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Girlfriend, girlfriend, girlfriend!!  Did you see what Queen Bee Jim Tankersly did when that icky Bernie Sanders tried to come in and take a seat in OUR media lunch room?  At one of the front tables no less.   Oh he just snapped that little social striver Bernie like the little match stick he is.  So he just goes and sits down at a table near us and starts talking like he owns the place.  He just starts talking and talking about inequality and hungry children and you know what else.  Puhleeeeeze!!!  First Booooooring!!!  I mean who cares about Bernie and his hungry children.  I mean okay, it’s not a great thing, but that’s not what the media lunch room is for – amirite?  C’mon, just listening to Bernie talk is exhausting, I feel like I need some something something just to make it to the end of one of his soliloquies.

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In what may be the the most absurd example of It's OK if you are Republican (IOKIYAR) the New York Times has a front page article (yes you heard that right - front page!!!).  On how great, great, great Jeb Bush's Paleo diet is.  Now for those of you not constantly struggling with weight  the Paleo diet is one that suggests we are fat because we started eating like agricultural dweebs.  If we just eat like the original caveman without any carbs or sugars we will lose weight like you can't believe.  The Paleo diet has been receiving a great many criticisms of late as a fad, quick fix diet with possibly really bad consequences.  As somebody who has tried every diet in the world (well almost) including the Paleo I can attest to what they say.  First time the pounds melted away.  But there is no way to maintain it and you gain back even more weight even more quickly.  The second time you lose less and gain back more.  There also may be health considerations.  

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Our society has officially turned into a Twilight Zone episode.  Peter Thiel and his one percent, or one percent of one percent friends, are meeting together prolong their lives, they hope forever.   They really believe it is possible to do this, all they need to do is to throw enough money at the scientists and the technologies will give them immortality.  I have wondered why these people were not only viciously extracting as much money out of the rest of society as quickly as they could – like the character from the movie Wall Street asks how many boats can you water ski behind.  And why they are not trying to give back to society – as a matter of fact they are trying to steal more by bankrupting our educational system.  It becomes clear now they are living in a science fiction fantasy where they see themselves as uber people eventually becoming immortals who rule the earth.  This is really, really scary stuff.  It reminds me of a Twilight Zone.  The morally desiccated rich beyond words businessman calls his friend to his apartment one night to meet scientists who will bring them eternal life.

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Mon Mar 09, 2015 at 07:35 AM PDT

Please recommend the Chai Jiang diary

by wilbur

I have never done this before, but I am really upset that the Chia Jiang diary dropped off the recommended list.  I think marriage equality is important, and there is something to be said for sticking your tongue out at Jeb Bush - but this is one of the most important diaries I have read in my time on DailyKos.  I was hoping it would make it to the top of the recommended list, that this would be its jumping off point.

It is a powerful and stunning video.  Do not recommend this diary but please go to the Chai Jiang diary and recommend.  


No, I refuse to call it a scandal.  It is instead a complete humiliation for the media.  But Morning Joe has gone waaaaayyyyy too far, and there needs to be some type of accounting.  I was watching this morning (only because Mike and Mike is having a 15th anniversary show and I have anniversary shows).  They were attacking Hillary Clinton on the e-mail issue and at the heart of their discussion was a report from the Federalist.  The friggin Federalist.  Just to be sure I looked it up on Wikipedia.  It was started in 2013 - two years ago - by Ben Domenech, a rightwing nut job, and is compared on its Wikipedia page to the Daily Caller and Breitbart.  And the "journalists" on Morning Joe (snort, laugh) are using it as a major source of their reporting.  Without even mentioning what the Federalist is, treating it as if it is a major, reputable news source.

But what happened next is even worse.  Mika and Joe openly admitted that aides to Hillary Clinton were willing to come on an explain the issue.  And Morning Joe refused then!!!  They refused to hear anything about the other side.  They would keep saying whatever they want about it, quoting the Federalist, and refuse to let anybody on to explain the issue from another position.  And they were proud of this!!!  The only thing acceptable was to have Hillary Clinton come on and be question by Federalist Mika (don't ever think of her as anything but a wingnut again) and JoeScar.  

Morning Joe is now officially a satellite of Fox News.


Wed Mar 04, 2015 at 10:49 AM PST

NY Times cries wolf: Internet idiocy

by wilbur

All right, this is reaching the point at pure stupidity.  The New York Times breathlessly reports that Hillary Clinton set up her own server for her e-mail.  Why would should do this?  Why would one of the most polarizing figures in the world use her own private e-mails - why wouldn't she use Google mail or yahoo mail.  Why would she use her own server?  Well, perhaps because she is one of the most polarizing figures in the world.  People are constantly trying to send her messages of all types.  Maybe because she would like to have specific filters that aren't available with a gmail account.  Maybe she doesn't want to have to hire two people to continuously monitor her e-mail.  Maybe she's worried if she opens an e-mail from a Republican operative by mistake the NY Times will scream AHA!!!!!!  There's something there because she opened an e-mail.  Maybe she is scared of trojan messages sending viruses.  There is really no reason not to have her own e-mail server if she can afford it.

I think I'll write a message to the author of the article.  I can contact him at right?  The NY Times uses gmail because everybody does.

No, they have their own server?  They have a e-mail address?  Well if everybody is supposed to use Google or one of the public e-mails why doesn't the Times do that?  What do they have to hide.

The assholeness is so thick I can barely breath anymore.


It absolutely never helps to call somebody stupid or foolish or ignorant.  In general people don’t say, “Oh, you know you’re right, I hadn’t thought about that.”  People almost always hold opinions for logical reasons – it may not be your logical argument but it is logical to them.  To scream and the anti-vaxxers you are STUPID STUPID STUPID ends the conversation not only with the anti-vaxxers but between ourselves about why this is happening now in 2015.  Because something very real is going on and we had better try and understand it or we are lost as a society.

The anti-vaccine movement is immediately about health issues, but in the long run it is the canary in the coal mine – and friends the canary is dead.  The idea that we are being given the wrong information about vaccines would never have crossed anybody’s mind when I was growing up.  Of course the proximate reason for this is the rise in autism – something we do not really understand but is definitely a phenomenon.  I have seen autistic children destroy lives in ways I have seen little else.  It strikes indiscriminately the poor and rich alike – which is not supposed to happen in our society.  So first let us admit that the fears however unfounded are very real.  But then why aren’t people listening to the gatekeepers who are telling them that there is no actual empirical tie between vaccines and autism.

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Many of the New York police live outside the city.  I don't think it is a good idea but that is the contract they were able to negotiate.  But what this means is if police who turned their back on de Blasio do not live in the city then they do not pay city taxes.  They are however paid from city taxes by people who do live in the city.  Bill de Blasio was elected mayor by people who live in the city.  He is the representative of the people who live in the city in issues small and large.  That is the meaning of representative democracy.  The police who turned their back turned it on the representative of the employer.  They are not part of the social organization of New York City, they are hired by them and (at least in theory) can be dismissed by them.  In what other jobs could individuals who are employed by an organization turn their backs on their employer in a sign of obvious disrespect and hold on to their jobs.  I venture to guess there is not a one - at least if you don't get to have a gun when you do it (and even then, could any military person turn their back on Commander-in-Chief they would be dismissed?).

Why aren't these police being summarily dismissed for disrespect and insubordination?


The hacks caused some embarrassment, that's all.  If you don't want to be embarrassed by what you write online don't write embarrassing things online.  Online communications are not private.  Don't we get upset when adolescents get embarrassed by what they do online?  Shouldn't we also be upset that media barons don't realize they are responsible for what they put online.  Revealing the e-mails is upsetting, but it is also the kind of thing that happens on a pretty regular basis.  Also too, don't put nude photos online - if you don't want anybody to see them.

What is costing Sony $100,000,000 has nothing to do with the Internet.  It is people threatening to blow up theaters if they show the movie.  Let's put aside the fact that it's probably not a good idea to poke a paranoid schizophrenic in the eye with a stick - good things rarely come of that.  Take a friggin trip to South Korea and talk to three people before you decide to make a movie about North Korea.  An eight year old could have told you what might happen!!!!  

This threat itself is pure North Korea - it is almost Neanderthal in nature.  
It has always been possible for people to threaten to blow things up to stop other people from doing things they don't like, or to tell people what they want to tell people.  See abortion clinics for instance.  I'm sure public spaces get bomb threats everyday if they don't do xyz.  What changed?  I'll tell you what changed, we have been trained to piss in our pants every time a crazy person says bomb.  We get hysterical.  This is the end result of decades of fear mongering.  The other thing that has changed is less and less people are following the social contract.  We don't follow the social contract any long (see torture) why should anybody else.

So you know what caused Sony to lose $100,000,000?  The fact that their executives are idiots without the slightest understanding of world events.  Terror levels and terror hysteria (ISIS members coming across the border disguised as poor central American children!!).  And the fact that we don't give a crap about anybody else anymore so why should they give a crap about us.  


Hanna Rosin, one of the great defenders of journalistic ethics, just published a very short story that seems to have as profound or more profound ethical difficulties than the original Sabrina Erderly story.  First, the story starts with the headline "Key Player in UVA rape story:  Rolling Stone never talked to me."  However this key player, I am assuming Andy, Rosin either mentions or talks with two.  It seems Rosin may be getting her information from the Washington Post's unpublished notes, because I went and read the linked story and little of what is in Rosin's story is in there.  Perhaps Rosin talked to the two she is not clear.  What is clear is there is not direct evidence either in her story or the WAPO story that either of the students said this (I am not saying they didn't, just there is no evidence they did).  Rosin portrays it as an assumption in the body of the article.

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Rolling Stone just said that because of discrepancies in their story they no longer trust the rape victim.  As the parent of a daughter and a faculty member who has heard a number of similar stories (it can't be mass delusion over twenty years!)  I demand to know what those discrepancies are.  This is going to have a chilling effect on the report of campus rape.  Rolling Stone has a very high obligation to report those discrepancies and explain why they don't trust the story.  This is not just a journalism story, this is a societal story - and the first time I have seen movement on the rape culture that allegedly (it could be mass hysteria) and many elite fraternities.  Also, what about the author, does she also mistrust her subject now?

I am hoping different sites can put pressure on Rolling Stone to explain themselves.  If it really was serious discrepancies there is nothing to do, but it has put back the discussion on sexual violence years maybe.  If Rolling Stone was intimidate into doing this there are deeper problems with our traditional media than even I realized.

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Mon Nov 24, 2014 at 05:38 AM PST

Read this post/article on Uber now!!

by wilbur

Read this extraordinary post/article on Uber now.  It is long, incredibly well written and argued, and one of the most chilling things I have read in a very long time.  Warning, it is not gossip it is straight-one business/economics.  But it is an extraordinary indictment of the "fraternity economics" that are destroying our society, the "rigged game" that Elizabeth Warren talks about.  The fact that a few rich assholes are trading all our wealth among themselves like it is a game and if you dare challenge them they use a part of their wealth to attack you.  There is not business model - unless you consider the confidence game a business model.

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