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174825515082535217.95This IS Rocket ScienceDick Durbin16:15
261520012067324636.52GAO auditors thrown out of Agriculture Dept. buildingquaoar19:06
353020310658133735.62[Updated] DKos Successfully "Trashes" Fake US History BookTroutfishing08:59
442522612149131564.58Obama gets his nerd on in Austin.Andy30tx17:04
541571121857324684.76Obama's open letter to GLBT AmericaTorta13:35
63561928239422943.79We're Going to Unseat You.sarahlane16:21
733826413040328143.68Abu Ghraib story gets worse -- see updates (2 PM)RiderOnTheStorm06:22
826256420041623203.19Obama Camp & Canadian Embassy Strongly Repudiate NAFTA Story (UPDATED)davidsirota10:37
92611896028615882.77The American Legion Replied Todaypossum18:11
102591227228710202.76Annan succeeds in Kenya! (UPDATE: They've signed!)Turkana07:52
112391609729010192.62From Texas: Why I Voted For Obama TodayEmperorHadrian22:23
12214142602529222.32VA senate passes budget that strips Planned Parenthood of State Fundingidealistlefty11:59
1321123510328516272.40Just 24% of Florida Dems want primary results to standpoblano13:27
1420431613828311142.34U.S. Dollar getting beaten like a rented mulegjohnsit17:57
15203107532287592.17Transcripts of Blair’s Cabinet Meetings Ordered Releasedmarkthshark08:17
16198664421510762.1019 years later... Still no "public purpose"Larry Kissell10:21
17186114522035371.97My name is Rick Vilello and I'm running for CongressMayor Rick Vilello19:36
1817620411325114562.04Impressive: Obama going to Rhode Island this weekendVirginiaDem22:09
191612739322514301.862nd Update:  Houston Superdelegate Switches from Clinton To Obamamayan10:01
2016019010121312811.81Time to Retire the Party Platform?Meteor Blades22:41
21159177661825461.71OHIO Issue: Mega-Farms, Pollution and Rural VotersZwoof06:57
2215741920532024362.18Obama goes for a coup de grace? (w/ minor update)Daaaaave16:48
23128123541584551.41Why Every Union Worker Should Support ObamaTeamsterPower22:53
24118106461272821.25IGTNT: A Yellow Ribbon Turns to Blackmonkeybiz21:40
25626031803780.69$10,000,000.00 tonight for Obama?  Are you with me?NMDan19:13
26586526702630.63Lifecycle Costs of Photovoltaicsgmoke23:58
27584832804150.66My Favorite Texan Molly Ivins on Hillary Clinton for PresidentLefty Coaster20:14
28571367612113600.81BREAKING: WFAA Poll Has New Texas FrontrunnerTexasblue23:23
29551814601860.58Important Iraquagmire news: Iraqi government vetoes "breakthrough" law - AGAINdday01:03
3051482255800.54Aristotle, Shakespeare, and Dickens Set Free in ChinaJekyllnHyde01:16
314822347631540.54Thursday Pootie Fun in the Sun....SallyCat19:20
324820840642220.54Top Comments: Tell me...Elise22:31
334711241763640.58Don't Get Fooled AgainGavin Newsom17:30
3447412256810.51Geoengineering: basic principles, some thoughts, some questionsA Siegel15:06
35473121561600.51Toledo Blade Endorses Obamazenbowl10:21
36454528594920.51Edwards news out of IowaAndy8612:33
37424741311555710.89Obama Present on Continued Use of BlackwaterAlegre21:35
3840431843800.42The Shelter - Homeless in America: My Personal ExperienceThe Fat Lady Sings11:26
39383122501380.43Canadian Embassy Denies CTV NAFTA Reportslinkerwink12:20
403711048773000.52Geneticist Craig Venter says fuel from CO2 only 18 months awayNBBooks19:11
41377937643680.47Texas is No Sure Thingprincejellyfish17:43
4236471839930.38512 "I Got The News Today Diaries"gchaucer200:17
43362115452090.40Ron Paul Co-Sponsors H. Res. 888Chris Rodda15:58
443517663844170.54Clinton claims Richards' "endorsement", over sons' objectionsRenee in Ohio09:17
45359832501340.41Kossacks Under 35: A Generation of Inequalityeugene21:01
46353026481910.40WSJ: "Unpatriotic" Obama Wants To Take Our Profitsblueness05:06
47344425542480.41Hagee Endorses McCain - Blames Jews for Holocaust?Into The Woods00:54
483310748705920.47BREAKING: Gov. Richards renounces and rejects her endorsement of Clinton.reef the dog11:17
49334219401450.362008 House RankingsSuperribbie14:43
5033231641960.36Murder by Spreadsheet at work again.Ralphdog09:27
5132402747810.381 in 100 American adults in prison or jailDaisy Cutter13:25
52321512412700.36A Manchurian Candidate in the White House?dlindorff13:19
53314313372690.34Obama Country: Stories from the GroundAcacia95115:18
54303120391510.34Update: On March 4th Creationists May Take The Texas Board of EducationAndyT17:02
55302918371100.33Case Study in Medical Care: My father-in-law's last daysdesert leap14:04
56292961421516010.82hillary should start smashing barack cocoonyangwenli20:01
57299031552690.39I'm Hurt By Hillarydavefromqueens00:21
58296728472910.36Game On? HRC Announces Feb. Fundraising.RenaRF14:53
59292914361560.32Geek President: Quick Look at Obama's Technology PlansZotnix19:05
60284723401060.33Jack Kingston: Republican Hypocrite (UPDATED)Democrashield14:33
61283318382140.32The War on Obamatruong son traveler00:50
62281714331860.30McCain: I Am Withholding Evidence to Protect Republicansoregonj20:55
6328171233580.30Overnight News Digest: Green GoodiesChaoslillith21:18
64281010341520.31Draft-Dodger John Cornyn Insults our Veterans and Troops (cross-posted from Huffington Post)mikelyon21:49
652721442551590.37Liars, Damn Liars, and Bush Presser: Live Bloglgcap10:07
662716460754720.46Losing my Religion [on Obama] UPDATEDcrazymoloch14:41
67279840562680.38Barack's middle name - what a muslim thinks?Taz Man19:59
6827903445810.34Baseball begins!  I went to Spring Training today.kate mckinnon22:12
69276431441880.33Totally Irrelevant CrapRimjob00:46
70273110321570.29GOTV weekend for Barack Obama in Rhode Islandaaraujo20:59
712610440531690.36Confessions of a Crap AddictFrankenoid12:49
72263525421570.32McCain Drawn into Religious Warbink15:52
7326159321630.29Take Up the White Man's Burden, MoronGrand Moff Texan13:59
74259628610.27High Impact Diaries - February 27, 2008jotter09:39
752555271600.26Breaking: Today's Committee Hearing May Silence Future Arguments To Privatize Social Security..kavips03:54
76248443541460.35What's so hard about evolutionary science?Christopher Bair19:49
77246232523740.34Kenyans react to photoOverseas16:24
78243522392570.30Shocker: Politics as Usual from Hillary camp.Eternal Hope10:44
79234011181345120.72Shocker: Obama's Fake Stand on NAFTA (VIDEO)SusanHu09:03
81238537533440.34Breaking: Jenna secretly serving in Afghanistanjhpdb15:31
82237143594330.37Harold Ickes throws Mark Penn under the busAHiddenSaint15:58
83234428421740.30Are Israelis scared of Barack Obama?fetalposition03:30
842319926730.25Why We are Protesting the New Orleans Times Picayunescorpiorising09:13
85226125391490.28Matt Drudge endangers troopsbillydanielus19:24
8622441928640.241 in 100 Americans Behind BarsGoober Pea12:17
87223417312000.25Another Big Demographic Changingphilinmaine08:04
88222824382170.28So That's Why He's At 19%solai08:03
89222520393790.282 More Super Delegates Endorse Obamahowardpark12:43
90221412301420.25Canadian Embassy: NO CALL FROM OBAMA CAMPDemDog12:20
91217627421870.29Hillary Clinton's Un-Democratic Superdelegate Leadsnout11:27
92213328442770.30"My name is Barack Hussein Obama and I am not ashamed!"sueco13:37
93203741081183300.64Black backers steadfast for ClintonNewHampster22:04
94204023373290.26Update: Clinton loses another superdelegate and Obama gets a new oneOreo11:45
9520141021990.21Another attack on hunters from the leaders of the NRASchoenke15:24
96206521690.21America's newest blogger: my dadSpindizzy18:03
97194732495340.31Clinton TX supporter: Obama has a problem, he happens to be blackelectopundit02:52
9819371727920.22Angelina Jolie writes about Iraqi refugeesJLFinch22:12
99193318332280.24Why Barack's Speeches Worry Me.SteamPunkX10:25
100192919342540.25Smears you can Xerox: Coleman apologizes to FrankenLeggy Starlitz09:25
101192418291540.23GOP's Issa: It's OK To Lie To Congresshuntsu05:42
1021835770782680.44Why I support Hillary ClintonManOverBoard00:46
1031817860684560.39I no longer hate Hillary ClintonThatPoshGirl01:27
10418412227810.21The Bernanke Two StepGranny Doc13:55
10518159231480.20Fox News: Still First In Being Last - The Continuing Ratings SagaKingOneEye13:04
1061888231390.20San Antonio: One Hour of My Life...SAQuestor18:49
1071719050602730.35Loss of wind causes Texas power grid emergencydavidwalters01:44
108178440565080.33Fire Joe Scarboroughbob fertik16:53
109176623331390.23TinPlated CryptoNazi -- Good riddanced2 at 43rdstateblues01:59
110174429435270.27PA: Rendell's Support for Clinton CrackingRandySF14:24
1111613878906000.49"We cannot have him as President of the United States."lutznancy12:06
112165830361370.24TN Repub. Party: "Antisemites for Obama"madler14:03
113164819312930.22Barack gets The Pivotnklein18:37
114152924342820.22Poll: Arizonans Think Obama Would Beat McCainSicXitGM22:44
1151421374834870.45OBAMA BACKERS - How To Avoid Hitting The IcebergDrew Pritt19:34
1161410738471910.27Prince Harry fighting on the front line in AfghanistanSantaFeMarie12:30
117144924321450.21I Kind of Like the ClintonsSciVo04:51
118144626341510.22SYFPH: Joint Chiefs Mullen Slams Obama & Clintonkubla00019:03
119142819301220.20Nancy Pelosi, Contempt of Congress, & a Stupid QuestionRichard Cranium20:23
1201310251582970.32Obama/Chafee '08Gibbo15:42
121138441526590.29Hillary almost catches Obama in fundraising for Feb.fromdabak21:29
122134628371700.22The Euro is now at 1.52 USD. What is George Bush's response? "we believe in a strong dollar policy".Bruce HB Lee23:43
123133725354360.22RASMUSSEN: Obama increasing in TX, PAdmsdbo11:17
124133325332100.21The "Cult" of ObamaYerba Buena19:22
1251216857642440.35Should Democrats Choose the Democratic Nominee??The Baculum King19:42
126126924331490.20Hillary Clinton Supported NAFTA in 1996 and 2004 on VideoProgdem2204:13
127125232391990.23Hillary Claims The Support of Ann RichardsWattree07:27
1281114555623680.34I fear it's working.jeepdad16:05
129117144525870.29Obama Raised $60 million in February?!?IowaCubs16:12
130114326373360.22Breaking: TX Poll - Obama 48, Clinton 44Hlinko11:12
1311014078855780.45BREAKING: Clinton Raises $35 Million in February (UPDATE: Obama Raises More)dansac12:58
1321010444481650.26STARBUCKS Anonymous: The Twelve Steps.Aidos02:13
133106029393320.22Obama was a Phd diaper babymaxnyc14:19
134923581863830.45Barack Obama's Irresponsible Waffling About Gun ControlJacob Freeze09:23
135910963711940.38Obama Should Commit to Public Financingmong00se11:03
136812347524470.28Worry... Obamacans are on the move and they're unpredictableleftbird23:32
137713267706830.37New TX Latino Poll: Hillary 62% Obama 22%wandering i00:18
13874837433350.23Hillary averaged $827,521 per day in Feb (total $24M)Steven R12:20
139610562674620.35McCain isn't legally allowed to be PresidentcoolhappyMax16:21
140517144462630.24I Get Email: "Fwd: Fw: Obama worked with terrorist"PJ Jefferson12:23
141514253552820.29Is McCain Eligible to be President?leshrac5500:39
142513172723410.38UPDATED:  Nader to Announce VP Choice Todayhematuria01:59
143411971733480.38Bloomberg as Obama's Running Mate?such sweet thunder20:26
144411538411990.22(Updated) Is John McCain a "natural born citizen"?ggrzw17:27
145410872754570.39Not torn about Hil and Barack anymoreAninquiry22:02
14646644455370.24Clinton Bump In Texas? Wha?Jake Yenor15:02
14737244475410.25TX exit poll: Clinton 41, Obama 38PDiddie13:07
14835338413030.21Does anybody want a First Lady who hunts rattlesnakes?Ken Bank15:17
149214478783880.40History: Win Iowa – Lose General. Poll - HRC stronger against McCainMolee10:31
150210542446520.239pm Est: Not a peep from Hillary, w/poll, open threadgregoryjames21:07

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1438192844714.62New Update - Subpoenas Coming? - Two of the Gonzales Seven Step Down Today - Bogden & IglesiasePluribus Media12:19
24194441785214.62Near nation's capital, an uninsured child dies of a toothachenyceve07:38
3394183734124.13"Will he still love me?" Lee Woodrufftestvet677808:38
4372269994173.97First Marine injured in Iraq comes out!homogenius14:16
53484341914693.95Why the Generals May Resign over Iran (Hint: It's the nukes)Steven D12:49
63111581063563.34Thank you and he died in peacereal world chick21:56
7276190863112.95Restoring our Constitution: Lex Gabinia and the Fall of the RepublicJay Elias19:37
8275150863282.99CHENEY PLAYING FOOTSIE WITH AL-QUEDA: The Real Hersh ScoopNeocynic01:41
9268102633002.86To Limbaugh and Back - TBI & Bob Woodruff's Journey (Updated)Richard Cranium19:14
10191323832192.05Wes Clark and Amy Goodman at the 92nd St. Yckilyanek13:06

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