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We have so many insightful and powerful diaries written here at Daily Kos.  Our diaries inform, inflame, impassion, and even entertain.  We Kossacks have strong voices and an even stronger will to be the change we wish to see in this country.

One of the richest, and perhaps most under-appreciated, areas of thought come in the form of comments attached to these diaries.

Here at Top Comments we strive to recognize and promote the talent of this community by highlighting outstanding comments found throughout the day by the diarist, and through nominations at made at topcomments at gmail dot com by your fellow Kossacks.

These nominations are subjective, and certainly not complete (as no one can read the complete site on a daily basis!). But hopefully they will serve to shine a light where deserved, and to give the reader a good starting point in finding conversation on the site.

Please come in and make yourself at home!   Join us beneath the fold...

I. Fun With Sig Lines

OK, so here's another sig line diary. Here are parts one, two, three, and four.

Again, what I've done is collect little snippets of comments or diaries that I felt would make funny signature lines. In fact, I now have people emailing me comments for these diaries. So if you come across a good one, and you are so inclined, shoot me an email.  All of these have cracked me up for one reason or another:

in order, the animals that are most important to me in selecting a presidential candidate are (1) bees (2) meerkats (3) flamingos

You wil[l] be exposed!

I am big. It's the hidden comments that got small.

A true drama queen wears pearls.

Have you stopped to think that you instantly lose credibility with every ill-concieved diary you write?

DailyKos full of DRAMA QUEENS!!

What the fuck possesses people to write and post this stuff?  Intense narcissism?

Obviously, You've never been to a drag show with a bunch of old bitchy DRUNK drag queens.

Don't be lazy. I am teaching you to fish and not giving you fish

They host stoopid like carrion hosts maggots.

And faith-based belief is not something monopolized by the right.

The clear purpose is to chill speech.  I will not give up w/o a fight.

Maybe it's because I'm drunk but this entire diary makes no sense to me whatsoever.

Bugger off...ya freak.

pull over, please... do you know how stupid you were going...?

Brownshirts think it's the color of trees.

am a retired candidate diarist.

Let's hear your favorite sig line candidates in the comments!

II. Tonight's Top Comments

Via ScottyUrb:

Crisis Corps Volunteer had a good reply to bobinson's comment on a Michigan primary results thread.

Then there's Trix on the state of the economy.

Via shpilk:

conchita discusses why Wexler's demand for impeachment hearings is good for the country.

Via Naranjadia:

Buffalo Girl describes the occasional problem with bleeding heart liberals, lol.

Via Dump Terry McAuliffe:

Inland expresses 'shock' over the indictment of an ex-GOP congressman for terrorist money laundering.

Revbludge takes a trip down baseball's Memory Lane to offer his critique of Tim Russert

Via kath25:

From tonight's Bookflurries, a nice thread about the joys of reading started by casperr and continued by Translator, cfk, la urracca, and Marlyn.

Top Mojo BeninSC, you rulz!

Top Mojo - excluding search-identifiable tip jars and first diary comments (top 30 of each plus ties):

1 start immediate investigation and inquiry by JohnB47 - 110
2 and also ... by meowmissy - 100
3 Tom, by cato - 91
4 Does this mean that the DLC is now by importer - 83
5 Disagree by Miss Blue - 81
6 Not destroyed - RECYCLED by RobertInWisconsin - 75
7 They all showed leadership last night by MadRuth - 75
8 Abe sez: by bustacap - 75
9 Steven R, calling you out as a committed Obama by pamelabrown - 72
10 . by buhdydharma - 72
11 I want to discuss the economy, and the by blue jersey mom - 72
12 Thank you for stopping by monkeybiz - 71
13 someday people like you will realize that this by conchita - 70
14 Democrats won by Trix - 70
15 Dean is the point man... by Flint - 70
16 Humpday Greetings from the West!!! by Predictor - 68
17 Arguably, Lieberman represents... by Dood Abides - 68
18 DNC chair Harold Ford. by Geekesque - 67
19 I'm an editor. by Brooke In Seattle - 66
20 In 2003 I was struck by a truck... by ImpeachKingBushII - 65
21 i said nothing about Obama by thereisnospoon - 65
22 He's writing inadvertently. by Bob Johnson - 65
23 What's a life worth? I was asking aloud by cskendrick - 64
24 Well, this is about what kind of party by Geekesque - 64
25 You just couldn't resist could you? by sarahnity - 63
26 Anyone who thinks WE will not be HRC's by SteveG - 63
27 Granny by Omen - 63
28 Other by Phil N DeBlanc - 62
29 Finest answer was on Vets by benny05 - 61
30 Thanks by ivorybill - 61

Top Mojo - everything included:

1 tips by thereisnospoon - 505
2 Tips, Recs and actions? by fatbyjhnsn - 414
3 tips, etc. by Jim J - 374
4 tj by FishOutofWater - 354
5 I'm just so fed up! by Granny Doc - 334
6 Tipjar by SmileySam - 321
7 We must impeach by FishOutofWater - 320
8 mojo mug for those so inclined by teacherken - 319
9 . by buhdydharma - 239
10 Candles would be nice about now by cskendrick - 221
11 John Kerry is a patriot. by Geekesque - 217
12 Tips by NCDem Amy - 189
13 Tips for real change by TomP - 188
14 Tips by Hlinko - 183
15 Tip Jar by LithiumCola - 128
16 tips!! by RDemocrat - 111
17 start immediate investigation and inquiry by JohnB47 - 110
18 and also ... by meowmissy - 100
19 Tom, by cato - 91
20 Does this mean that the DLC is now by importer - 83
21 Disagree by Miss Blue - 81
22 Yay! Let's cheer for Democrats... by grannyhelen - 78
23 Not destroyed - RECYCLED by RobertInWisconsin - 75
24 They all showed leadership last night by MadRuth - 75
25 Abe sez: by bustacap - 75
26 Tips / Flames by lenzkrafterz - 75
27 Sweetness by Steven R - 74
28 Steven R, calling you out as a committed Obama by pamelabrown - 72
29 Tipped and recommended. by BluejayRN - 72
30 I want to discuss the economy, and the by blue jersey mom - 72
31 . by buhdydharma - 72

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