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Imperial officer captures Han Solo and Princess Leia:
"You liberal scum"
The Christian fundamentalists are all abuzz this week, screaming about Hitler and homos and their desperate fight for survival against ... I don't know, the birth control mandate? It's all a bit confusing.

And as a bonus, we return to the George Rockwell story arc, because that never gets old. But where's edscan?


Sir or Madam, you are being formally informed you have been named in a formal complaint with the FCC (Federal Communications Commission)  Your attempts at Federal statements of political standings are dubious at best, and more than likely outright fraud. Please have all documentation of all assertions made upon your page. ("") available for review and fact checking by the standards of ethics put forth in U.S. House rules 123-25;321

Thank you for your kind attention to this matter.

   The rest of the civilised world.

My "page" has these things called "hyperlinks." Knock yourself out!
Hello FaggoThug

Dear Mr. Homo B. Dicktickle, resident of Cumbath Junction: Please let heterosexual Americans live their lives and follow their Christian religion in peace. I know your liberal ideology requires that Christian values be destroyed and perversion be made the law of the land, but you need to understand that Christians won't be bullied around forever. We will vote cocksucking pedophiles like you and Obama out of office and straight to jail. God has punished you and your filthy kind with AIDS and real American voters will punish you with ZERO votes.

Where are the Nazis? Out, because they defied God. Where are the communists? Out, because they openly defied God. Why did John Mccain lose? Because he had spent his spent career mocking God and giving in to homosexualist demands like the coward he is. The bottom line is this: if you want to shove your tongue into an other man's asshole in public then you have the right to do that. And if actual real Americans then want to throw you in jail for being a disgusting deviant then we also have right to do that. If you want to have balls in your mouth then maybe you should consider psychiatric treatment because that is sick and twisted.

Christians are getting angry and we're getting organized. We have been spat upon and harassed for decades but it ends now. The first step is to replace the faggot in the White House with the non-perverted liberal Mitt Romney and then to replace Romney with someone who actually is both conservative and Christian. Your thugs don't scare us and your "lawyers" don't scare us. We may have little power and money but we have faith and we are the majority in this country and we want it back. For every billionaire-Soros you have we have a Christian volunteer who works for free. For every glitzy Hollywood scumbag or media whore you have we have a real American Christian who works hard to protect our faith.

I'm praying for God to smite you down and to give you AIDS.

If I'm smitten down, why would I then need to get AIDS? Isn't that kind of like kicking a dead horse to death?
It's just racism at its worst!

I just found you site. I was tempted to become a regular user since cnn, and others; are just getting worse by the day. I decided to review your website for a blog I cofounded. You have a black Kos, talking about "negro" issues, but no white kos talking about "white" issues. As a result... My blog has been forced to label your website a "hate group", and a report will be sent sourthern poverty center, asking them to do the same.


Carly Andrews

What's the opposite of "I'm truly devastated"?
Fbi polygraph

I respectfully ask that the FBI employees involved in the survailence , or knowledge of me under go polygraph tests to prove definitively my innocence and their illegal actions in regards to attempts to initially plant false evidence and then later to have others plant false evidence in an attempt to falsely imprison me. Chances are they have done this to other innocent citizens and they must be stopped.
G Elias AyalaÂ

I'll get on that right away.

Is MOULITSAS trying to win the title of:
1. Most evil
2. Most fascist
3. Most stupid idiot on the internet?

If so then MOULITSAS has won. If not then maybe MOULITSAS should stop propping up the criminal regime of the master thug Obama! the name of MOULITSAS is well known and his name will be mentioned when they start taking names. Obama cronies will be charged with treason and long sentences will be handed out. If MOULITSAS doesnt want this, then MOULITSAS should leave the fascist camp and join america. Maybe MOULITSAS is too dumb to know whats good for him? Or maybe MOULITSAS thinks he is anonymous? Well, MOULITSAS is wrong, he is known and will be held responsible. OBama will lose, its Gods will. MOULITSAS should stop fighting God and start making amends. Jesus died for our sins, he will forgive the sins of MOULITSAS. But not if MOULITSAS keeps working for the muslim who stole the White house. MOULITSAS should stop being an evil fascist idiot and see the light. Everyone can be redeemed, even MOULITSAS.

Um, yeah. I think I'm anonymous. How did you ever crack the code of my real name?
Your writing skills


Damn, now we have imperial officers to deal with?
Nazi assault on christians

A liberal thug assaulted the Family research council resulting in a serius injury. this is typicla of the nazi democrat party that spreads hate against christains and other conservaitves.
This hate is mainlydone by the SPLC which is a ultra left hate group that is deeply corrutp (please check wikipedia which says that the SPLC basically steals money, and wikipedia is run by communists so this infomration is actually from your guys).
Liberal nazis have atacked faithful Christians and Christian valuesfor years and now the left has begun its genocide against Christians. Very much like Hitler.
Pervert pedophile homos have assaulted children for years under protection o the democrat nazi party. when someones stands up to the powerful perverts they get assaulted and now also shot.
You nazis cant silence us, we refuse to be bullied by nazis and thugs. We will speak out aginst perversion and sin and nothing you nazis do can kill our spirit!
I just donated $100 to the FRC, how about that?

So much love packed into so few sentences!

So let's continue the latest George Rockwell saga. When we last left it, I shared with him the good news that I had Jewish blood, and suggested he get his DNA tested to rule out the possibility that he may have Jewish blood as well. As regular readers of this feature know, Rockwell is a neo-Nazi and a bit ... reality challenged (see here and here for a sampling).

In this latest episode, I had offered to pay for the DNA test myself. His response:

From: George Rockwell
To: Markos

i am not a jew and i don't need charity. but just to shut you up i'll take the stupid test. i  will have to find a company that is not so obviously jew-operated, of course. however, if it turns out that there is no jew blood in me, then i'll send you the bill. in fact, if i am zero percent jew, i also also want a legally binding apology.

From: Markos
To: George Rockwell

Apology for what?

From: George Rockwell
To: Markos

for calling me a jew, which is actionable in court. if i win our stupid "bet", i want a contract that specifies that a) you are sorry b) you did not, cannot and will not call me a jew.

From: Markos
To: George Rockwell

Well, if the test says you are not a Jew, then how could anyone call you a Jew? But I'm confused ... when did I call you a Jew?

From: George Rockwell
To: Markos

you implied i was a jew, which is legally the same thing. and yes, physically it's possible to call someone a jew even if they're not. what i'm looking for is a "preliminary injuction" which basically would prevent any future attempts to call me a jew.

Ha ha, I guess I did earlier in this conversation. He was reluctant to get a DNA test because he claimed all DNA testing firms were Jewish controlled. I responded, "You know who wouldn't be interested in allowing Jews to use genetic tests to prove he was a Jew? A secret Jew." But I still played dumb.
From: Markos
To: George Rockwell

Where did I imply you were a Jew? I just suggested you test your DNA to find out whether you had Jewish blood or not.

And of course, if you verify you have no Jewish blood, there would be no reason for me to call you Jewish.

But I've got to note, your nonsense about it being 'actionable in court" is just that -- nonsense. One of these days you'll stop pretending to be a lawyer. You don't even have the right definition of "preliminary injunction".

From: George Rockwell
To: Markos

"preliminary": something that occurs prior to something else. "injunction": a legal or moral barrier to something. learn what words mean, markos.

From: Markos
To: George Rockwell

Learn what words mean? Words like "Supreme Court bench trial"? Seriously George, this is tiresome. Stop pretending you know what legal terms mean when you so clearly do not.

I guarantee you -- "preliminary injunction" does not mean what you think it means. Do you need to pay your lawyer another $300 to be proven wrong again? Take my word for it and save your money, or waste your money on a lawyer to confirm what I've told you. You know, I haven't been wrong about a single thing yet.

Better to use your money to prove that you have no Jewish blood in you. Though I'll offer again -- I'll pay for the DNA test. Then you could use that money to have a lawyer tell you that yes, that dude Markos is right (again) -- you don't actually know what a preliminary injunction is.

From: George Rockwell
To: Markos

was "arrogance" a required subject in law school? because "english" clearly wasn't.

From: Markos
To: George Rockwell

Sigh. I'm not the one pretending to know more than I know. Go to your lawyer. If you're right, I pay. If you're wrong, you're out more cash.

Put your money where your mouth is. But don't say I didn't warn you.

And to be clear, here's the dispute: You think that a "preliminary injunction" would "basically prevent any future attempts" to do what is being enjoined. (In this case, that would be me calling a Jew, which I've never done anyway.)

I'm saying a preliminary injunction would do no such thing.


From: George Rockwell
To: Markos

what is "enjoined"? well, anyway, you have a deal. i'll get in touch with my lawyer, but only after i find a non-jew dna testing company.

From: Markos
To: George Rockwell

You're the one who knows english so well...

From: George Rockwell
To: Markos

are you disrespecting my command of the english language? not being aware of every legal term in existence hardly makes one grammatically deficient. you chose to use the term "enjoined", so it falls to you to explain its meaning. otherwise, it has no meaning.

From: Markos
To: George Rockwell

Did you find a proper DNA testing service?

We need to confirm that you're not the next Csanad Szegedi .

From: George Rockwell
To: Markos

i did in fact find a testing service that i believe is not operated by jews and i have sent in my sample. the testing apparently takes around three weeks. you should start preparing your apology. also, i'm meeting my lawyer next week to settle our argument which mostly revolves around you not understanding english. you will be a humble man, markos, when you are proven wrong on all accounts. your pride will prove your undoing, markos. i think your arrogance and superior attitude derive from your jew gene.

And now we're fully caught up, with George waiting for his DNA test to prove he's not Jewish, while getting ready to lose yet another legal bet. Remember what happened last time he lost one of those bets?
George Rockwell: ok, markos, how did you get to my lawyer? come on and confess. you somehow found out who my lawyer is and you or your jew allies bribed or threatened him, correct? this is really low, markos. i would have expected you to fight fair. i can't believe you would go to such lengths to win a simple dispute.
Ha ha ha, good times.

And to preemptively address the usual skepticism—yes, George is real. He sent me regular hateful anti-semitic email for two years before the Saturday hate mail feature began. While I trashed much of it (I didn't save my hate mails early on), I still have a bunch saved. In fact, I plan on a George Rockwell pre-quel introspective at some point in the future, next time I have a slow mail week.


This week's hate mail is

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