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If you watch cable news with any regularity, you probably recognize this guy:

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I watched today's Senate hearings on the repeal of Don't Ask - Don't Tell just to bask in the heat of John McCain's white-hot rage. Even if I had turned the sound off, the heat rays shooting from his eyes would have been enough to defrost and cook completely a Healthy Choice frozen chicken in alfredo noodles with broccoli dinner.

With one exception, everyone in the room -- the generals and the senators on both sides of the issue -- were calm and business-like. John McCain's glare and undisguised contempt suggested to me the visage of a father sitting at the trial of the man who raped and murdered his child.

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I worked the 2000 census and I'm looking forward to going door-to-door again this year. Ten years ago the extra money was a luxury. This year it's a necessity. Since I've spent most of my adult life in sales, I wasn't fazed by the occasional rudeness and rejection I encountered in the field. Most people were cooperative, and most of those who resisted could be persuaded with a little gentle nudging.

But I wonder if it will be different this year. The right wing paranoid demagoguery concerning virtually every aspect of government today has really reached a boiling point. I wonder what kind of push back I'll receive this time.

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I happened to tune into Mike Huckabee's Saturday Fox snoozefest, and caught an interesting (!) exchange between Huck and Bush I Secretary of State, James Baker. The Huckster was apparently inviting Baker to trash the Obama administration for the recent spat with Israel. I think he was very surprised by the answers he got from Baker.

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