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(From the diaries -- kos)

For all the introductory stuff and links to previous diaries in this series, please look below the fold.

This Roundup Diary covers the period from 7:00 AM Tuesday, 8/29 to 7:00 AM EDT Wednesday, 8/30. (Find a candidate or race you knew nothing about and show him or her some love, and then tell us about it!)

A suggestion, resulting from looking through so much of this work. Diaries hammering your opponent have a purpose, but it's somewhat defeated if the candidate you're supporting isn't mentioned anywhere in the diary. I'd strongly recommend putting the first and last name as close to the top as possible; it can only help name recognition. Also, assume your diary will be read by someone who knows little or nothing about the race and try to provide a little context. Give your readers a reason to vote for your candidate and not just against the other.

(Incredible thanks to volunteers Nightprowlkitty, Alma, pattyp, Patriot Daily, Sevah, suejazz, LandofEnchantment, and dannyinla!) If you wish to volunteer to help with this project, please email me.

This is an attempt to compile a fairly comprehensive listing of election-related diaries that have recently been posted. Most of them are House or Senate races but there are also some local ones, as well as the occasional 'general info' diary.

Reminder - If you are doing a diary on a specific race, particularly a House or Senate race, please, please, PLEASE, put the race number (or XX-Sen) at the beginning of the diary header. I can't tell you how much easier it makes when sifting through hundreds of diaries, and it would be a shame to miss some important ones.

For all the introductory stuff and previous diaries in this series, please see:
Election Race Diary Rescue Roundup (8/22)
Election Race Diary Rescue Roundup (8/23)
Election Race Diary Rescue Roundup (8/24 - 75 Days to Daylight)
Election Race Diary Rescue Roundup (8/25 - 74 Days to Daylight)
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Election Race Diary Rescue Roundup (8/29 - 10 WEEKS TO GO!)

(7:00 AM, Tuesday, 8/29 to 7:00 AM, Wednesday, 8/30):  (71 diaries)

(Alphabetical, starting from H)

    House (31)

ID-01 Buckle up, kids. We're in for a wild 10-week ride. by Red State Rebel - Diarist outlines progression that led him to support Dem challenger Larry Grant in his race against Bill Sali (R).

(IN-06) Republican Mike Pence (IN-06) damned as the new Benedict Arnold by Allamakee Democrat - Incumbent Repub Mike Pence's position on amnesty for illegal immigrants may prove costly in race against challenger Barry Welsh (D).

(IN-06) Is a Unified Message Possible or necessary? by Barry Welsh - Challenger Barry Welsh (D) opens the floor to Kossacks on pros and cons of Democrats having a unified national message.

KS-02 How to  Play Chicken with a Congressman by Sarahkatheryn - Dem candidate Nancy Boyda offers head-on challenge to Jim Ryan on issue that incumbent Repub asserts doesn't exist.

MD-04: A Race Ready to Become Prime-Time by jorndorff - Extensive diary highlights race between long-term incumbent Albert Wynn (D) and challenger Donna Edwards.

MD-04: WaPo Endorses Challenger Donna Edwards by jorndorff - Washington Post endorses challenger Donna Edwards over incumbent Albert Wynn in upcoming Dem primary.

NC-08, Fire Robin Hayes Edition by The Southern Dem - Blog shares humorous photo essay detailing reasons why incumbent Robin Hayes (R) should fall short in her reelection bid against Dem Larry Kissell.

NE-01: Cheney  Comes In To Aid Floundering Fortenberry by ptmflbcs - A look at Vice President's campaign stop in support of incumbent Jeff Fortenberry (R) as he tries to hold off challenge of Dem Maxine Moul.

NE-02: Freddy  Fossil does the Oil PAC Shuffle by DMOmaha - Brief diary  linking humorous video by Dem challenger Jim Esch blasting incumbent Lee Terry (R) for high gas prices.

NJ-7, Mike  Ferguson is MIKE FORGETS-US on senior issues, social issues by Hoofin - Latest installment assails Repub incumbent Mike Ferguson, on his  position on Social Security.

(NM-01) Canvassing in the North Valley, NM-01 by sap - Personal account of diarist's experiences while working for campaign of challenger Patricia Madrid (D) against incumbent Repub Heather Wilson.

NY-20: Why the Siena poll is flawed by Treville - Poll showing challenger Kirsten Gillibrand (D) trailing incumbent Repub John Sweeney called into question as key issue is omitted from questioning (hint: it begins with an "I" and ends with a "Q").

(NY-20) Kirsten Gillibrand: 'New Ideas to Bring Real Change' (NY-20) by kredwyn - Overview of positions of Dem challenger Kirsten Gillibrand as she tries to unseat John Sweeney (R).

(OH-02) Jean Schmidt  vs. Vic Wulsin by Vic Wulsin - Candidate Victoria Wulsin (D) posts very brief diary linking to campaign video showing a real alternative to Repub incumbent Jean Schmidt.

(PA-10) Take back the  House - One more competitive race!! by Jmorton - Diarist highlights recent change to "toss-up" status of tight race between Fighting Dem Chris Carney and incumbent Repub Don Sherwood.

TX-22: More Republican Sekula-Gibbsaninigans. by JeffLieber - Brief diary documents Repubs' apparent attempt to circumvent write-in process against Dem challenger Nick Lampson.

TX-22: Gov Perry Calls Special Election by The Crusty Bunker - More on Governor's decision to hold special election on Nov. 7 in attempt to sidetrack Dem Nick Lampson.

(TX-26) Rep Michael Burgess Wasting Tax Dollars to Campaign with Tele-Town Halls by whosplayin - Expensive form of "town hall" meetings amount to little more than public-funded campaigning for incumbent Michael Burgess (R) in his race against Dem Tim Barnwell.

TX 28: 'True  Democrat' Will Give Cuellar A Serious Race by vpltz - Personal interview with Dem challenger Frank Enriquez, who will make a run against incumbent Henry Cuellar (D).

(VA 5th) How much is firing Virgil Goode (R) worth to you? by Granny Doc - Diarist urges contributions to help campaign of Dem challenger Al Weed spread message linking incumbent Virgil Goode (R) to Jack Abramoff.

(WA-08) Darcy Burner  WA-08 by iliketodrum - Extensive look at challenger Darcy Burner (D) as she tries to unseat Repub Dave Reichert in close race.

WY-AL: Gary  Trauner by kos - Front paged post analyzes Dem candidate Gary Trauner's serious challenge to incumbent Barbara Cubin for state's lone seat.

AZ-08: Weiss melt-down at the forum by tribalypredisposed - Diarist takes candidate Patty Weiss to task after televised debate with Gabrielle Giffords.

(CA-45) GOP pushes the panic button by soyinkafan - Repub incumbent Mary Bono tries to put positive spin on need to raise more funds in tough race against challenger David Roth (D).

CA-46: Jim  Brandt, Hope for the OC by eph89 - Info about Fighting Dem Jim Brandt and his challenge to incumbent Dana Rohrabacher (R).

(CA-48) Peace is a state of being, not a process by CA 48 Steve Young - Challenger Steve Young (D) shares his thoughts on the meaning of peace and the occupation of Iraq.

CA-49: You Are the Deciders by JeeniCrescenzo - Dem challenger Jeeni Crescenzo shares thoughts on Iraq after recent experience at memorial service as she gears up to challenge incumbent Darrell Issa (R).

(CA-50) Justice Denied In California Election Contest by Eyes Wide Open - Link to piece regarding dismissal of challenge of Brian Bilbray's (R) apparent victory over Dem Francine Busby in recent special election.

(CA-50) Dangerous Moron Dismisses CA 50 Lawsuit by Rusty1776 - Rant focuses on judge responsible for dismissing challenge to results of special election race.

CO-05: Hefley (R) May Unretire, Stomps on Repubilcan Nominee's Throat by BudMan - Battle heats up as Repub infighting could open the door wide for Dem challenger Jay Fawcett.

(CT-04) My timeline is better than your timeline- Repug desperation time by atomicskunk - Overview of quandary faced by Repub candidates on Iraq withdrawal as highlighted by recent flip-flop of incumbent Chris Shays.

     Senate (16)

HI-Sen Ed Case  -- Wanker by HiD - Battle of unimpressive records compares incumbent Daniel Akaka to challenger Ed Case in September primary.

(MD-Sen) Big  Endorsements for Mfume by danwalter - Two out of five Maryland representatives are expected to endorse Kweisi Mfume in Dem primary.

MO-Sen: Jim  No-Talent's Appalling Anti-Education Voting Record by davidkc - Comparison of positions on education as Dem challenger Claire McCaskill bids to unseat Jim Talent (R).

MT-Sen-Jon Tester in Seattle by Ken Camp - Personal account of fundraiser appearance by Dem Jon Tester as he looks to unseat incumbent Conrad Burns (R).

Burns (MT-Sen): Public access v. Special Interests Guess who wins? by jhwygirl - Newspaper editorial blasts incumbent Conrad Burns (R) for his lack of support for public access as he tries to hold off Dem challenger Jon Tester.

(PA-Sen) Come see Bob Casey speak in DC- or watch the webcast for free by BrodyV - Invitation to see Dem challenger Bob Casey's September 14 appearance as he tries to unseat incumbent Rick Santorum (R).

RI-Sen: the Echo Chamber of the Left: a Success Story in Progress by jab - Is blogosphere helping keep racism claims against incumbent Repub Lincoln Chafee in the spotlight?

TN-Sen: Corker's Fake Endorsements by R o o k - Diarist accuses Repub Bob Corker of using primary endorsements to mislead website visitors, though admits in update that site may just be outdated.

(VA-Sen) VA-Gov-Sen Allen, Welcome to America by RamR - Extensive photo journey documents the many contributions of Indians in the U.S. and welcomes Repub George Felix Allen to the real America.

(VA-Sen) Webb Blasts BushAllen on Katrina, Iraq, "Massive Waste and Corruption" by lowkell - Text of speech by challenger Jim Webb (D) on anniversary of Hurricane Katrina disaster.

(VA-Sen) GOP Attacks Montoya, Webb, & Fighting Dems by djm4america - While supporting Dem challenger Jim Webb, diarist also posts significant list of Democrats who have served in the military.

(VA-Sen) Conduct  Unbecoming by kedruff - Detailed analysis of recent WSJ/Zogby poll and what it means to Jim Webb's (D) challenge to Repub incumbent George Felix Allen.

(VA-Sen) BIG TIME Help is On the Way for Webb! by lowkell - Stephen King and John Grisham pledge to
team up with challenger Jim Webb (D) at a September 24 fundraiser.

WA-Sen:  Insurance and Credit Scoring by Crisitunity - Investigation could tie candidate Mike McGavick (R) to exploitive insurance company and questionable practices.

(FL-Sen) Kat. Harris: Electing non-Christians Equals Sin: Force all Repubs to Take a Stand on This by nycdemocrat - Diarist strongly urges Democrats to force Repubs to take stand on recent controversial comments made by candidate Katherine Harris (R).

(FL-Sen) What is wrong  with these people? by Kodiak54 - Still more analysis of last week's interview of candidate Katherine Harris (R) regarding separation of church and state.

    Various (20)

(MA-Gov) Guerrilla Vlogger: Meet Deval Patrick by mbair - Link to video of candidate Deval Patrick (D) with detailed information on his positions and campaign.

(MD-Gov) MD Gubernatorial Race Analysis II (Updated) by jiacinto - Previous years' numbers used to analyze race between incumbent Robert Ehrlich (R) and Dem challenger Martin O'Malley.

(MD-Var) Maryland Primary Election only 2 weeks away by Sharon in MD - Info and analysis on some key races on tap in September 12 Dem primary.

(MD-Var) MD-Sen and MD-Gov: Good new poll results by leevank - A look at new Zogby polls with info on various races.

(MI-Var) Granholm up in another poll by Nazgul35 - Polls track race progress of Dems Jennifer Granholm (Gov) and Debbie Stabenow (Sen) along with other miscellaneous info about Michiganders.

(MN-SoS) Stop the Next Ken Blackwell Now by Tom Vilsak - Focus is placed on Secretary of State race where Dem Mark Ritchie looks to unseat Repub Mary Kiffmeyer.

NE-State: Legislative Race Overview by ptmflbcs - Extensive rundown on the uniqueness of the state legislature, with an overview of a variety of races.

OH-Gov: Conservative pastors publicly back Blackwell by Old 33 - Conservative clergy members not-surprisingly back Repub Ken Blackwell in contest against Dem Ted Strickland (who is, himself, an ordained United Methodist pastor).

OH-GOV:  Blackwell caught red-handed in absurd flip-flop by The Wife of Bath - Campaign of Democrat Ted Strickland points out changing positions of opponent Ken Blackwell (R).

(OH-Gov) Caesar, Christ  and Partisan Politics by Jethro6355 - Accusations of IRS improprieties fly as clergymen question megachurches' support of Repub candidate Ken Blackwell.

Ted Strickland talks to Ohio Bloggers
Sherrod Brown Medicare Event
The Slippery Slope of Outsourcing or Why Trade Matters.
Education in Ohio - What the candidates bring, what the people want
by czawdski - Diarist's entries "from the archives" highlight various Ohio contests and issues.

(TX-Gov) Texas's a race by Bellrevolution - New WSJ/Zogby poll shows encouraging movement for Dem challenger Chris Bell.

(TX-State) Bake Sale Follow Up by atoomim - Amy Manuel, candidate for Denton County Commissioner, holds event to raise money for body armor for the troops in Iraq.

(TX-Var) Texas Needs Your Help by refinish69 - Various races are profiled along with a plea for help in turning Texas blue.

(CA-Gov) 2006 Angelides - Arnold Race like Special Election 2005 (which Arnold lost) by californiaesquire - Brief diary compares current race between challenger Phil Angelides (D) and incumbent Repub Arnold Schwarzenegger to 2005 special election.

FL-Gov: Max Cleland on the swiftboating of Jim Davis by JenniferOMalley - Campaign manager for Dem candidate Jim Davis diaries Max Cleland's emphatic response to swiftboat-style attacks launched by Rod Smith's (D) campaign.  

(House-Var) House 2006: August Composite House Ratings by Pros by superribbie - Thorough analysis of scores of House races, culled from info and ratings of various "expert" sources.

    General (4)

Are you sick of the HRC endorsing Republican candidates? by jedinecny - Diarist encourages action in discouraging GLBT lobbyist group the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) from supporting Republican candidates.

A Victory for Florida Voters! by Eddie C - Overturn of law regarding voter registration heralded as victory for Sunshine State voters.

Campaign Memo:  the Katrina Spot by Captain Future - Diarist suggests series of campaign ads to continue tying Repubs to Hurricane Katrina failures.

East Bay Dems  > Grand Lake Theatre Wed 9/27 by AustinSF - Notice of upcoming events of Dem activist group meeting in San Fran Bay Area.

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