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(From the diaries -- kos)

This Roundup Diary covers the period from 1:00 PM Thursday, 11/2 to 1:00 PM EST Friday, 11/3.

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Today's Menu Includes:
155 Diaries Overall
- 69 On House races
     - With 43 covering individual Districts in 22 states
- 51 On Senate races
    - Representing 11 different states
- 26 On Various election races
    - Encompassing Governor, Secretary of State, Local, and more
- 6 General election-related diaries

Over 6,000 diaries served to date!!!

This is an attempt to compile a fairly comprehensive listing of election-related diaries that have recently been posted. Most of them are House or Senate races but there are also some local ones, as well as the occasional 'general info' diary.

Reminder - If you are doing a diary on a specific race, particularly a House or Senate race, PLEASE, put the race number (or XX-Sen) at the beginning of the diary header. More diarists are now doing this and it is immensely helpful.

For all the introductory stuff and previous diaries in this series, please see:
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Election Race Roundup (11/2 - 5 Days to Daylight)

(1:00 PM, Thursday, 11/2 to 1:00 PM, Friday, 11/3):  (155 diaries)

(Alphabetical, starting from R)

   House (69)

(TN-09) CQ Rates Steve Cohen In TN-9 As Predicted Winner by Rob - The Congressional Quarterly lists Steve Cohen (D) ahead of Jake Ford (I) and Mark White (R).

(TX-06) Mike Stark redux - TX GOP Rep calls the cops on a constituent and parent of autistic child (TX-06) by CTMET - Highlights a struggle to hold up autism funding, brought to you by Rep. Joe Barton (R), who is facing Fighting Dem Dave Harris (D).

(TX-10) Tx-10: Ted Ankrum on Iraq by anotherdemocrat - Ted Ankrum (D), a Viet Nam vet, explains his position on the war; he faces Michael McCaul (R).

(TX-10) Tx -10: Ted Ankrum on Education by anotherdemocrat - White paper on education by Ted Ankrum (D).

(VA-11) VA-11: Even the Weakest Ethics Committee Disapproves of Tom Davis by achamblee - Davis' (R) ethical challenges.

(VA-11) Tom Davis (R-VA) Caught on Tape Contradicting Himself! by Smith is Blue - Diarist exposes Davis' distortions.

(WA-05) WA-05 Yay! I raised over $1,000.00 for Peter Goldmark Campaign by Freebee - has the latest on fundraising for Peter Goldmark (D) hoping to defeat Cathy McMorris (R).

(WA-08, MI-11, IL-15) Volunteer in WA-08, MI-11 or IL-15 by IvyTodd - Pimping for three of America's future congressmen.

(WI-08) Volunteers needed for GOTV in WI-08 by litho - This Wisconsin race will be decided on the ground, so now is the time to help!

(WY-AL) WY-AL: Trauner Poised for an Upset by mcjoan - Gary Trauner (D) is all set to be the next Democratic Congressman from Wyoming.

(AL-01) (AL-01)Beckerle, other Alabama Dems ready to kick butt by alabamaliberal - Democrats down in Alabama are really working hard.

(AK-AL) Democrats Can Win Alaska - With Your Help. by Drew Pritt - asks kossacks for help for Democrat Diane Benson looking to unseat Republican Don "You'll take this bridge and you'll like it" Young.

(AZ-05, 01) Cqpolitics changes AZ-5 and 1 to tossups redcardphreek - Diarist has a AZ round up.

(CA-04) CA-04: Charlie  Brown and Paul Hackett by glaciermom - A call to support Charlie Brown (D), running against John Doolittle (R).

(CA-04) CA-04 Sometimes You Feel Like an American... by AmericanRiverCayon - Diarist has info on the Marianas Islands economy & its link to Doolittle.

(CA-11) Crashing the States in CA-11: The Winds of Change (McNerney) by hekebolos - Jerry McNerney (D) faces the evil Richard Pombo (R) and looks like he may have a slim lead.

(CA-11) A bad day for Richard Pombo by wrolley - Pombo is having to work hard to retain his position of power and corruption.

(CA-45) CA-45: Teachers Back David Roth over Mary Bono by Paminator - David Roth (D) keeps chugging along in his race against Mary Bono (R).

(CO-04) CO CD4 Religious Homeschooling Teens Arm Themselves for Musgrave by Pager - Wacko Generation Joshua Student Action Team working for Rep. Marilyn Musgrave (R).

(CO_05) CO-05: Fawcett Hangs Tough by mcjoan - Jay Fawcett's (D) no-nonsense approach to winning over a registered Republican populace with his steady approach as he faces Doug Lamborn (R).

(CO-06) (CO-06) My Republican Dad Just Voted for Bill Winter by Abraham Running For Congress When I Turn 25 - Diarist flips his Dad.

(CO-06) Radio station cancels Winter's ad about Tancredo racism (CO-06) by Duke1676 - The story about local radio refusing Democrat Bill Winter's ads about Republican Tom Tancredo.

(FL-07) Mica's Macaca: Lax airport security doesn't bother me! (FL-07) by Chagnon4Congress - Relates a controversy in which Rep. John L. Mica (R) expressed an oddly flippant attitude toward airport security; Mica is opposed by John Chagnon (D).

(FL-13) FL-13: Dirty tricks in action by kos - Christine Jennings (D) reports nasty robo-calls put out in her "voice" but which are the work of the NRCC's Vern Buchanan.

(FL-18) Ros-Lehtinen & "Well-Being" by joegarcia - Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R) is pretty awful, but she has a lot more $ than opponent, Joe Patlak (D).

(FL-21) FL-21: THIS is how you win a "red" district (w/ YouTube video & poll) by chico Towner - Diarist has a YouTube from FL-21.

(ID-01) Dick Cheney Stumps in North Idaho Today. Photos by Dianna - Diarist has Cheney's visit to save Idaho' 01 district.

(IL-06) Il-06, Duckworth, Roskam neck and neck in the last weekend. by Markg8 - Diarist links to some ads and gives information on how to help out.

(IL-10) ILm 10 -- Turnout election by Frank Palmer - Diarist has latest poll.

(IL-10) IL-10 Dan Seals - on the ground by lapis - Diarist has info on IL-10.

(IL-11) IL-11 Weller Gets Desperate with Racist Mailer by chicagodavid - Yet another deep-red Rep. Peter Weller (R) going to the negative well due to the heat.

(IL-14) IL-14: Denny's Double Dealing: Hastert and the Gaming Industry by n0madic - How cozy is Dennis Hastert (R) with thr gambling industry?  John Laesch (D) is his opponent.

(IL-14) IL-14th Poll Shows Laesch only 4 pts behind by treesfieldssky - Diarist has a take on the state of the race between Johnn Laesch (D) and Speaker of the House Denny Hastert (R).

(KY-03) KY-3: Northup's latest desperate ploy: Hilariously Futile by voter in the ville - Ann Northup (R) is at it about bridges that will not be built - again.

(KY-03) Yarmuth up 8 in  KY-03 (SUSA0 by glubupikron - The SUSA poll shows John Yarmuth (D) ahead of Ann Northup (R) by 8 points.

(KY-03) KY-3: Rep. Northup going down big (new SUSA poll) by Federalist - Rep. Anne Northrup (R) finally going down.

(MI-08) MI-08: Corporate Media Lies For Rogers by BostonJoe - Publisher vetoes editorial board endorsement of Jim Marcinkowski (D) over Rep. Mike Rogers (R).

(MI-08, MI-09) MI-08, MI 09: My Dinner with Jim, Nancy & Joe (Wilson) by brainwrap - Links to pictures of a fundraiser for Jim Marcinkoski(D) and Nancy Skinner(D) attended by Ambassador Joe Wilson.

(MI-11) MI-11 - Urgent Call for Boots by Cordelia - Diarist ask that you come help GOTV in MI-11.

(NC-08, NC-11) The Daily Pulse- North Carolina leans blue by dhonig - Rundown of the newspaper coverage of netroots candidate Larry Kissell (D) and Heath Shuler (D).

(NH-01) Add NH 1st as possible WIN by KBowe - Is New Hampshire's First District about to turn blue?

(NH-01) NH-01 Carol Shea-Porter within 5% by ManchesterConnection - Carol Shea-Porter (D) is closing on Jeb Bradley (R).

(NH-01) NH-1: The clueless Concord Monitor by extratime40 - Diarist has a rant on the Concord Monitor.

(NH-Var) NH-01, Bass--$1.7 MILLION; Bradley--$0 by hannah - Why is national Democratic Party money flowing to Paul Hodes (D), opposing Charlie Bass (R) in NH-02, but not to Carol Shea-Porter (D), opposing Jeb Bradley (R) in NH-01?

(NJ-07) NJ7: Riding The Wave Is Not Enough. We Have to WORK! by Linda Stender - Democratic candidate Linda Stender urges some good old fashion GOTV work.

(NM-01) Senator Domenici (R) will have the last word on the vote count of Madrid and Wilson by concernedinnm - Diarist is concerned about Domenici's influence in the first district election.

(NY-13) NY-13 Fossella slime: Pretends newspaper says Harrison wants to protect the "rights of terrorists" by Gg - Rep. Vito Fossella (R) can't hear - he transposes "innocent" for "terrorists."

(NY-13) Is this the WORST (funniest?ridiculous?) endorsement ever? by DrSteveB - This Staten Island paper doesn't like Repub Vito Fossella much, but endorses him anyway, because this candidate for national office has more popular views on local issues than opponent Steve Harrision (D).

(NY-13) NY-13: Analyze this!... by msirt - Diarist analyzes the odd endorsement of Vito Fosella (R) by the Staten Island Advance.

(NY-13) Shouldn't Fossella's (NY-13) Mom Cooperate With Police? by David in NY - Crazy story about Fosella's mom, a car, and flowers.

(NY-19) NY-19: Kelly, scared, goes nuclear by subcomfabuloso - Tells of a tough attack ad from the campaign of Rep. Sue Kelly (R) against John Hall (D).

(NY-19) NY-19: Hall gets national press...And, the progressive movement spells doom for the old-style GOP by animamusika - John Hall's (D) stand on health care and the war make Sue Kelly (R) run.

(NY-19) NY-19: Knock out Kelly by Mindfuless - Diarist has NY-19 info.

(NY-19) NY-19 GOTV for John Hall by mobilizer - Shows the state of this race between John Hall (D) and Rep. Sue Kelly (R).

(NY-19) NY-19: Orange County (NY) Town Hall by beemerr - Announces a town hall debate on the topic of senior citizen issues between John Hall (D) and Rep. Sue Kelly (R).

(NY-19) NY-19: John Hall, Sue Kelly, Kim Jong Il and the LCV by United Fruit Company - Some quick news from the campaign.

(NY-26) NPR Inteview: Reynolds admits no Iraq oversight w/ Reps by bjackrian - Reynolds (R) gets angry at NPR for asking about Congressional oversight of Iraq.

(NY-29) NY-29: Manhattan Get Involved - Elect Eric Massa by Steve WFP - A call for help in getting out the vote for Eric Massa (D), running against Randy Kuhl (R).

(OH-01) OH-1: Greetings from Cincinnati! by Seth D - An election diary from the Cincinnati area; Steve Chabot (R) and John Cranley (D) are the candidates.

(OH-02) OH-02: Voter Protection Against Mean Jean's Tactics by  AdyBarkan - Diarist discusses the Ohio "Election Protection Team".

(OH-05) another solid R sweating it? OH-5 -- put it on the radar by rumbacher - Suggests that, because of narrowing poll numbers, this race between Robin Weirauch (D) and long-time Rep. Paul Gillmore (R) should show up on the radar screen.

(OH-15) Deborah Pryce(R) OH-15 just spoke at Capital University Law School in Columbus Ohio. by The Officious Intermeddler - I love the smell of hypocrisy in the morning.

(OH-15) OH-15: Deborah Pryce: "Don't Bame Me For Iraq" by RandyMI - Deborah Pryce, member of House Republican leadership, says she has nothing to do with Iraq.

(PA-08) PA 08 Press release identifies Republican as "Independent" by Silence Do Good - Why isn't the press pointing out that Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick (R) is a Republican and not an independent?

(PA-09) PA09 Full Speed ahead and heading for the wall by DvilleDem - Tony Barr (D). The epitome of the 50 state strategy.

(PA-10) PA-10: Sherwood Bribed Mistress by RandyMI - Don Sherwood (R) tried to time his payments to his mistress until after the election; he is behind Chris Carney (D).

(PA-18) PA-18 Scandal on KDKA news- incumbent "snatches" by AnyKat - Diarist has info on Tim Murphy PA-18.

(PA-18) Tim Murphy (R- PA) Snatches Evidence from Reporter on Video! by Finnegan - Is Tim Murphy (R) hiding something?  Chad Kluko (D) is opposing him.

(House-Var) Crashing the States: CANDIDATE VIDEOS: CA-50, CO-06, IL-10, NH-02, NY-29, PA-08, PA-07, WA-08 by Reality Bites Back - A host of new videos for Democratic candidates.

   Senate (51)

(RI-Sen) Oh, Rhode Island! Democrats for Chafee!?!? by vox humana - Diarist has some info about Rhode Island's Senate race.

(TN-Sen) TN-Sen: BREAKING - Ford Surges in New Poll by R o o k - Harold Ford, Jr. (D) leads Bob Corker (R) 46-40 in a new DSCC poll.

(TN-Sen) TN-Sen: Fight it to the Finish by niremetal - The diarist describes how Harold Ford (D) could still win the Senate seat from Bob Corker (R).

(TN-Sen) Harold Ford F -KEd Himself by davefromqueens - The diarist tells why he thinks Harold Ford (D) has messed up in this race against Bob Corker (R).

(TN-Sen) Harold Ford Makes Hannity his Bitch Over the John Kerry Flap by hesiod - In an interview with Sean Hannity, Harold Ford (D) gave Hannity the what-for about John Kerry's remarks.

(TN-Sen) TN-Senate Polls/Nay Sayers by concernedyner2005 - Although the polls show Ford (D) behind Corker (R), it is not over yet.

(TN-Sen) TN-Sen: The Definition of Mixed Feelings by salvador dalai llama - an insightful essay on the Tennessee Senate race between Harold Ford Jr. (D) and Bob Corker (R), voting, patriotism, and the South.

(TN-Sen) Ford's Bus Driver by Moesse - What if Harold Ford (D), opposed by Bob Corker (R), is the real thing? Diarist asks that he be given a chance to prove himself.

(TN-Sen) TN-Sen: BREAKING - Diebold Fraud in Memphis! by R o o k - Drudge reports several "smartcards" missing from TN.

(TN-Sen) The Tennessee Senate Race Will Come Down to the Wire by yashko - Diarist makes the case that the TN Senate race will be decided on the ground.

(TN-Sen) TN-Sen: My Uber-Republican Dad Voted for Harold Ford, Jr. by advisorjim - Some anecdotal good news.

(TN-Sen) I just gave the Harold Fords campaign $$ & it feels good. by bluecayuga - Diarist gives the reasons for a donation.

(TN-Sen) Ford fading? Tensions in Memphis don't help by DBJ - Diarist brings us some very in-depth background on the TN race and TN politics.

(TN-Sen) TN-Sen: Why I've given up on this race by kos -Kos makes the case to start focusing on AZ as a potential Senate pickup.

(VA-Sen) Allen Campaign: Going for Broke...Or Just Plain Broke? by lowkell - Sen. George Allen's (R) campaign seriously becoming unhinged.

(VA-Sen) Henry County, VA, Sheriff Arrests & Allen Campaign by SON2007 - Will the arrest of an entire Sheriff's department in deep-red Virginia hurt Sen. George Allen (R)?

(VA-Sen) My side by Mike Stark - Mike Stark speaks out against Sen. George Allen's (R) campaign.

(VA-Sen) VA-SEN: New Video: "George Allen Don't Like Black People"- Spead it! by grg - Comic George Lopez has made a funny video about George Allen (R), who faces Jim Webb (D).

(VA-Sen) Piling on Senator George Allen w/poll by Braindead - Diarist has George Allen info.

(VA-Sen) VA-Sen: Update: Veterans Speak Out for Webb in Shenandoah Valley by anais - Several veterans of different armed forces stood up for and spoke for James Webb (D).

(VA-Sen) Webb Rally with Michael J. Fox - Voting FOR a candidate by Sui Juris - Diarist has a webb rally roundup.

(VA-Sen) We Just Hired Mike Stark as a Field Reporter by Cenk Uygur - Now that he is a reporter, maybe Sen. George Allen's (R) campaign might treat Mike Stark better. Nah.

(VA-Sen) VA-SEN: Alleged Child Molester Endorses Allen by PM - Links to articles on Chris Simcox, a supporter of George Allen (R) who is running against Jim Webb (D).

(VA-Sen) Sherrod Brown Campaign Thinks Allen Defeat Is Key to Senate by StarMalachite - According to Brown campaign insider, it's all up to Webb.

(VT-Sen) (Vt-Sen): Boston Globe smears Bernie Sanders, comparing him to Castro, Marx, and Lenin by SaucyIntruder - Some pretty lame reporting by the Globe.

(AZ-Sen) PEDERSON WIN HUGE !!! by ronlib - Jim Pedersen (D) gaining some traction against Sen. Jon Kyl (R).

(AZ-Sen) Another Pederson Poll within the Margin of Error!!! by blogazblue - Cites a poll that shows that the race between Jim Pederson (D) and Sen. Jon Kyl (R) could be a statistical dead heat.

(AZ-Sen) It's happening in Arizona! Pederson gaining! by Tipsy McStagger - Diarist links to some coverage of Pederson's (D) rebound against Kyl (R).

(AZ-Sen) AZ-Sen: Pederson continues to close by kos - Pederson (D) rallies.

(CT-Sen) Additional Thoughts on Joe's Slush Fund by grayslady - Some things Sen. Joe Lieberman (CFL) could have done with $387,000 in "petty cash."

(CT-Sen) CT-Sen: GOTV! by kos - It's crunch time - send cards to friends in CT, and tell them to vote!

(CT-Sen) Lieberman's Always Been a Vicious Punk by Thomas C - Diarist reviews Joe's 1988 campaign & how ugly Joe was.

(CT-Sen) CT-Sen: Lieberman Paid 18-Year Old Girl $17,550 by bincbom - Diarist has more on Joe's money trail.

(CT-Sen) CT-Sen: Joe's camp "Worried" "Near Margin of Error" "Iraq big" by courtjester - news from the race between Ned Lamont (D) and Joe Lieberman (CFL).

(CT-Sen) The Declaration of Connecticut 's War-Monger: Joe Lieberman (Still no change from Joe) by Djneedle83 - Connecticut resident explains why Joe Lieberman perfectly fits the definition of a war-monger.

(CT-Sen) Adopt-a-Nutmegger! Convince Connecticut to Vote for Ned Lamont by Craig Houghton - Diarist suggests a one-on-one approach to convincing Connecticut voters that Joe must go.

(CT-Sen) Update: Lamont Must Go for the Jugular on "Street Money" Joe by EdwardsRaysofSunshine - Tracks a suspicious financial situation in the Sen. Joe Lieberman (CfL) campaign; Lieberman's main opponent is Ned Lamont (D).

(FL-Sen) FL-SEN: Screw Katherine Harris Big Time by gatordem - So many ways to humiliate Rep. Katherine Harris (R), so little time.

(MD-Sen) MD-Sen: A Busy Day in Prince George's by kindertotenlieder - Ben Cardin (D) goes around St. George's in competition with Michael Steele (R).

(MD-Sen) MD-Sen: Right Wingers Push Poll against Cardin; MD-Gov: Ehrlich violated the law, gave money back by Sharon in MD - Reports on a number of issues in the campaign between Rep. Ben Cardin (D) and Lt. Gov. Michael Steele (R).

(MO-Sen) MO Sen: Energy and Excitement are Building by St Louis Woman - Diarist has a Missouri roundup.

(MO-Sen) How Does the Iraq Afghanistan Veterans Rate Senator Talent? by Patriotic American finds HOPE - has the rating from Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans Of America rating for Republican Jim Talent hoping to hold off Democrat Claire McCaskill.

(MO-Sen) MO-Sen: Talent taking Fed contractors, former lobbying client money by Todd Johnston - Reports on campaign issues in the campaign between Claire McCaskill (D) and Sen. Jim Talent (R).

(MT-Sen, NJ-Sen) Tester Keeps 50% & 4pt Lead! Latest Rasmussen (Nov1) Also NJ by mhinds01 - Jon Tester (D) and Sen. Bob Menendez (D) regain some momentum.

(MT-Sen) Tester, Schweitzer, and Baucus by Desmo - Diarist covers a Tester event in Montana Also has a great bumpersticker Quote !!!

(MT-Sen) MT-Sen: APB on this race by kos - Tester (D) needs help (dollars and volunteers) as his race against Burns (R) tightens into the home stretch.

(NJ-Sen) Italian-Americans Targeted in New Jersey AGAIN -- Bada-Bing! by dhfsfc - Diarist finds insulting microtargeted campaign materials in her mailbox, courtesy of Thomas H. Kean Jr. (R), running against Bob Menendez (D).

(NY-Sen) NY-13; NY Sen: Bracing Oneself for a Fossella Endorsement by Local Paper by msirt - The Staten Island Advance's endorsement of Hillary Clinton (D) over John Spencer (R).

(Var-Sen) Key senate race graphs Updtated by plf515 - Maryland, Virginia, Tennessee, Rhode Island, New Jersey, and Montana.

(Var-Sen) Key race graphs: The Friday good news edition by plf515 - Continues a series with data on a number of Senate races.

(Var-Sen) Cardin and Webb - Fighting Dems for Science! by Knightrider - Reports on two rallies for senatorial candidates, Ben Cardin (D-MD), who is opposed by Michael Steele (R), and Jim Webb (D), who is opposed by Sen. George Allen (R), which were attended by Michael J. Fox.

   Various (26)

(WI-AG) WI Attorney General's Race is Tight! by russw - In the Attorney General race in Wisconsin, Falk (D) leads Van Hollen (R) by 3 points.

(WI-Gov) WI Gov (R) candidate joins then quits military after 5 days by wf - Mark Green, Wisconsin's Republican governor is a chickenhawk - he could not stand more than 5 days in the military.

(WI-Var) Wisconsin and UP kossacks: GOTV volunteers needed! by litho - Diarist ask for GOTV help in Wisconsin.

(CA-Lt. Gov) CA-lt. Gov.: The Danger Tom McClintock Poses to the Children of California by CalifSherry - Why California voters should choose John Garamundi (D) instead of Tom McClintock (R) if they want their children safe.

(CA-SJ-Mayor) Cindy Chavez endorsed by Bill Clinton in San Jose Mayoral Race by nomes - has the latest news, polls and endorsements for Democrat Cindy Chavez for Mayor of San Jose, CA.

(CA-Var) Fraudulent "Voter Guide" in California! by WinSmith - Diarist has questions about a CA mailer on the 13 propositions.

(CA-Var) CA - How I voted on the candidates, propositions and ballot measures. by Neutron - A great rundown of everything on the (lengthy) California ballot.

(CA-Var) Take Back Red California - Detailed Norcal Volunteer Edition - GOTV by DumpDoolittle - Get set up to help in Northern CA (yes, there are Republicans here).

(CO-Var) Colorado 2006 Election - Democratic tidal wave by DavidThi808 - Diarist has a CO roundup.

(FL-Gov) Take Florida Back by creepers - Diarist sees money pouring in to Charlie Crist (R), opposed by Jim Davis (D) and Max Linn (I), as a sign GOP are desperate to hang onto their symbolic (think 2000) power base.

(IN-Var) My Experience (So Far) As A Pollworker In Indiana-And What's Up With MicroVote? by Lookitup - Diarist has a view as a pollworker in Indiana.

(KY-Var) KY-02, 03, 04: Hoping for a Blue Kentucky this year by kos -It looks like the Democrats are taking over Kentucky- Mike Weaver (D, 02, John Yarmuth (D,03), and Ken Lucas (D, 04) seem to be on their way to the House.

(MD-Var) Maryland Prediction Thread by baltimoremom - Opens an thread on all MD races.

(MI-Gov) MI GOV '06 - More Robocalling (and the crowd yawns) by Stomp - Diarist has some robocalling in Michigan.

(MI-Gov) (MI-GOV) Just Say NO to Dick and YES to Jen - Reason #4 by LiberalLucy - has the latest in a series of reasons for supporting Jennifer Granholm (D) over Dick DeVos (R) tonite: Our Children.

(MI-Gov) MI-GOV: Chairman Dickie Amway China Magic Sign Day by devoshead -  Chairman Dick DeVos (R), challenging Governor Jennifer Granholm (D), thinks the answer lies in China.

(NH-Var) NH: New Poll Shows Hodes Leading, Shea-Porter Within MoE! by Miss Laura - Democratic candidates are polling well in New Hampshire Congessional races.

(NY-SD-41) The Last Weekend by NYBri - Our own NYBri brings us news of his campaign for the NY State Senate.

(NY-SD-41) Use It Or Lose It Indeed. $833,599.60 by lipris - lipris calls out the DSCC, with bonus links to the campaign of our own NYBri, Brian Keeler (D) running for State Senate in New York.

(OH-SoS) Removing Blackwell: $208K for 2008 by jump23 - Help get somebody reasonable in a key Ohio office for the 2008 Presidential election.

(OH-StSen) OH-ST.SEN Ba-da-Bing!!!! Emily Kreider hits a home run by powerplay 40 - The latest ad put out by Emily Kreider (D) for the State Senate seat she is running for is very good; it makes the diarist happy.

(OH-Var) Ohio SoS Candidate Keeps Rapist on Streets Who Later Kills Victim by ds022b - Greg Hartmann (R) allows a rapist to walk because the victim wasn't "courteous" enough to him. Seriously.

(OR-Var) Oregon polling -- Initiative process not failing? by masoregonian - Diarist has Oregon polling numbers.

(Var) Thursday's DCCC money dump - FEC filings for 11/2/06 by campskunk - Diarist has todays DCCC money figures.

(Var) Bush scrambles for votes in PA, VA, and...Fl-01! by Friends of Joe Roberts - Bush has gone to states with Senate races..and one little Florida congressional district where Joe Roberts (D) has quietly worked to win that seat, and he could use our help.

(Var) FOLLOWING THE POLLS: The Thursday Edition (GOOD NEWS!) by Steve Singiser - Diarist has Thursday's Poll Numbers.

   General (9)

Canvassing Open Thread by hartboy - Diarist has a place for cavassing talk.

Poll: Why Are Democrats Doing So Well In Early Voting? by Vinnie Vegas - The diarist notes that many Dems vote early, hoping it means that more people are voting Democratic.

5 Days & Counting - What Did You Do Today? by aimeeinkc - Diarist has the daily what did you do today diary.

Phonebanking with a supermodel (with pictures) by forkush - has an account of phonebanking with People for the American Way and supermodel Amber Valletta.

Election Day Live Blogging - All Races by jotter - Diarist presents summary format that will be updated continuously on Election night with results.

NEW RASMUSSEN POLLS IN VA. , TN., & MO. by JOEL1954 - Reviews poll numbers on a few races.

Crystall Ball by Delaware Dem - Diarist's race predictions.

DC /MD/VA Events inc. Clinton/Webb Rally by howardpark - Action diary for the Northern VA area.

 GOTV! With MoveOn by kos - Get set up to help GOTV with MoveOn!

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Are you sure you want to remove your recommendation? You can only recommend a diary once, so you will not be able to re-recommend it afterwards.
Rescue this diary, and add a note:
Are you sure you want to remove this diary from Rescue?
Choose where to republish this diary. The diary will be added to the queue for that group. Publish it from the queue to make it appear.

You must be a member of a group to use this feature.

Add a quick update to your diary without changing the diary itself:
Are you sure you want to remove this diary?
(The diary will be removed from the site and returned to your drafts for further editing.)
(The diary will be removed.)
Are you sure you want to save these changes to the published diary?

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