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This week 992 Kogs posted 1551 diaries of which 1499 were recommended at least once by a cadre of 6276 recommending readers and viewed by 12066; 881 diaries were recommended by 10 or more readers, 336 by 30 or more, and 138 by 100 or more.  Commenters (6249) visited 1551 diaries; 1038 had 10 or more commenters, 355 had 30 or more, and 94 had 100 or more.

Impact statistics from all 1551 diaries.
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Impact statistics from all 1551 diaries.
min = 0.01, median = 0.177, average = 0.49, max = 9.06, total =  761.7 bharns
r50 = 84 (at 2.52 bharns)

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185654822493017869.06Helping the Victims of the Haiti Earthquake (Morning updates)Dallasdoc2010-01-12
275621315080327277.95Who needs journalists when LTE's are like this?!Julie Gulden2010-01-15
3692118930182414187.53So, now we're debating an excise tax? How far we have fallen.Turkana2010-01-11
468917710272629487.23UPDATED: I Know, It Is Short For a Diary, But....RoCali2010-01-13
567491123774514987.17Daily Kos Shelter Boxes! we have 24 boxes+ 23.00TexMex2010-01-14
664044326880340577.09Ebert to Limbaugh: You should be horsewhippedCenobyte2010-01-15
764039416968321506.74Two old towels and a pair of worn sneakers (updatedX2)LeanneB2010-01-12
8632210346492321297.41Dkos Identity Crisis?Cedwyn2010-01-14
961728313167419386.54The future of healthcare reform came to Sacramento yesterdayShockwave2010-01-12
1061468622972534856.66Here comes the screw jobgjohnsit2010-01-10
1159566622772624426.53President Obama is my hero today (Updated)beachmom2010-01-13
1257035016366624576.16Texas State Board of Education decides to go 1984, Action Needed.RenderQT2010-01-11
1356434117964933666.07The Most Idiotic Thing I've Read This DecadeJill Richardson2010-01-11
1455853122368131596.12Rachel Maddow speaks the truthblackwaterdog2010-01-09
1555737819268829066.13Raymond Joseph Delivers A Message To Pat Robertson (And Everyone Else)sluggahjells2010-01-13
1654915111258617745.78Miep Gies 1909-2010aisb232010-01-11
1754340714760822045.80Marcy Winograd Nails Henry Waxman and Jane HarmanTomP2010-01-09
1853592029574523516.16Democrats:  you've been warnedMike Stark2010-01-14
1953152019762522545.76Haiti's Pact with the DevilOjibwa2010-01-15
2052443314056618605.54Six Shelter Boxs bought!+ 56.39 towards nextTexMex2010-01-13
2151434520062630345.63At Least Someone Has Some DecencyVita Brevis2010-01-13
2250842123063048645.60breakingest:  Palin resigns as FOX contributorclammyc2010-01-11
2349554113353811545.2446 Shelter boxes! + $990! OMG I am back don't stop!TexMex2010-01-15
2446944122862340495.30My God! What Is Dick Cheney Hiding?bernardpliers2010-01-10
2546758730866622825.42Limbaugh: "The U.S. military is now Meals on Wheels."Turkana2010-01-15
2646733314553525895.02Simply put...  Wow!  Go DeFazio!Mike Stark2010-01-13
2746240119858420265.13Rush Limbaugh's Sponsor ListRhodaA2010-01-15
284612009048822544.84"Help!  They are killing me!"Jay Elias2010-01-09
2945953728464934745.31Reid:  Lieberman double-crossed mePaleo2010-01-13
3144565819954116294.87No pain, no gain, no brain, not saneSeneca Doane2010-01-09
3244465725959814715.04(Update) Are the White House and Democrats dumber than a box of rocks on this excise tax?icebergslim2010-01-12
3343789922956811704.90It's NOT a Cadillac tax,  it's a junk insurance taxnyceve2010-01-12
3443242315950720494.68Russia's CH4 BombFishOutofWater2010-01-13
3543046617751823334.70Frank Rich goes all in:  Wall Street Terrorroute662010-01-09
3641728516350919784.57Other than New Orleans, no US cities were destroyed under Bushclammyc2010-01-10
3740923511447326124.41CNN Poll: Obama Whomping Cheney on Terror HandlingDavidsfr2010-01-11
3840638017450015424.47Can We Stop Bickering While People Are Dying? (Updates)Dallasdoc2010-01-14
3940478824958018664.71Nate Silver declares MA-Sen a tossupPopulista2010-01-15
4039451817246516314.27Nurse Kelley Sez:  Do you eat with that mouth? (Updated)KelleyRN22010-01-10
4138641215547217974.24Emotional Haitian President to Obama: Thank you, thank you, thank you (UPDATED)blackwaterdog2010-01-15
423861931024137404.07Helping the Victims of the Haiti Earthquake Day 2cosmic debris2010-01-13
4338244617748318074.24You've Got Some Nerve Harold Fordbrooklynbadboy2010-01-12
4438038617648232084.22Devastating video of Harold Ford + Breaking news Update!Clarknt672010-01-14
4537825212845114334.12Taxing the BanksJerome a Paris2010-01-14
4636737917147219274.10Obama's Team Has Been On the Job Since Day One Mr. Finemancoonsey2010-01-14
4736137621047819314.07*This* is America for me!blackwaterdog2010-01-14
4835945713744314343.95Get Off Our Asses, Get On The Phone And DO THE WORK (Updated)msblucow2010-01-09
4934828115343426603.84If President Obama won't do it... I will.JeffLieber2010-01-15
50342196913786843.64Helping the Victims of the Haiti Earthquake - Day 3 (Updated X8)Norbrook2010-01-14
5133953918446624563.88Updated: Ooooh! Look at the Shiny Object!Muzikal2032010-01-11
52330967334910863.47Thank you, Molly Hightower. Rest in Peace. (Updated)Sarge in Seattle2010-01-15
5332520311640033843.57Murdoch's Family Is "Ashamed And Sickened" By Roger AilesKingOneEye2010-01-10
54325154683446093.41Helping the Victims of the Haiti Earthquake - Day 3 (11+ Updates)betson082010-01-14
55321144040757118764.13GBCW... too much dramamahakali overdrive2010-01-12
573137631644037343.50I Stand With My Union Friends Against The Excise Tax!slinkerwink2010-01-11
583051808634513273.27Three Cheers for the Administrationjimstaro2010-01-15
5930350215238412793.37Grab a Mop or Get Out of the WayFemlaw2010-01-15
6030139413838011373.34Deadly Cadmium found in Children's Jewelry from ChinaFishOutofWater2010-01-10
6129931212837926253.32Harold Ford Gets Serious Warning (updated w. SEIU Letter)brooklynbadboy2010-01-15
622965031453549313.23Trumka Blasts Chevy Tax as "driv[ing] a wedge between the middle class and the poor."TomP2010-01-11
6329445419341914573.41Harold Ford: Cut Corporate Taxes, No Healthcare (with update)brooklynbadboy2010-01-13
642942781423568863.22PHOTOS: Obama's first year - Part 1 (Biden edition)blackwaterdog2010-01-12
6529427710734112193.17Obama Succeeding in Overhauling the FDACatM2010-01-12
662855441403469133.12GO OUT, and CANVASS For Coakley!slinkerwink2010-01-10
672821919933620443.07I Watched a Dream Die TodayQuestionAuthority2010-01-09
68280434993156802.99Liveblog Q & A:  An Insider's View of Disaster Relief -- Bring Your Questions on Haiti!mindoca2010-01-14
6928028114538021633.19Oh look. More teabagger fail. At Detroit Auto Show.Eclectablog2010-01-12
7027738212035317013.08President Obama says...GET OFF YOUR A&%$!-UPDATElanae2010-01-14
7127581415635110343.06Racism: A Primer. (POLL)dmitcha2010-01-12
722711678531910742.94Coakley and Beyond in MassachusettsFrederick Clarkson2010-01-10
7326847424045627543.37Palin "She would shut down in a catatonic stupor ahead of interviews" Update2vc22010-01-12
74266101626044814603.33Updated: This really resonated with me.Colorado is the Shiznit2010-01-14
75247119427545116573.22I blame you for thisMike Stark2010-01-09
7624724410331417792.75Scott Brown swears at kids and firmly believes in torturemerbex2010-01-10
77247213952906262.68Keep Ted Kennedy's Seat Blue - Support Martha CoakleyArjun Jaikumar2010-01-13
7824611861843587772.88UPDATE: Krugman says YES! Assumptions, wages and health with Cadillac taxdeaniac832010-01-09
79246198672739552.62What would Teddy want us to do? (I think you know)casperr2010-01-10
8024428310630610652.70CBS Poll: Plurality of Americans think Congress's Health Care Reform plan doesn't go far enoughLefty Coaster2010-01-12
8123944111730412852.66What We Think We "Know" About Our Economybobswern2010-01-11
8223757332434872.47Please help: Nurses union mobilizing thousands for Haiti relief  - Imp. updatenyceve2010-01-14
8323640314331713032.68Obama Indicates Support For National Exchange?slinkerwink2010-01-12
842323201092939022.57Prop 8 Defense Says I Should Not Be Able To Be MarriedSomething the Dog Said2010-01-13
8522950023140323202.93MA-Sen:  Scott Brown posed nudeandrewj542010-01-10
8622124912230017112.526.5 quake off CA north coast, nr Eurekamem from somerville2010-01-09
872153001072778452.40Unions Coming to The Aid of Coakley in Mass.TomP2010-01-13
88215138572386112.29Keeping the Flame for Haiti Aid: An Broadened Appeal for HelpDallasdoc2010-01-13
89214170732516622.32Breaking (Update): Fed Denies House Subpoena For AIG Docsbobswern2010-01-12
90210137552223592.21Helping the Victims of the Haiti Earthquake, Day 4 (Updates)ALifeLessFrightening2010-01-15
9120373432118022.12The Systematic Undervaluing of ActionA Siegel2010-01-09
9219411051462213882.08Mojo Friday - Themed Pooties Editionkhloemi2010-01-15
93194371752279022.10Updated: Haiti 7.0 Earthquake Hospital Collapsespantherq2010-01-12
94191194902296342.08What's for Dinner: An American Indian FeastOjibwa2010-01-09
9518972381993411.98Helping the Victims of the Haiti Earthquake--Day 4 with bonus $10K matching fundsswampus2010-01-15
9618827011126112892.16Breaking: Billy Tauzin getting troops ready to oppose HCR Updateallie1232010-01-15
9718135213224013012.04This will be a short diary.  V2-BFSkinner2010-01-10
9817838810223110161.99TPMDC Says Deal On Health Insurance Bill Imminentslinkerwink2010-01-14
991781658823211282.00Dionne: Antitrust amendment may be in final billcalchala2010-01-11
100176870891902981.86Black Kos, Week In ReviewBlack Kos2010-01-15
1011755081192408792.00This is like....your fault, man... UPDATE!Mark Warner is God2010-01-09
102174513651864051.83WGLB presents - Proposition 8 Challenge, legal analysis and discussion.GLBT and Friends at Daily Kos2010-01-15
1031732051002307521.96Things to Do While Watching the Financial ProbeMeteor Blades2010-01-13
10417273615927511772.10Obama forgets Youtube ?  math4barack2010-01-11
105169895118413811.79I AM AN IDIOTKAMuston2010-01-10
1061687281412547332.00PPP: Brown +1; Call Up MA Residents for Coakley!calchala2010-01-09
10716754219330210112.17BREAKING:  Obama going to Massachusetts on Sunday!Drdemocrat2010-01-15
108167255992376581.94I'm done arguing over Coakley. I'm just pleading now.  Please GOTV and show your support.xsonogall2010-01-13
10916646320632217762.24Group hug diary for those who care: Conan quits teeveedroogie66553212010-01-12
110159232711916061.73Why The National Exchange Is Better In Health Reform!slinkerwink2010-01-13
111158489891965491.74Reagan:  The Man Who Spawned the Health Benefits TaxPaulVA2010-01-11
112155288852096791.76Welcome to the Ponzi Economy [Updated]gjohnsit2010-01-12
11315591601735541.65Photos: Year 1, Part 2. (Guests: Rachel Maddow and Haiti)blackwaterdog2010-01-13
114154345882005961.73Debunking the EPI on the excise taxdeaniac832010-01-11
1151491015919010761.66FOX News Poll - Obama Handled Undie Bomber Correctly!SantaFeMarie2010-01-15
116146135541552091.54IGTNT: Three more killed in actionCalNM2010-01-13
1171377041632498111.78Let's stop the circular firing squad and personal attacks on each other ! Please !math4barack2010-01-13
118135127491626571.47NASA produced 8.7% of world scientific return in 2009Greg3062010-01-10
119133842941582701.45Black Kos, Tuesday's ChileBlack Kos2010-01-12
120133108461412211.40IGTNT: Sad start for the New Year from IraqSandy on Signal2010-01-09
121131239771584951.43UPDATE - Wednesday Pooties and Woozles Diary - Help Full Moon FarmEllinorianne2010-01-13
1221311538919511331.55FOX falls for "mini-ice age" hoaxHudson2010-01-12
123130276771555071.42The #sekritarmy explains it all (pooties, woozles and other furries)whoknu2010-01-10
124127127441331721.33IGTNT - From Lake Tahoe to AfghanistanSisTwo2010-01-15
125126193821794891.46The Case for the Excise Taxjim bow2010-01-11
12612499571516141.36RIP Art ClokeyCrashing Vor2010-01-09
1271234591081998461.51No taxation of health insurance companies!Mark Warner is God2010-01-11
12812390471281691.29IGTNT:another tragic lossa girl in MI2010-01-14
129122249781746491.42Can You Help Me End the Filibuster?Jonathan Tasini2010-01-11
130120237431273271.26SheKos: New and ImprovedSheKos2010-01-14
131117397791464041.29Happy Moonday Featherbutts and Furbutts!triciawyse2010-01-11
132117172601353991.26Soupin It Up withSped: Potato Soups EditionSpedwybabs2010-01-10
133114361691454291.27Happy Caturday Pootie Diary!triciawyse2010-01-09
13411490471395441.25Breaking! Republicans re-discover racism!MinistryOfTruth2010-01-11
1351121947215410421.28Is Harold Ford Starting a Flip-Flop of Epic Proportions?GoldnI2010-01-09
13611158351205021.17Greg Mortenson on Bill Moyers Journal TONIGHT!FrankCornish2010-01-15
137107138541469101.22A critical link: Martha Coakley & the Goldman bonusesSeneca Doane2010-01-10
1381051918416817221.28BREAKING: Morehead City, NC Evacuated: Updated x4nannyboz2010-01-12
1399682341133361.04Western Antarctic Glacier Passes Tipping Pointbklynarch2010-01-13
14093421671363661.09Poll:  70% of Afghans See Hope In 2010.Setrak2010-01-11
14190351821304001.05The REAL Winners in the Pootie vs. Woozle Warsit really is that important2010-01-12

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