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PLEASE NOTE - This is not an open thread and is intended for diaries and discussion of downticket races.

For all the introductory stuff and links to previous diaries in the series, please look below the fold...

This Rescue Diary covers the period from 12:00 Noon, Sunday, 10/26 to 12:00 Noon EDT, Monday, 10/27

Today's Menu Includes :
41 Diaries Overall

- 20 On House races

- With 13 covering individual Districts in 11 states

- 8 On Senate races

- Representing 5 different states

- 12 On Various election races and ballot issues

- Encompassing Governor, Secretary of State, Local, and more

- 1 General election-related diaries

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A few gentle guidelines to keep in mind:

Diary Titles - If you are doing a diary on a candidate or race, please be aware of the standard Daily Kos formatting. For House races, please start your title with the two-digit state abbreviation followed by the district number (example: NC-08: Kissell Rocks Again!). For Senate races, just use state-Sen (example: OK-Sen: Inhofe is Still a Moron). If you're doing a local race, try to use some version of this format. This immensely helps the people sifting through hundreds of diaries to more easily identify appropriate ones and minimizes the chances that we'll miss you (our Miners are almost perfect, but, alas, human after all).

"President-Diary-Free" Zone - We all know who's at the top of the ticket and how important that is. But the Presidential election is getting ample play in all venues and to try to rescue those diaries as well would be overwhelming. At this point, and our aim is to raise the profile of other races that stand to, hopefully, give our new President a better working majority.

Volunteers - While we have a pretty full crew on board, this project has always been about the opportunity to contribute and it's my aim to keep that door open for all who would like to be a part of it. If you have the time to spare and are interested, please email me (see my profile) and we'll get in touch with you.


This is an attempt to compile a fairly comprehensive listing of election-related diaries that have recently been posted. Most of them are House or Senate races but there are also some local ones, as well as the occasional 'general info' diary.

For all the introductory stuff and previous diaries in the 2006 series, please see:
Election Race Roundup (11/11 - Final 2006 Edition)

And for this year's previous diaries:
Election Race Diary Roundup (9/17 - 48 Days to Change) (with links to 10 previous diaries from 9/7 to 9/16)
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Election Race Diary Roundup (10/7 – FOUR WEEKS TO GO!) (with links to 10 previous diaries from 9/27 to 10/6)
Election Race Diary Roundup (10/17 - 18 Days to Change) (with links to 10 previous diaries from 10/7 to 10/16)
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Election Race Diary Roundup (10/24 - 11 Days to Change)
Election Race Diary Roundup (10/25 - 10 Days to Change)
Election Race Diary Roundup (10/26 - 9 Days to Change)

Incredible thanks to all volunteers: Land of Enchantment, ukben, welso, drchelo, randallt, Joy Busey, TruthOfAngels, eeff, Alma, Sylv, Nightprowlkitty, Spedwybabs Turbonerd, cdale777, and Relevant Rhino.

(12:00 Noon, Sunday, 10/26 to 12:00 Noon EDT, Monday, 10/27):  (41 diaries)

(Alphabetical, starting from P)

   House (20)

(House-Var) Two Candidates for Change (Tudor Fl-12) and Segall (AL-03) by alpolitics - A fundraising plea for two Democratic House candidates.

(PA-05) PA-05: GOP worried; Dem McCracken could win by Glacial Erratic – Mark McCracken (D) has a solid chance in this district, opposing Glenn Thompson (R).

(TX-10) TX-10 McCaul has Nightmares (VIDEO) by LatinoDem - Michael McCaul (R) is overstating the terrorist threat; Larry Joe Doherty (D) is running against him.

(WA-08) Brunch with Darcy Burner - WA-08 by Maccheerful – Diarist’s personal account highlights Dem challenger Darcy Burner’s grasp of the economy. A donation link to help Darcy in her race against incumbent Repub Dave Reichert is included.

(WA-08) WA-08: An open letter to Stephanie Condon by demimondian - In which the diarist takes a CNet writer to task on perceived Republican slant in this district, in which the race is between Darcy Burner (D) and incumbent Republican Dave Reichert.

(CA-02) CA-02: Herger channels Bush, Giuliani, et al. in local debate by cranberrylib - Diarist shares the info on the debate between incumbent Wally Herger (R) and Jeff Morris (D).

(FL-12) FL-12:  Help Me Defeat Adam Putnam by Doug Tudor - Doug Tudor (D) stops in to tell DailyKos about his campaign against incumbent Adam Putnam.

(FL-12) FL-12: Cancel Adam "Howdy Doody" Putnam Show! Part II (Updated)!by hungrycoyote - Doug Tudor (D) is gaining momentum in his bid to take over the seat held by Adam Putnam (R).

(GA-01) GA-01: Chief Propagandist Jack Kingston by  jayskew – Help defeat incumbent Repub Jack Kingston  "the chief tactical propagandist for the Republican Party."  Donation link for Dem challenger Bill Gillespie included.

(GA-01) Throw Jack Kingston Out On His Head by sfinneganus – Incumbent Repub Jack Kingston yaps his gums (video), link to the campaign of challenger Dem Bill Gillespie included.

(IA-05) IA-5 Madelyn Dunham and GOP Family Values by 2laneIA – Video of incumbent Repub Steve King opining on Obama, donation link to King’s opponent Dem Rob Hubler included.

(IA-05) IA-05: "When I see Obama, I see ACORN branded on his forehead" by desmoinesdem - Steve King (R) is making unfounded accusations; Rob Hubler (D) is his opponent.

(MN-06) Michele Bachmann Pardongate Story in the Saint Cloud Times by Ken Avidor – A reporter for the Saint Cloud Times has turned the spotlight on Michele Bachmann and her associations with a  figure at the center of a growing fraud investigation.  The MSM has begun to write about Bachmann's pardon request related to this.

(MN-06) Bachmann update from Minnesota October 27 by Bill Prendergast - National journalists are seeing Michele Bachmann for the extremist crackpot she is. Local journalists, not so much. But El Tinklenberg (D) does get endorsed by an influential local paper that says the district needs a representative with moderate views, coherency and credibility.

(NJ-04) NJ-04: Listen to New Zeitz ad on Smith's Virginia Residency by Zeitz for Congress - Josh Zeitz (D), running against Chris Smith (R), has a new ad out.

(NJ-05) North Jersey/NYC Kossacks - A Call To Action by TJ Helm – The Communications Director for Dem challenger Dennis Shulman's campaign asks for volunteers to work in his district on Election Day and the days leading up to it in Shulman’s race against incumbent Repub Scott Garrett.

(NJ-05) NJ-5 Eight Days Out: Shulman for Congress In the Field by aspitalnick - On the campaign trail with Dennis Shulman (D), running against Scott Garrett (R).

(NY-03) Peter King v. Graham Long (NY-3) - The Change is Here by Graham Long for Congress – Incumbent Repub Peter King is standing behind George Bush, includes links to join the campaign of youthful Dem challenger Graham Long.

(NY-29) Fear flyers on steroids being distributed throughout Ohio by nyceve – Incumbent Repub Randy Kuhl at long last agreed to a debate with Dem challenger Eric Massa.

(OR-02) The sad story of OR-02 by ORDem - Diarist writes about a missed opportunity in this district. Incumbent Greg Walden (R) is being challenged - or not - by Noah Lemas (D).

   Senate (8)

(Var-Sen) Calculating Obama's Senate Coattails by Vote For America – The table contained in the diary illustrates how a given Democratic Senate candidate is polling relative to Obama.

(GA-Sen) GA-Sen: Perhaps the Final Battle... by OdinsEye2k - In the home stretch, help Democrat Jim Martin blunt the final attack that incumbent Saxby Chambliss (R) can reasonably make.

(GA-Sen) Help VoteVets.ORG Defeat Saxby Chambliss by dvogel001 - has released a new ad criticizing incumbent Saxby Chambliss (R), running against Jim Martin (D).

(GA-Sen) OMDG! Saxby Chambliss is robo-calling FLORIDA! by dkistner – Saxby Chambliss (R)'s campaign seems to be reaching into some strange places; Jim Martin (D) is his opponent.

(MN-Sen) Good News-Calling Minnesotans by BornAgainDem – Phonebankers for Obama are apparently being asked to delve further into enemy territory and also support Al Franken’s candidacy, all of which the diarist takes as a good sign.

(NC-Sen) Jon Tester Campaigns for Kay Hagan (With Video) by ScottZumwalt – Kay Hagan’s Online Communications Director posts a video diary showing Jon Tester’s support for his fellow Dem in her challenge to incumbent Repub Elizabeth Dole.

(NH-Sen) In debate this morning Sununu tried to hide from his pro-Bush record by Jeanne Shaheen - Candidate Jeanne Shaheen brings some of the facts about the debate she had with Repub incumbent Johm Suunu.

(OK-Sen) Idiot Inhofe, R Ok Admits threats to shoot Acorn Workers by PeacePuppy - Jim Inhofe (R) waxes reminiscent about 1982, but is his story the same now as it was then?  Andrew Rice (D) is his opponent.

   Various Races (5)

(Var) FOLLOWING THE POLLS: The Sunday Edition by Steve Singiser – The latest in this daily series.

(CA-SD-33) (CA-SD-33) Thank you Daily Kos, again by Ellinorianne - Diarist writes to thank the DailyKos community for the help she receives as her husband Gary Pritchard runs for the CA-SD-33 seat in Orange County.

(MN-All) Listening to the Locals: Minnesota by jbnr51 - Report on some interesting races in Minnesota, the Senate race where Al Franken (D) is challenging Norm Coleman (R), MN-03 where Ashwan Madia (D) is vying against Erik Paulsen (R); and who can forget Michele Bachmann (R, MN-06) who is looking down the barrel of the gun aimed at her by Elwin Tinklenberg.

(TX-Var) The cutting edge of Democratic momentum in Texas by dcubed20 - Senate candidate Rick Noriega, who is running against Bush’s rubber-stamp John Cornyn, Congressman Nick Lampson, who is running in a tight race to keep Tom DeLay’s old seat, and County Sheriff Candidate Adrian Garcia, who is running against scandal-plagued incumbent Tommy Thomas all spoke at the Harris County Democratic Party’s Early Vote Rally.

(WA-Var) Girl Power in WA (with Pics!): Janet & Kathleen, Maria & Patty, for Christine & Darcy by cyrilb - Canvassers for candidates Christine Gregoire (WA-Gov, facing Repub Dino Rossi) and Darcy Burner (WA-08, facing Repub Dave Reichert) get some motivation from Senators Maria Cantwell (WA) and Patty Murray (WA) and Governors Janet Napolitano (AZ) and Kathleen Sebelius (KS).

   Ballot Initiatives (7)

(CA-Prop 1A) For Cal Kossacks: Vote No on Hi-Speed Rail Boondoggle by China Hand – Diarist takes an unpopular position on this proposition.

(CA-Prop 8) Asian American Voters: General & Prop 8. EDIT-2 by BFSkinner – Asian American voters may have an effect on both the general election and Proposition 8.

(CA-Prop 8) California's Prop 8: keep the pressure on the Mormon church! (w/ UPDATE X 3) By hekebolos - Diarist has more info on the Mormon Church's activity in Prop 8.

(CA-Prop 8) Protest at Mormon Temple Today! No on Prop 8 Pictures! by CornSyrupAwareness - Diarist covers a vote NO on Prop 8 protest of a Mormon Temple with pictures. A must read.

(CA-Prop 8) Prop 8 exploiting children, parents say (w/ video). Plus a truth check on their ad. by deaniac83 - Diarist fact-checks an ad produced by proponents of Proposition 8, which, ironically uses footage of children over their parents’ objections to promote a ‘protect-the-children’ argument.

(CA-Prop 8) Misleading Prop. 8 signs. by DeanDemocrat – Diarist takes issue with signs that describe Proposition 8 as a measure to, among other misleading aims, shrink government or lower taxes.

(WA-Init 1000) WA State's Initiative 1000 ..  Assisted Suicide or Death with Dignity? by Silent Spring – A look at both sides on Initiative 1000.

   General (1).

Michigan Attorney General and GOP try to disenfranchise students. County Clerks push back. UPDATED by second gen - Diarist has info on students’ voter registration in Michigan.

Originally posted to Daily Kos on Mon Oct 27, 2008 at 08:15 PM PDT.

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