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A robocall told me to "Press one to donate to Impeach Obama Now!"  Nothing better to do, I pressed one.  I spoke to an operator whose speech and accent made me think she was most likely African American. What's up with this?

I had thought I was going to mess with the mind of some rabid RW teapartier.  Instead I got a reluctant paid operator who could barely keep to the script.  I took the approach that before I donated money to this effort, I wanted to know on what grounds, exactly, they were planning to impeach the president.  Because I don't like wasting money and I wasn't about to be snookered into giving to an outfit that wasn't likely to succeed.

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I am undecided how to vote on the initiative to legalize pot in Washington state.  I am definitely in favor of decriminalizing marijuana. What I am not so sure of is creating a state run and heavily taxed system of supply and distribution.

The writers of the bill want to wrest the control of the pot business away from the criminal drug cartels and stop spending money arresting and incarcerating low level pot users.  The state would also like a cut of the revenue rather than have all this commerce go untaxed. Worthy goals, no?

However, the new law would disallow a grower of marijuana from selling it at the "retail" level.  Sellers could only buy from state authorized growers and the transaction would be taxed.  The retail sale would also be taxed.  This seems to me like it would automatically inflate the price quite a bit.  Sounds to me like a strong incentive for a black market of unregulated marijuana sales to continue to exist.

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