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Welcome to the August 8, 2014 Post Game Show for Mojo Friday!


I think I disagree with TexDem a little bit here, as NCAA athletes are often at risk of serious life-impacting injuries, many are in systems that don't give a damn if they graduate or not, and in which coaches and universities/colleges alike make millions.  For some sports (basketball and football most notably), these are clearly the minor leagues for those sports.  These athletes both "have it made" and are exploited.  

I did like the idea of the degree guaranteed scholarship that he makes.  

You might enjoy this pretty interesting article on The Daily Traub, To Pay College Athletes or Not to Pay College Athletes: Pandora’s Box Opened by NLRB, CAPA, and My Solution, written in March of this year.  Today's image is borrowed from that page.  He's against pay, but for a stipend, but notes that this is pretty uncharted territory:

As I said, this is Pandora’s Box. No one knows what is going to happen or what this all means for the future. The only reason why this is an issue for football and basketball is that there isn’t another route for them to take to get paid and that’s because college football and basketball came before pro football and basketball. Hockey and baseball have alternate routes because the pros were established first, and let’s face it, football and basketball aren’t getting another route to take.
Tell us in our poll, what you think!  And now for the fun!

Today's Mojo Friday diary is Mojo Friday - NCAA , To Pay or Not Pay - Edition

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Yasuragi 0 111 111 52.86% 0 No
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Texnance 5 47 52 24.76% 110 Yes
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