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   This Rescue Diary covers the period from 6 PM, Sunday, 10/31 to 6:00 PM EDT, Monday, 11/1

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80 Diaries Overall

- 14 On House races

- Covering 11 individual Districts in 7 states

- 20 On Senate races

- Representing 11 different states

- 14 On Various election races and ballot issues

- Encompassing Governor, Secretary of State, Local, and more

- 32 General election-related diaries

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This is an attempt to compile a fairly comprehensive listing of election-related diaries that have recently been posted. Most of them are House, Senate or Governor races but there are also some local ones, as well as the occasional 'general info' diary.

For more information on this series, please see our reintroduction diary.

For all the introductory stuff and previous diaries in the 2006 and '08 series, please see:
Election Race Roundup (11/11 - Final 2006 Edition) (with links to all diaries in the series)
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And for this year's previous diaries:
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Election Diary Rescue 2010 (10/31 – TWO Days 'til Election Day)

Incredible thanks to all volunteers: Alma, welso, randallt, Joieau, eeff, Sylv, Spedwybabs, Turbonerd, SJerseyIndy, ukben, and suejazz.

(6:00 PM EDT, Sunday, 10/31 to 6:00 PM EDT, Monday, 11/1):  (80 diaries)

(Alphabetical, starting from V)

   House (14)

(VA-05) Help Support Perriello's Volunteer Surge by TheGreenMiles - A last day plea for funds to support volunteers for Tom Perriello (D) to GOTV against incumbent Robert Hurt (R).

(VA-07) Eric Cantor Offends League of Women Voters (with poll) by not2plato - Diarist covers a couple of editorials in Virginia 7th district between Rick Waugh (D) and Eric Cantor (R).

(VA-10) VA-10: A Thoroughly Unscientific Reason Why I Hope Against Reason by coquiero - Incumbent Frank Wolf (R) looks strong, but diarist is holding out hope for challenger Jeff Barnett (D).

(VA-11) I canvassed for Democrats ~ and ALSO for them. by noweasels - Diarist writes a special diary on why she canvassed VA-11 Oct 31st.

(KS-04) KS-4 Pompeo plays bigot card by jazzhawk2004 - Diarist covers the Kansas 4th District with Raj Goyle (D) and Mike Pompeo (R).

(MA-04) (NOT SNARK) Barney Frank receives GOP endorsement by Medeiros2010 - Incumbent Democrat Barney Frank receives the endorsement of a former GOP opponent.  His current GOP opponent is Sean Bielat.

(MA-04) (NOT SNARK) Barney Frank received endorsement by former GOP Challenger by Medeiros2010 - Diarist offers a statement of one-time challenger Edward McCormick III, a big boost for incumbent Frank (D) in his race against Sean Bielat (R).

(MI-01) MI-01: Gary McDowell Picks Up Major Newspaper Endorsements by msuryanj - Diarist covers Michigan's 1st District with  Gary McDowell (D) and Dan Benishek (R).

(MN-06) Bachmann update: third and final debate with Clark by Bill Prendergast - A summary/transcript of the third debate between incumbent Republican Michele Bachmann and her Democratic Challenger, State Sen. Tarryl Clark.

(NY-20) NY-20: Sen. Gillibrand and The Big Dog Stump For Scott Murphy by Todd Beeton - Democrat Scott Murphy gets some campaign help in his race against Chris Gibson (R-Tea) from some big name Democrats.

(OH-10) LA TIMES: "Is Dennis Kucinich an Endangered Species?" by DennisKucinich - Dennis Kucinich (D) comes to Daily Kos asking for help in the next 48 hours in his race against Peter Corrigan (R) in Ohio's 10th District.

(OH-10) Kossacks to the rescue of Dennis Kucinich, endangered Dem in Ohio's 10th! by CIndyCasella - Encourages readers to show some support for Dennis Kucinich (D) in his race against Republican challenger Peter Corrigan and Libertarian Jeff Goggins.

(OH-15) OH-15: My Last Stab At GOTV by Kurt from CMH - Diarist does phonebanking in Ohio's 15th District with Mary Jo Kilroy against Steve Stivers (R).

(Var) Close House Seats: Undecided over 14%! by fladem - Because of a still large undecided vote, the final outcome of the makeup of the House is too close to call.

   Senate (20)

(WA-Sen) WA-Sen: Murray vs. Rossi - Crunching the Available Numbers by Zoltan - Diarist takes a close look at early voting totals to predict the outcome of the race between incumbent Patty Murray (D) and challenger Dino Rossi (R).

(WA-Sen) WA-Sen: PPP--Rossi has small lead by Joan McCarter - Looks at recent PPP results which show Republican Dino Rossi leading Democrat Patty Murray heading into tomorrow’s vote.

(WA-Sen) WA-Sen: Poll whiplash--Murray leads in internal polling by Joan McCarter - New DSCC poll shows Patty Murray (D) ahead among likely voters over Dino Rossi (R).

(WI-Sen) WI Sen: The Nation's John Nichols Predicts Feingold Victory!!! by Jud Lounsbury - Going against the conventional 'wisdom' one notable weighs in with his prediction.

(WV-Sen) WV-Sen, WV-01: Blue (Dog) Monday by greywolfe359 – Looks at elections in WV where the diarist finds the need to cast hold-the-nose votes for BlueDog Democrats for lack of more Progressive candidates.

(AK-Sen) AK-Sen, Letters Show McAdams Has Won the Hearts and Minds of Alaskans by akmk - Takes a look at letters to the editor to assess voter sentiment in the race between Democrat Scott McAdams and Republicans Joe Miller and Lisa Murkowski.

(AK-Sen) (AK-Sen) What could possibly happen next? - UPDATED w/PPPoll info by angelajean - A collection of news in the race between Democrat Scott McAdams and Republicans Joe Miller and Lisa Murkowski.

(AK-Sen) AK-SEN: Bill Clinton robocalls for McAdams by Joan McCarter - Bill Clinton makes a plea to Alaskan Dems on behalf of Scott McAdams (D), to not throw away a write-in vote for Lisa Murkowski (R-write-in) out of fear of Tea Party favorite Joe Miller (R).

(AK-Sen) AK-Sen: If Dems come home, we can win it by kos - Scott McAdams (D) can win this one, if Democrats turn out to vote for him over Lisa Murkowski (R-WriteIn) or Joe Miller (R-Teabagger).

(AK-Sen) AK-SEN: Murkowski's a liar by Joan McCarter - Lying Lisa Murkowski (I-Republican) is at it again, this time claiming she’s not a Republican, in her race against fellow Republican Joe Miller (R-Tea) and Democrat Scott McAdams.

(CO-Sen) Ken Buck: I'm just going to stomp. by by foot - Diarist covers Colorado's senate race between Michael Bennet (D) and Ken Buck.

(DE-Sen) DE-Sen: Christine O'Donnell's Halloween Hypocrisy Horror by anon2008 - Christine O'Donnell (R-Teabagger) spouts more witchy gibberish on why she doesn't 'do' Halloween.

(IL-Sen) Evangelicals Praying for Congressman Mark Kirk Meet Hostility by NathanArr - Evangelical Christians have been using the power of prayer to try to change Rep. Mark Kirk's mind about the DREAM Act - or at least get him to take a meeting.

(IL-Sen) IL-Sen: GOTV for Alexi Giannoulias is all I ask by Reading on Walden Bookstore - Encourages readers to participate in GOTV efforts on behalf of Democrat Alexi Giannoulias in his race against Mark Kirk (R).

(KY-Sen) Rand Paul on BP & Head Stomper: Accidents Happen by katie halper - Looks at Rand(ian) Paul (R-Tea) deciding to keep donations from violent supporters and oil leakers in his race against Democrat Jack Conway.

(MO-Sen) MO-Sen: Political Dynasties [Carnahan v. Blunt battle; Beck, Dine swipe some of Blunt's votes] by JGibson - Looks at the possibility that two outside candidates might take enough of the vote from Republican Roy Blunt to result in a win for Democrat Robin Carnahan.

(NH-Sen) Congressional Candidates’ Views on Clean Energy, Climate Change: NH-Senate by NRDCActionFund - Looks at the Energy and Climate views of Democrat Paul Hodes and Republican Kelly Ayotte.

(NV-Sen) ‘Enthusiasm’ for Harry Reid supporters showing up everywhere in Nevada by David Phillips - Some of the support for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's reelection campaign is coming from surprising sources - mainstream Nevada Republicans.

(NV-Sen) NV-Sen: Angle victory means return of Yucca nuclear waste dump by Jed Lewison - Sharron Angle (R-TeaParty) supports the reopening of the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste dump project. Her opponent, Harry Reid (D) opposes it.

(Var-Sen) PREDICTIONS! Senate by jfkojak - Diarist offers predictions for the final standings.

   Various Races (11)

(CA-Gov) Californians aren't whores by Steve Masover - The money that Meg Whitman (R) has spent trying to buy office is astounding.  Jerry Brown is our Dem in the race.

(CO-Var) CO-Sen, Gov: PPP--Buck/Bennet too close to call, Hickenlooper leads by Joan McCarter - Joan considers what PPP's new poll means in the Senate race between Senator Michael Bennet (D) and Ken Buck (R).  She also looks at the gubernatorial race between John Hickenlooper (D), Dan Maes (R) and Tom Tancredo (ACP).

(FL-HD 87) Florida State Rep Candidate's "Simple" Unemployment Fix by dantilson - Bill Hager (R) proposes a ‘simple’ plan to fix Florida’s unemployment problem.  His opponent is Hava Holzhauer (D).

(IA-AgSec) Hired Gun for Big Ag Endorses Francis Thicke's Opponent by 2laneIA - Encourages readers to push back against the corporate endorsements of Democrat Francis Thicke’s Republican opponent, Bill Northey, for Agriculture Secretary by participating in GOTV efforts on behalf of Thicke.

(IA-SAg) Sustainable Secretary of Agriculture in Iowa? by gmoke - In the race to unseat incumbent agriculture secretary, Bill Northey, in one of the most agriculturally important states, challenger Francis Thicke (D) garners some major endorsements from the sustainable food world.

(IL-State Rep-17) IL state rep -- 17 -- Dan Biss by Frank Palmer - Dan Biss (D), a professor of mathematics and a progressive and running for an open seat in the Illinois State legislature in Chicago's northern suburbs. His opponent is Hamilton Chang (R).

(ME-Gov) Equality Maine endorses Cutler! by the way life should be - Looks at the recent endorsement of Equality Maine in the Governor’s race between Teapublican Paul LePage, Democrat Libby Mitchell, and Independent Eliot Cutler.

(ME-Gov) ME-Gov D-Kos Runoff by ptolemynm - Diarist offers a poll for Maine kossacks on the Maine gubernatorial race between Paul LePage (R-Teabagger), Libby Mitchell (D) and Eliot Cutler (I).

(NH-Gov) NH-Gov: Bill Clinton's Amazing Speech for John Lynch by TomorrowsProgressives - Diarist covers the New Hampshire Governors race between Governor John Lynch (D) and John Stephen (R).

(Var-Gov) Governor Snapshot, October 31st by Chris Bowers - Chris covers the Governors' polling on Oct 31st.

(Var) Polling and Political Wrap-Up, 10/31/10 by Steve Singiser - Steve has the Polling & Political Wrap Up for Oct 31st.

   Ballot Initiatives (3)
(CA-Prop19) Yes on 19, Legalize Marijuana by paradox - Diarist lists the many good reasons why California should legalize marijuana.

(CA-Prop24) The Case for Proposition 24 by Micah Scheindlin - Makes the case for “Yes” on Proposition 24 in California, repealing corporate tax loopholes in the state.

(CA-Var) Gibbo's California Ballot Proposition Recommendations Nov 2010 by Gibbo - Diarist offers a simple list of yes and no on the nine California ballot propositions, then explains why.

   General (32)

Trick or Treat! So...who you gonna vote for? by kimchee1212 - One young kossack uses her trick-or-treat outing to conduct both an impromptu poll and  some GOTV.

Happy Halloween! Video: My Political Animation by CornSyrupAwareness - A cool, self-made animation on what we’ll get if the GOP regains control:  the unregulated market monster.

Get The Goddamn Vote Out. by slinkerwink - A Halloween-appropriate GOTV message.

The Winning Progressive Guide to Voting by Winning Progressive - Diarist has a voters guide for you to look over.

GOTV - Speaker Perez joins Manuel Perez in CA80AD by soyinkafan - Diarist has a GOTV in California for your reading pleasure.

Brilliant Campaign Video : I Remember and I'm Not Voting Republican by Vyan - If you've missed a video lately you might find it here.

To Republicans Who Support Stem Cell Research by diverdonreed - A Kossack with personal experience in embryonic stem cell research makes a plea to Republican voters.  Link to Republican Party platform included.

"We Shall Fight Them In the Shade" by Paul in Austin - Showing the country what Democrats stand for and the long view.

Prepare for Malia and Sasha Obama to be subpoenaed by bay of arizona - Diarist gives examples of what happens when Republicans control the House.  Links to CallOutTheVote, MoveOn, 2010 GOTV, Google's polling information maps and for do-it-yourself voter guides all included.

The Republicans' Pre-emptive Propaganda Campaign by shanikka - Diarist reports on Republicans creating a narrative, stirring up fears of Democratic voter fraud in liberal Silicon Valley, CA.

Reagan Endorses Truman and Humphrey; w/ Audio and Transcript by kafkananda - Not a trick, not a gimmick. Ronald Reagan stumps for Harry Truman and a small-town mayor named Hubert Humphrey out of Minnesota in 1948. Rails against corporate profits, wage stagnation, union-busting, and Republicans giving mouth service to troops returning from the war. Change the names, and this could have been written about any of today's Congressional or Senate races.

An immigrant's legacy to her children: Did you vote yet? by itzik shpitzik - Diarist tells us about his mother and how much voting means. Lovely.

MONDAY is the Day We Win - With GOTV ! by Tommy Ates - Another in a large list of motivational GOTV diaries today.

Voter Abstinence by hannah - Diarist calculates the cost of conservative policies to the nation. Yet another excellent reason to GOTV!

Daily Kos GOTV: Democrats' "Make It In America" Agenda by Majority Leader Steny Hoyer - The Majority Leader weighs in on getting out the vote with this years' Best Democratic Idea.

Daily Kos GOTV: Standing Up for Wisconsin by Senator Russ Feingold - Senator Feingold brings us the next diary in the new Daily Kos GOTV diary series for the 2010 elections.

Daily Kos GOTV: Why Arguments Against Voting Fail by David Swanson - In the next diary of the Daily Kos GOTV diary series, David Swanson tackles the “don’t vote!” idea.

Daily Kos GOTV: Speaker Nancy Pelosi by Laurence Lewis - A note about what the DK GOTV blogathon is all about.

Top Ads/Videos of 2010 Election (with poll) by Greg in TN – Takes a look back at the 2010 election in TV ads and videos.

Gallup has GOP +15 in generic ballot by kos - Looks at recent Gallup trends that seem to predict a rough election night for Democrats tomorrow.

Bellwethers 2010: The Senate and Gubernatorial Races by Steve Singiser - Takes a look at some voting patterns in the early states which might indicate how the rest of election night will go.

The ONLY reason not to vote tomorrow by murphy - Diarist reminds us that the ghosts of our forebears will be watching and expecting us to do our duty, help our friends and neighbors do their duty, and save the country.

Damn the Torpedoers by catchlighting - Diarist lists good reasons to damn the puppets who torpedo every step forward, with our votes.

It's National Tell Everyone To Vote Sanity Day! by fwdprogress - Diarist lists the reasons to GOTV, with links for info on how to volunteer for this last, most important push.

The Party of Non-Voters--Why Our Election Day Volunteering Matters More Than Ever by PaulLoeb - Diarist hopes to motivate some election volunteers for tomorrow.

GOTV: We Won't Get Anything If We Lose. by Brainwrap - Another GOTV diary.

How Democrats act. by briefer - Another in the long list of GOTV diaries, for motivational purposes.

MY VOTE IS NOT FOR SALE: corporations and votes by all - Diarist reminds us of who is taking all that laundered money from shadowy corporate groups in a blatant attempt to purchase our votes.

What are you doing on here NOW? by fourthcornerman - Another GOTV diary.

TEXT EVERYONE by ANY THING TOO ADD - Clever GOTV tactic, see how many of your friends actually know anything about the candidates and issues.

Doing the MSM's Job For Them by Darnell From LA - Diarist offers indicators that we can prove the pundits wrong tomorrow.

Because. by StanBlather - More reasons for GOTV activism.

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