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Sat Sep 11, 2010 at 12:17 PM PDT

America is afraid.

by electronicmaji

Fuck it.

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According to some folks over at the American Spectator, Shirley Sherrod's relative was not lynched. He was just beaten to death by a mob of white men.

Apparently for some members of the Reagan Administration, a racially motivated killing by a group of white males does not equal a lynching in the south during the 1950s.


Jeffrey Lord

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23%10 votes
4%2 votes

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Polemic and controversial Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has constantly been in the limelight over the past several years. As a man with obvious poor tact when it comes to speaking he often makes serious mistakes that have led to charges of anti-semitism. The people he has aligned himself with also aren't the best, from Mugabe to Ahmedinajad whose brutal murder based "reelection" he praised.

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Sun Jul 18, 2010 at 12:04 PM PDT

"They Took Our Jobs!"

by electronicmaji

"These are jobs Americans would do."

That what they always say. As an American I have worked as a security guard for almost two years now, guarding the plants of companies like Tyson, P&G, Swanson, and others.

Having seen the working Conditions first hand I can say that they're wrong. Dead wrong.

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Many steps towards finding a cure for the hideous disease that causes AIDS, HIV have been achieved over the past 10 years. A vaccine for HIV has already been tested in Thailand. Despite only having 30% effectiveness it was a major breakthrough.

We've come a far way, from the days of the GRIDS buzzword and Ryan White, to today's partially effective treatments for HIV and AIDS. Survivability for those who suffer from both diseases has now increased to rates we never thought to dream about.

Yet there still is not a cure, there is no Vaccine. And it is the American Government who seems set to fix that issue.

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Will Phillips is a hero and well known one at that. The 10 year old has his own wikipedia page for pete's sake. He was on the Daily Show and now he has been picked as the Grand Marshall for the Northwest Arkansas Pride Parade.

The parade will be held in Fayetteville June 26th from 10 am until noon ending with a proclamation to be read by Fayetteville's Mayor Lioneld Jordan.

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Juan Manuel Santos a clear sucessor to Alvaro Uribe Velez won the Colombian Elections today in a landslide victory with 68% of the vote to the Green Party competitor Antanas Mockus who gained 28% of the vote.

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Lithium, it's the lifeblood of the green movement. Expensive and limited in any form if we want to move towards electric vehicles, solar energy and so forth it's going be practically a required resource.

Few countries in the world have large Lithium resources left. One of the main countries with large quantities is Bolivia, a nation that hates us and is unwilling to mine it. As the rest of the worlds Lithium sources dwindle and the price of the precious ore skyrockets, making affordable green technology unfeasable, Bolivia has more than half of the known world wide deposits of Lithium ore remaining on earth.

That was until today.

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Despite having lost against (the traitor) Blanche Lincoln in the runoff there are still some silver linings in the overall race that will lead to good things later on down the road.

We must remember this not as a defeat for progressives but a historic battle against the entrenched political machine in Arkansas. One that came within 4,000 votes of victory.

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Today was a important day. A day to stand up against the Status Quo and to stop the tyranny of Wall Street. Blanche Lincoln has been a longtime supporter of the defacto standards set in place by Wall Street to further their own profits. She has equally been supporting of Insurance Companies like the monopoly Blue Cross/Blue Shield active in her state. She has been against every attempt to further labour rights in her state and openly opposed the recently passed healthcare bill.

Bill Halter is the Lieutenant Governor of Arkansas and he decided to stand up and go toe to toe with Blanche on the issues! Now the results are coming in and they are looking a lot closer than anyone predicted!

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Tonight's new South Park episode was a big event. Not only was it Matt Stone and Trey Parker's 200th episode but it was the continuation of a two part event, and the culmination of several plot points that had been presented over the past 10 years only to be brought bac for this individual episode.

Saddly the entire episode was censored during the airing. Every reference to Muhammed was bleeped out as was the entire ending of the episode, the moral of the story. Originally I though it was part of the joke, but now that's turning out to not be the case.

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Today is a lovely day. Not a cloud in the sky and the birds are all a tweet. Better yet approximately 30 minutes ago a very important time and date parallax was reached.

Ladies and gentlemen it was 4:20 on 420.


Is supporting and suggesting people smoke Marijuana wrong?

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