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(From the diaries -- kos)

This Roundup Diary covers the period from 1:00 PM Saturday, 10/28 to 1:00 PM EDT Sunday, 10/29.

We're doing pretty well with volunteers for now. You can still drop us a line and I'm sure we'll find something for you to do. But at this point please just take that time and donate it to a campaign that needs it. (Incredible thanks to volunteers Nightprowlkitty, Alma, Sevah, suejazz, randallt, edgery, cdale777, mkrc98, evap, eeff, drchelo, ukben, demkat620, anais, TruthOfAngels and bookmobile.)

Today's Menu Includes:
102 Diaries Overall
- 38 On House races
     - With 29 covering individual Districts in 18 states
- 39 On Senate races
    - Representing 7 different states
- 20 On Various election races
    - Encompassing Governor, Secretary of State, Local, and more
- 5 General election-related diaries

Over 5,300 diaries served to date!!!

This is an attempt to compile a fairly comprehensive listing of election-related diaries that have recently been posted. Most of them are House or Senate races but there are also some local ones, as well as the occasional 'general info' diary.

Reminder - If you are doing a diary on a specific race, particularly a House or Senate race, PLEASE, put the race number (or XX-Sen) at the beginning of the diary header. More diarists are now doing this and it is immensely helpful.

For all the introductory stuff and previous diaries in this series, please see:
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Election Race Roundup (10/28 - 10 Days to Daylight)

(1:00 PM, Saturday, 10/28 to 1:00 PM, Sunday, 10/29):  (102 diaries)

(Alphabetical, starting from L)

   House (38)

(MI-08) MI-08: Election Trickery by TheRealMajority - The Lansing State Journal newspaper's powers that be are cheating on their endorsement letter for Jim Marcinkowski (D).

(MI-11) New ad for Tony Trupiano (MI-11) by TeddySanFran - Tony Trupiano (D) has a new ad in his race against Thaddeus McCotter (R).

(MI-11) MI-11 - Ten Days Filled With Possibility by Tony Trupiano - Candidate Tony Trupiano (D) tells about his vision and his race against Thad McCotter (R).

(MN-02) MN-02 Kline uses letter to the editor as a sniper attack on Coleen Rowley by georeeve - Rep. John Kline (R) wusses out and attacks challenger Coleen Rowley (D) in a letter to the editor!

(NC-08) NC-08: The Ground War by Larry Kissell - Updates from the Dem candidate in an election battle with incumbent Robin Hayes (R).

(NC-11) N-11 Taylor Iraq reversal, Shuler endorsement by gregflynn - Citing Repub Charles Taylor's history of rubberstamping and "ineffectual leadership," Asheville Citizen Times endorses Heath Shuler (D) and his confrontation of current administration over Iraq.

(NC-11) NC - 11 Report from the netroots by a disabled activist by doribell - Positive reflections on campaign work from NC-11, where Heath Shuler (D) is facing Rep. Charles Taylor.

(NE-03) URGE DCCC TO HELP KLEEB!! by Steven Colangelo - Scott Kleeb has gotten far with the help of the 50-State Strategy, it's time now for the DCCC to step up with some help.

(NH-01) NH-01: Fighting Dem Carol Shea-Porter Live Blogging from the Granite State by Fighting Dem Vets - Get some info and interact with Carol Shea-Porter.

(NY-13) NY-13: NYTIMES STRONGLY ENDORSES HARRISON, SLAMS FOSSELLA!!!! by from thr puggle - Diarist has NYT article of endorsement fot Stephen Harrison for NY-13.

(NY-13) NY-13, The largest Congressional upset by johan in nyc - Diarist has NYT article of endorsement fot Stephen Harrison for NY-13.

(NY-13) NY-13: Let's bring the SI Democrats home by Gg - Great policy information on Stephen Harrison (D), who is running against Vito Fossella (R).

(NY-19) (NY-19) Bill Clinton Coming Out for John Hall!!! by katonahdem - Bill Clinton is appearing for John Hall (D), running against Sue Kelly (R).

(NY-19) NY-19: Major Local Newspaper Endorses John Hall by Aug6PDB - Celebrates an endorsement of John Hall (D), who is running against Rep. Sue Kelly.

(NY-25) Going Door-to Door and Meeting The Two Types of Voters by redlami - A Kossack canvasses for Dan Maffei (D), running against Jim Walsh (R).

(OH-02) every Jean Schmidt yard sign in the county went down overnight by JellyPuddin - Comments on a story that says that Rep. Jean Schmidt, who is running against Dr. Victoria Wells Wulsin (D), may be supportive of nuclear waste sites in Ohio.

(PA-04) PA-04 Hapless GOP Congresswoman threatened with Donuts! by Christopher Walker - Repub Melissa Hart's staff had police evict donut-bearing, donut-hole protesting seniors from her office. Diarist suggests support for strong Dem challenger Jason Altmire.

(PA-08) PA-08: A report from the ground, 10 days out by PsiFighter37 - News from Pennsylvania's Eighth District, where Patrick Murphy (D) is running against Mike Fitzpatrick (R).

(PA-09) PA-09: Economics, Accountability, and Action by Tony Barr PA09 - Support challenger Tony Barr (D) against do-nothing Rep. Bill Shuster (R).

(PA-18) Another (?!?) Repub in Hot Water by jsyaruss - Local paper reports on ethics "lapses" by Tim Murphy (R) who is running for re-election against Chad Kluko (D).

(PA-Var) PA-18 and PA-4: On donuts and turnovers in SW PA by musicsleuth - Election news from SW PA.  Linky goodness for Dems included.

(WA-08) WA-08 Reichert abuses franking privilege again by stilwell - Diarist brings up Reichert sending political mail via his congressional privilege.

(WA-08) Crashing the States in Seattle: Darcy Burner edition!  (w/VIDEO) by hekebolos - Must read Crashing the States goes north!

(WI-05) Sensenbrenner LOSES (major WI-05 media endorsement) -- how you can help by Cream City - The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel recommends Bryan Kennedy (D) over James Sensenbrenner (R).

(AK-AL) AK : Diane Benson -Dem For Congress by practicalmatters - Diarist gives a plug for Diane Benson (D), in her race against incumbent Don Young (R).

(CA-11) Diane Feinstein endorsed Jerry McNerney by wrolley - McNerny (D) picks up another key endorsement in his election battle with incumbent Richard Pombo (R).

(CO-04) CO-04 | My Daily Donation | E-9 | $5 to Angie Paccione by cmanaster - Time for everyone to pitch in to help Angie Paccione (D) in her race against incumbent Marilyn Musgrave (R).

(CO-06) BILL WINTER, CO-06: How to abandon the Troops AND your District! by Bill Winter - Help Fighting Dem Bill Winter (D) defeat Rep. Tom Tancredo (R), who is not only xenophobe, but is also corrupt.

(CO-07) Did Dobson endorse O'Donnell in CO-07? by Duke 1676 - James Dobson, in spite of saying he's not political, seems to endorse Rick O'Donnell (R) against Ed Perlmutter (D).

(CT-04) CT-04: (R) Chris Shays Feeling Heat Over Abramoff/Qatar Link by goldrick - Abramoff? Secret trips to Qatar? Just more proof Rep. Chris Shays (R) is a typical corrupt Republican.

(FL-13) FL-13: A Third of the Way There: Help my wife and I meet Bill Clinton by mole333 - Help Christine Jennings (D) take Rep. Katherine Harris' (R) seat. Yes, that Katherine Harris (R).

(GA-08) GA-8 New Poll Shows Marshall (D) Safe Even After Redistricting by chrisishardcore - Rep. Jim Marshall (D) has a comfortable 15 point lead over former Rep. Mac Collins (R) in a Republican leaning district.

(IL-06) Photos from Today's Canvass for Tammy Duckworth (IL-06) in Lombard by patachon - Diarist has photos of Staurday's Canvassing for Tammy Duckworth.

(IL-11) IL-11:Jerry Weller and the Butcher of Guatemala: UPDATED by  Yosef 52 - Learn more about Weller's (R) "quite corruption", and vote for John Pavich (D).

(IL-14) IL-14 Hastert Says, "Absolutely Not" To Indians Who Don't Pay to Play by  treesfieldssky - Dennis Hastert only seems to object to gambling interests if they haven't given him a quid pro quo.

(IL-14) IL-14: Republicans leave Hastert out of advertisement in Lee County, IL by John Leasch - John has a few interesting things about his campaign.

(KY-03) KY-03: Frank Simon and AFA-KY (illegally) endorse Northrup by dogemperor - The religious right gets involved in KY politics, endorsing Anne Northup (R) over John Yarmuth (D).

(Var-House) Meta-Projecting the House: Week 4 by CalD - House race rankings.

   Senate (39)

(MD-Sen) MD-Sen: Just got a pro-Steele robocall pushpoll by Jonathan - The automatic phone calls are going out for Mike Steele (R), saying that Ben Cardin (D) promotes terrible things for unborn babies.

(MD-Sen) MD-Sen: Washington Post has Cardin up 11 by sarcaustic - Diarist has the latest WaPo polling.

(MD-Sen) Breaking MD-Sen: Steele says that embryos should be adopted(w/poll) by eraske - Michael Steele (R) answers the "tough" questions on stem cells.  Steele is running against Ben Cardin (D).

(MD-Sen) Steele is Nuts -- Life Does Not Begin at Conception by R2 - Michael Steele (R) has some odd views.  Steele is in a heated election battle with Ben Cardin (D).

(MO-Sen) KC Star endorses McCaskill by MoDem - McCaskill (D) picks up an important endorsement in her race against Jim Talent (R).

(NJ-Sen) NJ-Sen Research 2000 Menendez extends lead over Kean by olowakandi - Comments on a poll that shows that Sen. Robert Menendez (D) has a healthy lead on Tom Kean Jr.

(TN-Sen) East TN- Saturday morning canvassing by ladylib - Canvassing of East Tennessee going well for Rep. Harold Ford, Jr. (D) despite the fact it is bob Corker's (R) home base.

(TN-Sen) TN-Senate: Final Debate - Oh, mah, Gosh!! by Yellow Dog Dem Woman - Diarist brings the debate info to dkos.

(TN-Sen) Liveblogging the BIG Debate by demagend - Live blogging and comments from the debate between Harold Ford, Jr. (D) and Bob Corker (R).

(TN-Sen) TN-Sen: Massive GOTV Time, and Massive GOP Lies by Sidof79 - The diarist describes the day spent canvassing for Ford (D); he also describes the lies put out by Bob Corker's (R) campaign, playing on fear and taxes.

(TN-Sen) Wal-Mart Adviser Linked to "Call Me" Harold Ford ad by kellington - The man responsible for the ad was a Wal-Mart ad guy; pressure from Jesse Jackson and the NAACP forced Wal-Mart to fire him.

(TN-Sen) Is that Ford a Lincoln? by plf515 - Favorably compares Rep. Harold Ford, Jr., (D) who is running for the Senate against Bob Corker (R).

(TN-Sen) Republicans take money from gay porn by mr blasphemy - Gets to the bottom of a story, apparently encouraged by the RNC, which says that Harold Ford, Jr. (D), who is running against Bob Corker (R), hangs outs at the Playboy mansion and gasp sleeps with attractive women.

(TN-Sen) TN-Sen: It's the Family Values, Stupid by autoegocrat - Diarist brings local analysis of the now-famous "playboy" RNC slime ad.

(VA-Sen) VA-Sen: DSCC asks George Allen, "Why were you arrested and what are you hiding?" by thebes - Diarist has the Questions the DSCC is asking Allen on his arrest in 1974.

(VA-Sen) James Webb For Senator by Mash - Diarist has several writings as to why he thinks Jim Webb would make a good US Senator.

(VA-Sen) Jim Webb Wows Us at Annandale, VA Rally, with Pics by hcc in VA - Jim Webb (D) speaks at a rally in Annandale, Virginia.

(VA-Sen) VA-Senate Novels by lickalamb - Netroots candidate Jim Webb (D) says "if you think what I wrote is bad, you should read what Allen's sister and Lynn Cheney wrote!"

(VA-Sen) VA-Sen: Webb Responds to Allen Smears: "The fish rots from the head down" by GregP - Diarist has Jim Webb's answer to Allen smear tattics.

(VA-Sen) Why Did George Allen Name His Son After the KKK Founder? by PaulVa - Yes, why did George Allen (R) name his son Forrest?

(VA-Sen) Webb gets two major endorsements (VA-Sen) by teacherken - Diarist comments on Tidewater and Roanoke endorsements of Jim Webb (D) and weak Fredericksburg endorsement of George Allen (R), also positive effects of Webb's tough response to attacks on his writing and character.

(VA-Sen) Jim Webb is the answer for Virginia by Tannen - Outlines the fitness of Jim Webb (D), who is running against Sen. George Allen (R), for this Senate seat in Virginia.

(VA-Sen) Webb's book on USMC reading list by calipygian - Presents the fact that Jim Webb's (D) book, which Sen. George Allen (R) has called "inappropriate", is actually on a military reading list.

(VA-Sen) George Allen Versus Ronald Reagan by Mash - More smear against Jim Webb (D) in his race with incumbent George Allen (R).

(VA-Sen) VA-Sen--The Leader versus the Bully by hannah - Diarist makes the case for Jim Webb (D), over George Allen (R).

(AZ-Sen) Arizona Republic agrees with Pederson on issues but still supports Kyl by resident dem - provides the links to The Arizona Republic's endorsement of Jon Kyl (R) over Jim Pederson (D) despite agreeing with Pederson on the issues

(AZ-Sen) Is this 2004? Or does Jon Kyl live in a bubble? by blogazblue - Kyl (R) is stuck in the past, which is another reason you should support Dem Jim Pederson.

(CT-Sen) CT-Sen: Clark Speaks by kos - General Wesley Clark speaks eloquently for Ned Lamont (D) who faces Alan Schlesinger (R) and Joe Lieberman (CFI).

(CT-Sen) East TN-Saturday morning canvassing Don't waste your time bugging good Dems about Lamont by poli sci prof - Sen. Joe Lieberman (CFL) is bad, but not bad enough to focus on to the detriment of people like Sen. Rick Santorum (R).

(CT-Sen) CT-Sen HQ: Down the Stretch Update by ttgaris - What it is like at Ned Lamont's (D) headquarters and how things look against Joe Lieberman (CFI).

(CT-Sen) No Show Joe: Lamont vs. Schlesinger! by astronautagogo - Joe Lieberman (CFI) is a no show at a televised debate between Ned Lamont (D) and Alan Shlesinger (R).

(CT-Sen) NY Times Endorses Lamont Over Lieberman by DemFromCT - The NY Times tomorrow will endorse Ned Lamont for CT-Sen.

(CT-Sen) Rove's plan in Connecticut? by houndcat - Karl Rove may be planning on naming Joe Lieberman (CFI) as the new Secretary of Defense; this may be why they are not supporting Alan Schlesinger (R).

(CT-Sen) Wes Clark ad supporting Lamont! Hits Lieberman hard! by kevin22262 - Wes Clark (D) and Sen. John Kerry (D) only '08 hopefuls supporting netroots candidate Ned Lamont (D) by slamming Sen. Joe Lieberman (CFL) hard!

(CT-Sen) My Lieberman Theory by Captain Future - Diarist considers implications of a win by Joseph Lieberman (CFL) over Ned Lamont (D) and Alan Schlesinger (R) for Senate balance of power. Discussion in comments.

(CT-Sen) Where the heck are the post debate polls in the CT Senate race? by Ken in Tex - Diarist questions the lack of polling in CT.

(CT-Sen) Scaife, father of Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, funding Lieberman by John Campanelli - Lieberman takes money from wingnut funder Scaife.

(Var-Sen) Current Senate Projections From Tradesports by Rob - has the latest Tradesports numbers on some of the Senate races

(Var-Sen) Alert to Virginia, New Jersey, Tennessee and Missouri Voters: Beware of Mitch McConnell by PM - Diarist warns swing-state voters about money-mad Mitch McConnell (R), the likely new Majority Leader if GOP retains control. Links to frightening revelations.

   Various (20)

(MA-SoS) (MA-SoS) Freaky Friday: Trading Places with a Green by AlanF - Secretary of the Commonwealth Bill Galvin (D) is bringing Diebold machines to Massachusetts! Inexcusable! Vote Green!

(MD-Gov) MD-Gov: Report from the Ground - O'Malley is My New Favorite Color by stephdray - The diarist describes an excellent rally for Martin O'Malley (D), running for Governor in Maryland.

(MD-Gov) MD - Baltimore Sun endorses O'Malley. New poll #'s. Big Rally in... by nickshepDEM - Baltimore Sun praises record and agenda of Mayor Martin O'Malley (D) in endorsing him over Robert Ehrlich (R). Diarist notes favorable WaPo poll, Sunday rally.

(MI-Gov) MI-Gov: Hitting the Wall with the Michigan Republican Party by wizardkitten - Expresses disbelief in the state of Michigan politics, where Gov. Jennifer Granholm (D) is facing Dick DeVos (R).

(MI-Gov) MI-GOV: Dick Devos is a Quitter? Prove it on The Google!! by devoshead - Has fun with a campaign slogan that Gov. Jennifer Granholm's (D) opponent, Dick DeVos (R), is a "quitter".

(MI-Gov) MI-GOV:Dick DeVos (R-Amway) Embraces Secrecy by DemWave - Republican candidate Dick DeVos (R) refuses to answer questions.  DeVos is running against incumbent Jennifer Granholm (D).

(MI-Gov) Just Say NO to Dick and YES to Jen - Reason #9 by LiberalLucy - More reasons to support Granholm (D) over DeVos (R).

(MI-StSen13) MI State Senate 13: Gov. Milliken Sends a Devastating Letter to the Oakland Press by Brainwrap - Former Governor Milliken (R) sent out a letter blasting his party's sleaze attacks on Andy Levin (D).

(MI-Var) MI-LEG Money sez: Dem State Senate, GOP House (barely) by fergusonforcongress - Diarist has info on Michigan fund raising.

(MI-Gov) Amway Shuts Down "DeVos Dance Party" Video on YouTube! by MichiganCaucus - Amway poor sport in satire of Amway ad that attacks challenger Dick DeVos (R). Support Gov. Jennifer Granholm (D).

(NV-Gov) NV-GOV: Video surfaces in Jim Gibbons incident by AwsiDooger - has the links to news accounts of a tape surfacing in the alleged assault incident involving Jim Gibbons (R) who faces challenger Dina Titus (D)

(NY-Com) NY Comptroller Race: A Dilemma by Unstable Isotope - Until-now secure candidacy of incumbent Dem Alan Hevesi, facing J. Christopher Callaghan (R), implodes over emerging ethics scandal. What to do?

(OH-Gov) If you've ever told me "Blackwell will steal it"... by Renee in Ohio - Diarist is looking for help to make sure the GOV race isn't rigged.

(TX-Var) Tx-Var - How YOU can help elect Democrats in Texas by anotherdemocrat - A list of excellent Texas Democratic candidates who should win.

(Var) FOLLOWING THE POLLS: The Pundit Edition by Steve Singiser - Steve's daily roundup of nationwide polls, including pundit analysis.

(AZ-Gen) Arizona NeoCons, begin offering the Jim Jones kool-Aid test by PSBurton - has a report on the purges underway in the Arizona Republican party

(AZ-Var) The GOP meltdown hits local politics in AZ by Enoch - Diarist has an article with of the GOP in AZ miscommunicating.

(CA-Gov) Schwartzenegger - fundraising shell game - AGAIN! by nora - Arnold Schwarznegger (R) is bypassing California's Fair Political Practices law.

(FL-Gov) Fl-Gov: Jim Davis has his Mo(jo) Back - With Poll (Updated) by gatordem - On the eve of a debate, Jim Davis (D) is tied with Charlie Crist (R).

(ID-Var) Dead heat in Idaho--Grant AND Brady tied by LeftCoastTimm - has the latest polling in the Idaho Governor's race between Jim Brady (D) and Butch Otter (R) and ID-01 race between Larry Grant (D) and Bill Sali (R)

   General (5)

GOTV Reference List: All House, Senate, & Governor Races by bluerevolt - Diarist has a list of Candidates for GOTV.

Ten Days & Counting - What Did You Do Today? by aimeeinkc - Diarist ask what did you do today.

saturday's DCCC money dump - FEC filings for 10/28/06 by campskunk - has the latest report on where and how the DCCC is using its money

a diary about dollars (and hugs) by kid oakland - Another must-read about GOTV and getting involved

Memory Lane: Polling And Pundit Predictions by DemFromCT - Great post on predicting elections.

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