people.  Secrecy must end.  JFK was clear about this.  Link to JFK's Secret Society speech here.

LASTLY, unless the facts presented above are not enough to compel you to DO SOMETHING to push back

Listen to this Rick Warren speech given to youth around the world.  

Warren's speech is a snippet of the same speech used by The Family.  Click on this link to view a full transcript and/or listen to both Warren and Coe's speeches.  

Share this with your friends so they will wake up to the harmful zealotry being used to stir up blind faith following Christian youth here and everywhere.  

Ask them to Be Not Fooled.  

The intent of Warren, Coe, The Family, the Koch Brothers, ALEC, The John Birch Society, and the Right Wing, DINOs, and TEA PARTY is to hand our freedoms to a Theocratic Proto-Fascist/Corporation "governance". Hitler was a Christian, too.:

There is a temptation for the conversation to devolve into arguments of Religious beliefs and/or to bash religion in general and some specifically.  In the context of The Scrooge Class Plan, this is a waste of our time.  Religious arguing and intolerance actually feeds into the Scrooge Class Plan as it divides instead of unites.

May I, with love, recommend we each Hold onto our personal beliefs and be tolerant of others, K?  This isn't a religious war.  

This is a rerun of the oldest war on earth.

The WAR between the HAVES WHO WANT TO RULE and ENSLAVE (the 1%) and who drove these jets to Romney's private Park City retreat recently:

And THE REST OF US, the 99%

10.2.10 March:  Very Densely Populated

The HAVES are amoral, cruel, heartless, vengeful, and potentially violent.

The Rest of Us, for the most part, don't mind working our 40 hours a week for nothing more than a decent home, healthy food, adequate clothing, community safety, a good education for our children, and the ability to live with dignity until we die.

We are not getting these needs met in larger numbers every year.

The STUPID HAVES can easily provide these things and still have money to burn.  

So, how else can we conclude that their theocratic fascist follies are based on something much more sinister than GREED?

Speaking of Greed, here's where the UBUR RICH meet regularly to learn how to be more UBURLY RICH.  

You have to become familiar with TIGER 21.  Tiger 21 is relatively new, charges a $30,000 membership fee, and is where the Already Uberly Wealthy go to teach the Nouveau Uberly Wealthy how to become more Uberly wealthy and, through intimate seminars invite the Nouveau Uberly Wealthy to invest HUGE amounts in whatever Investments is ate being exclusively offered to Tiger 21 members. Bain Capital presents at Tiger 21, for example.

TIGER 21 is a secretive group.  Tiger 21 has taken this section off of their webiste, but I saved it before it was removed.  Here's their Confidentiality Statement:

Each TIGER 21 member must honor the TIGER 21 rules of confidentiality, which require:

•  Absolute confidentiality with respect to any information a member learns
       about another member’s net worth, financial affairs or income.

•  Absolute confidentiality with respect to any private or non-public information
       with respect to the investments of another member. This includes the
       agreement not to engage in the trading of any public securities based on
       any confidential information that a member gains through involvement in a
       TIGER 21 group.

Each member agrees not to compete against any other member for any investment the member learns about through the disclosures of that member


Everything in this article is disconcerting, imo; however TIGER 21 concerns me in a lot of ways.  It is growing rapidly, and now beginning to go global.  It looks like its a gathering place where the uber rich and plan together how to become uberly richer.  They literally bring all their financial information to the meetings and let the other members see everything there is to see.   That could easily open the door to insider trading....just saying.

I'll be interested in your take.

I hope you will help spread this information far and wide.  The media has told pieces of the story, but they haven't pulled it all together that I can find.  



If you click here you will find the list of my articles from 2008 - Present.  I cover a huge range of subjects; however, I am careful to provide open source citations with what I present.

We are on the precipice of Change, for better or worse?

Without you, it can be for the worse so join up somewhere to do good.



Roberts Invited Citizens United Before SCOTUS Because He Wanted To: Activism

Everything about Citizens United is fubarred.

Chief Justice Roberts literally invited Citizens United before the Supreme Court and broadened the scope of Citizens United because he wanted to.

Justice Stevens writes, in his Citizens United dissent:

...the majority decides this case on a basis relinquished below, not included in the questions presented to us by the litigants, and argued here only in response to the Court's invitation.

THE INVISIBLE HANDS: See Who Is Really Running the World

The details of how our constitutional rights to freedom are at risk are found here:

Carrying a Bible, Wrapped in a Flag, Wearing a Lapel Pin: Facts for Fending off Fascism

Truth about the "manufactured housing crisis here:

The 10 Step: Choreography of the Housing Crisis, Collusion by All

This is a complete record of evidence, to date, to support the allegation that the housing boom was a fraudulent plan that begin in 1996.  A choreographed disaster.

Some of you know that I have been researching and writing about this for over 2 years.  A bit of what I have reported is just surfacing in the news, even though I constantly contacted them and provided information.  Others have picked up a lot of the foreclosure information, which is helping.  But the A-Z story needs to be told.  I have the details.

Wall Street Banks Secretly Build The World’s Largest Private Army

Erik Prince's XMas Gift:  A Buyer for Xe/Blackwater, SOLD to Private Equity Company

Private Equity Firms Own War Contractors: DynCorp

Who is Buying Up American Firearms? Dan Quayle, Cerebrus

The homeland security industry is currently the fastest growing sector of the U.S. economy

Eisenhower about The Tea Party GOP

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