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Thu Nov 29, 2012 at 08:14 AM PST

A Perspective on Life on Earth

by mattakar

Five billion years ago, a cloud of hydrogen and dust from long-gone, exploded stars began collapsing under the pull of its own gravity. When enough had gathered together, the pressure of all that material on its core ignited nuclear fusion, and our tiny Sun was born.

Four and a half billion years ago, Earth and hundreds of other tiny planets were coalescing from the remaining debris of that cloud. Some of those planets would be absorbed by Earth, some by other planets, and much would also be ejected away from the Sun into deep space. Late in the process, another planet crashed into Earth, and out of the wreckage came our Moon. It was originally much closer to us, but over time it traded its inertia with Earth’s rotation, slowing down our days as it moved further and further away.

Four billion years ago, our planet had cooled enough to have a solid crust, and an ocean of water condensed on its surface. Earth had grown to just the right size, large enough to hold an atmosphere, with just enough radioactivity to keep its interior hot and rotating. This spinning core created a magnetic field around the planet, protecting the atmosphere from the worst of the Sun’s radiation. Poor Mars was too small and cooled too fast to keeps its liquid core, so its atmosphere was slowly stripped away by the solar wind.

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There has been much angst throughout the land... why is Mitt so bad at this? Why isn't he campaigning in battleground states? Why is he spending so much time doing posh fundraisers in California and Texas when neither of those states are in play and he has so much unspent money already, plus all those SuperPACS? Why are his campaigning days so short, when he bothers to do them at all?

Because Mama Romney didn't tell her nanny to raise her boy to be a sucker! The President position is really hard work for very little pay. Sure, the perks afterwards are great, but Mitt could buy all those perks a hundred times over already.

But you know whats better than being president? Perpetually running for president. Traveling wherever the heck he wants on other people's dime. Endless dinners and parties with the upper crust, with people paying him to show up and ramble on about whatever he wants for $50,000 a plate. Tax free, like God and the Founding Fathers intended!

Mitt Romney is already approaching $200,000,000 cash on hand in his campaign fund. He could conceivably be at half a billion by the time this thing is over. That is the rest of his life nominally campaigning! All he has to do is make sure he doesn't somehow end up winning, a task he is performing with stellar results.

You think you are watching a bumbling nincompoop slowly self-destruct in the polls. You are really watching a Master Grifter at work!


There is a reputation among a certain type of lawyer for ambulance chasing, where they offer their services to sue on behalf of victims of accidents. Have there been any incidences of enterprising lawyers seeking out OWS protests in advance of police actions, to set up what they need to better sue the municipalities involved on behalf of beaten/assaulted protesters or bystanders? Would this be a practical approach for a lawyer to take?

I realize this may go against the spirit of changing the system, since this is using a semi-corrupt piece system itself. But, it may also reduce the likelihood of police brutality if they know there are lawyers looking for opportunities to make some cash off their brutality; not hippy civil-rights lawyers, but shark-like trial lawyers that see the cops as a potential new Beamer.

It is also an interesting legal tact in general, since the scene of the potential crime is known beforehand. I'm not sure if there are many other situations where that comes can be said.

Think of it as another form of wealth redistribution to the 99%.

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